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  1. For the van, I'm surprised they had a full size bed rather than a murphy type. Too crowded for me, I'd go bonkers
  2. For me, the saddest sight of the day was Cal out there playing with a sparkler all by his lonesome.
  3. I don't understand the credits, half the main characters aren't even mentioned, like Patrick Page. And what drug dealer?
  4. Pretty sure I remember that he did
  5. What did he throw at the wife at the bleachers, something about babies? i couldn't see what it was
  6. As frustrating as LOST was, I felt at least they were telling a story. Half these episodes like nothing happens to move the story along. Zeke is dying/getting married/found his dad, Saanvi got fired for some reason? Dad is reading the bible?
  7. On another note, isn't Cal a tad old to still be 'tucked in'? I mean he's middle school at least, right?
  8. Exactly, and Mark (who has her old job) is living in a one-bedroom someplace, and the other characters are roommates.
  9. I was a little surprised at the size of their house, unless it was just strategically filmed. He's FBI and she was in the prosecutor's office and now a judge, neither of them I would think would be all that high paying?
  10. that was ridiculous. the boy was not in any imminent danger, no way dcfs would remove him because of one unfounded complaint. did they contact his school, his doctor?? anything??
  11. I think Sue was being sarcastic, that's how I heard it
  12. I agree, when she was like walking around in a fugue state, dropping a bombshell on her ex then walking out, Nicki appearing out of nowhere... I thought at the end we'd see she was actually in the hospital with family around. I don't get why she didn't at least tell Anthony who thought she was hungover. Really bizarre behavior.
  13. I missed it, how did the killer get paralyzed? was that lincoln?
  14. I'm assuming this is just a wild hypothesis, or did you mean someone else?
  15. This was just a really boring episode to me, all the boat building and crabbiness got on my nerves.
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