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  1. enduringforce

    Good Witch

    I completely agree I loved the first movie and really all the movies. It's kinda sad to make it into a TV show and then 'Hallmark it' and lose everything that was special about it.
  2. enduringforce

    Good Witch

    Oh my, I never thought of this scenario, I hope they don't go there. I just don't see Sam as a very loving Dad, he comes off so cold. I started watching the TV show because I loved the movies but the show loses so much of what was great about Cassie and Jake. No magic.
  3. enduringforce

    Good Witch

    Well this is good to know because I only watch on Netflix I won't see Season 5 for at least a year but it's something to look forward too. So far I have not liked Season 4 very much.
  4. enduringforce

    Good Witch

    I just found Good Witch recently on Netflix (I don't watch actual TV so I know I'm still behind current season) and I loved the movies. And even 1st season and 2nd season of the show was good. But 3rd and now the 4th season (just released on Netflix) episodes I have watch are so bland. Everything is about the wedding and I just don't feel it with those two. Sam is just too old and bland for Cassie. From the reviews I have read for season 5 I guess they did get married, but I don't see the spark I saw with Cassie's first husband, Jake (from the movies). I agree with this statement, it's all about hooking up with a guy. I'm just not certain where this show will go. Everyone has become so agreeable and 'normalized', even Cassie's shop looks like a hallmark store instead of the more mysterious tea, herbs and curios that she had in the the Good Witch movies. But I do love the movies, they were great I wish they stuck to that format instead of episodic TV show.
  5. enduringforce

    Good Witch

    At least she did not die. I like that this was announced in advance. I think it's a natural progression for the character and it leaves the door open for return visits.
  6. enduringforce

    S04.E10: Who's da New King of Hell?

    Ya, this is a thing these days. I must say I wish this was an option I had when my kid was newborn!
  7. enduringforce

    Give The Devil His Due: Lucifer In The Media

    I love shows that have a good run and know when to quit. I have binged the last 4 seasons and I thought it ended well with Lucifer sacrificing his happiness to save his earth family from demons by going back to hell voluntarily. So it should be interesting to see how all this gets wrapped up.
  8. enduringforce

    When Calls The Heart

    OMG, I was wondering when someone would bring these old actors up, heck let's go back 40 years and bring up Susan Somers leaving 3's company, I heard about that when I was a small kid. Comparing Lissing to these old actors is in accurate, all of these actors had something waiting in the wings. It just did not pan out for them, but Lissing has nothing and is a relative nobody. No, what happened here, sadly, is that Dan was like many of us; start a great project but then other folks in the office start to take over. You know, like when you are given less and less to do, not invited to work meetings and you ideas are tabled for "other better" ideas. You don't get fired, they just keep pulling you down until you quit, then they say; "see he/she was the one that wanted to leave". Just sad but I agree with free2think and Stuffy, I'm done.