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  1. Two thoughts about the ep stand out. Oddly, both of them are about the least interesting villain on the show. First of all, maybe the reason Baby Bowboy is getting picked on in school isn't that he plays violin. It's that he looks and dresses... a bit extremely. And don't get me wrong here, I honestly do think the kid has style. But style isn't good or bad based on whether or not I think it's cool. Style relies on context, and if your choice of clothing has resulted in so much bullying (at a school where your mommy is the principal, no less) that your last resort is to hide in your mommy's office and whine... well, okay, maybe it's not all the fault of the clothing choice. Second... Sportsbro and Tigermom were giving me some serious BtVS vibes even before their argument with Principal Bow-itch. When the scene started, it was just two fun villainous characters acting well together and putting out some fun in-character dialogue. I immediately thought of Spike and Drusilla, even though neither one actually reminds me of Spike or Dru. Then, of course I started playing the "who equals who" game, except I started out by trying to figure out which character was closest to Angelus. I should have been wondering which character was closest to The Annoying One. Okay, so we know they're used to replacing a lot of coaches. But, principals who are also members of the Team Evil?
  2. Another reason to love Jane. "Hey, Larry! Quit boring the audience and help me do something interesting!" Hell, even the Dorothy story was good when they mixed it with Jane's. This time I was just left wondering why it took her ninety years to reach puberty. How many years will it take for that fake accent to wear off? I do question why the stuffed animal and paper were so immaculate after all that time. Maybe when Minerva left them there she laminated them? Watching Rita try to make "The Beekeeper" a thing was funny. Is everybody going to fantasize a TV spinoff?
  3. I can not wait for the Dorothy story to be over. Despite the fact that I really honestly do, for the most part, like this show, I find myself commenting week after week after week that Larry is boring and Dorothy's whole story is just anviliciously nauseating. If they can find a way to put Dorothy out to pasture somehow then all I'll have to worry about is the occasional boring Larry flashback. And those aren't real action-based anyway so I can just open up a game window to amuse myself while I listen for a scene change. He's fine if you pair him with someone interesting, like they did with Jane this week, but please just stop trying to write Larry Scenes. Cyborg's "My girlfriend is a supervillain" arc is decent, but when he's off-screen I honestly don't miss him. The actors are fine and everything, but Jane, as far as I am concerned, has the arc that I'm consistently most invested in. To me, this is the "Jane and Friends Show," on which Cliff and Rita are quite welcome to appear as comic relief co-stars. And any extended arc that takes too much screen time away from that has an uphill battle to prove itself worthy to me.
  4. The Wire: A former tightrope artist works as an undercover cop. Also, he has the power to control electricity. Actually, that sounds fun. Maybe I should go watch it.
  5. When I was nineteen years old I rented an apartment that actually was right across from the train tracks. "So often you won't even notice" did, in fact, become true, although I probably would have been saying that anyway just for the quote value.
  6. Example: The Man-Delorean is about a Jedi time-traveler who has the ability to turn into a car. I assume that most of the action takes place in the 1950s. And you'll never convince me otherwise, because you'll never convince me to watch it. I've already seen far more Star Wars than my lifetime actually requires. Anyone else have a show that they "already know quite enough about?"
  7. Once upon a time, there was an amazingly clever show called She Spies. It was a brilliant parody of action movie cliches, tough-girl-character cliches, silly high concept TV show premises, and really just delighted in trope-bustingly hilarious plots and banter while making full use of a very talented cast. For exactly one season. And then the network fired the comedic head writers, told the others to quit trying to be funny, and made season 2 exactly the kind of show that season 1 had been poking fun at.
  8. Tonight after work I just barely managed to beat a red light, and realized that for decades now, whenever that happens, I have been quoting to myself in a Dan Akroyd voice saying "The light was yellow, sir."
  9. Shit, pretty much everything I know about finances comes from that movie. Which is why I am not an accountant.
  10. It's a great movie on so many levels. Beautiful choreography, yet with an overall look that makes it a perfect grimy urban period piece. Great cast of big names, all of whom are perfect for the part- no gratuitous stunt casting. Humor that fits the characters. Car chases that somehow never degenerate into formulaic wastes of time. And the music is not only as good as it gets, but it is actually relevant to the core plot.
  11. It's probably my favorite Christmas film.
  12. Loved the flashbacks about Brainwave's origin story. Hard to believe he never destroyed those tapes, or at least had them converted to something that he could encrypt somewhere, but, questionable venue or not, I'm glad we got to see that. How did he become okay with what he can do now, though? Working in a crowded, high stress environment at the hospital? Sitting in meeting with a bunch of evil, noxious personalities? I would expect him to gravitate toward a much more reclusive lifestyle.
  13. Overall very good progression this week. Lots of storylines moving forward, and a a lot of quietly scary moments. However, I'm not quite sure why Barbara was surprised by the staff glowing and floating, but actually shocked enough to start screaming and dropping things once it turned into an inanimate metal stick on the floor. That was a very strange way to do the scene.
  14. I was very excited about it until I found out they couldn't get Neil. That was the only one I voted for that won.
  15. "Steele and Stone" would have made this worth the price of admission all by itself. I immediately had to stop the episode and rewatch that. But the rest of the ep was really good too. They even found a way to make Dorothy scenes watchable. All it took was for Jane to turn into Sara Silverman for half the episode.
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