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  1. HELL FUCKING NO at Seeing Russell Coach and Phillip again
  2. Nope they put on the bottom of the screen new Episodes of the Chicago shows on April 8th That's IF they kill off the father of the baby. They did say he was running late .....
  3. I loved seeing Upton Get ripped a new one by Voight. He doesnt want her to be like him and she shouldnt aspire to be him. She seriously is being written to be Lindsey's replacement in every way possible its gross.
  4. We would only be so lucky! Shes a fan favorite according to this article I read UGH
  5. Man this show eliemates females like American idol did(maybe still does?) When it came to the live shows when I watched it years ago.
  6. Tastes vary cause I can't stand Tony and would hate seeing him win again. Bummed about Yul but I'll never root for that ultra annoying piece of crap and wont support anyone helping Tony in the game
  7. Considering Brett and Donna were constantly winning until then I dont a give a shit about howBughead Seemed Exposing them. Fuck them. How dare Bughead show some pride 🙄
  8. Agreed that Marina is the Queen SHE should be the lead female and I've liked her development. Also she doesnt have the my shit dont stink look on her face. Upton getting hypocritical with Rojas in the preview for Wednesday's ep had my eyes rolling
  9. I'll take Denise and Kim over that Piece of annoying crap any day.
  10. One thing I've noticed is how Upton is the first female listed in the cast. Must be nice to the fav of the Showrunner. I personally dont think Tracy deserves to be lead female but it's obvious Jay's female partner and next bedmate MUST BE LEAD FEMALE. Marina should be Female lead. But thankfully shes not Jay's female partner since he has to fuck his female partners. Also its eye roll worthy and gross that the Showrunner has to position Upton as "Female Voight" and also replace Lindsey in every way
  11. Please, the Kartrashians are famewhores and arent above this show. The fact that any of them are famous is gross to me
  12. Joel McHale wouldve had a field day with this back in his The Soup Hosting days lol Astronaut is IMO Hunter Hayes.
  13. Of course the Survivor gods couldn't bless me with Parvati and Tony going in consecutive councils thanks a lot Denise. Fools better wake up and get him out. Michelle looked pathetic playing for overrated Parvati. And Denise looked stupid keeping Tony around. Yes Sandra was a huge target but I can't stand him. He's not a douche JMO cause he isn't kissing Parvati 's overrated ass like Michelle and others do
  14. Yep all about Klemmers favorite character
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