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  1. She was referring to how she grew up not how she currently lives. Her point I believe was that she appreciates the concerns of the poor because she once was poor. Whereas the rich don't always understand those same concerns because they've never experienced them. So I don't think she needs to wear clothes from Target (and there's nothing wrong with Target) to make that point. I like Sunny and I appreciate her bringing other points of view to the panel even if I don't always agree with her. She's generally respectful and doesn't take things to a personal level.
  2. But she did stay married to Gil on decision day, and their eventual breakup had nothing to do with his bald head (or physical attraction) or the pit bull. In fact she learned to like Hype and later got her own dog. Myrla is actually a decent example of why it may be better to ignore some of the more superficial preferences when matching couples. Alyssa likely had a laundry list of must haves for a husband. There’s no way the show would find a guy that met all of them AND would do this show.
  3. I agree what the friends said was a potential red flag. Although I wouldn't be surprised if the friends didn't also say a ton of positive things about Chris that the show didn't include. I thought they were trying to warn he can come across condescending, but they've learned as his friends that it's not coming from bad place. What I found interesting that before the wedding. Alyssa loved the note Chris sent. And thought his personality was kind and the note was exactly what she needed to hear from her husband at that time. She also said she hoped her husband was tanned (check), dark
  4. I remember Pastor Cal say that they do look at pictures of of their exes, before they finalize matches so they can try to match in the range of what the other person considers attractive. I believe it was in reference to Chris/Paige situation.
  5. I wished they didn't reduce that story to just male vs female roles. When I first saw that tweet yesterday, I just thought the dude was tone deaf for not shoveling the driveway for his spouse who had just worked 12 hours. I would have felt the same about a wife who posted something similar about her husband after his 12 hour shift. I'm guessing while Sunny wouldn't have shoveled the drive, she would have made sure Manny didn't have to do it after working a 12 hours shift. I think part of Whoopi's issue was that the Harriet Tubman $20 bill was blocked by the Trump adminis
  6. She had a full on melt down…..requiring multiple people to console her…..over a client giving relatively mild critique to her design. Wendy may have lied on the runway, but so what? At the end of the day, it had nothing to do with why Kristina’s design was horrible. The pants were the best part of the outfit. The color, barely holding on top, and that weird scarf sunk the look. The judges already scored it on the bottom before they even knew that Wendy would have preferred a gown.
  7. I actually don't think Sunny is "attacking" Ana all (I realize the quote didn't say attack, but I've seen a few comments with that implication). She and Ana have a good respectful relationship. I think she pushes because she knows she can without it becoming nasty and personal and she wants someone to try to "defend" the republican position. She's done the same towards most of the conservative co-hosts so far. And Ana doesn't seem to mind at all and is always up to the task to state her opinion. And she did do the same with MM early on, but we saw what happened when MM was challen
  8. I believe on the show, she said that scene happened before the one month mark and before the consummated via the traditional route 🙂
  9. Her interview made me want to hear Ryan’s side actually. I can see why he was mad about her talking about their sex life on camera, especially after she said she does not regret doing so. Even if she didn’t agree with the decision on rationale, at the end of the day, she did make an agreement with her husband not to talk about their sex life. And it sounds like he didn’t know what Clara said until it aired. Which just made them both look silly. Jepthe has no poker face. He knows Olajuwon, and based Jepthes responses I don’t hold out much hope for success for that mat
  10. I don’t think she settled at all. She started and built her business before she got back with Lawrence. He also matured and got his career life together while they were apart. Together they are building what looked to be a very nice life together, rather than living his life. Yes they do have Lawrence’s child to consider but I don’t think that is a burden to Issa living her life.
  11. It’s feeling that way. I don’t think we’ll get a traditional happily ever after for Issa. She’s not over Lawrence. So her choosing Nathan now doesn’t feel right. But her picking Lawrence after pushing the Nathan into saying “I love you” is a bad look too. Glad to see Chad again. He had Lawrence pegged about him just letting life happen to him, rather than fighting for he wants. Also loved him being mad he didn’t get a personal shout out at the party.
  12. This floored me too. Made me think he’s only watched a few seasons.
  13. In the Alicia Keys video she's a waitress working in a diner where Mos Def is a regular. They know each other as waitress/customer but Alicia wants to date the guy who she thinks doesn't even know her name. Taurean and Molly know each other as coworkers but very little outside that. Which is why her coworkers were surprised by drunk Molly twerking but the viewers were not. I love the the song, and the video, so I found the "I do look different outside my work clothes" hilarious. That would have probably been more complicated to write. This season is also about Issa building o
  14. There's whole discussions about fat Luther (Vandross) vs skinny Luther with 80s/90s R&B fans. I'm guessing that's what Sunny was referring to.
  15. I think they would also prefer someone in their 30s or younger. Right now they have 1 of each decade. Sarah is in her 40s, Sunny her 50s, Whoopi 60s, and Joy 70s. Although Mia is also in her 40s I believe. The pool of TV ready, young, conservatives of Asian descent who is also willing to do this show is probably pretty small.
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