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  1. This episode was a drag but at least the picture of Lou and Athena mada me laught out loud. I mean who in their right mind would put such an awful picture on their living room wall? I hope Maddie doesn't return because I don't like JLH as an actress but knowing my luck, she will keep haunting every show I even remotely enjoy. Oliver Stark looks unfairly good in that shade of yellow (I want to call it mustard yellow but I have a feeling my mustard and american mustard look vastly different 😀) I know, right? It so weird. The cringe factor aside, it was probably the first scene
  2. Yeah, that's why I said it could be good move or it could backfire. It all depends on 2 things: 1. Whether Xander knew David was going home (judging by his reaction at the TC he did, but we won't know for sure until next ep) 2. How long will it take for the other 2 advantages to be found (it could be the next day or it could never happen) If Xander got backstabbed Evvie risks getting a really powerful enemy, if he wasn't she can gain a really poweful ally who doesn't know she is plotting his demise 🤷‍♀️ I guess we will have to wait and see (or read spoilers on reddit 😄)
  3. This season is such a mess. The rules for the "Beware Advantage" are dumb. It would make more sense if they had to say the phrase only once and then wait for the others. This way everyone will notice there is something going on. (Also, why does everybody talk about purple butterflies? I'm 100% sure no color was mentioned in the phrase 😀) The fact that the players lose their vote until all advatages are "activated" is even more dumb. What if one or more are never found? What if a player gets voted out or medevaced with the advantage? Does it get re-hidden? Will the person who finds it
  4. Jesper is canonically bisexual.
  5. Well, that was insulting. I felt absolutely nothing during Dean's dying speech because I was so done with the show at that point. I choose 15x19 as the finale and will erase ever watching this episode out of my memory. Can't wait to see Jensen's beautiful face in other projects that will hopefully treat him right. Season 3 of The Boys can't come soon enough.
  6. Yeah, I'm officially old. The last time I've seen Forrest Gump, videotapes were still a thing so I don't really remember anybody except for Tom Hanks. Thanks for confirming it's him. I might go and rewatch CSI: NY just to get the memory of this season out of my head.
  7. F this show. Don't waste your time watching it. Spoilers for the whole season: Ani was surprisingly tolerable this season. Was Clay's therapist Mac from CSI: NY or am I crazy? If it's him he looks way older than I remember him from CSI. It makes me feel old. The "actor" who plays Alex is cringeworthy. Can't believe I watched this trainwreck to the bitter end. That's all I have to say.
  8. I think that's only an option on the EoE. Otherwise Parvati would have bought one. I don't get why people harass Wendell and Nick but not Yul. It took 3 people to vote Parvati out. Some fans are such hypocrites. (I don't get why anyone would harass the players on SM period. It just strikes me as curious that only 2 players are getting backlash...). Just because someone is popular doesn't mean they are bigger threat. IMHO someone who needed just one try to win is much better player than someone who needed 2-4 tries (Yes, I'm talking about you Amber, Tyson, Jeremy, Sarah and Rob).
  9. Finally! The Robfather is gone (sort of). Can't stand his smug mug. And no EoE this episode! I wish it would stay this way.
  10. Speaking of the tribal immunity - does anybody think that the fire tokens in it's eyes could be taken out by a player? It's kinda weird that they are right there...
  11. Wasn't that Rodney and Dan?
  12. What has Mike done? I don't remember him being a bully.
  13. Guatemala, South Pacific, Philippines and EoE had 2-4 returning players, and a newbie won. Other than that I can't think of any other season with returning players won by a newbie. Both FvF, BvW 1, RI were won by returning players. So 50/50? If I haven't forgotten a season.
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