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  1. I noticed that Alice/Beth asked Kate not to give up on her. I'm still hoping that its leading to Mouse and his Dad are the ultimate big bads.
  2. Yeah not only did Scot and Jason do that shit I remember that awful Julia encouraging it. Such a shame about Julia I liked her until she decided hitching her game and teaming up with those horrid guys was the way to win. Couldnt stand her either
  3. I have a bad feeling they will have Sophie NOT know so they can have a stupid triangle of sorts and cause Mary FINALLY figured it out. God forbid 2 people figure it out at once
  4. And Alvin and Brittany were bascially the leaders so Dewey and Webby would be the leaders?
  5. The scene they showed between Tony and Sarah gave me fears that I'm gonna hate Sarah this season. The thought of Her keeping Tony in the game and both going far with a secret deal makes me wanna vomit
  6. OH GOD probably means something I wont like
  7. I can see Ethan going in some dumb attempt to get at Rob and Parv but the others like dumbasses keep both together
  8. It's a big move cause Parv and Rob need to be targeted. The tribe have been morons so far
  9. LOL Speak for yourself. Jenn and Hali😍😍😍
  10. It was easy to hate Russell. He was an uber arrogant nasty troll looking asshole with a horrid social game
  11. Yeah Phil klemmer Nate/Ray is a great bromance/ lovestory πŸ™„πŸ™„. Dont give a damn
  12. Ashley was one of his puppets she didnt even go after him until F4. Her and Natalie had the big opportunity to be smart and vote Rob out along with Andrea when he didnt win that Immunity and both women joined him and Phillip to vote her back out
  13. Without having seen it yet I'm going with number 3.
  14. Sorry still don't feel for Sorry for POS Mouse. Hes a reason Alice/Beth is like she is and FUCK his dad too for killing Beth. Some grade a Bullshit. hey Alice maybe if you blamed the right people and not shown any instance of Being A sister to Kate Lately... I do detest watching dark shows sometimes lol. Kate just cant get a win. Figured they Got Sebastian Roche to play a bigger role than first thought MOUSE is the one I cant stand and here in this episode we see how selfish he is and just wanted a playmate Fuck that she had a family. Hes just like his dad a pyschotic piece of shit.
  15. Well Berlanti has This, Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, Prodigal Son, Katy Keene, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, SuperGirl, Batwoman, and Black Lighting also Arrow which Just ended of course unless I'm wrong about any of them anyone feel free to correct me.
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