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  1. The "1 in 8 chance" cliche has always been BS. In every Final 8 there are contestants with a 0 in 8 chance and others with better than a 1 in 8 chance. It is kind of like claiming the last 8 teams remaining in a sports leagues playoffs all have a 1 in 8 chance. They don't. Based upon the only other EOE season, your best chance is to win the final EOE challenge as the EOE jurors are going to vote for that person, rather than for someone more deserving who made them jealous and bitter, by remaining in the game to the end, by playing well and not getting voted out.
  2. But, that's just it. It cost her nothing. Getting voted "out" does nothing to reduce one's chances of winning the $2 million. It probably increases them, as you get more chance to bond with the jurors and have to cut fewer throats.
  3. But, with the EOE abomination, EVERYONE is totally safe and secure. Getting voted off means absolutely nothing. In fact, based upon the other Fake Survivor season that used it, it is a huge advantage.
  4. The first line (which was crossed out) reads "PPD RECORDS TO FILE" The second line (also crossed out) reads "Misc Felonies 97 98 99" The third line (highlighted in blue) reads "FOR TRANSFER 10/02" The last line is illegible to me.
  5. This sort of thing makes Kim's story arc so unbelievable to me. I get people making terrible decisions. But, in BB and in BCS, when it used to be good, people made terrible decisions for reasons that made sense.
  6. Does Kim really think Steph from S&C and the guy from HHM will want to leave their promising careers at prestigious firms to defend lowlifes at her $#i+hole firm. Does she think everyone is as foolish and pretentious as she is?
  7. Meh. Two cliffhangers and I don't care how either of them turn out in 3 years, or whenever Season 6 comes out. The writing of Lalo as a cartoon super villain is clownish. I love how he shot at least 50 rounds out of a 30 round magazine, in the tunnel. Kim and Jimmy are both so unlikeable that I don't care what happens to them in Season 6. Kim's hatred for Howard seems to have come out of nowhere. Her character has become tedious to me. The whole "ruin Howard to tank the Sandpiper care" plot seems idiotic. This show has been in serious decline since the start of Season 4, and season 5 was very mediocre.
  8. Yes, in Episode 511 "Confessions", Jesse, enraged when he figures out that Walt poisoned Brock and that Saul had Huell lift the ricin cigarette (and later his weed) from him, storms past Huell, into Saul's office and starts beating him. Saul crawls to his desk, opens a drawer and tries to get a small pistol from it, but Jesse grabs it first and threatens Saul and Huell with it.
  9. I have no experience with bail, but I assume that most large bail payments are made by check, bank check, or wire transfer. "Cash" doesn't mean paper money. It means that the defendant needs to actually put up the full $7 million, as opposed to paying a small percentage of it (often 10%) as a non-refundable fee to a bail bondsman for a bail bond. The government would definitely investigate the origin of the cash, and if Mr. De Guzman couldn't provide an explanation, the government would probably seize it through a civil asset forfeiture I assume, that the idea on the show is that by the time the government did this, and his bail was revoked, "Mr. De Guzman" would be long gone, and in Mexico, under a different Identity, out of reach of the NM authorities.
  10. Yes, in BB episode 304, Mike suggested that Gus convince Walt to run the superlab by telling Walt that Gus was the only thing keeping the Salamanca cousins from killing him. Gus told Mike that he didn't find fear to be a good motivator.
  11. The episode takes place in 2004, according to the Fandom timeline. The Vietnam War ended on 1975. So, theoretically, Mike could be as young as 47 in this episode, if he served in Vietnam in 1975 at age 18. When he bought the M40 from Lawson, he alluded to using one with a wooden stock that warped in the jungle humidity. They started replacing the wooden stocks with fiberglass in the early 70s, so that probably moves Mike's service back at a least a few years. But, it is still totally realistic that Mike could be in his early to mid 50s in this episode, though not that Jonathan Banks could be.
  12. But, it Jimmy put his hands up the driver probably would have stopped the car and gotten out to shoot him. Why risk damaging his vehicle and getting stranded or tearing open the the money bags and having the $7 million blow all over the.desert?
  13. Mike shooting the driver was my plan all along. But, why didn't he wait for him to stop the car? Then, Mike and Saul would have had a functioning vehicle to drive home in. Also a shot at a stationary target would be much easier.
  14. There was a fun callback to BB in the Madrigal conference room scene. The restaurant names and logos on the nameplates were the same as those hanging on the wall of Madrigal headquarters in Germany, when they took down the LPH logo, in "Madrigal". One of them was the unfortunately named, "Luftwaffle". On the BB insider podcast, Vince Gilligan mentioned that you could only see part of the Luftwaffle logo in "Madrigal" and he sounded disappointed by that. In "JMM" you can see it clearly.
  15. No, Chuck got Jimmy out of jail in Chicago when he was facing charges for a Chicago Sunroof. Squat Cobbler was what Jimmy used to explain Pryce's hidey hole to the police.
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