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  1. I really do think this virtual show works so much better with 4 panelists instead of 5. It gives everyone a chance to talk and feels more conversational. I'll also add the shows where I've noticed this most have been Friday shows with Ana and without Whoopi and MM It had nothing to do with the lady being a New Englander. She was just calling the lady old. The story Ana told was about a woman she encountered who said Biden was too old and had dementia. Ana's statement about the woman being the last survivor of the Mayflower was pointing out the woman's hypocrisy. No differen
  2. These 3 couples have great chemistry together. I wish they would have used them in the pre and mid season show hosted by Kevin Frazier with the random fan/bloggers who gave their predictions. And I agree Beth would make a great Unfiltered host if they ever decide to change from JamieO.
  3. So we do know they are muting mikes now. While Sarah was talking about people in SD denying they have Covid as they took their last breath, you can hear MM interject "that's not true, that's a lie". Sarah paused then kept talking and it was obvious MM's mike was muted at that point. I do hope her cohosts took note, and feel free to interrupt her for her lies going forward. She also described herself as a republican political analyst.... Is she?... ABC doesn't use her much outside of the view for political coverage. Chris Christie and Sarah Fagan are their go to republican anal
  4. There's been a few submissive-type women on this show though. Paige immediately comes to mind. But also Danielle (Bobby) and Karen (Miles). I don't know if Bobby requested a submissive woman, but he did let Danielle know early on that he wanted her to be a stay at home mom if they had kids. Karen wanted to be submissive to her husband, her challenge was wanting to be submissive to Miles...LOL. But in the end they worked it out. I think Ashley/Anthony and Shawnice/Jephthe also had a certain amount of that dynamic in their relationship as well. The way I interpreted thi
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if she's off tomorrow. Especially if Ana is there,, because Ana is sure to have a few jabs aimed directly at MM. Hate that due to MM's rant they had to extend the segment longer and they didn't get a chance to talk Giuliani. Sunny did a great job summarizing many people's reactions to Scott's speech. If MM had bothered to read some of the tweets she was clutching her pearls over, she might have seen that. For her to equate Uncle Tom as a slur equal to others.... is very privileged of her...... The term is not a compliment but no one is killing, denying
  6. Not to mention the conservatives including conservative women on the Sunday morning network shows on ABC, NBC, and CBS. She's not the lone voice, she's just choosing to ignore all the others. Maybe she's thinks acknowledging others hurts her "brand"? Love Sec. Fudge. Not the most exciting interview but always thorough and she answers direct questions.
  7. Thanks. I remember Marlo on lots of reunions, Tanya, and Sheree (later when she was a friend of show and not a peach holder). Just didn't remember Shamea. While she's been on tons of seasons she's usually not part of anyone's storyline. She's just the fun friend of Porsha/Kandi.
  8. I also agree Drew's outrage felt like a deflection. And a poorly executed deflection at that. Kenya gave a sincere (for her) apology for the retweet and Drew just had to go on and on about how horrible it was and how she would never forgive her.... Since Kenya had already apologized their wasn't much left to say. So the argument became a dud. Not much of a Drew fan this season, but I think I could see a scenario where she's more likeable next season. Production likes her because she's more than willing to do their bidding to stir drama. And she's able to create the drama withou
  9. She said the only thing she was interested from the Oscars was Borat and Tyler Perry. I'm still trying to figure out what that says about her.......
  10. Vinny isn’t bad looking. He’s humble, fun and easy going (in situations he’s comfortable in). And most importantly he seems to be really into her. I think Bri, as fabulous as she is, has likely been in relationships where the guy wasn’t ready for commitment or wasn’t really into her. I also didn’t get why Haley was mad about the eggs. She knows his diet, what was she expecting from him after a 5 hour drive?
  11. This is a similar thought process of placing blame on a rape victim who wore revealing clothing or drank too much. The consequence of doing those things should never be rape. And in the vast majority of cases it is not. Similarly it doesn’t matter if he didn’t comply. The punishment for not complying in a non violent traffic stop is arrest, not death. And I do think these type of discussions should be had. But that only works if there are multiple educated perspectives on the show to keep the discussion intellectually honest. Bill no longer brings on guests to that are willi
  12. Bill isn’t even trying to promote any perspective but his anymore.... If you’re going to have Sharon Osborne on, at least have a POC on your panel to provide another perspective. And actually interview her....the issues and story discussed was not really what actually happened. Watched out of curiosity on Sharon Osborne... cut out soon after the interview. Somehow Bill made Sharon look better, in comparison to him....smh...
  13. The critique is not that Idris Elba is "black" enough. The critique was that the character on the show did not appear to be authentically "black". Whether that was a fair critique or not was pretty much what the ladies discussed. I've only watched the first season of the show, but I don't think his race was ever mentioned acknowledged, but that didn't bother me either as it was a British show with similar but different racial issues/expectations than America. I was a huge Whitney fan growing up. I don't recall Black America ever feeling she wasn't black enough. She was played
  14. I like the show as it is though. It's a combination of both worlds. I loved the competition within each episode focused on design. But I don't need and entire show of who can do the most outrageous design a la D&T. I appreciated M&B's house as contrast and didn't find it builders grade at all. The flooring choices, cabinetry and tile work were all tasteful upgrades. Builders grade was the version of the house that they started with. Allison did not appear to learn her lesson from last season. The flip or flop atlanta couple hit the nail on the head about her ombre bathr
  15. Eh...armed carjacking by teens does happen relatively often. Likely everyday. This story was newsworthy because the criminals were 13 and 15 year old girls, not even old enough to drive. If we start seeing numerous stories about 13 year old girls committing violent felonies, it likely will make hot topics. Catherine Zeta Jones was a nice break from the heavy topics today.
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