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  2. Robert Lynch

    Cobra Kai

    So far I am on episode 4! Martin Kove is always a badass. Now onto 5!
  3. ProfCrash

    Survivor In The Media

    I already turned it off. Took 5 minutes and I was done.
  4. CrazyInAlabama

    S07.E17: Cillas' Story

    Lola was at the Copa, Copacabana. It must have been show night.
  5. CletusMusashi

    What We Do In The Shadows

    It didn't click in until last night that Nadja saying Nandor was like a big turkey wasn't just her strange, random way of saying he's like a big dumb rooster. It was her racist way of saying he's like a big dumb rooster. It finally clicked in when she was telling Jext he should pretend the archery targets were a bunch of Turks. The characters are growing on me as I get a deeper feel for them. They seem to be a parody of the Freudian power trio trope. Nadja is totally the id. She's easily distracted by emotions such as lust and anger, and has no interest in justifying it to the others. Nandor is the superego. He's one of those people that'll spend twenty minutes debating the most logical way to do a five second task. This why despite allegedly having by far the largest body count of any of them, he is the least intimidating or confrontational. And Laszlo is a dysfunctional ego, who's almost as driven by his urges as Nadja is but, instead of admitting it, wants to convince everybody in the room including himself that he's being logical. I'm not sure where Colin its in there, but he is growing on me. When he isn't being deliberately boring, he has a nice usually subtle sense of humor. I've noticed the last few weeks that he makes a pretty good straight man to Nandor. Since N/L are too goofy and Guillermo isn't really allowed to speak up. Even Nandor's description of them as a duo was great. "I'm too foreign and he's too boring." Nandor was also entertaining the hell out of me just neighborhood-watching with Guillermo. I hope that becomes a recurring schtick. And the way they chop up and spread out the longer arcs intermingled with self-contained stories suits these characters well. They don't really seem good at quickly bringing closure to anything bigger than "What should we have for dinner?"
  6. watcher1006

    S04.E19: Never Let You Go

    I guess there was supposed to be some "subtle" irony at the end when the teenage mother decided she might not want to give her baby away after all, which is what set the whole chain of events into motion. I agree it was hard to feel too much for the hostage taker, he had no plan for getting out of the hospital and no plan for what to do if he did.
  7. Jacks-Son

    S01.E13: Recovering the Satellites

    I've actually witnessed an autopsy, for a class trip, at the NYC morgue in downtown Manhattan. Trust me, autopsies are devastating to dead bodies, just like you both said, Kirkola & KittenPokerCheater, all the organs are removed, weighed, and stored separately, and the body is then filled with stuffing. (i.e. newspapers). You can't just "Heal them" or "resurrect" them because the body is filled with embalming fluid has no organs.
  8. I think Alexis' bikini looks like it so I assume Savannah's is by the same company too and they probably were asked to feature them. They usually don't do that many group shots.
  9. Moose135

    Pet Peeves

    Why do the drive up ATMs have instructions in braille?
  10. I "sadded" your comment because it's sadly true. She and Gina have the scary ribs thing going on. Did a sponsor make them feature that fringe bikini? YUCK.
  11. lovemesomejoolery

    Shawn Killinger: The Good, The Bad, The Skunky

    The hits just keep coming! Today, she talks about hair.
  12. Ugh Savannah and her smelling a fart acting does not translate well on camera
  13. druzy

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    She's still at it! "Homestead" is her new identity.
  14. AVM

    S07.E17: Cillas' Story

    A hot mess story, three kids by different fathers their unmarried mother involved with a bedridden obese man,who has family issues ... meanwhile the girlfriend grew larger during the episode she said she would remove carbs from the house..... ,the baseball cap and her stuffing her face during "Will you marry me" speaks volumes where they are headed,,,, Dr Now is truly a saint ...Where was Lola ?
  15. AZChristian

    S02.E11: The Snowdens Say "We Do!"

    Well, Jesus was Jewish.
  16. CrazyInAlabama

    S07.E17: Cillas' Story

    They were from Fairview, Oklahoma. It's northwest of Oklahoma City. Interesting about the 'nursing' school. There is a vocational-technical campus there, that teaches practical nursing, and leads to an L.P.N., after completing a one-year program. This is at the Alva campus, not Fairview.
  17. RealReality

    Nicole & Azan: Supersize My Tagine

    https://www.intouchweekly.com/posts/90-day-fiance-did-nicole-open-a-beauty-shop-with-azan/amp/ I know I'm late to the game but WTF? If it was just Nicole, I would be amused, let azan take this fool for all she is worth. But I suspect she needles her mother for money every month, using may either outright or suggestively as a reason why she needs money. After watching the first episode of s4 HEA, I promise you that I wouldn't attend her wedding, even if by some miracle, it actually happened. Are there no jobs in Morocco?
  18. mojito

    House Hunters International

    Boston Area to Whanganui, NZ She owned a yoga studio, he was an online consultant (and a drummer). Wanted to escape the stressful life. Well, I guess everything is relative. Most people would consider this seemingly childless older couple from the suburbs with those kinds of jobs as living pretty stress-free existences. Of course, we know nothing of previous health concerns, money concerns, etc. I chuckled when he suggested using one bedroom for his drums and they talked about how, with it being the only spare bedroom, they'd have to disassemble the drums and reassemble the bed. As though that was an occurrence that would happen with frequency. But, in the end, I believe this is the house they chose. Really nice couple. Took delight in things that most Americans on House Hunters would criticize. For instance, the bedroom that just seemed to have a bed and carpeting. She thought it was lovely. No gripes over kitchens (hard to imagine). Hope they have a nice life in New Zealand. The area looked awfully pleasant.
  19. theatremouse

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    Can you give a couple of examples? I've seen this mentioned a handful of times since James started but I have no recollection of seeing that in the past. Sure they do jokes with the category names side-by-side on the board, but I can't remember any where going top to bottom with the actual clues mattered significantly.
  20. Bethenny is taking “skinny girl” too literally- she is wasting away!! Weird, because she seems to be eating all the time.
  21. Samwise979

    Big Brother Canada

    Something I forgot to comment on. When Kyra interrupted the PB meeting in the HOH bathroom and the final 5 deal was made. Kyra said something like, when I first walked in I was worried you guys were talking about final 4 so I'm glad you were actually talking about final 5. Smh Kyra!!! I mean technically I guess the guys were talking about final 5 before Kyra walked in. Anthony literally just said, let's get Kyra in here and propose a final 5. But.... Kyra, you KNOW there's a guy alliance! You've known way back even when Chelsea and Sam were still in the house! You discovered their stupid chin motion! Be smarter! And btw, why do a lot of meetings/talks happen in the hoh bathroom? Isn't it better for controlling interruptions to have talks in the bedroom/couch area? I remember past seasons there was a tv in the hoh room so that the hoh could watch the rest of the house. This would come in handy if they were discussing something on the down low and another house guest was approching the room. They could change the subject. Or is that just the US version? Maybe I'm remembering wrong.
  22. HaaCHOO

    "The View": Week of 4/22/2019

    In the 21st Century is anyone REALLY challenging her decision or is it a case of self-appointed martyrdom? Poor, poor Princes of America.
  23. topanga

    Being Mary Jane

    This. Because we knew how much she loved David. Enough to steal and freeze his semen because she wanted his babies. Enough to show up drunk at his dinner party and make a fool of herself. I don't think she ever felt that way about Beau.
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