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  1. I know I defintely wouldn't mind 13 to 16 episode seasons for Flash, Supergirl, and Batwoman much like Legends and Black Lighting does. Just do it for Stargirl and Superman and Lois as well and order Green Arrow and The Canaries. Hell make Stargirl a summer show. I know I'd rather see Green Arrow and the Canaries picked up over The 100 Prequel
  2. Cedric said something close to that with "The Club on Friday night". When revealed part of it was "myself"
  3. Ugh that would be gross and horrible. Barbara and Pat aren't even having problems and thank god this isn't Riverdale. That would be awesome. But Pat doesn't have any powers ☹
  4. Mike literally says to Courtney a big reason why I dont like her and her stepfather sharing a big secret and spending a lot of time together. Hopefully Mike and Barbara find out Pat and Courtney are Superhero'ing. To a fellow poster I see no reason why this show would have Barbara cheat on Pat, it's more likely Icicle has a thing for Barbara and I bet he finds out about Pat and Courtney and just might tell Barbara. Of course Cindy just might be spilling the beans to her dad soon to get a spot on the table, also Brainwave or his son may find out as well. The Fight between Stargirl and Shiv was badass. I'm loving the fights on this show
  5. Cindy/Shiv I believe will probably be Courtney's archenemy. And OF FUCKING COURSE Cameron likes Courtney cause god forbid the tired trope of Villain's son wants to Date his dad's enemy doesn't happen in yet another show . I'm also not surprised in fact I called it earlier this season that Jordan would like Barbara. So there's Drama when he finds out Shes Married to Stripesy and that her baby Girl is Stargirl.
  6. It is a underrated movie for sure ! Very enjoyable. Sad that the lead female is gone now 😞
  7. With the photos released for Episode 8 I'm probably not gonna like the results of the first Stargirl/Shiv fight as its actually something i expect for their first fight but I expect to see it be returned by or in the finale. Cindy is a horrid B word in fact I hope the finale sees a Stargirl/Wildcat/Shiv fight
  8. Hannah is from the godawful(JMO) Bachelor franchise. Not only did she appear on the Bachelor she got her Own Bachelorette show afterward and apparently has a big fanbase and actually has dancing talent. Kaitlyn is Apparently a great dancer and with the Bachelor fanbase she'll probably win too sadly
  9. Small nitpick/Clarification about the song The Gambler was listening to. Its "Timber" by Pitbull featuring Kesha. Cmon Pitbull deserves Credit lol. I bascially want to Echo what others on here enjoyed about the Episode. I really liked they showed Courtney as the best fighter on the team(it is her show lol) and that she went toe to toe with Sportsmaster and Tigress. I laughed at The staff going under the bed when Courtney was caught by Pat . Love the fights in this episode and that Sportsmaster gave Courtney some props lol. Can't wait for next week hoping for a badass between Courtney and Cindy
  10. Can't wait for Stargirl/Shiv fight! Hoping its badass
  11. Of course she does 🙄. I guess like with Hannah she'll be the top producer pick and no else should bother thinking of Winning. What they did to ensure crybaby Hannah would win was appaling
  12. If he feels bad why was he calling her a slut bascially for sending him a pic that he encouraged that the huge C word Cindy apparently intercepted with lighting speed and shared with everyone. Now he's dating the witch.
  13. I've seen on SM how John B and Sarah is this awesome romance and whatever. I'm only into the second episode and hearing her sister tell Topper that she's cheated on every boyfriend so far and warning him it could happen to him. Doesn't sound like Sarahs an awesome girl to me or someone I'd root for John to get with. Toppers a douche so far but Romatncizing cheating is gross. Also it sounding like they hint at Kie caught between JJ and Pope makes me roll my eyes I despise Love Triangles
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