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  1. Five minutes into his Wigler interview, I don't like him. Can he speak a complete sentence without using a profanity?
  2. Well, she won't be boring. I could see myself liking her or really hating her. In her interview with Wigler, she was always right on the line between bright, bubbly and funny and annoying, and crossed it a few times. Same thing goes with the line between confident and arrogant. I could see her as a player whose popularity with the viewers could be greatly influenced by her edit. If they show the funny, superfan side, people will like her. If they focus on her talking too much and being a bit rude and arrogant, she could be hated.
  3. I didn't think I was going to like him. But after listening to his interview with Josh Wiggler, I like him.
  4. I am picturing "Peggy" from the Discover Card ads.
  5. He was drinking whiskey earlier and chugged whiskey in another 90 Days show. But, he was sipping from a juice box while eating nachos.
  6. David Poor had a couple of good lines. He mentioned that at least Michael's clothes wouldn't smell like cigarettes and then hoped there was no refund policy on the edible panties.
  7. I don't agree. Avery is only 19 and could literally be making a fatal mistake. IMO, Mother Avery is bringing up valid concerns while still allowing Avery to make her own decisions.
  8. Rebecca : "How old is this city?" Zied : "About the same age as you, baybee."
  9. No, Darcey, Stacey isn't your worst enemy, you are your own worst enemy...and your plastic surgeon is #2.
  10. There is. better chance of Tom jumping off the bridge than proposing on it.
  11. Angela's skin has the same texture as the old leather sofa I am sitting on.
  12. Not really. I can see him singing hymns in a time of trouble, and if he sings off key, he sings off key.
  13. She was begging him with her body language and said she couldn't believe he never made a move.
  14. Good thing Ben is studying to be a pastor and not a choir director.
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