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  1. I have to admit I am happy Noura's team won. I do not like her, but she is too damned funny to lose this early. And if she really lasts, can you imagine how strange her jury question will be?
  2. On the one hand, I have no complaints at all about her running in her underwear. 37 isn't old, but I would have guessed her to be ten years younger. But on the other hand: While I do understand in this particular context her point about chaos being useful... don't quote Littlefinger. His entire schtick was bragging about how devious he was, and how he was such an outsider that he had to be devious, while constantly backstabbing every potential ally in sight while bragging to everyone else about how shifty he was. In other words, the Russell Hantz strategy. Yeah, 'cause that always ends well.
  3. I vote museum. It was entertaining as hell when Ben Stiller did it!
  4. Very strong episode. But I think they would have brainwashed Khalil to just kill the target, instead of standing around looking scary, and then making an action hero line, and then killing the target. That particular issue took me out of that particular scene a little bit.
  5. The fauxmbies will collapse on their own pretty soon, even if the protagonists completely ignore them. After all, no civilization in history has ever survived without glass windows, right?
  6. There must be something extremely recognizable about Beta under the mask. I'm calling it now: He's actually Penn Jillette, and the mask he's wearing is what's left of Teller.
  7. OK, so now a third whisperer has a name. This system will work until you have more people than alphabet letters. But what did they call her before she was Gamma? And what do they call everyone else?
  8. Poor Yvette has to go on TD after this one instead of last week's.
  9. I don't know why everybody doesn't just get as far from this crazy group as possible. Keep the using the disguise trick, sure. But it's not like they have an extradition treaty for members who end up a hundred miles away. I doubt they even have the manpower to chase you very far. Lydia was a special case, being Alpha's daughter. And not very far away.
  10. Strangely, I am still not actually bored. So I guess we're about to cut to a Negan scene. Yes it does. Whenever I run low on deodorant, I just put on a zombie mask and nobody can smell my armpits any more.
  11. Please no time jump. I want it to just start with Carol and Alpha brawling.
  12. Why is Siddiq just getting PTSD now? I mean, shouldn't everybody have had it for years already? Except for maybe Judith, because she's a magical Mary Sue child. With the flashbacks he had of Alpha, I have to wonder if before he met Coral maybe he spent some time in Whisperville. Maybe they needed a doctor. Maybe Uncle Fester had a wound that was festering. Another thing that crossed my mind today was this: When I ride a bike, my hair gets blown backward and upward and sideways until I look like Albert Einstein. So how the hell does Daryl's all stay the way it does? There must be a truly hilarious amount of deleted footage of them fixing his hair every time he gets off the motorcycle because for some reason they think "unkempt" means "brushed down in front."
  13. I just assumed she used kryptonite or red sunlight when getting her hair cut. Now for the bigger questions. Does that new costume just fuse together over her skin? Does she have to keep her glasses on in the shower? Does she have to sleep in her costume? Can she... do Kryptonians even need to use a toilet? I like my pants the old fashioned way. They go on when I tell them to, not when something else triggers them.
  14. Oh my god yes. Please, when Negan inevitably pulls the "let me out and I can help you" card successfully, and then betrays them all, and then is making a speech about how making himself Emperor of the Atomic Shitting Spacepants Zombies that Shit Atomic Shit Into Their Atomic Shitting Spacepants was all for the greater good, and none of the people who could easily shoot him are somehow able to stop waiting for the end of this completely asinine monologue, the DefSis2 will pop out of the shadows, beat him to death with two by four's, and then look around at everybody's shocked expressions, like "what?"
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