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  1. Except he wasn't her brother. He helped keep her from her real family and is a part of why she's like she is. No sympathy for him or her. Its not Kates fault she couldn't magically know Beth/Alice was on the other side of the door and that Beth didn't call out to her. Mouse got what he deserved
  2. Veronica Betty and Archie the Fuckboy can fuck right off with withholding the gross Barchie smooch and instalove info from Jughead with that "dont want to ruin that" BS. Hope Jughead tells them all off and where they can go. Still won't root for Barchie born from Cheating and its gross seeing Barchie Stans not care what it looks like and make dumb excuses like " Jughead Kissed Toni while still with Betty" when he didn't. I have to agree with @ChaosTheory about him. Well said. I did feel for Sorry for Cheryl at the end there and it SUCKS that Bughead is getting ruined right now cause RAS can't avoid the gross Archie must smooch and probably fuck both Betty and Veronica.
  3. That blonde is the Showrunner's pet character that's why.
  4. Ugh the end of the episode made me vomit. So sick of Jay must bang his Partner and so sick of Showrunner's Pet Upton. Sick of the Permasmirk, I'm so badass, Untouchable, my shit don't stink Lindsay/Voight combo Pet who gets higher billing than superior actresses Marina and the woman who plays Trudy(Sorry her name is escaping me at this time)
  5. SIGH I at least want Some Brettsy if I'm gonna have to endure Gross Upstead on PD. I'm wondering if they might have Severide move back to OFI to have Kidd get her promotion
  6. She did? I see Upton with her Permasmirk, I'm Untouchable and my shit don't stink demeanor eating up undeserved screen time
  7. Kathryn Winnick plays/played Lagertha on the Show Vikings if you've ever watched that show.
  8. Seriously? Thats a spoiler I don't mind hearing lol.
  9. To me Hawk/Eli is insufferable. A highly punchable face, a huge POS asshole who needs his ass kicked by multiple people.
  10. I'm on Episode 4 now. Nope, Sorry Kreese still fucking sucks. Being bullied then becoming one cause of it gets no sympathy from me. Eli/Hawk: Still can't stand that Asshole hoping he gets his ass Kicked big time. Had some sympathy for Tory until Kreese kept her in his grip
  11. I'm nearly done with Espiode 2. Im getting Scared Tory is related to Kreese
  12. For Number 5 god I hope not. Shes already been Romantic with Miguel and Robbie they don't need to have her kissing more boys. Her bouncing between Miguel and Robby was already gross. I dont know it just annoys me when they have characters be wishy washy/ get together with many characters.
  13. As someone who works in a grocery store, I've heard the song plenty of times lol. Still love it
  14. He was so damn good(IMHO) playing the Piece of Shit Asher in Spartacus.
  15. Don't Rush Me, Tell it to my Heart were pretty big as well.
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