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  1. Yes I agree, but these ratings for the standard demo was always much better than this seasons. Finale's are usually the best of the year, and even after they killed Jack off they got a .31 in that demo. So this year is very different. Not that Hallmark cares, as you are correct it's their most popular show, but it does indicate a change in viewership.
  2. Just an updated on how the ratings are panning out now that we are 3 years gone from WCTH killing off Jack and axing the Abigail character. These are the worst ratings in 5 years with the shows finale rated the worst since S2 which was prior to this show catching fire on Netflix.
  3. Oh I just watched the promo and yes it looks like they are going back to 'witchy' things. I really hope they do because I still think Sam and Cassie aren't a good match. I really like Cassie's first husband, but oh well. I do hope this season is more fun like the 'Good Witch' movies. I still love watching the original movies, they were the best!
  4. Ya but can you imagine what he would think? She is leaving their child at any time to lead two men on, going off to a overnight hotel stay with one, all the while confessing 'from chalk dust to eternity' to you? If I were him and came back to see this Elizabeth, I would take my kid and leave.
  5. Yes, well that is to be expected of Hallmark, they white-wash everything including skin color. And to equate skin color which has nothing to do with physical ability, to blindness which is a physical handicap, is very disingenuous.
  6. I always hoped that a phone call would come telling Elizabeth that Jack is still alive and she needs to leave to reunite with him, she gets a Hope Valley send-off and as she leaves, end credits role. That is the only way to redeem what this show has turned Elizabeth into and get back the warm-hearted feelings this show once had.
  7. Ha, ha right? An Carson was doing brain surgery back in S5, so who knows? But I was meaning adoption. I really did think they would adopt which would be the tie-in with the spin-off show.
  8. This whole thing just cheapens Elizabeth's character. Like she does not know what love is when she had a 'Chalk dust to eternity' relationship with Jack. Now that he is died she is like well what red serge is next up? In the mean time I date around with the saloon owner. If it was true love there would not be all this dating and 'do I like him or him' crap. Why are they treating this grown women with a child (who will never know his father) like a blushing teenager enamored with have two suitors and does not know her own mind who wants to stay true to the love of her life. Horrible. Havi
  9. It is only in Canada but the episodes are also on Youtube.
  10. But I agree that Amy has aged poorly, but I noticed that since season 9. It could be how she wears her hair; she needs bangs or something to make her face less severe.
  11. OMG! I know right. I only read fanfictions now about J&E and they have many kids, build their house on the hill and still have adventures and town issues (cars, women's rights, equality, etc.) to deal with but they love each other and grow old together. I guess that's the one thing I'm grateful for this show is that they gave us the fantastic characters of Jack and Elizabeth.
  12. Yes, exactly. Jack's mother 'moved-on' as a single parent, raising two strong boys and living an active and enjoyable life. She lived by her own rules and kept the love of Jack's father in her heart forever. Neither Charlotte nor Elizabeth need a man and to make the show all about Elizabeth and two men is horrible. They literally had a commercial with Elizabeth walking down the center of the street looking left and right 'seeking out' two men. That is what this show is about now, who is the next one up for Elizabeth and it's horrible.
  13. I think the reason I'm having problems with Elizabeth going after any suitor is because the love story between Jack and Elizabeth was built up for 5 years as one for the ages. Never to be found again and to be held onto for all eternity. A love that does not have to be present to be felt, does not have to be spoken to be known and lasts longer than our mortality on this earth, "from chalk dust to eternity." Then they kill off Jack and now Elizabeth is actively pursuing two other men. I don't care if they were farmers, doctors, store keepers, outlaws, the very fact that Elizabeth is pursu
  14. No, this is not true. She has accepted money from them many times, season 1 they gave her a journal with lots of money in it, season 2 she went home and had a shopping spree with her sisters. She gladly accepts their money and support, she is just wanting to be a teacher when her parents would rather her do other things. But they are 100% behind her since her marriage and Jack asking for her father's approval and her father coming to help rebuild the church after the fire and then walking her down the isle. So no, I don't recall her ever saying she wants rejects her families money.
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