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S08.E08: Episode 8

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Shelagh organises a ballroom dance to raise money for the maternity home, in the hope of taking her mind off May's impending adoption. A terminally ill patient laments that she will not get the chance to dance one last time, but Sister Hilda is determined to make sure she does. Fred suffers an embarrassing condition, and cannot bring himself to see Dr Turner, while Nurse Crane is discharged from hospital and tries to play matchmaker between Sgt Woolf and Miss Higgins. Valerie and Trixie are called to testify in a court case. Last in the series.

Airs March 3, 2019.

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Well, kudos for the unexpected twist: they finally made good use of Sister Frances and Sister Monica Joan. I felt for Sister Frances when she had been assigned bathroom cleaning duties as one of her very first tasks at Nonnatus House. To hear her finally express her feelings (incl. anger) was quite a surprise. I think the show took some risks in tackling this issue and pulled it off. There were no easy answers and there was no room for sugar-coating. Also: Jennifer Kirby was great in all her scenes and we finally got to learn more about Valerie even if it was rather heart-breaking.

Sister Hilda finally got a good plot too - I love how much she enjoys fashion. I've noticed that she's made more than one comment about it throughout the season. I wonder if she'll ever get a backstory, apparently she's lived for a while a secular life and did not join as young as Sister Frances so there's definitely some narrative potential.

Best moment of the episode was seeing the gazillion of light-bulbs going on over Nurse Crane's head when Sergeant Wolf got into raptures about Miss Hill's poem LOL!

Some very cute gowns at that ball. Reggie's girlfriend won 'Best Dressed' for me.

And of course Mei's adoption fell apart. She and Angela are very sweet together but I'm not quite sure why that plot was there in the first place.

Sister Julienne definitely took a back-seat this season. I hope that'll change next season. I also hope we get to see Mother Mildred again (who of course had plenty to say on the phone LOL).

And now to wait until Christmas!

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They lost and regained Mei all without the involvement or sidelooks of Tim Turner.    But I'm glad Mei got to go home.  No real conflict for the family but I think as the show has 3 more seasons coming there are plenty of time to do stories with a slightly older Mei and Angela.  Angela and Mei are both adopted but Angela less obviously so.  It could be an interesting dynamic for how the public interacts with them (clearly it would never be an issue for any member of the exceedingly adorable Turner family)

I wonder if there was some doubt in renewal when this episode was written as this episode didn't seem as needlessly tragic as some of the prior finales.   

Yes, you have the dying girl and Val's grandmother being sent to prison but the dying girl's step father decided she had value in the last seconds of her life and she got to twirl under disco ball.  

And Val's grandmother was killing the women of Poplar.  Sure it was inadvertant.  But something had to be done there.  I thought it was a look at the subject that pulled very few punches. 

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The abortion storyline was well done, and Valerie has been around for a while now, so good to see her get focused on.

Mei is cute, but yeah I thought it was going in direction of the Turners coping with her leaving, no problem with her staying around. Them trying to cover up Tim being missing, made it more blatant, it was very odd that "Tim" was at dance with his hand covering his face all the time!

I was happy with how the Nurse Crane/ Sergeant Wolfe romance was resolved, that was unexpected and I'm glad that Phyllis didn't just get worn down and just settle for him.

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