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  1. So my questions are: Doesn't Chanel own her own bakery? Why did she need to use Lanis oven? What the heck is Florida Lime Pie, and how is it so different from Key Lime Pie? (great, now I'm craving pie..)
  2. I kept wondering where the nurse with the headache went too! Is she lying somewhere or did she just abandon her job (and patient)? I also wondered why suddenly nobody needed a cast. Or wouldn't there be a day shift person for the cast dept coming in?
  3. For some reason, I kept thinking of Simon Cowell listening to this on an American Idol audition and picturing his FACE as this goes on, lol.
  4. Jill just posted a bunch of videos of a bunch of them swimming/rafting in dirty muddy water..in long skirts and jeans of course....fun!!😑😑
  5. It was nice seeing Michael Lowry again. Too bad it wasn't for a longer gig.
  6. Whatever happened to the guy in the wheelchair, the trucker ladies friend?
  7. Is it my hearing or did she keep calling it Strawberry Rhubar crisp? It was driving me nuts!
  8. https://tvline.com/2021/06/07/the-good-doctor-season-5-lim-love-interest-returning-osvaldo-benavides/
  9. I got a kick out of Kate and her excitement about Dynasty's Moldavian Massacre. I'm old enough to remember watching that in real time. It WAS a huge event!!
  10. I thought it was kind of crappy of Mer to ditch the clap out too. All those people worked tirelessly to save her for weeks. She couldn't let them have a special thing they were looking so forward to? I'll miss Tom, but I'm glad he's leaving on his own terms. And he's not tied to Teddy! At this point, her and Owen deserve each other in misery.
  11. This show just got exponentially better with these two gone.
  12. Not to mention it was quite a homophobic song. I'm sure the littles didn't even know what the hell they were singing about The poor kids looked exhausted too.
  13. Dr Snyder is being played by Michael Lowry. I KNEW he looked familiar. He was Jake Martin on AMC back in the day.
  14. Duggar official just released a statement. They still love Josh and Anna and hope all is resolved soon. UGH
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