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  1. jschoolgirl

    S15.E21: Good Shepherd

    Yes, it's the fresh water from Upstate reservoirs where I grew up. :-) That is also the reason NY bagels are better and different than others.
  2. jschoolgirl

    S08.E02: Episode 2

    I assume it was a toilet-paper wrapping. Hoarders had a woman like this -- too immobile and hemmed in to handle it properly. Edited because spelling matters.
  3. jschoolgirl

    S08.E02: Episode 2

    Because he's a minority immigrant in a former colonial power.
  4. jschoolgirl

    S08.E02: Episode 2

    That seemed so, so unrealistic and excessively reaching for a happy ending. I did love Joel, though, so I am glad. Does Joel's post-graduate qualification mean a graduate degree following college, or a certificate, perhaps in business or accounting, following high school?
  5. jschoolgirl

    S15.E19: Silent All These Years

    Please remind - how just Linc know Jo? Med school?
  6. jschoolgirl

    S15.E18: Add It Up

    When I looked at the clock (first of many times), I saw it was 8:30 and winced!
  7. jschoolgirl

    S15.E17: And Dream of Sheep

    Who is the Evans family?
  8. jschoolgirl

    S15.E16: Blood and Water

    Well, whom do we know of that will turn out to be Jo's parent or sibling? Let's guess. Maybe she's Thatcher's secret love child, or God forbid, Helen or Jimmy's.
  9. jschoolgirl

    S15.E15: We Didn't Start the Fire

    Jackson and April had so much more story to explore. They should've gotten rid of Owen instead of April, for whom they've been casting about for a storyline for far too long.
  10. jschoolgirl

    S15.E15: We Didn't Start the Fire

    The new Kay Adams Corleone!
  11. jschoolgirl

    S15.E15: We Didn't Start the Fire

    It makes me wonder if something is going to happen to her. There's gotta be a reason they're showing her in these ways after all of these years.
  12. jschoolgirl

    S15.E15: We Didn't Start the Fire

    Oh, and not only did Bokhee speak again, we saw her in clothes. I think the only other time that's happened is at Alex's wedding.
  13. jschoolgirl

    S15.E15: We Didn't Start the Fire

    Man, Daddy DeLuca couldn't have been more stereotypical. Maybe he wants to groom Andrew as the next don.
  14. jschoolgirl

    S15.E14: I Want a New Drug

    Also, this is only the second episode in which I've heard Bokhee speak! The other one was when OR nurses were told to call a doctor, and Bokhee said, "Who?"
  15. jschoolgirl

    S15.E14: I Want a New Drug

    Very true!