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  1. CletusMusashi

    Season One Talk

    Nandor is obviously meant to be the most Vlad the Impaler like of the show's characters. I find it darkly hilarious that the writers chose to demonstrate this by making him the most anal.
  2. CletusMusashi

    Small Talk: Blah Blah Blah

    If it happens, I move that we name the "small talk" subforum "Blah Blah Blah."
  3. CletusMusashi

    S05.E08: Death of a Car Salesman

    So does the disease only affect super-cool pretty girls? Does that mean the victims could cure themselves by becoming ugly or annoying?
  4. CletusMusashi

    The Detour

    I watched all of Season 3 through Hulu. As for the first two this season: If you don't catch the pilot you won't be missing much. Episode two is where the show finds itself again. I'm not sure where to stream that one, but if you miss the show again next week you can still record it the next day. The new episodes play twice on Tuesday night and then once more on Wednesday afternoon.
  5. CletusMusashi

    Season One Talk

    To be honest, I'd barely even heard of "Only Lovers Left Alive" before Tilda came on this show. I finally decided to check it out. Holy crap, that was a mistake. Boring, insufferably pretentious, and not even a single person yelling "BAT!" I watched about half an hour of it, then it sat unwatched in my DVD player for another day, then I said "screw this" and mailed it back to Netflix. Now I need to cleanse my pallette with a real vampire movie, like "The Deathmaster" or "Scream, Blacula, Scream." It not her fault the movie sucked, though. It was a boring script. Shit, I would happily star in far, far worse movies than that, and probably for less money, if the opportunity was offered. I did enjoy her WWDitS character, and I think she was a great sport for coming on and spoofing herself.
  6. CletusMusashi

    The Detour

    I was surprised this week, and not in a good way. Although there were certainly some recognizable jokes, they were all written too broadly to actually be funny. I hope next week is better. Narrowing the entire show's focus down to just three characters, one of whom is Jareb, didn't help.
  7. CletusMusashi

    The Detour

    Somehow I missed season 3 entirely, so I just finally got to enjoy that. Just finished it up today. Which works out perfectly, as far as timing goes. Not only did I get to spend a day off catching up on a hilarious and unpredictable comedy, but I now have just the right amount of time to take a shower, grab some stuff at the hardware store, go to the bar, get drunk, and take some half price wings home before season 4 begins. I'm looking forward to it. I even like that they've split the band up a little. Nate and Robin are a their best when they're playing off each other, and Jeb's character is pretty much the designated "dumbest guy in the group," which probably precludes him from not being part of the group, but Delilah's character is ready to go out and make some of her own trouble. I trust the writers to make it interesting, and I trust the kid playing her to make it great.
  8. CletusMusashi

    S05.E07: Filleted to Rest

    This season isn't dull, but it sure does feel like they're rushing a bunch of extra stuff in at the last minute.
  9. CletusMusashi

    Season One Talk

    Laszlo certainly does. But of course he can always watch 100 years of bad porn. Perhaps that's the answer for the others. I could see Nadja doing porn. Perhaps even Nandor. "No, Guillermo! Is 'vampires only' gang bang!" Colin, though... not so much. I think he has a normal reflection anyway though.
  10. CletusMusashi

    Season One Talk

    Nadja learned how to groom herself by touch alone, because when she was a poor Gypsy girl nobody in her village could afford a mirror anyway. And also, the story somehow involves donkeys.
  11. CletusMusashi

    Season One Talk

    Quite a few characters have commented on how tasty Gizmo apparently seems, so I read that as him giving off strong virginal vibes/pheremones/whatever. But then on the other hand...
  12. CletusMusashi

    Season One Talk

    So, now that the original airing is over, does anybody know where and when it will be available on a main streaming site? Not only do I know people who don't have cable and are waiting to binge it, but I myself would actually like to zip through a rewatch in the episodes' actual intended viewing order.
  13. CletusMusashi

    Season One Talk

    It's very possible that at some point there was something in the mail that Gizmo did not want to show Nandor. Perhaps it was a flyer advertising all the Familiar-training benefits of Camp Renfield. If you're taking a second to read something addressed to your master, and then realize it's not something you want to tell him about, then the best strategy is to escape quickly with an easy simple lie. Especially with Nandor.
  14. CletusMusashi

    Season One Talk

    Those obviously domestic rats always take me out of the moment. Even if they just stuck with all-white ones I could pretend they were some inbred catacomb-dwelling strain of albinos. But hooded rats? Those guys have "bred for aesthetic human appeal" written all over them. Still not the worst rat-casting ever, though. How does that even happen? "Duh, sorry, boss. We couldn't find any rats." "How about mice? We could use mice and turn the zoom lens on 'em." "No mice either." "So what have we got?" "Well, I do always have a car trunk full of random armadillos. You never know when a bunch of random armadillos might come in handy. Should we use armadillos?" "Sure, why not? If anybody asks, we'll just say they're Transylvanian armadillos."
  15. CletusMusashi

    S05.E05: Death Moves Pretty Fast

    As usual, the best character interactions are between Liv and Ravi.