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  1. jabRI


    I don't remember, did we find out what happened to Ben after all this went down? I assume he'll take care of the dog :)
  2. jabRI


    As they say on Leverage "the rich and powerful take what they want.... we have leverage". I know a lot of people are saying 'suspension of disbelief' with this show, but you have to admire how much he really THINKS and PLANS for every contingency. How he can see a trap in the works, and how 'human nature' will react. Appreciate intelligence, guys, this is his full time job.
  3. Bloom this episode was ridiculous. She's a supposedly professional ... educated ... doctor. You can't imagine a long distance relationship compared to jeopardizing your whole career??? GROW UP! and throwing money at problems is never going to end well. I for one am glad that Iggy is stepping away from patient work. But I wish he'd realized 'i'm just not that good at it' rather than 'i don't need it'. Sorry, I liked him a lot initially, but he's made so many errors in treatment, I just can't defend him anymore.
  4. I don't mind religion and would (and have) watch shows with religious themes and tropes and angels and mythology and all that's stuff. What bothers me (deeply!) is when I start to watch a show and they change the show I'm watching halfway through and without warning. Thank you, that was the point i was trying to make!
  5. This! I believe except for the Star Trek NG & followers (and Picard!) I think writers don't know how to really write science fiction, and so they fall back on the easy tropes of religion. Again, I'm not anti-religion, I just don't like how it's so integrated when convenient on this show. Like Angelina and Adrian thinking they are messengers of God. Work the science, guys.
  6. Yeah, with Ben on house arrest I assume he won't be teaching? Not that we saw him do much of that. I'm sorry, but all this time in his garage is making him look like a conspiracy theorist. And I'm beyond tired of the Cal/Angelina show. Move on, you wanted her a part of the family but she's a psycho.
  7. Why would this be the end of Saanvi? (agreeing with the zombie comment though) since she was not arrested, she's hanging with Ben and Michaela. The observation about the safety pods may be correct, but for me the writing is so awful. I like Vance, when he said something to the effect of 'of course we are going to be studying you'. You don't come back after 5 years and expect 'nothing to see here folks' kind of welcome. Why do they need to destroy the tail fin, I don't get that? Was this how they interpret the burning calling?
  8. I've been saying this for ages. How is Zeke not working, he's an able bodied person.. is he just Beverly's caretaker? kind of ridiculous if you ask me. The writing was just horrible this episode, so much scripture spouting and otherwise nonsense shouting. was just really difficult to wathc.
  9. No, I caught the 'mama' reference too. Another 'justification' for homeless Angelina to kidnap her.
  10. And great idea Cal to let your Jesus Freak passenger know how to get into the house so she can kidnap your sister. Sorry, this is not anti-religion, just a reflection to how the actress is directed to play her part.
  11. Wasn't she a ballerina? I got the impression they were both in NYC when they met
  12. She's a beast of a worker, always loved her for that. Her girlfriend was one of the 'celebrity' guests last season.
  13. And I called it a while back that Georgia's parents thought he was a bad husband and at fault for her death. Glad he stood his ground and got her back.
  14. The only good part of the vaccine story is that it showed underserved communities can still 'trust the science' if not the doctors, and highlight how many medical personnel AND military personnel are NOT getting the vaccine. I think that was a pretty realistic exchange between max and the ex-solder. I miss him, wish he'd be back on more often, I really like the character, a voice of reason in all this nonsense. I also missed the 911 reference, but thought he was signalling something since 9th & 11th don't intersect.
  15. This. It should never be an option on any show ever, except maybe 'Tough as Nails'
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