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  1. Seems super pathetic to me. Can't imagine how the bride felt. lol 🤣 The dress code was beyond bizarre. Tacky shoes on the groom, Kelton in sneakers, Josie (who I generally find the prettiest of the Bates girls) in a most unflattering outfit, a wooly mammoth vest on the groom's ex, and I don't even know where to start with the bride who looks like she bought the fabric for her dress at the dollar store right after passing by the bin with plastic tiaras for all the little girls who want to go as a princess for Halloween or just play dress up. I'm also not a fan of hair extensions. To
  2. This is a nicer tribute than anything Ron has thought to scrounge up. I do NOT want to see Hope recast. I rarely think it works for actresses/actors who have defined the role, and that's clearly the case with KA playing Hope for decades. However, I do think Hope's absence has been ridiculously explained for a year now. Ron just keeps writing it into a bigger corner. She's off looking for Ciara, but then Ciara's alive so Hope meets her in Africa, but now Ciara is in Salem so why the hell is Hope still in Africa! What is she even doing there? Unless it turns out she's having a hot and t
  3. AMEN! John (or any other of the fundie husbands) don't appear to have broken fingers. They can make their own damn sandwich. I've been a stay-at-home homeschool mom for years, and I've never gotten up to make my husband's lunch. He does it all on his own just fine. In fact, when we both worked outside the home, he often made my lunch too. Past time to let the traditional gender roles go into the trash with the prairie dresses.
  4. Things that struck me from the Lake House Reno: 1. Brian, you've already fathered 3 kids so you clearly know how babies are made. If you and your wife are not using birth control and not suffering any kind of infertility, you should not be surprised when said wife is pregnant with baby #4. Seriously, should have seen that coming a mile away. 2. Also Brian, I'm pretty sure Darren the architect wanted to bang you wife. I'd think he succeeded except Jojo looks just like you. 3. If Sarah has interior designer friends, why didn't they hire them from get go rather than the immaturely
  5. I found James Scott's EJ devious but passionate. He knew how to play EJ threatening, but he also knew how to play him playful. There were little eye rolls and looks that he'd flash at times with Sami, and their chemistry was palpable. He could be ruthless, but he loved his kids and accepted Sami in a way no one else did. I don't blame JS for giving Days the middle finger and saying good-bye to Hollywood. The Powers That Be screwed over EJami fans and wrote them crap storylines that propped Kate Mansi the last year both JS and AS were on contract. Maybe if the show wouldn't have blown it
  6. Sadly, I'm afraid when it spreads to Ciara we won't be able to notice a difference. Sane or insane, she's a pain in the ass. Their kid being wacko could be nature or nurture. Probably both. If I'm being honest, I don't actually mind Ben as much as I do Ciara. Not only is she a disappointment as the only female offspring of Hope and Bo, but she's annoying as all hell. Strangely, I tolerate Ben and Jake when they are together. But when Jake's around just about any love interest, his brain goes straight to his dick and he becomes a moron. I think there are some characters
  7. Judge Smails, Ron? Really? If he's going to make the reference, then this storyline better culminate with a golf match at Bushwood where EJ has to win his money back. Bonus points if someone pulls a nine iron out of EJ's ass at the end.
  8. I think I'm still rolling my eyes at the SORASing process where Sami was a teenager during Marlena's possession, but EJ wasn't even conceived yet. I want to see Days tongue-in-cheek it with a throwaway line where Sami says to EJ, "remember that time my mom turned into the devil...oh, nevermind. I guess you wouldn't." 😃
  9. No, I believe they left Salem in the mid to late 80s and were still out of town. Not many of the current Salemites were around during the Possession storyline. Aside from John and Marlena, Abe, Sami, Kristin, Maggie, and Victor would be the few to remember it. Tony I guess turned out be Andre at that time. Brady, Belle, and Abigail would have been toddlers. EJ wasn't even born yet.
  10. "Days of Our Lives updates hint that he asks Auntie Abigail Deveraux (Marci Miller) to star in the feature. Of course, Chad can’t believe his wife would consider starring in their nephew’s cinematic debut. Does she step up to the task? The movie man wants to deliver a scary, sexy biopic to the masses." Johnny is going to have to put Auntie Abbey into something other than those Little House on the Prairie dresses that she's so fond of if he wants this movie to be sexy and scary.
  11. I kept feeling like there was heavy foreshadowing in today's episode too. But with CIN included in an episode that was otherwise all tied to the possession storyline, I couldn't help but wonder if they'll be a part of it too. Ron sure seemed to be setting the mood with the thunderstorm raging outside (or was that supposed to be Hurricane Ida?) while Ciara made her plea for baby making as Ben's face looked like he was losing his erection the more she talked. Ciara specifically reminded him (and the audience) that he gets therapy for his psycho tendencies and then cut to said therapist who no
  12. Why does Marlena’s demon voice sound like RuPaul?
  13. I'm so bummed we didn't actually get to see it. Surely some other worthless scene could have been chucked to allow time to film Devil Doug and Ava. This! I think it's bizarre and a measure of how psychologically unhealthy these people are that they talk to a portrait of a man who terrorized the town for decades. I seem to recall before EJ was killed he was so over his father and was making plans to get away from it all. Would have been nice if they'd have kept that continuity and taken EJ in that direction instead of more of the same old, same old. Instead they got a wooden b
  14. No, Brady has Rachel. Or I suppose the invisible babysitter/nanny does.
  15. Yes, took off from the police station after tricking Susan. This was after she hired Zander to kill Sami & Lucas, ran Brady off the road while fighting with Kate (who she also tried to kill), and kidnapped Chloe and shoved her in the trunk of a car that Jan Spears later made Claire steal. Good times.
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