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  1. LOL I'd be on the Floor laughing if they do dances to "We're gonna Bowl Tonight" and "Reproduction". Cool Rider would be the best choice from Grease 2 JMO. Back to School could work as well Same but how many years have we heard the band butcher Songs
  2. Don't tease me with Barfstead having big problems Show! Gross seeing Jay trying to pin it all on Voight when like Voight pointed out Upton CHOSE to stay there and shes not some innocent little Dewdrop.
  3. Seriously don't think Casey is leaving. I'm betting the Kids are allowed to go to Chicago.
  4. Josh371982

    Scream Franchise

    I remember hearing that apparently Courtney was almost begging for them to kill Gale off but No dice. I liked Scream 4 but I also was wanting them to raise stakes and kill off 1, 2 or all of the orginal 3 in Scream 4 to pass the torch so to speak for a new Generation. I also really liked Kirby and wanted her to be the "New Sydney" so to speak.
  5. Probably have Mike Barnes come back as a villian, maybe do something like Kreese has a Son, a daughter or Both and they are Villians etc.
  6. I'm glad Jojo didn't get the first 10 as she's a big Production fav in my view . Melora is fantastic so is Jimmie.
  7. Melora has a really good voice on her! WOW she got the first 10 I was thinking Jojo wouldve gotten that. More shallow notes Whitney looking Hot AF too.
  8. On a Shallow note Lindsey looks HOT AF tonight and did last night as well. I already said Emma looked Hot AF as well LOL.
  9. Yes I remember that crap. I was eyerolling hard. How dare Famewhore Hannah get critiqued! Then the show made sure James didn't make the final so Hannah could win
  10. Let me guess Production darlings Jojo and Olivia will go last or one of them will. Also seeing Emma looking like a Sexy AF Tinker bell reminded me that on OUAT they hinted of Hook and Tinkerbell hooking up in the past
  11. Amazing that vastly Overrated Billie Ellish gets played on Disney night. Isn't there a Villian song in Peter Pan? Also I'm not eager to hear Be Prepared potentially be horribly covered by the Band
  12. I think the APPLAUSE sign behind them was a shout out to when "A Friend like Me" airs in the Movie
  13. Can't be it. Past ones were Production favs like Hannah and Kaitlyn
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