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  1. The man sitting closest to Coulter was Matt Drudge (Billy Eichner; I looked him up while watching, and his picture matched the character). Based on the cast list, the other man must be George Conway (George Salazar), whom Coulter was dating at the time. I've been in West Wing offices, and they are not anywhere near as spacious and well appointed as what is being shown. It's more like being on a ship in tight quarters. And, yes, the lighting is absurdly dim.
  2. For once, she was receiving adulation.
  3. Derick needs to realize that prospective employers might look askance at his social-media accounts.
  4. jschoolgirl

    Home Fires

    It is very definitely not odd in a rural community!
  5. I noticed that the Buckles tree had miniature lights, which did not come in until the mid 1970s. But Phyllis and Millicent had tree lights appropriate to the era. I thought the ringmaster was very handsome in his top hat and coat. He was taken with Phyllis, and it is too bad they cannot become a couple. I cried at the ending voiceover.
  6. I would rather have it begin with the family at the end of the mourning period for Violet and returning to colors, and they then use Maggie Smith for flashbacks.
  7. I'd like to see Mark and Lexie as a happy couple, assuring Meredith that Derek will indeed be there when she's ready.
  8. According to the Los Angeles Times, Derek will appear again.
  9. I've read that they did indeed become friends and that Diana urged Charles to make an honest woman of Camilla.
  10. Oh, me too! His hair is also darker than William's was, and of course William slicked his back
  11. He's gained a lot of weight.
  12. I'd swear I heard something like "Has there been any word from Nurse Noakes?" It was toward the beginning when Millicent was showing off her plant. I think Phyllis asked the question concerning getting some staff in, perhaps temporarily. Did anyone else catch this?
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