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  1. Good grief! Subha’s going to win this isn’t he?
  2. Jon didn’t officially renounce his commander ship of the NW until after the hangings. It was then that he gave the cloak to Edd.
  3. I’m going to pretend that Jon & Ghost had their own separate goodbye offscreen. It’s the only way I can believe that Jon would leave without acknowledging Ghost. I won’t change my mind on this
  4. I can truly see Jon, when all is said & done, going North & hanging with the Wildlings & Ghost. I think he foreshadowed it when he told Tormund that Ghost belongs in the north, not the south. Thinking about the dire wolf/Stark connection.
  5. I haven’t seen this posted yet, but I wonder if Bran told Tyrion the truth about Jon when they were alone
  6. The look on Dany’s face when Jon told her the truth.....yikes.
  7. Funny how we all have our own takes. I felt for Theo because I think in her mind, she wanted to spend time with her sister in LA. However (and this is my take), I believe Theo was hurt because she felt Nell only wanted her there because knew of Theo’s “gift”. She needed to know what really happened to her husband. She thought Theo could help. Otherwise, why would they have had that scene in one of the flashbacks where Nell was fascinated when she witnessed Theo using said “gift”.
  8. I’m a Canadian RN who has only ever worked in Canada. Maybe medical practice in the US is different than in Canada, but I have never seen a central line inserted into the external jug vein ever. Much less by a nurse or nurse practitioner. In fact most NP’s here don’t even wear scrubs or do bedside care. Not to mention using an IV catheter without an ultrasound or sterile procedure to insert said catheter. I like the basis of this show, but the medical aspect leaves a lot to be desired. Maybe I just need to suspend reality.
  9. That last scene with Klaus & Elijah just about killed me. Then the hug. I lost it.
  10. Actually, Canada had 14 in Vancouver. The most ever by a host nation. Sorry. I'm very protective of my country in the Olympics. Prior to Vancouver, we were the only host country to never win at home.
  11. Also he's done a great job of staying objective considering his brother is one of the competitors he's commenting on.
  12. Love


    And apparently they did. Homan lost to China.
  13. That American performance was beautiful. However, I was distracted by the braid. I kept waiting for it to take out the brother's eye.
  14. When did Ice Dance & Pairs become so similar looking? I swear I keep expecting some of these couples to break out into jumps. I know this is the more technical program but to me there doesn't seem to be as much dancing.
  15. Love

    S01.E01: Pilot

    As someone who works in the medical profession, I was cringing throughout. Throwing ice water on a patient to wake them to up, in 15 years of ICU nursing I have never seen that. Also that is not how you put in a central line. No sterility, no ultrasound, randomly cutting into neck with a scalpel.....I get that the show is pressed for time, but please at least try a little bit.
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