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  1. Sneak peek of next episode. (Wow, Actually showing someone catching fish and lol that it is Sydney) and another one. (oh joy, more time spent on advantages and lol at immediately running back to tell Shan and Ricard)
  2. As other have said it is 100% the advantages. There is too many of them and they seem to very confusing as well. The episode two weeks was probably the single worst episode of Survivor in 20 years and really makes me wonder why I continue to watch this dame show. Literally the entire episode revolved around advantages and not on camp life or tribe dynamics. It was awful. Last week was an improvement an I can only hope the rest of the season is edited like that
  3. In defense of the idea to throw the challenge (and throwing a challenge should not be grounds for ejection at all) there was some logic to DeShawn's reasoning. If they go to a merge next week with 6 people and the other two tribes have 7 combined they will team up and start voting out Blue. And the first two people they will go for are the physical threats the two biggest being Danny and DeShawn. Though there is a possibility they would go after Sydney too since she let us know she is a huge physical threat as well.
  4. Oh I agree. I never take confessionals that seriously as a lot of these players clearly like to ham it up (no doubt by being egged on by the producers to do so). Based on her twitter she seems to be really relishing her edit as she basically keeps retweeting every negative tweet directed towards her. I find her amusing myself. Oh and Shan definitely gets to keep JD's advantage. That is the risk you take when you give away an advantage to someone to "hold on to". I think had she wanted she didn't have to give it back to him the first time
  5. "I don't want be that dumb guy on Survivor" redeems himself by getting his advantage back..... then proceeds to be that dumb guy on Survivor by giving up his advantage and then getting voted out. lol I am loving Shan and her evil ways including her catchy little tune Sydney is unintentionally hilarious and yes she is quite attractive. Also, it is not always a bad idea to throw challnnges, they have worked at times. See James in Survivor China.
  6. True... but we wouldn't know that since all they show from camp are people looking for advantages or talking about advantages. lol
  7. The producers let the players know ahead of time what color clothing to bring with them.
  8. I am so glad to see Brad get voted off with all his talk about how this is "new era of survivor, you have to take risks, big moves, blah blah blah." No you don't. Atleast not all the time. Sometimes the best play it to play it safe. Oh Sydney definitely has Tiff pegged. and she was only with her for like an hour. lol
  9. So based on that preview does Sydney get medavaced next week? I know there are spoilers out there that she tore her acl or something to that effect.
  10. Um Jeff, I think your average seventh grader could tell you that one in six chance equals 16.666666%. I mean seriously, it wasn't that impressive that Voce knew that. As far as the vote itself i will reserve judgment as to whether it was dumb or not based on the fact that I am not convinced that Xander was at all shocked by it and secondly whether or not they swap next week.
  11. LanceM

    S41.E01: A New Era

    Is JD the only person in the world ever to say the phrase "I want to be like Woo! Just curious.
  12. Former Survivor player and NBA star Cliff Robinson (season 28) has passed away https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/cliff-robinson-former-nba-player-and-survivor-contestant-dies-at-53
  13. The cast announces that the Last Kingdom has been renewed for season 5! https://twitter.com/TheLastKingdom/status/1280518184404123655
  14. Going by actual historical dates, Uhtred should be about 58 years old at the end of season 4. this is based on him being a young man witnessing Alfred's coronation in 871 to the passing of Aethelred in 911. Aethelflaed should be 41 years old and her daughter Aelfwynn should be in her early 20's Edward should be 37 years old at the end of season 4 and his son Aethelstan was about 17 Aelswith should even have been alive in 911 as she actually died in 902 So yeah, they are playing fast and loose with ages and dates on this show.
  15. Can I just say for the whatever season in a row it is now that we have had the fire challenge that it totally sucks and ruins the end game.
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