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  1. Mouse is probably embalmed. As for rigor mortis, it's only a temporary phenomenon. The part I'm wondering about is how Ryan is going to establish as strong a relationship with Alice as Kate had. I fear it will be more like: "You killed my mother!" "Can you be more specific? I kill a lot of people's mothers. Who are you again?" "I'm your worst enemy!" "Bitch, please. You're not my nemesis. Now get rid of that silly costume before my actual nemesis comes back and sees you."
  2. I'm only five episodes in. Thus far, I think it's mostly been a step down from the previous seasons. Splitting the group up was an interesting experiment, but I don't think it actually paid off. Too much of the camp was either overly-long body function gags or was about short-term side characters who I don't tune into the show to see. The trans girl wasn't a bad character. Neither was Nick's other friend. But they were there instead of utilizing the main cast, because I guess even the writers knew that the main cast wasn't doing anything funny or interesting. And those anxiety mosquitoes are annoying as fuck. They ruin every scene that they're in. Why does every single thing need to have its own supernatural entity? These kids have been manufacturing their own anxieties just fine for three seasons without any need for additional characters to show up and claim to be the cause of it. All the mosquitoes really do is add more unnecessary moving parts to the scenes that they're in. So far the best thing has been Missy and her relatives, Jay and Lola, and the future Nick dream. But I'm just not constantly amazed through each episode the way I used to be.
  3. Can we watch "The Watch" instead? it looks way better.
  4. So where there's smoke there's fire, but evidently that rule does not apply the other way around.
  5. I guess the genius thing kind of rules out that hypothesis, though.
  6. Oh, fuck me with a rusty sweet potato... she's a daughter of Rick Grimes, isn't she?
  7. That was actually a pretty good ending. Somebody's about to get fired from the writing room.
  8. I'm just going to guess that there's pirate treasure buried under the campus. It makes as much sense as anything. I mean, those giant sandwiches don't pay for themselves, you know?
  9. I can't believe I'm watching two hours of this. I don't think Bud Lite's gonna carry me through. I'm switching over to rum.
  10. Does every single member of this family have a different accent? Hell, that could be the most interesting thing about this show.
  11. Silas' problem was that the only person looking out for him was Accidentally Eavesdropping Lady. I'm sure she means well, but Carol would have trench knifed Bad Papa three minutes into the episode, and by now she'd be crying over Silas' grave after his random but inevitable death.
  12. Hello all. I have not abandoned ship yet. I did, however, pick up a Sunday shift because economics are a tad unpredictable right now. And by the time I got home... the scooby gang was moving a couch for some reason. Anybody who wants to give a synopsis of the first six or seven minutes will have my gratitude. Also, I'm kind of sort of liking Huck this week.
  13. I still say this wouldn't be as bad if they'd just run it during tradtional TWD time slots. Last week's rerun at 8, then, this week's at 9, then an hour of Chris Hardwick being a good dancing monkey for a few AMC bananas, and then this week's episode again. Having to wait until after ten for it to start changes the show from less than a four star to less than a three star.
  14. Uncle Tony would have fit in great with Zeke and Jerry. and then Carol would have gotten Percy killed, so: win/win.
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