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  1. Are they doing duels or truels nearly every week to eliminate someone for good? Or can voted out players hang out on EOE for the whole game and get 2 chances to get back in, as it was on EOE? At least with RI you had to win challenges to stay in. I think that makes it worse. They were voted out, they should go home, and not be on the jury. Giving voted out players power over the players are still in the game is an insult to the game. Votes mean next to nothing now. Why even have them? I think they should just hand out participation trophies to everyone in the first episode and let them have a beach party for the rest of the season.
  2. I don't see why they needed EOE for an all winners game. Everyone is a winner, so everyone has a target on their back. Plus, most viewers probably have several players to root for. If they really needed a gimmick to keep people's favorites alive longer, they could have done a Redemption Island. At least with that, somebody get eliminated nearly every week. I think I'll just tune in for the final EOE challenge to find out who the Sole Survivor will be.
  3. For the first time in many years, I didn't watch. I DVR'd it from my phone at the last minute, but when I got home I had zero interest in watching it. With EOE, nothing matters until the final EOE challenge. Why bother to watch?
  4. Can they even get a spousal visa under the new travel restrictions? Is their an exception for spousal visas? IIRC, with the original travel ban, it was upheld after being modified to make exceptions for people with a pre-existing close relationship to the US. If Mycull and Grangela got married a few days before the new restrictions were announced they might still be eligible.
  5. Is it possible for Tania to have a soulmate when she doesn't have a soul?
  6. I thought Joel showed a lot of growth in this episode. First he sought out Mai to apologize after being such an ass to her for helping him with the liquor license and other things. Then, when the juke box stopped working and Midge took the stage to save the day, instead of getting mad at her for "stealing the spotlight" and not allowing him to succeed on his own, he appreciated the help. He seems to have gotten over his need to do everything on his own and resenting needing a woman's help.
  7. I thought the heartbroken look on Reggie's face looked like that of a lover who was cheated on (again) not just friend and manager disappointed that his friend/client picked up a guy and got beaten up (again). Before that moment, I never suspected Reggie was gay, but I was pretty sure when I saw that. Looking back: 1) Why else would Shy hide what happened from Reggie? One of Reggie's many jobs was cleaning up Shy's messes and he obviously knew Shy was gay. 2) I thought the way they shared the microphone in the smaller room in Vegas was a little suggestive. I dismissed it as the time, as straight male singers sometimes do that. But, after the stool set it seemed like a clue.
  8. I figured it would get her fired. But, I don't think she outed him. I think the audience would have taken more like she was poking fun at him for being so handsome, stylish, pampered and spoiled, that he could almost be gay. I wonder if Shy really fired her or if Reggie did. I think Reggie did it on his own. Reggie is more obsessed with protecting Shy's secret (and his own) than Shy is.
  9. I agree on Jazmin. I haven't care much for her. But, she was fine in this episode. Do Blake's friends want her to pretend to like Blake's music as much as they pretend to like it? I was thinking the same thing about Grangela and the appeal. Maybe 60% do prevail) though I kind of doubt it). But, in most cases, you don't have a bride who is 20 years and 200 lbs heavier than the groom, and the groom from a country known for scammers. Not all appeal cases are created equal. I would think that Angela going to Nigeria and marrying him would show a lot more good faith\ and improve their chances of Mycull getting a visa. I have to admit, Mycull does a great job keeping and straight face and pretending to love Grangela. If Grangela wasn't so utterly hideous inside and out, I'd probably believe him. He could have a future in acting.
  10. Or maybe Anna wanted a good father...for her bees. 🐝
  11. I don't think it was a threat. She was sharing her feelings about what she felt like doing, not what she intended to do.
  12. I agree on that. She is shy around crowds and people she doesn't know. But, it seemed like she was making an effort to meet Blake halfway by going to the show and inviting her sister. That is why Blake's friends trashing her really bothered me. It seems like they want Jasimin to be a super fan for Blake, not a wife. I'm not sure how good a match she is to be his wife, either. But, she doesn't have to be his biggest fan to be his wife.
  13. I disagree on this. I haven't been a big Jasmin fan, but I had no problem with her last night. She went to his bizarre, (lose the mask, Blake!) crappy performance to support him. If she was performing some sort of weird, Finnish music, I imagine Blake wouldn't know how to react either. I also liked that she said Blake had a nice face and should show it, rather than cover it with that ridiculous mask. What really bothered me was Blake's friends talking her down constantly, for not jumping onto the stage to participate in the terrible "music". Maybe they should consider the possibility that Blake and his group kind of suck.
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