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  1. Well, there it is! Finally; it was going to make me crazy if they tried to make us wait until next week or longer to see Beth. I knew the second Hope uttered the words "I know it sounds crazy, but..." that we were gonna get that reveal. However, leading up to that it slowly started dawning on me with a sense of dread as Dr. B kept saying he wanted to show Taylor how much he cares about her, that he may actually fess up to her that this is Hope's baby from the giddy up. I figured when he was describing the delivery he was talking about mystery lady rather than Hope, or maybe even blending the two. Because I can't reconcile mystery lady being released the same day of such a traumatic event, so unless he was referring to another windstormy day he must be combining the births, right? Or maybe he is telling the truth about the abruption and that's why Hope passed out, but he was able to get Beth out in time? I don't know, but I do know I hadn't considered for even a second that Taylor would get that baby for Steffy knowing that she was Hope's baby. Taylor, who knows first-hand the anguish of being allowed to believe your baby is dead when she isn't? Surely she can't have that much of a rage-on for Brooke and Hope that she'd knowingly participate in something so cruel? I hope not... I know Bell-A is populated by all levels of hypocrite, that's just a bridge too far for me. Speaking of bridges... Ugh, Ridge truly has no concept of "time and place", does he? Really? Is now really the time you want to pee on Brooke's leg? Seriously? I can't with him, I just can't. Good for Brooke saying right in front of him that she doesn't care that Ridge doesn't like it, she'll always care about Bill, or that she thinks Ridge is wrong and believes in his change, that she's proud of him... His face was pretty hilarious through it all.
  2. I inferred that it was the baby of the sad blonde lady Dr. B was consoling out the door before Hope arrived. As soon as I saw her I figured the switch was a go.
  3. A broke-ass one putting on airs. There's a reason why his credit cards are overdrawn, he lights up like a Christmas tree set on fire when he sees a wad of cash, and is ducking and dodging the world's worst bookie/enforcer/whatever the hell he is. For all his bragging to Zoe about that Catalina gig, it didn't look like the sort of facility that's offering all that impressive of a salary. No wonder he needs to work two places at the same time. Honestly, between him and the questionable skills and etiquette of Dr. Robin Givens, if he's working at the same hospital, I'd rather have my baby in the bathtub at home biting down on a stick for anesthesia.
  4. I don't think I'd like another trip down that path with Katie and Bill again. I just could never get over the fact that she said directly in her vows to not try and change him because she loved and accepted him just the way he was... and then proceeded to try and change him. It always bugged me. I don't know what I'm going to do if I don't get some sign of a perfectly healthy little baby Beth by tomorrow. Four days of Hope's uninterrupted grief is more than enough. No matter how much that girl irks me, I kinda need some confirmation that there is light for her at the end of the tunnel. I wonder if Dr. Buckingham would have gone through with this if he was aware that she had already suffered a late term miscarriage in the past. I can only hope (heh, no pun intended) that's he wouldn't be that cruel. At least he seems to feel some level of guilt for what he's done. Just not enough to undo it, or to have not done it at all. But if I really squint and tilt my head just so, I can see where he'd rationalize that it's Hope's daughter or his own, and of course he'd pick his. Speaking of, I'd think the initial pic taken of Zoe leaving FC would be more effective than the latter pic that was clearly a professional pic of her in lingerie, probably even snatched straight from the FC website or an online article or something. The first gives the impression of "see how close we can get to her?" whereas the second one was more like "we know you have a daughter". It should have been the other way around, I think.
  5. Oh gawd, that vow renewal... So much secondhand embarrassment. I was literally screaming "Steffy noooo.... You haven't even taken a shower yet, you nut!" during the whole thing. Honestly? I was hoping that was going to be it for them, Liam could be with Sally and Steffy could be with Bill since Brooke was back with Ridge. I had wanted Brooke to stay with Bill, but if she wasn't going to fight for her marriage why should I care more than she did? So I was just fine with it and didn't really like Sally and Thomas together in the first place. But when Hope popped up, I knew that was pretty much it for any chance Sally had with Liam. She might have been ok if it was just Steffy or just Hope, but I don't think any girl stands a chance with him when both Steffy and Hope are around.
  6. I can only speak for myself, and with that I say I definitely never gave her a pass for the Sally crap. In fact, that was my latest round of slipping out of the Steffy camp specifically. It actually started around the time she was obviously siding with Bill over Liam and just being the very definition of unreasonable and obstinate. She had a hate boner going for Sally that I just couldn't understand or get behind, and I was soooo disappointed in her. Heh, there really is no arguing with the fiasco of the still warm engagement ring of years past. That, as a Steffy fan, is a level of cringe that shall never pass, I'm afraid. I accept it. But I also can't let her be branded as the only thirsty bird at the bath. It doesn't matter why or how Hope came back (though personally I thought she should have beamed back in the same way she beamed out), the fact is even Brooke confronted her repeatedly about her feelings for Liam going beyond supportive friendship before Hope finally copped to it... Hell, I love Sally and she's come across as a bit of a thirsty Birdy on occasion in her own right. I swear Liam must be putting out some weird, brain altering pheremone to have all these women tripping over themselves to get to his buttery, flaky goodness. I like waffles too, but damn, not that much. He's not even an Eggo, that there waffle is store brand generic if ever I've seen one. ETA: Lol, ok ByTor, you got me there on Maya. As soon as I typed that I knew someone would point it out. She does always look either startled, bored, or pissed. But it was more the way she turned around when she heard him mentioned, then kinda hustled off.
  7. I seem to recall Steffy getting a lot of flack for that stupid stunt with the motorcycle, myself included. Bad decisions are bad decisions. Hindsight is 20/20 and all that fun stuff. I think the babymoon was silly, indulgent nonsense, just like Steffy's quick ride was. They did what they wanted to do because they were being impatient and wanted their way. They're both in the same boat here and, ideally, it would bring them closer together somehow. But I'm not foolish enough to believe such a thing would happen. I wish it would, but I won't be holding my breath. I have never once nor would ever suggest that someone deserves such a devastating blow, no matter what I think of them as a person. I won't comment on placental abruption, since I sincerely doubt that is the case. We're all waiting for the confirmation of the switch. I just think it's not smart to go flying when you have less than a month of your pregnancy to go. It's the time to be more careful, not less. Err on the side of caution and all that. I also don't see why Steffy wanting to continue with her adoption is anything nasty on her part. What was nasty was Hope saying their girls couldn't be close because Steffy wouldn't let her dictate her mother's role in her life. So she decided she'd get her little girl a sister that she can be close to for herself. That was decided before Beth was born, and after her "loss" why should Steffy have to change her plans? She still wants a sister for Kelly. It's not like she's doing it just to rub Hope's nose in it. I sympathize with Hope, I truly do, but that doesn't mean the world is going to stop to make her feel better. Is no one else supposed to have a baby because Hope lost hers? She is entitled to grieve. She's not entitled to everyone changing their plans just because she's grieving. I admit it, I make fun of the babymoon because just the word alone is stupid. But my point wasn't really that it's stupid, it's that her whole reason for it was supposedly about her and Liam spending time alone together before the baby came. If that was the case, she could have just as easily waited instead of going ahead first, or yeah, she could have just gone with him to check on Kelly and then take your precious trip. You live in Cali, why did it have to be Catalina? There were plenty of other options that did involve helicopter and wasn't dictated by high winds. I'm just saying. But I've never said that just because of it she deserves to be going through this. I also forgot to mention, I'm deeply curious about what's the story with Maya and Rick. I saw that deer in headlights look she gave yesterday when she heard his name mentioned. Also, I think it's a little cold that Bridget shows up for every little wedding and it's always a surprise, but she doesn't show for the memorial? It also bugs that she never comes back with Logan. Don't even get me started on how glaring Thorn's lack of presence is when he and Katie have been married all of five minutes. Was that even mentioned? I missed it if it was acknowledged.
  8. Honestly I was beyond shocked that Taylor even had the balls to show up to the memorial get together after all the unnecessary shit she's been pulling the last few months. Even more shocked when Brooke didn't grab her by the arm and haul her ass right back out of Eric's house. I've never been the biggest Brooke fan and even I would have understood if she did. This isn't really the time or place for gloating or taunting, and I sincerely didn't know if Taylor could behave herself at such a somber occasion. She hasn't been able to thus far whenever she catches so much as a whiff of Brooke or Hope. So I was pleasantly surprised to see her act like a civilized human being, I was beginning to think she couldn't remember how to do it. *sigh* I used to love Taylor. She lost me around the time Thomas and Steffie started referring to Eric by name. I don't think we're supposed to remember that, though. Don't think I missed that look Brooke was giving Taylor when she saw her talking to Hope. But, as much as she can work my nerves, can't say I blame her that much.
  9. Ok, haven't spoken in a while around here... Quite frankly, it's more than a bit intimidating when there are such strong opinions being voiced that tend to not coincide with the way I interpreted things. After you (heh, well specifically me... I... You know what I mean...) read a few pages of people going one way, but I'm a bit too sheepish to voice an opinion that goes in the other. However I keep telling myself if it weren't for differing opinions then it all just boils down to an echo chamber l, right? So here goes... *sets up my table for one* So above all, gotta say, not a Steffie stan by any means but I do tend to find myself leaning in her direction more often than not. Oh, she's done lots I don't like (that Caroline BS springs immediately to mind, as well as all the stuff that went down with Bill and I actually like them together) and I tend to move away from that particular camp, but before long someone, usually a Logan but not always, starts acting foul in their own right and them I find myself right back with Steffie. (Also, I'm really not a fan of her board nickname. ) Case in point: I do agree that as far as most of the cast goes Hope can qualify as "decent", but I don't find a single thing cute, selfless, or decent the way she jumped on a married Liam the second she came back under the guise of "friendship" and just "being there" for him. No. Just no, no one will ever convince me of that. The thirst was real and the milisecond she found out there was trouble in their marriage she was bashing Steffie and not just encouraging but downright urging Liam to leave her. She wasn't just some silent, supportive sounding board. I knew way before she finally admitted it that she still had feelings for Liam. The nanosecond she finally became Liam's wife for longer than a weekend she starts making demands. Hell, she and Liam made that baby the very same day he was going back to Steffie, and neither one of those fools said "hey, maybe this is a little fast" or even just made any sort of effort towards birth control. So, ok, now Liam has to bounce between two families. Well... Yeah. That's what you get when you let your dick lead you around town. I don't think it's fair to blow off Kelly being sick just because she has the sniffles or a fever because your wife of this year (who wasn't the wife you had last year) decided last minute she wants to go on a trip to all the same damn things y'all had access to at home. What heavily pregnant woman gets on a helicopter except in some sort of emergency? Your stupid, last minute, made up babymoon (which is a phrase that irks me as much as friendsgiving... Wtf, it's not called familygiving so why a new made up word to make yourself feel special? Ugh...) could have taken place anywhere on the mainland if you just wanted a small getaway. Or you could have just given up your seats to that annoying couple that keep popping up and just wait for Liam to come back so you can go together. Or, yanno, since y'all keep citing this blended family ish, you could have gone with him to make sure Kelly was ok, then take your dumb trip. I feel bad for her current grief... But only in the most general sense. The way I would feel bad for anyone. But I'm not moved to tears, and I really don't think her acting has improved much just because she's been crying for a couple days. Wow, this has gone on way longer than anticipated, and I still have a lot to say, but maybe another time. I do enjoy reading the comments, though, and often they do provide me with things I hadn't noticed or considered on my own.
  10. Nicole donated her egg to the cause. She knew exactly what she was signing up for and agreeing to from day one. The egg may have been hers at one point, but EVERYONE knew she was never to be the mother to it. Plenty of people do this every day. What about women who donate their eggs for cash? They can't crawl out the woodwork all I want my baby back either. Yes, its quite an experience to carry a baby for nine months, but she knew from the get-go how things were always intended to shake out. I might feel differently if she got accidentally pregnant, decided this wasn't for her, then passed Lizzie onto Maya only to regret it and change her mind. But that's not the case, and it's a relief to me tptb haven't gone to dip in that particular well. She was happy to do what she did for her sister, but Lizzie is Maya's daughter. I don't know what she's supposed to do, she's the aunt, not the parent. And I don't understand what race has to do with anything.
  11. Oh, couldn't agree more with the lightspeed reunion between her and Zende. I was really befuddled by Zende, the second that baby was out of Nicole, was sitting on her bed and kissing her. Da fuck? So you tap out cuz the pregnancy squicked you out tcoo much (real mature, that one), but you can't even give her the rest of the night to recover before putting the moves on her? Ewww. Thanks for the compliment, ByTor. I don't know why, I know it's silly, but I'm always so self conscious about posting.
  12. I just can't side with Katie when her first instinct is to punish Bill for her hurt feelings by taking away another son from him as well as the company he's run long before he was interested in her. Yes, Bill is wrong as hell for this wtfness going on with Brooke, but Katie is full of shit. Let's not forget that they didn'r even have their roll in the curtained bed until Katie once again accused them of shenanigans that didn't exist, and once again yelling at them to just go ahead and be together. I think she just likes being the victim, poor swee Katie who's always mistreated and unappreciated, poor thing. Bless her weak little heart that can take straight liquor shots and multi-daily tizzies. I had actually forgotten all about her fake heart attack at Brooke and Ridge's last wedding. I'm not at all a Brooke fan, no way. But this all just feels really messed up. Katie never really forgives, no matter what she says. She'll just keep quiet until you piss her off again, then she goes straight for the low blows, feeling all smug and self satisfied and inexplicably justified. What does Bill macking on Brooke have to do with Bill as a father or executive? Nothing. No one is threatening to take Will away from her because she has a bad heart and is an out of the blue lush. Don't get me wrong, I don't begrudge her the anger. It's how she chooses to release it that I take exception to. She goes straight for what hurts most, no build up, no middle ground. That's why watching her browbeat and shame Brill when they really weren't doing anything so crazy making. How can she hurt Bill? Take his son and his money. How can she hurt Brooke? Taking away her sisterhood and cutting her out of her life. Dress it up about how she'll always remember her as a beautiful, glowing, golden goddess, even though that's what she hates most about her and makes her so damn insecure. Meanwhile she's walking around with that banging body and still acting like the ugly duckling... At least until it comes time for her to have her I'm A Strong Woman moment and say things like Brooke ain't so jot and she could have someone if she wanted him, like during that weird poem reading, soccer playing in the park time with Ridge. Ok, this is something that has been bugging me for a bit, but I didn't want to comment until I was caught up in both the show AND the thread, which took a while to allign properly. I was always behind in one or the other. But it really bugs me all the malice towards Nicole about not obsessing over her baby. Cuz, um, that's not her baby. That was never intended to be her baby. She was the surrogate. That is the purpose of a surrogate. Have the baby, then back off because you are not the mother. I don't think it makes her a horrible person just because she's behaving the way a surrogate is supposed to behave. That's also why I took exception to the whole poor Zende can't handle it nonsense. It's not like Rick and Nicole made that baby the old fashioned way, nor that Nicole would be a mommy pushing around a stroller and lugging a baby bag everywhere when the pregnancy was done. It just always struck me as super weak sauce.
  13. I can only assume Michelle (refuse to call her sister, plus clearly it irks her if you don't) was hired to be easily reviled. Because really, she's just so easy to dislike. For me, her very presence makes her daughter oddly much more tolerable. Obviously that girl never really had a chance, what with that mother of hers. I find it rather telling that in all the years I've been shamefully aware of these two women, and that as devoutly religious as Michelle tries to make herself out to be, that there is never ever any mention of husband/father. Not even in a passing bashing kinda way. My guess is that Michelle devoured him in his sleep once she conceived then told everyone he ran off.
  14. Yeah, but see, most of that is a matter of opinion. Matt may be viewed as a moocher, but that doesn't necessarily make it so. He may be looking for a job in the present, that doesn't mean he never had one. He didn't just up and abandon his children, he fell in love with someone who lived far away. Happens fairly often in this age, and they go back to visit. Perhaps he hasn't been all that gentlemanly, but these girls are no shrinking violets nor models of ladylike demurity. Not even to each other, and they're supposed to be friends. And just because the girls have issues with fetishists does not automatically make him one. Not even dating multiple little women should automatically qualify him for the fetish group. No one's man (those that have them *cough*Tonya*cough*) comes across as particularly stellar, except for Preston. Maybe Jasmine's, but he kinda lost me with his whole railroad conductor thing, not wanting to work in the restaurant, but wasn't the job he lost a furniture store? I don't see how that's any further removed from his railroad aspirations than the furniture store was. Are train conductors really an in need kinda thing? It seems so oddly random to me.
  15. Honestly? I've never gotten all the Matt hate. I would consider maybe I missed something major when I wandered off on last season, bur I doubt it since he seems to have been getting it from his first appearance with the talk of him possibly having a little person fetish, and it's just gone on from there. He's never really struck me as all that bad, and while I don't think he should be gleeful about Brianna breaking away from her family, I don't see why he should be particularly broken up about it either. Also, Brianna's so called friends have had more than ample time to voice their opinions. More than I would ever tolerate before I just started cutting folks off entirely. Every time they get together they gang up and say how awful Matt must be, but honestly I get the impression they only know him slightly better than the audience by the very virtue of having met him in person. I tend to like Christy more than others seem to, but I'm sick to death of the Todd's-too-fat song. Enough already. Either he'll lose the weight or he won't, but the constant bitching can't be helping anything. It's just like the Brianna situation, stop trying to force your way as the only way.
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