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  1. Jesper is canonically bisexual.
  2. Well, that was insulting. I felt absolutely nothing during Dean's dying speech because I was so done with the show at that point. I choose 15x19 as the finale and will erase ever watching this episode out of my memory. Can't wait to see Jensen's beautiful face in other projects that will hopefully treat him right. Season 3 of The Boys can't come soon enough.
  3. Yeah, I'm officially old. The last time I've seen Forrest Gump, videotapes were still a thing so I don't really remember anybody except for Tom Hanks. Thanks for confirming it's him. I might go and rewatch CSI: NY just to get the memory of this season out of my head.
  4. F this show. Don't waste your time watching it. Spoilers for the whole season: Ani was surprisingly tolerable this season. Was Clay's therapist Mac from CSI: NY or am I crazy? If it's him he looks way older than I remember him from CSI. It makes me feel old. The "actor" who plays Alex is cringeworthy. Can't believe I watched this trainwreck to the bitter end. That's all I have to say.
  5. I think that's only an option on the EoE. Otherwise Parvati would have bought one. I don't get why people harass Wendell and Nick but not Yul. It took 3 people to vote Parvati out. Some fans are such hypocrites. (I don't get why anyone would harass the players on SM period. It just strikes me as curious that only 2 players are getting backlash...). Just because someone is popular doesn't mean they are bigger threat. IMHO someone who needed just one try to win is much better player than someone who needed 2-4 tries (Yes, I'm talking about you Amber, Tyson, Jeremy, Sarah and Rob).
  6. Finally! The Robfather is gone (sort of). Can't stand his smug mug. And no EoE this episode! I wish it would stay this way.
  7. Speaking of the tribal immunity - does anybody think that the fire tokens in it's eyes could be taken out by a player? It's kinda weird that they are right there...
  8. Wasn't that Rodney and Dan?
  9. What has Mike done? I don't remember him being a bully.
  10. Guatemala, South Pacific, Philippines and EoE had 2-4 returning players, and a newbie won. Other than that I can't think of any other season with returning players won by a newbie. Both FvF, BvW 1, RI were won by returning players. So 50/50? If I haven't forgotten a season.
  11. I don't understand how someone who has seen all seasons can't remember the winners. I mean there are seasons I hate with a passion and have only seen them once (OW, RI, SP, N, BBB, both FvF) but I still remembet who won... Amber would have much better chance if she played without Rob. She would be probably seen as no target, kinda like Michelle. Rob can leave any time soon. I hate his smug face. And I hate Probst shoving him down our throats as the GOAT when he needed 4 tries and tribe of dummies to finally win. Rant over. I'm rooting for the Yul/Nick/Sophie/Wendell alliance. Ho
  12. OMG this show is such a cringefest. Melonie Diaz can't act. Period. But the cringiest of all is Valerie Cruz (Marisol). Please let her rest in peace and never return as ghostogram or in any other form. Thanks. I feel sorry for Madeleine and Rupert, the only really good actors on this show. (IMO) Did anyone else cheer when Macy went after Mel? No? Just me? Ok then... Of course there's a Chamber of Secrets behind a bookcase with the 3 exact same books that nobody ever noticed before. I loved when the ghostogram appeared and was like "Mel, Maggie, here, have these amazing
  13. Luke actually opposed Valentine. IIRC Valentine was responsible for Luke becoming werewolf. But I agree that the way he just strolled into the institute like it was no big deal that he magically transformed from WW to SH was silly... But honestly - who cares? Izzy might implode when she comes into contact with demons. What does she do? Go to hell... Sounds legit. Meliorn trolling Jace was gold. I think I would prefer it if the price for killing Jonathan was something more permanent... Clary's hair at the end were absolutely horrid. Jonathan OTOH looked much better as a blon
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