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  1. I guess with all the negative attention Feely Dan has been getting, Varner was afraid the world would forget what a scumbag he is?
  2. I really don't know, but I tend to think that if Aaron told production he didn't wan't Dan ejected, he wouldn't be ejected. I empathize with the situation Kellee was in, being torn between a pragmatic decision to increase her shot a million dollars and one to get rid of the gropey creep. But, I can't criticize TPTB for not going against Kellee's expressed wishes. Generally speaking, in a corporate setting or in the legal system, authorities don't step in, and take action unless someone makes a complaint and requests action.
  3. The onus is on someone (in this case it could have been Kellee or others) to say they believed they were being harassed or abused and to complain and ask for action to be taken. The victim(s) would not have complete control over what that action would be, but they should have input and their impressions about how serious the offenses were should be taken into account. I'm not asking Kellee to climb some tall mountain. Just to say, "Dan this x, y and z, they were unwanted, I told him to stop and I wan't action taken." After that, I would want production to view the video evidence and kick Feely Dan to the curb. I imagine in 39 seasons of Survivor a few punches have been thrown. I believe we have seen shoving and threatening behavior with no ejections. I would imagine that if someone was punched, that person would be asked for their input. If player B got punched by player A and told production they didn't want player A ejected, I doubt player A would be ejected.
  4. I totally disagree. A person being touched in an unwanted way absolutely should get to decide whether or not she wants those in authority to intervene. I actually think it is presumptuous and demeaning for TBTP to take action where a woman has not requested assistance. It his her body, her perceptions and feelings about the touching and her decision whether to file a complaint, and her responsibility to file a complaint, if she wants action taken. Taking action against Dan, against Kellee's expressed wishes, would be the opposite of empowering her. I think Dan is disgusting and would have totally supported him being ejected. But, a victim needed to request (or demand) action.
  5. But,, Kellee said she did NOT want production to step in. If she had said, "yes' to the production member's question and TPTB failed to step in, then I would agree they failed. But, without a complaint, there is effectively no actionable harassment. A lot of touching goes on at camp in Survivor, much more than in the real world. Most of it is consensual. Much of Dan's obviously wasn't. But, unless a person being touched is willing to step up and say they want action taken, TPTB really aren't in a position to take strong action. Imagine if they had ejected Dan against Kellee's wishes, and there was either backlash against her, or her alliance lost the numbers advantage and she got voted out. Then, people would be saying TPTB screwed Kellee and treated her like a child, instead of a grown woman, by ejecting Dan, when she wanted to handle the situation in a way that was more advantageous to her game. All the lying, exaggerating and downplaying by Missy and Elizabeth also clouded the issue a great deal. TPTB saw one woman complaining about the touching, but not wanting him ejected and two others telling different stories to different people to manipulate them for gain in the game. They have no formal complaint and in fact the victim expressly declined to make a formal complaint. As I have said before, I think women (and men) should be strongly empowered to protect themselves from sexual harassment. Complaints should be taken seriously and investigated and where there is evidence strong action (like firing or ejection from Survivor) should be taken. But, if women choose to be pragmatic (Kellee), cynical or downright devious (Missy and Elizabeth) in how they deal with unwanted touching, I think TPTB have their hands tied. Women need to stand firmly (like Janet) against this behavior and when they do, those in authority should back them in the strongest way.
  6. I think Kellee, Janet and Elaine would all be strong candidates for a 2nd chances/Fan Favorites season. Lauren might be too, assuming she doesn't win. Jamal, Jack and to a lesser extent Molly might have a shot. Nut jobs often get a 2nd chance, so I wouldn't be surprised to see Noura back, given that she is comedy gold. Missy, Elizabeth, and obviously Dan will never be on the show again. Ronnie, we never knew, so we won't be seeing him again. Aaron isn't all the interesting, plus he has some stink on him for accusing Janet of lying Chelsea, Tom, Jason, and Vince weren't interesting enough to get invited back. Karishma probably wouldn't want to return. Tommy and Dean are kind of blah, but one of them might win and someday come back as a returning winner.
  7. I agree that, even without the touching, Dan was an ass. But, a lot of other people were mean to Karishma and others, including Noura and Missy. Janet blew up her own game to stand up against Dan and he would have been gone if she got her way and Elizabeth, Missy, Elaine, Tommy, Dean, Aaron and Lauren hadn't backed Dan and voted out Kellee. After that, Janet was a woman without a country. She was an outcast and slept on the beach by herself. She had to regroup however she could. Also, a lot of Dan's comments and reactions at TCs were probably not apparent to other players. They were looking at Probst and the votes, and didn't have closeups of Dan, like we did. Well, you could argue that the nullifier crapola is a antidote to the idol crapola. What bothers me most is that a coin flip is probably going to cost Janet Sole Survivor and a million dollars.
  8. So is Janet going to get voted out at 5 (by Dean's idol nullifier) instead of a making the Final 4, winning at fire building (she made fire in episode 1 without flint) going to FTC and winning, because of a freaking coin flip? They really need to drastically reduce the number of gimmicks in the game. Ironically, Dan getting ejected for sexual harassment is probably going to screw the one woman who heroically stood up for the other women against him. If Dan had stayed in the game, Dean might have tried to draw the votes to himself, to make the "big move" of playing the real fake legacy advantage (after playing the fake fake legacy advantage) and gotten a horrible surprise when Probst threw it into the fire. Now that there is no Final 6 TC, Dean won't have the chance to embarrass himself and Janet will probably get voted out next week when her idol gets nullified.
  9. This season's castaways seem to have an aversion to being smart.
  10. I wish we could see video of Dan melting down when the told him he was out. I can imagine the denials, the lame excuses and the rage. He probably also realized that he was being recorded and that production had a lot of footage of him touching women that they could make public.
  11. I have very badly not wanted Tommy to win because of how arrogant he is. But, after last night's episode, I am more disgusted by all the other idiots kissing his ass and not even considering the idea of voting him out. Lauren is worrying about Tommy choosing Dean to take her place at FTC (with good reason as that was his plan). The glaringly obvious solution is to vote Tommy out take Dean there yourself. This reminds me so much of Redemption Island when Boston Rob's pathetic cult members handed him the victory. But, this might be even worse. Rob was a master manipulator and did things like the "buddy system" to keep people in line. These idiots just seem to have it in their heads that Tommy is guaranteed as spot at FTC and he get to choose who goes with him.
  12. I know I'll get dragged for this. I liked Kellee, I felt bad for Kellee and I was rooting for Kellee. But, IMO, she was part of the problem and enabled Dan a lot more than production did. 1) During a confessional, a production member asked her if she wanted them to step in and she said no. 2) She talked about being strategic instead of emotional about the unwanted touching and then spoke to Lauren about targeting Missy, instead of Dan. In both of these instances, she was putting Dan's vote and her alliance with him ahead of protecting herself AND the other women from Dan's unwanted touching. Dan deserved to be ejected, but if none of the women are going to step up and ask for this and, but instead, be willing to work with him, gaslight other women over the situation, and say by their words and votes that they wanted him to stay in the game, then I don't think production had any business doing so. You can't be strategic and uncooperative with TPTB about sexual harassment and then expect them to step in and fire/eject someone, AGAINST your expressed wishes. 3) Kellee had the power to ensure the groper went home and no other women would be touched, while also ensuring her own safety, by playing one of her two idols. But, again, she put strategy ahead of stopping the touching. Also, she makes it sound like her speaking about the unwanted touching in her confessional got her voted out of the game. That had nothing to do with in. In fact, it was her being soft on Dan's abuse and telling Lauren that she wanted to vote out Missy that started the chain of events (including Missy and Elizabeth's disgusting behavior) that lead to her being voted out.
  13. I have to disagree on that, Sexual harassment is one thing, but forming alliances with douchebags who do all that other crap Dan did is part of the game. I just read her "Stop the hate" tweet and that was about Tommy, who she says "was huge trying to support her during tribal." Did she ever make a "stop the hate" comment about Dan?
  14. I hate Janet working with Dan, but I give her the benefit of the doubt. After her gaslighting, she might not know what the hell to believe. Also, even Kellee, the only one on record with a complaint was willing to work with Dan and target Missy. Janet took one bullet for Kellee, Missy and Elizabeth. I am not sure it is fair to expect her to keep taking bullets. She stood up much stronger against Dan's groping than the women who were actually groped. Karishma did clean up nice for jury duty.
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