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  1. I kept wondering if the show was finally going to acknowledge Covid the way Ben kept coughing and they kept making a big deal about it. At the same time, I was hoping RSW had a rapid covid test right before filming those scenes for all of his co-workers sake. The looks Marlena kept giving in regards to CIN were starting to make me question her feelings for Ben too. Like maybe she's finally had enough of anger-management-issues John. Also I kept waiting for her to tell Belle, "I know you think your sister killed Charlie, but your father has some missing time he can't account for that night
  2. Not a fan of Sarah and Zander, but I prefer her over him so this is me crossing my fingers that he goes next. Or is recast as I think it's the actor that really grates me about Zander. Also, Kayla better hire some new doctors or she's going to be pulling a lot of all nighters. Or they're going to have to SORAS Tripp's med degree.
  3. Based off the real life actresses, Kristin will need to shrink 3 inches and lose 20 years to pass as Sarah. Or all the Salemites will have to be dumb enough to not notice. I think we all know which direction this is going. Yeah, there was a throw-away line about him being in police custody. I'm hoping we get a scene where he meets back up with his dad in jail and, while hanging around the phones and eating ice-cream, Orpheus chides him, "If you weren't going to follow my plan to make us rich again, could you have at least pulled the trigger?" Love this idea! And I'm more than
  4. Considering that I can't stand Jake with just about every woman he's been hooked up with and Ciara annoys the crap out of me, I'm down with an epic love between Ben and Jake.
  5. 💯I'm with ya on this! NuClaire has zero chemistry opposite Theo, Tripp, Ben, or any leading man in her age range. And I continue to fail to see why Ciara is such a prize. I hope Evan being alive but in jail is the equivalent of "till next time..." Kristin probably contracts with Dharma for those services. 😄 I seem to recall Alice always sat on the chair adjacent to that couch. She was a smart lady.
  6. Love this! Can we tweet it to Ron so he rips off this next time Evan has a gun pulled on Cin?
  7. Ugh, not sorry I missed that then. Let's hope she doesn't get pregnant to Rex this time. It would seem that Kristin has a major thing for younger men. Hear her cougar roar.
  8. I missed that episode. Sadly I can't say I'm surprised. Brady is dumb as rocks.
  9. Unless Rex is into being blindfolded during sex, I'm not buying that he's with a naked Kristin/Sarah and doesn't notice... A) The change in tattoos B) The rubber/skin line of the mask around her neck C) A completely different body Also nothing says 'I'd do anything to keep Brady' like sleeping with another man.
  10. “There’s nothing special about either of you. You’re a psycho, and she’s a bitch.” -Evan
  11. TV Guide spoilers for the next few days: 12 Mar/Fri/03-12-2021 Chloe tries to tell Brady she has feelings for him. Rex puts a damper on Xander and Jack's two-man bachelor party. Kristen takes extreme measures to protect her secret. Ben fears he's too late to save Ciara. 15 Mar/Mon/03-15-2021 Sarah fears how far Kristen will go to keep her quiet. Meanwhile, Xander grows concerned when he realizes Sarah is MIA, and an anxious Ben waits with Marlena for word on Ciara. 16 Mar/Tue/03-16-2021 Ciara reunites with her loved ones, Sami confesses the truth to Lucas, and Ben
  12. LOL And the psychiatric booth could probably be leased for kiosk pricing. Right outside Salem Inn would be a good spot seeing as how half of the town lives there. Which that alone--grown ass adults with jobs who live in a one room hotel--should be worth dropping down the nickel to psychoanalyze.
  13. Did Evan call Shawn ‘Dummy do right?” *High-five, Evan!* That’s perfect for the Salem PD. Claire to 911: “My daddy’s been hurt.”🙄 “Officer down” might get help there faster. “Danger, Will Robin! danger, Will Robin…Opps, Danger Ben Weston, Danger Ben Weston!” I just can't with this CIN psychic connection shit. And what did Ciara think that pipe was for ??? Pretty sure all the months she's been locked in there, she would have heard water running through it if that was the case, though then she'd have potentially risked drowning. I suppose sewer would have been less deadly but more
  14. That's funny. I don't know who writes the closed captioning but apparently even they are still confused on the John/Roman mess. As someone who's had to explain it to other casual viewers I know, I can understand the mix up. Although, if I was writing the captioning, I'd be more likely to make the mistake of writing Chris Kostichek.
  15. And whoever is Charlie's killer will be revealed as Kristin in a mask....just like on Scooby Doo. Eli: "Jinkies, it's Kristin Dimera!" Lanni: "But she's a MOTHER!" Kristin: *sneers* Rafe: "I'm gonna need a Scooby snack for this..."
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