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  1. OK, I suppose it was. Somehow remembered this one as being longer and more intricate:
  2. Overall, very good for such an early episode of a non-comedic superhero series. Very big props to them for allowing characters to still have visible wounds that last beyond the episode in which they occur. Not only is it more realistic, but it serves as good narrative reminder that there's probably a lot of other stuff that still hurts from the last fight. Pat is really good at some aspects of this stuff. Such as building giant robots. But his tactical planning? Not so much. Let me see if I understand this one correctly: "If I die of a stroke tonight, you need to tell your mom to just leave her husband's body here, quit her job, abandon the house, and run away with everyone to a new town and get new identities... because her fifteen year old daughter said to." What the hell?
  3. Starman's treatment of Pat reminded me a lot of Nandor and Guillermo.
  4. Now I really want to watch a silly movie with Laszlo, Nadja, and Nandor, just so I can listen to them trying to explain various plot elements to each other.
  5. Then I guess I'm not Colin. I always think "Demolition Man."
  6. This was not great. It wasn't bad, either, but it was not great. Surprisingly, the best stuff was actually the B plot with Kite Man. The main story felt more like "Hey, look how similar to a big budget movie we can make our animation look" than "we've got a really funny and smart way to advance the plot."
  7. Does Sy want to be his latex salesman?
  8. How does "angry super-strong football player" translate into "manipulating two lightweight cutting weapons at the same time?" I'd think something heavy and two-handed, like an axe or hammer, that would allow him to easily put his body weight into each blow, would fit the character better. Maybe they don't want to do the Casey Jones sledgehammer cliche, but there are lots of objects smashier than machetes, as well as being more likely to be quickly available to an escapee. Did Arkham make him do a lot of work in the Gotham City sugarcane gardens or something?
  9. The funnies thing about the Bruce Springsteen joke was that they weren't even suspicious about his pronouncing it "Spring-stine." Clayface is like a sillier, more clueless incarnation of Sideshow Bob.
  10. Jeff: "Amber is losing! In last place! Because none of the other players trying to do this puzzle are as far back in last as Amber, who is in last!" Amber: "So I take it you don't want to come to Rob's barbecue this year?" Jeff: "Pssst... keep the mostly red sides in front... it spells "Outwit, Outlast, Outplay, and... now you want the mostly green sides... Out-Idol-Find, and... now the blue side... Out Deus Ex Schenaniga...."
  11. It will be filmed on the grounds of a chocolate factory, which has long been closed to the public. And whenever they do something stupid, they will be bludgeoned with ridiculously on-the-nose poetic justice by Gene Wilder and his delightful singing mutants. Either that, or it'll be "Survivor: Epstein Island." As for the show itself, I thought it was a surprisingly good finale for a a pretty damned crappy season. Without our live-posting thread, I probably would not have finished it. I completely lost track of how many times I was surprised that Kim was still in the game. Or Nick. Or, sometimes, early on, Sarah. Or, after they were voted out, Danni and Jeremy. I thought the show and the viewers had an understanding. We will try to keep track of all these people, and the show will try to help us keep track of all these people, but once these early people get voted out, we are allowed to forget about them and continue trying to keep all the active players straight. But you have to break a few eggs, god damn it! People bitch and moan about participation trophies as if kids themselves don't still want to kick the other team's ass, yet this season was far, far worse. Not only does nobody, no matter how early they're voted out, actually just get sent to Loser's Lodge, but the jury are actually allowed to screw with the game itself. Not only does every single loser get to have a vote as to who should be winner, but they get to shuffle the cards in favor of whoever they want to, as well. Of course it was the least bitter jury ever. They were allowed to play god. Hey, Jeff? Wouldn't it be fun if, every once in a while, CBS flips a coin to see if you should still be the host? I mean, who cares what people want to see? Changing it up is always better. Right? Yadda, yadda, yadda. hated this fucking season. Yet, actually wound up caring about how the finale turned out. Not enough to be mad that Tony won or whatever, but at least I watched three hours without being bored. I'll take it. However, after three hours of a "Survivor" finale and thirty minutes of "What We Do in the Shadows," when I woke up hungover today after an extremely heavy night of TV-drinking, I had at least half a dozen "wow!" thoughts in my head. And the only one that was about "Survivor" was "What the fuck was that moron Ben thinking?"
  12. I could see maybe Adam voting for Michele the underdog, and Natalie will get a decent number of votes, but Tony is gonna win this thing. And, much as I dislike admitting it, he's earned that win.
  13. What happened to "you're voted out, leave now?"
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