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  1. Of course it would be better! It would make a lot more sense too. As it is, Eric and Ridge are acting as though Quinn is solely responsible for the 'affair' (if you can call it that) and she led Carter astray. I mean come on. Quinn gets kicked out but Carter keeps his job?!? What's worse is Eric saying Carter cannot see Quinn anymore. Excuse me? If Eric makes a choice to divorce Quinn, it's no longer any of his damn business who she sees. And if Eric chooses to keep Carter employed, his love life is not of any concern to his employer. Quinn is a questionable character to be sure but
  2. This is a very crowded table! I love them together. I'm intrigued. I think they have tons of chemistry and it's just so unexpected. I don't see a lot of chemistry on any of the soaps left, so I'll take what I can get with these two. I think RS and LSV are selling the hell out of this pairing and I didn't even think he had it in him! Quinn and Carter seem like completely different characters when they are together. I approve. But I know these writers will mess it up somehow - I mean the writers will go on and on and on and on with Liam/Steffy/Hope and sorry none of them have any chemistry
  3. But why is it over? Technically Liam and Bill covered up a hit and run. I mean certainly neither intended to kill Vinny and he somehow intended to die by getting hit, but they did cover it up. Also since he was able to send that video, he was alive after he was hit - so they left him there to die. Or at least Bill did. While Liam was passed out during Bill making these decisions, he certainly didn't run to cops immediately. He was willing to go along with Bill. Whatever. I'm spending way more time thinking about this storyline than the writers did.
  4. Yeah I mean there is no doubt Brooke needs to take several seats regarding this topic. But let's face it all of these characters are hypocrites and instantly forget all their wrong doings when it's convenient! I mean Ridge should for sure shut up when the topic is Quinn. I agree with everyone regarding Hope/Liam - that was just so bad. I have second hand embarrassment for the actors. This entire storyline is stupid and insulting. Vinny was able to find out Liam was driving Bill's car, was able to make a video for Thomas, was able to ensure he died when hit by said car and sent the
  5. My theory? The fans remember more about the history of this show than the writers do ...
  6. This storyline is just stupid. It makes no sense. As if her plans wouldn't had to go through many channels to get approved. I live in a mid size town. The downtown is really cute with shops, bars and restaurants. There is a farmers market on Friday afternoon. The main street committee (or whatever they call themselves) work very hard on downtown. Before covid, there was a festival of some sort nearly every weekend. They closely control what gets built in the area and no box store would be moving into downtown! We've got grocery stores on the outskirts of town: winn dixie, 2 publix, 2 aldi
  7. I would think so too - I mean Liam is a character who never makes things happen, every storyline happens to him. He's completely reactive to every single thing. I find the character very tiresome and I will continue to not understand how this is supposed to be a leading male character. I mean yes so far Finn is boring. That's fair. But I don't care. He isn't Liam and I don't (currently) have to watch another story involving Hope and Steffy fighting over that waffle. I also don't care one bit about Eric's so-called pain over Quinn's cheating. Now in real life I find cheating gross but on a
  8. I completely agree but since the folks in charge seem determined to keep both characters around for some unknown reason - then they probably need to give Shauna something to do. Frankly, I'd rather see Flo gone even more than Shauna! I've always liked the actress and I think she's quite good. Ha! Though truthfully how do any of them support themselves? We never see anyone actually do any work. Sure they are standing around in offices, but come on! I am not looking forward to Zoey playing the victim. Sigh.
  9. Exactly. I'm in no way saying Quinn doesn't deserve whatever is coming her way - she does but I just hate the way the writers decided to insert Brooke into this mess at the last second. I mean honestly I would much rather have had Paris spill the tea. Of course that might just be because I cannot stand Brooke, but whatever. Plus I don't understand why Zoey wasn't around for the big reveal. I understand the actress is leaving but she's kind of important to the storyline. I also don't understand why Donna was acting so odd. I mean Eric and Quinn have been married a while now. This ceremony
  10. Well I know you posted this for someone else, but I am going to answer! I loved Another World - loved. I was so bummed when it got cancelled. By the end? I despised that character. Hypocritical asshat. Could she be more obvious? (tm Chandler Bing)
  11. While I certainly don't think Jake is worth this stupid blindness plan, I also don't think Kate is better than this. I think it's obvious from the DiMera stuff (and really any business storyline on this show), Ron doesn't have a clue about any of it. All they do constantly is change who is allegedly in charge. Ha! Unfortunately the characters never seem to remember any of those type things!
  12. To me it strikes me like the writers just tossed this out because they had no idea what they were really going to do with Vinny's death. I mean Justin should be tired of Bill treating him like crap - fair enough. But quit! Or go get a job at Forrester to really get under Bill's skin like everyone else has done at some point or another. Anything is better than whatever the hell this is supposed to be. I'm still not over the concept of Vinny killing himself so Thomas can hook up with Hope. I swear my brain is just stuck on the stupid with that. I definitely do not want Finn to turn out
  13. Right? This is just beyond stupid. Vinny not only managed to figure out Liam was driving Bill's car, managed to throw himself in front of said car, managed to make sure he was actually killed (because sorry there's no guarantee of death just because you are hit by a car) and then correctly guessed Liam would faint and Bill would cover it all up?!?! Really show? ALL so Thomas would get his shot at Hope? Vinny killed himself so Thomas could get with Hope. I mean this is really what the writers decided was the best storyline to go with? FFS. And aside from that pile of nonsense we
  14. I do understand this point of view. I really do. But. But the moment a black woman was added to the cast, it was bound to come up. These housewives don't exactly come across as ... enlightened. I mean I was over the whole 'our gays' or 'my gays' thing years ago. I was also over Ramona's continued use of 'the help.' There are plenty of people out there who do not watch the news or chose to be unaware. So maybe this is a forum for some awareness. I don't think that's a bad thing for the housewives themselves or the viewers. Though I am sure Bravo is just here for controversy not actual awareness
  15. Only on a soap does the term mime sex make sense. Also? Mime sex will never not make me laugh. Hey now! With enough alcohol and the right partner even the polka dance can be sexy! Though not Allie. There isn't enough alcohol in the world to accomplish that. Sigh. If only ...
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