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  1. Well, Amy is quite the disappointment. That she has paid zero attention to her health or her weight loss speaks volumes. She always has an excuse for her poor eating, “we were remodeling so I couldn’t cook because we didn’t have a kitchen ”, ummmm they were still in the duplex while remodeling so that bullshit lie alone tells me who she is. My guess is within a year she will be over 300 pounds again. I get she wants to be a mom but how about being healthy to actually take care of Gage. Tammy is just a depressed, mentally challenge, mentally delayed person, I don’t think she has any c
  2. This! To me it’s worse than the bullying she endured as a kid. At least bullying is apparent what it is, it’s straightforward. This is so much worse to me as they make Tammy complicit in the ridicule under the guise that they’re all friends. They are duping her, making fun of her and they’ve gotten her to participate not understanding they aren’t laughing with her, they’re laughing at her, and she’s paying the bill to do it. IMO this is far worse than bullying. Shame on all of them.
  3. As unlikable as Tammy is (an understatement), watching those user assholes getting their 15 minutes of camera time, calling her “queen” and “partying” with her was one of the saddest things I’ve seen on this show yet. If they cared even one tiny bit about her they would not be participating in these drunken melees. It’s obvious Tammy is on a death march and she knows it. Vaping?? Good grief, she can barely breathe, and just shows she has zero regard for herself. Drinking in her condition must be one of the worst things she could do, and yea throw in some greasy pizza and my god, why not just s
  4. I think this ep made it clear that Tammy has completely retreated to her fantasy world. She wanted to be at that hotel so she could be online, taking selfies, communicating with only the 2D people. She has lost most all interest in real life. Very much like a drug addict. Why the family spends so much time trying to coax her and try to get her involved is perplexing at this point. All that time at the cabin talking about how to get her to participate, how to make her see how much fun she could be having. When anyone with an IQ above 10 can see Tammy is checked out, she DOES just want to b
  5. sadie

    S01.E04: The Crossing

    I’m loving this show! I wouldn’t have made it probably one night in those conditions, just shows how soft we’ve all become. Faith Hill is really impressing me. I didn’t realize she could act. The daughter playing the piano intercut with the scenes of absolute tragedy was just gutting. I like these strong female characters and McGraw is really giving us insight into how the Duttons all just became a bunch of assholes in present day, it’s in their bloodline. Well done Taylor, I’m praying this doesn’t go downhill like Yellowstone has.
  6. I was born, raised and still live about 15 miles from Kennedy Space Center. I was a teen when Challenger happened and watched it explode live (not on tv). To this day any time I see it replayed it brings me to tears. Onto the show. Good to know Randall is as sanctimonious as ever, why the goddess that is Beth puts up with him remains the biggest mystery ever portrayed on television. I don’t care about Deja AT ALL and am upset they are goi g to waste our time in the final season on her. Kate is just the worst, I hope the actress is saving her money because work for her after this
  7. Can we just get a show with Owen in the woods with Buttercup! Damn Rob Lowe just gets hotter and hotter, the cowboy hat was working for him. Yes, I’m in the shallow end of the pool but Lowes attractiveness is soooo distracting! ❤️
  8. So much to unpack. Every time Tammy said “I need to get back on track”, I screamed at the tv “when were you ever ON TRACK?”. That doctor visit was the most depressing ever. She couldn’t remember to food journal, because she was doing what? The girl literally sits and eats all day, what else is there to do? Glad the doctor finally said enough, don’t come back until something changes which means that’s the last time he will ever see Tammy. If Amy keeps eating like she did at the party she’s gonna regain everything she lost and maybe blow her new stomach out, wouldn’t it be ironic if Am
  9. I thought Bigs apartment was gorgeous, like Architectural Digest gorgeous, and the realtor painting everything that awful beige color was a travesty. That apartment had to be at least 10 mill and people with that kind of money would’ve appreciated the design. She acted like she was trying to rent a low end apartment. It made no sense to me other than one of the writers wanted to make a point of erasing Carries former life. Dumb.
  10. Sigh. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. I get the impression Chris thinks once he gets surgery he won’t have to diet anymore. “I’m so tired of dieting, I want this surgery”, I think is what he said. Chris you’re gonna have to diet for the rest of your life. So they are upset Tammy has a boyfriend and that’s hindering her weight loss. Then they break up and they say, oh no she’s eating her feelings. Gah these people are exhausting. The therapist appointment was cringe worthy. Tammy has some serious developmental issues so I’m not sure therapy has any chance, like asking a 7 year old to self actual
  11. Why does Tammy’s family do/say what they do? If she told me she wanted to go to Vegas I would have just said “have fun”, knowing 1,000% there was no way in hell Tammy was gonna book a plane ticket, get herself to the airport, maneuver the airport or plane flight, get to the hotel etc etc. When she asked for me to help I’d say, gee Tammy you keep saying you do take care of yourself so take care of it. It’s NEVER gonna happen, why do they argue and fight with her about things she won’t ever do. If I hear one more time the new dude will dump her if she gets below 300 lbs I’m gonna break my tv. Ai
  12. I think ya’ll are very kind. No way she doesn’t know to wash a dirty dish or wash a pot that has months old unfinished chili in it. Once roaches are crawling up the walls it’s time to get a clue. She’s lazy, sorry, but that’s my take on it and I don’t care if that’s okay with her but once you have a baby to care for time to Google “how to properly clean your house” and I’m sure something useful will pop up. No, it’s more fun to put on stupid wigs and make dumb you tube videos for people you don’t even know vs. allowing roaches to crawl around your baby.
  13. Another depressing episode. At the risk of sounding awful, this whole family has such deep issues I don’t know that any of them will ever get better. Chris is starting to annoy me, he just keeps saying Tammy was doing great and then she met this new guy and that’s why she’s gaining weight. Wtf? Has he met Tammy before today. New guy, no guy, old guy, Tammy eats too much and won’t put forth one minute of effort into saving her own life. That’s the bottom line. It’s Tammy no one else. Amy, there are lots of moms that actually work outside the home and keep a clean house. You have no jo
  14. Wow! I’ve lost all sympathy for Marty. Doing that to Miriam was straight up evil. And the fact that he knew it was wrong while doing it only makes it worse. Not sure who I’m rooting for here, Dr Ike is awful, Marty is awful. How does Marty let the Dr put his name on the mailbox and the shaming he gave him for telling someone the house was his just made Marty pathetic. Is all this really a true story? Wow!
  15. $2 Billion? This guy can cash out with $2 billion dollars and he’s still messing around being shit on by his father? Is this supposed to reinforce how damaged he is because it seems he could start his own company and make whatever he wants out of his life? Instead he keeps farting around trying to”win” Waystar? Why? The season just doesn’t seem to be moving and it’s not as entertaining was it was. They all just keep goi g round and round and nothing ever really happens. Only two eps left and we’ve gone nowhere all season other than to keep showing us how fucked up all these people ar
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