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  1. Just saw that the British version it was based on "Hustle' is available on Amazon Prime. Want to watch it again.
  2. I feel bad for the actress. The situation reminds me of Abby's replacement on NCIS. When she's not written to be some manic peppy whatever, and can play it straight, she's a decent actress. The character of Sara is horribly written. I could feel for her doing Instacart to pay the rent.
  3. I thought the exact same thing!
  4. My most related scene was when the judge said 'baking makes me swear like a sailor' because she 'forgot to take the phyllo out of the freezer'
  5. If this does not win every emmy available it will be a d@ shame, I couldn,t stop crying
  6. jabRI

    S04.E20: Wrecked

    A civil lawsuit would take months to even get a court date and then likely last a year (in duration, with lots of stops and starts). 2 plot holes I saw: The housekeeper saying the 'real' driver got out of the car doesn't mean anything. The 'false' driver could have said she was too upset and they switched. The 'real' driver had an injured left arm. How would she get that if she was in the passenger seat?
  7. This. Never made sense to me. And not only traveling, but using what identity? You'd think the evil witch would have facial rec at every airport.
  8. Natalie for the win. Felt so bad for the poor girl when she was showing off her fire tokens, those dirty fingernails. Imagine a month of not being able to get really clean.
  9. jabRI


    Thanks, that's how I remembered it, just wanted to make sure I didn't miss something.
  10. jabRI


    I might have missed it, but what was the resolution for Grace? Just no finding?
  11. jabRI


    Just to be petty, i liked the season (having read the books) but did not like the sideburns
  12. Just to punish myself, I went on the Amazon store page to look at Johnny's black collection for sale. The main 'womens' photo shows a model in a black dress sprawled on a rock. The same kind of shot Meghan apparently got booted for in the 'digital' challenge. What hypocrisy! And $165 for cargo pants made in Bali? I'll pass!
  13. I didn't like her or her design, but it was sad she had no one to visit with at home, and no one to come to her popup.
  14. As soon as they cut Sander, I was done. His popup was innovative with the inhouse tailoring, and his appeal to young people. It was fair to put him up against someone with a production team in Bali, that's just ridiculous.
  15. jabRI

    S40: Ben Driebergen

    Thanks for the info, no, I don't see him as a great player either, surprised he's lasted so long. But then seeing how they treated Kellee, I guess nothing should surprise me. Did not realize that's when they introduced fire starting, to get someone in who wouldn't have otherwise.
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