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  1. Oooh.... is that what she said?...LOL. I couldn't make out what was said in the CST broadcast. I could tell a comment was made from the audience reaction and laughter. But the comment itself sounded like the mic was off. But I knew it was something good when Whoopi said you never know what you'll get here as she threw to commercial. I ❤️Joy.
  2. I still hate watch Bill from time to time and saw that episode. My comments are on that episode thread 🙂. I appreciated Sunny pushing back on more details on the story Mary K. Ham shared about the segregated classroom. Because I'm pretty certain there is more to that story. And in full context it wasn't what she made it to be. Much like the discussion about Left Every Voice and Sing and separate graduations. I don't think universities are having "Black" graduations in lieu of full graduations. Black students still walk with the rest of their class. But there is also an additiona
  3. I don’t think there’s a push for a separate national anthem for anyone. Lift Every Voice and Sing, is a culturally significant song to American Black people and has been for a really long time. It is not divisive to sing it. To me it’s being inclusive. It has not been sung instead of The Star Spangled Banner, but in addition to. And again another example of them taking isolated incidents and exaggerating it. I may be mistaken but I don’t think there’s mandates or any wide spread singing of Lift Every Voice and Sing at sporting events. Agreed. We can acknowledge progress A
  4. Lift Every Voice and Sing has been referred to as the black national anthem and sung in black churches and at black conferences and events for the past 100 years. It’s not new. There was a story of Bill Clinton singing along to all 3 verses while he was President. Yes, they are definitely asleep….and proud of their ignorance. i used the like George Will a little. I didn’t agree with him usually but I could usually understand his point of view on economic issues. He needs to keep out of social issue discussions. The examples they gave on university wokeness are isolated and/o
  5. It was never just about other alliances being mostly white. It was always about a pattern of behavior of white houseguests over 22 seasons. Where POC were often stereotyped and marginalized from the dominant alliances. The CO built good relationships with most of the houseguests outside of their alliance. They did not hang out with just their alliance or refuse to talk game with non alliance members. I doubt any of the other contestants will later say they felt isolated by the CO. The CO is very similar from the always suggested, but never realized "all girls" alliance.
  6. I wasn’t quite sure if he was emotional for evicting Alyssa or for the CO making to final 6 (or both).
  7. Maybe a few. But definitely nothing like the reaction to the CO. Even within discussion of this season recently there has been discussion that the remaining ladies should all ban together against X, Ky, and DereK. And I haven't seen anyone calling that sexist.
  8. Based on my personal experience with interracial relationships in my own life, family, etc. Having friends, spouses or kids of a different race does not preclude anyone from being a "closet-bigot". In no way inferring anyone is bigoted, sometimes I just read to much into the written word 🙂 It's totally OK to be uncomfortable with the CO's mission. That discomfort should also help one empathize with their mission. The discomfort felt is similar to what many have felt watching how minority players have been treated on this show over the years. Still curious why all girls alliance
  9. I wanted to like Mia. She's a conservative, but was able to be pleasant and engaged while sharing her views. But like others have said, something about her voice/tone was not TV friendly. Not surprising as she is a politician and not a TV person. While Sunny has always been clear she is pro-life, I find it interesting that seems more comfortable expressing it now. Before she would mention pro-life and then immediately state Roe v Wade was settled law and didn't go much further on the topic. Now she seems more vocal on her stance. I'm guessing because she didn't want to be lumped
  10. Huh??? I'm sure it wasn't meant this way, but the implication is that the CO alliance or any other minority alliance is based on hatred of white people? I haven't seen this discussed, but each and every year there is discussion about an all girls alliance. And no one bats an eye. No one refers to it as sexist or wrong. In fact, many people root for an all girls alliance and are disappointed when they inevitably fall. Why is the CO seen as any different?
  11. Her 30 minute facial routine her demand that her ring be upgraded even though she’s not even comfortable enough in her marriage to kiss him the way her lights lit up when he mentioned a Cartier bracelet being a good gift for her (coupled with) her disdain for Gil’s joke about giving her a quilt her multiple complaints about the resort. It wasn’t luxury but it wasn’t a dump either. Fine to express disappointment but her harping was diva-sequel her complaints about having 3 lashes if she didn’t get a fill soon. I’m also guessing the lumberjammies were d
  12. I don’t think D. Brazille is any more arrogant than any other pundit on TV. She is an old school Democrat who ran Al Gore’s campaign. She’s currently a regular on This Week on ABC. Even on a serious Sunday morning news program she brings levity to discussions. But she was definitely dialed up to 10 on Bill’s show.
  13. I’ve seen multiple excellent and nuanced posts explaining why the CO is not racist. The only argument I’ve seen that they are racist is that the are all black. Nothing else…no racist language used, no posts about stereotypes, nada…. When people talked about racism against POC in previous BB seasons. It wasnt just the fact that they were white that made them racist. It was specific actions, words, and patterns of behaviors that earned certain people that label.
  14. I found her rant to be in very poor taste. Kathy is talking about having cancer and MM wants to judge her entire life based on one joke that a lot of comedians of that time were making about Clay? Particularly considering a large portion of Kathy's fanbase is actually the LGBTQ community. It just came across as mean spirited. Let anyone say something critical of "my father" while he was battling cancer.. She'd have plenty to say (unless it was Trump 😀)
  15. So MM says she's more likely to get shot outside the studio than die from Covid. She wished Democrats would do something about that. I wonder what she would like them do?.... Stricter gun control background checks .... funding for more mental health and crisis care.... increasing minimum wage so people can make a living wage.... If only the democrats would could draft legislation like that?...... Her deflections are getting more desperate....LOL
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