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  1. Stu and Evan were stripped naked and hosed down when Miriam falsified the radiation detection by increasing the sensitivity on the GM Detector.
  2. That, in my opinion, is not true at all. Every season is connected. It's a complex story. Like how Pepper was institutionalized at Briarcliff, but then rescued by Elsa Mars. Or how Queenie from Coven won a spot on a game show and was fed on by a vampire at the Hotel Cortez. It's essentially a cinematic universe in the making. The fact that it can be random at times doesn't really help in understanding that universe one hundred percent, but that doesn't necessarily mean that there isn't 'cohesive story-telling'. On the wiki page, it said 'cyborg'. I was apprehensive abo
  3. I doubt anyone is going to yell at you. I posted this play by play of episode two HOURS before it aired on TV because I got it early on my FireTV stick for somereaason and watched it at 5PM. If they wanna be mad at you, they gotta be mad at me first :)
  4. Emily screams after finding snakes in her closet. The scream alerts Miriam, who then proceeds to kill and cook the snakes. When dinner is served, some of the purples begin to complain about the snakes being the only thing for dinner. Langdon, the COOPERATIVE representative, tells the remaining survivors that he must evaluate them to see who he should take, if anyone, to The Sanctuary. Coco insults Mr. Gallant's grandmother Evie ("You were fifty-two when Elvis took his last shit!"). Mr. Gallant, who volunteered for first interrogation, is then questioned and quite possibly flirted with by Langd
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