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  1. The side plot about Sy's sister was the weak point of the ep. Not very funny, nor very related to the rest of the plot. However, the Aquaman stuff was perfect. Clayface as Aquaman, then actual Aquaman being just as cheesey as Clayface's version, then Ivy doing the "kelp" pun because apparently being around Aquaman makes everybody ridiculous... all of that was great! Still refusing to think too hard about how the LoD exists so openly.
  2. Harley probably has no qualms about killing people who are "in the business" from either side. That means heroes, sidekicks, security guards, rival villains/henchmen, cops, white collar crime bigwigs, and so forth. And I don't think she cares much if a place she blows up ends up starting a fire that burns down a hospital later, because that's peripheral enough that she can just ignore it. And bear in mind, QoF killing innocents was still not a deal breaker as far as Harley wanting to remain friends with her. It just wasn't Harley's style, which means it was taking away from the fun. And while Harley's jobs may have material goals, she is still very largely into it just to have fun. Plus, her motif is comedy. And, in comedy, punching down tends not to be quite as funny as punching up. Hence, some targets not really being worthy of a massacre.
  3. King Shark is wonderful. This show has the absolute best version of... most of its characters! And the writers know these people inside and out. Often I'll realize something about a character, such as Ivy's tendency to protesteth too much about her asociality, weeks before it's revealed as canon. There's pretty good depth for something that makes me laugh off so often.
  4. I love this group so much. I don't have any idea how, like, The Joker, manages to get henchmen, but if I lives in this cartoon I would gladly join Team HQ just so I could hang out with them. Even with my favorite, Poison Ivy, off doing her own story, the others still manage to maintain a great dynamic with each other. So do you think Kite Man wears and opens that thing during sex? Oh, who am I kidding? Of course he does. I'm sure he makes puns while he does it, too.
  5. I love that Clayface's hand can grow whatever body parts it needs to, but his own tendency to overthink every single role means that, until the original part comes home, he feels obligated to only morph into amputees, regardless of the fact that he obviously has extra magically-disappearing body mass to spare... Also love that King Shark is apparently considered perfectly appropriate to drop into the normal prison population! Does the introduction of King Tut's tomb mean we're going to get Professor William McElroy? Or an actual re-animated mummy king? Or neither? Sometimes I see things that I assume are never going to be plot points, such as the "Suicide Squad" shirts. But sometimes other things from that exact category come back to visit again, such as Dr. Psycho's tech-obsessed son. So... I honestly have no idea what to expect any more.
  6. Holy crap. I didn't even realize that was her, yet I loved the character just fine anyway.
  7. I expected this series to be funny. I am happy that it has proven to be every bit as funny as I had hoped, but I did expect it to be funny. What surprises me is how well thought out the characters are. Usually there's a bit of early fumbling, especially in pilot episodes, but I feel like every episode we've seen was written with the entire season in mind. This was the episode that truly differentiates "Harley Quinn" Harley from "Batman Animated" Harley or "Suicide Squad" Harley. She isn't a wonderful person who was turned evil by The Joker. She's smart, driven, and talented, but also emotionally damaged and not without a mean streak of her own. The reason this Harley didn't suddenly develop a completely different accent when she became a villain is that, in her case, the villain isn't a replacement for her old personality. It's simply her old personality saying "Fuck it, I'm gonna just start randomly doing whatever seems fun." They aren't just sticking characters on the show and saying "We'll figure them out as we go along." I feel like, from everybody's first appearance, the writers had already reached consensus on what made that character tick. Even Sy Borgman, who at first seemed like sort of a waste of Jason Alexander (one of my big dream castings is to see him as The Ventriloquist. Maybe it'll still happen. I mean, Tudyk is voicing at least three villains!) is now a welcome part of the show. Welcome to the team of "worst bad guys," Old Cranky Guy Who Bitches About Everything. It annoys me to no end that, even when surrounded by people who will race to the theater to see every single big budget superhero movie no matter mediocre or worse it is, I can not get anybody whatsoever to watch this show. Even with the pilot available for free on Youtube, everybody just sort of smiles and nods at me like I'm the nerd and then goes back to waiting for fucking "Justice league 2."
  8. I would assume Dick Grayson existed, since that's pretty much the whole origin of Robin. If Damien were the first sidekick, he'd be Batboy or something. Now Tim and Jason, I'm not so sure. Some of it depends on how realistically paced the timeline is. If it's the kind of comic book universe where kids keep growing up but adult characters stay the same age year after year, then I suppose there's time for everybody to have existed. Speaking of age, Harley first appeared in 1992. So guessing her to be about thirty does fit for somebody who's had time to become a practicing shrink but is still young, attractive, and able to do gymnastics, but it also may well have been a meta joke about his character being newer than hers. On this show, I sort of assume it to be both. Some of the jokes have so many layers that I don't put anything past these writers.
  9. Any time you put any version of those two characters in a room together, that's gonna be a big thing people are watching for. And the (smart-ass trope-conscious comedy) writers know that. So my take on it is that they're doing stuff like that just to screw with our expectations.
  10. Share any jokes you've heard about Harley, Ivy, Batman, or any other colorful characters of Gotham. Why doesn't Calendar Man eat figs? Because he prefers dates. What did Harvey Dent wear to the ballet? A tutu. Why does Killer Croc take Viagra? He has a reptile dysfunction. You get the schtick. Good jokes, bad jokes, if they're on topic the place for them is here.
  11. Not exactly the kind of King Shark I was expecting, but you know what? It's pretty much impossible for any version of King Shark not to be funny.
  12. No, they're making this change because he started groping production.
  13. Yes, Jeff. The doo rag is what we've all been talking about. That's why Jack was removed from the show, right?
  14. I somehow always found it weirder that it was.
  15. Okay, fuck it. I'm ready for more news updates.
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