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  1. Also willfully ignoring Sonny's excuse for not caring about his past: because no one looked for him! I really don't understand why Nina is not allowed to say, scream or yell these things to Carly and Joss and anyone else! Or Jax for that matter. We have to hear this nonsense about Nina holding Sonny prisoner for 9 months over and over again but not once since Sonny's wonderful return to Port Chuck have we gotten to hear the truth. Exactly. But some how, some way the people in charge of this show view Sonny as the hero of GH and a romantic lead. HAHAHAHA. Lawd. I cracked up at t
  2. Raises hand ... I do! I loved the movie, I thought it did a great job of showing us how this mess all started and who the woman was at the end of season 2. Oh I agree. Far more entertaining than The Walking Dead as far as I am concerned! Have you watched Train to Busan? If you haven't yet, give it a try. Awesome zombie movie.
  3. To me it feels like they just do not want to have the actress on full time. I really don't get it. I didn't watch the show a ton when Eric/Donna was a thing but the few times I saw them, the actors had chemistry. I thought Katie and Bill had chemistry when they were first a thing. I remember seeing some scenes with them when she was pregnant and I liked them together. I feel like now it's just too late. I don't see much between Katie and Eric either. My favorite Katie pairing was Wyatt. I did not enjoy Bill and Brooke at all. I mean aside from the whole sister thing, Bill treated Hop
  4. Someone better tell my priest then because I had first communion in first or second grade and didn't get confirmed until 10th or 11th grade. I certainly took communion between those two events. Provided I had confession of course. Ah and google is my friend. According to info I found, you must be baptized into the catholic church in order to receive communion. So yeah I think some major liberties were taken in regards to Ali. It seems extremely unlikely Father Fang or anyone else had time for a baptism!
  5. On B&B it doesn't even require that! Apparently all one has to do is quit wearing his/her wedding ring and boom divorce happens! I'd love it but it will never, ever happen. Sadly.
  6. It was kind of obvious he was going to win but I was happy he did. He basically won fair and square (aside from a bit of shenanigans with old dude during the marble game). I liked seeing him grow during the competition. But ... Regardless of gambling issue or being desperate with nothing to lose - he made a choice knowing full well could/what would happen. Now he's going to fight against that game because he's so appalled by it? The game he clearly understood when he went back? I have no idea if all the years before, the players were given a choice but these players were and did. And
  7. Fair point and I get it but here's the thing - he chose to go back and suffer through it! I get him being appalled by the entire experience but it isn't like he was forced to participate! None of them were. Sure, they had no idea what was going on before red light, green light. But once they came back? They knew exactly what was happening and they knew full well what could happen.
  8. Exactly. This would be a less obvious way to go. It would be awesome for Deacon to do the right thing and maybe get to stick around. But will the writers actually do this? Probably not. The obvious thing is always easiest, so Deacon=bad .... Sheila = bad ... they must team up.
  9. I'm tired of the writers deliberately ignoring this part of the Nixon Falls story. Nina should be allowed to shout this in Carly's face every single day. She should get to toss it into Sonny's face every single day.
  10. I don't know .... isn't the whole family worse for actually listening?!?! Plus if you have to hate on Deacon I feel like him having an affair with his wife's mother and getting her pregnant is a whole lot worse!
  11. We are kindred spirits on Lost - I loved it from beginning to end. I had no issue at all with the final episode. I cried at all the people finding each other again! I binged this over a couple of days. I read subtitles. I find the English dub is usually pretty bad and it annoys me and pulls me out of the story. I figured old dude was in on it when we didn't see his demise. I was a little annoyed it took the winner a whole year later and meeting with the head bad guy to finally help out that little boy. I get guilt and trauma but he sort of made promises! I hated the red hair at
  12. I'd say when Ridge was played by Ronn Moss, Brooke and Ridge would be considered more of a super couple. Though both had strong romances with others along the way too - probably more so than other super couples. I don't think Thorsten Kaye (new Ridge) has much in the way of chemistry with Katherine Kelly Lang but I guess tptb keep them together because of history. Honestly the only time I enjoy TK as Ridge are the few scenes he's done one on one with Eric. The only pairing I liked with him was Caroline II but that was before your time watching! I think the recast has been a bust but
  13. I did enjoy the Sheila/Deacon scenes but ... Why does this show always have to go the most obvious route? Why can't Deacon actually just want to get to know his daughter and maybe find romance someone at least semi-nice. I know Sheila and Deacon plotting to take down the Forrester's (as if that will happen) doesn't necessarily mean romance but of course it will because these writers lack imagination. I wish Deacon could stick around as a sort of bad boy character who loves his daughter and just enjoys the hell out of getting under the skins of Liam, Brooke and Ridge. As opposed to pl
  14. I think the cats were all killed by alpha vamp. Remember Paul didn't become a full on vampire until after he died. I think Bev just poisoned that dog out of spite because it knew she was an awful person and it didn't like her. I don't really understand how Paul and the alpha vamp were able to be in the church since they were vampires. Usually crosses and churches are no-no's for vampire types. But I guess in this universe no one has heard of a vampire so those rules don't apply. Yeah well I'm sure they are formulating a looonnnng monologue as they sit in the canoe! But let's face
  15. I wish I could like this about 1000 times. Brooke and her outrage at Hope contacting her father is just ridiculous and tiresome. She's the one who once again followed her destiny or whatever and boinked her son in law but somehow he's the one who is pure evil? Well to be fair Brooke probably doesn't remember that because her battle lasted like a week or so! But regardless shut up Brooke! Agreed but this will never happen because we can't have nice things on this show.
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