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  1. I was getting Bane from Batman and Robin in regards to Tavaroff for next week
  2. Josh371982

    S01.E14: Trips

    When will Stella and August ever feel remorse for her shitty actions and Lie that Sent Walker to take the Undercover Job?
  3. And if Stella didn't be a shitty person and set up her dad for something SHE DID, leading to him taking that undercover Job Maybe that wouldn't have happened. If she had any remorse for her shitty lie, Walker would know already. August sucks for sitting on the lie as well. The fact Stella tells Walker this shitty lie while putting on her fake tears Grrrrr. I
  4. Dingle is gonna Appear on every Arrowverse show except for already ended Black Lighting and Stargirl( because of her being on Earth-2 im guessing) so we just may get more insight into how he's doing including those headaches.
  5. It bugs me on any show when the main characters male or female have to bed almost every male or female character that's not their parents or Siblings. Nancy does not need to bed every straight male character in the show that's not her dads. Shes already been with Nick, Gil, the guy from last season(cant remember his name currently. Im in on Nace but the kinda revolving love interests is just whoosh. Like I already said its not just this show. Sorry lol
  6. Oh ok it was something I was just wondering about. I get it more now
  7. I really don't get why people complained about how fast or not fast she was reading the questions. That kinda stuff doesn't bother me in the slightest.
  8. fuck Stella. Shes a huge reason Walker took the assignment then rakes him over the coals like she did when he came back when SHE LIED and made him look worse. It was a shitty thing to do not awesome. Looks like no remorse on her part. Has no right to be judgemental.
  9. Jay's main purpose is to be Boyfriend to Eid's Obession, his favorite Charcater The Smug, Hypocritical Special Snowflake Upton. Hell I half think Upton asked him to get Married so he doesn't have to testify if she gets linked to the Cover-up of Roy's death
  10. Of course Upton got to talk Adam AND Voight down. Cause shes the special snowflake, the Obession of the Showrunner. Shes just so awesome BARF.
  11. What I dont get is the Production helping Jenny beat the actual singers for that golden ear trophy. Got help the "Pop Culture" Guru. Such crap when I've been keeping track and Robin and Nicole when it came time to guess who it was before unmasking guessed it right more than The Pop Culture Guru. I really swear Jenny was not guessing Nick Lachey at all when he first sang on the show. But gotta keep The Pop Culture Guru happy I guess
  12. If any one dies it will be Capp or Tony. Unless Taylor Kinney does leave. I dont care my Brettsy shipping heart is glad they finally got it together cause it was like Cmon now is it happening or not!
  13. Also shes an undeserved 3rd billed in the credits. No way should she be billed higher than Ruzek Burgess and Atwater even Trudy but I realize she gets the "And" Credit. Burgess should be the lead female NOT Her. But I guess whoevers character is fucking Halstead gets lead female billing. Shows another sign of Eid's Obession with the Character.
  14. Mine is apparently Sophie Must Fuck whoever is Batwoman. Why can't Ryan end up with someone who didn't fuck her predecessor?
  15. My guess is Brett had to process it and More likely they wanted to save her taking care of business for the finale lol. But then who knows lol.
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