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  1. I kept thinking she was dreaming all this to redeem herself for killing Roy. Like what was up with all that spontaneous bleeding we saw the whole episode?
  2. Is it just me, but this season Leah looks like a decade older than Sean?
  3. Steve was my favorite, and I think he'll do just fine. I can understand not saying anything if you don't have anything to say, I think that's fine, but the downfall is not answering in the kitchen when someone asks you something. That throws other people off their rhythm
  4. I don't find it so odd that the Steve & Martin characters don't remember Tim. They've been living in the same building for ages, and didn't even know each other before the fire drill. Not at all unusual in NYC. Love the show so far. Love a good, well written mystery, waiting for a few more red herrings. Like why would Tim not only hide but keep all that jewelry for 10 years, makes no sense to me.
  5. I liked Jess, I'm sorry she's gone. I thought the puppet thing looked really amateurish as did most of her work. They tend to like her (sorry) because she uses crafts to help with her issues but disses the other one who makes crafts that are practical and useful to her everyday life (the packaging station, sound studio for her husband). The whole point of crafting is take something you don't have any use for and transform it to something useful. Agree 100x about the flea market flip comparison, have seen the 'portable bar' so many times it's ridiculous.
  6. I honestly don't know how people think they can come on this show and compete, without tasting the food you are cooking. Unless it's something like a seafood/nut allergy. If you want to be a vegan chef that's fine but after 20 seasons you should realize it's not going to fly on this show. Just my opinion.
  7. I was really upset with Heidi this episode. Literally rolling her eyes at having to 'read' anything at Gary's, then gushing over Miami Andrea for having shoes displayed. With Andrea, maybe you would buy one of those pieces for an evening out, but you can't build a wardrobe around it. Who would look like that just to go to lunch with friends?
  8. I looked on Amazon, NY Andrea had some odd offerings, 'keyhole turtleneck'. I don't get it. I liked her a lot throughout the competition, but did not see the same aesthetic on the Amazon store.
  9. This show is too much Heidi. I liked her on Project Runway, but as others have said, she is not a fashion expert. You can't judge just based on 'i'd buy that' 'my husband would wear that'. it's not fashion forward enough. I liked Andrea P. at first, but her final runway was a hot mess. Made no sense based on what she sent out before. Gary will be the one still standing a year from now, in my opinion.
  10. Agree, they lost me at 'grommet'. I liked NY Andrea, but Gary was the true Artist. when she went all sequins for the finale, she lost me. Before that, I would have been OK with either winning.
  11. Miami Andrea... if I never see another 'Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' jacket I'll be a happy woman. Gary was robbed, he was the true artist. He's like Eileen Fischer, a simple concept but well executed. And you can tell her pieces from a block away. Unlike either of the Andreas. I hope this will be a jumping off point for him.
  12. Yeah, I think the show was supposed to be 'global' but with Covid restrictions they did the best they could,
  13. There were so many episodes where I was sure she was going to get booted. Are animal print party clothes still a thing? They looked like 90's tacky 'night at the roxbury' kind of looks.
  14. OK, thanks for clarifying. Not that they have to take his advice all the time, often they don't.
  15. Just looked on the store, why does Gary's shirt only go up to a size Medium, and the skirt is available in all sizes?
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