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  1. Going by actual historical dates, Uhtred should be about 58 years old at the end of season 4. this is based on him being a young man witnessing Alfred's coronation in 871 to the passing of Aethelred in 911. Aethelflaed should be 41 years old and her daughter Aelfwynn should be in her early 20's Edward should be 37 years old at the end of season 4 and his son Aethelstan was about 17 Aelswith should even have been alive in 911 as she actually died in 902 So yeah, they are playing fast and loose with ages and dates on this show.
  2. Can I just say for the whatever season in a row it is now that we have had the fire challenge that it totally sucks and ruins the end game.
  3. Poor Uhtred did not even get to spend one night in Bebbanburg. This guy and his family are sheltering in place there. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-tyne-52548583
  4. I assume you mean Uhtred and his daughter?
  5. Well we are lucky that the show didn't include Alfred's other children: Aethelweard, Aelfthryth and Aethelgifu
  6. How exactly does this work with the whole season being released at once? I will only give my thoughts on episode 1 since it is the first day it has been released. Not shocked at all that Uhtred eventually succumbs to Aethelflaed's advances. Quite the way to open the seasom. Alfred's last petty act of baptizing Uhtred's children is still haunting him years later. Beocca and Pryling telling off Aelswith was all sorts of awesome. lol
  7. Quick slide show character portraits for season 4 including some of the new ones! https://twitter.com/TheLastKingdom/status/1251873676363997184
  8. Just wait until Survivor season 60: Marianos at War. She voted out her Mom! and she voted out her Dad! and her sisters too! Can't wait.
  9. Probst talks about the family visit. https://ew.com/tv/survivor-jeff-probst-winners-at-war-loved-ones-episode-10-interview/ Also, I wish they would have shown this either in the episode it happened or in a secret scene. ". One of my favorite moments involved a role reversal between me and the players. It happened at the start of an immunity challenge. I took back the two pieces of the tribe immunity idol, and walked back to the pedestal to say, “Once again, immunity is up for grabs!” But I couldn’t get the pieces back together properly. I kept trying different versions, but they wouldn’t line up. The players immediately started mocking me! “Probst is reallllllllly struggling. Puzzles are not his thing! You need to pick it UP!!! This is when you have to dig deep!” It was a really funny moment of payback, "
  10. In case anyone needs more family time, here you go. https://www.cbs.com/shows/survivor/video/72E2E7AE-1892-958E-ACB1-7F11E8ACC741/survivor-winners-at-war-secret-sc-more-fun-with-loved-ones/
  11. its almost 8:30, they must be going staright to the immunity challenge. lol
  12. If I were Lalo, I'd dump Saul and hire Kim. oh and did Kim unintentionally sign Nacho's death warrant?
  13. I am not sure that is true at all. I watched the secret scene and they showed her talking with Rob and Ethan how she bought the peanut butter. She also said that she buried it and that they would tell "the others" where it was buried. There was never any mention at all about not telling Danni
  14. I'd like to call Adam a dumbass for thinking that was an idol but I can't. I wouldn't put it past producers to put one in plain sight like that. They have done it before (just not at tribal). Other than that I am still more interested in what is going on at EOE.
  15. I mean he didn't really live through a cyclone, though. They were evacuated off the beach. lol
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