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  1. sadie

    S01.E07: 2016

    I know, right! No one I know is watching this and I keep telling them how good it was. The actors all brought their A game, especially Crowe who I literally forgot was Russell Crowe and felt like I was actually watching Ailes. This has been one of the best series this summer. Riveting.
  2. sadie

    S01.E07: 2016

    Well done. They really painted Ailes female assistant in a horrible light, obviously her 2M a year salary explains why she didn’t care about all these women being abused . I guess in the a lot of them were happy to take the money and run including Gretchen Carlson. What a monster this guy was, his wife was most infuriating to me. Just a really great series, I hope it gets the attention it deserves.
  3. sadie

    S06.E13 Outfoxed

    And if I didn’t loathe Shep enough already. You never drive around with your pet unsecured in the car. They should be harnessed in. Would you carry your baby in your arms while driving? NO! In an accident the animal can go through the windshield, Ive also seen accidents where the car is wrecked, a door flies open and an unsecured pet jumps out in fear and gets killed by oncoming traffic. Shep you are loathsome in simply more ways than I can count.
  4. sadie

    S01.E01: The Reunion

    Really didn’t like it. Tori’s face is painful to look at and she’s just as bad an actress as she was then and I think my personal distaste for how her and Dean have misused money, basically ripping creditors off just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. This is definitely my generation but it just didn’t make me want to watch more. Luke Perry is the only true class act in this bunch, and sadly he is gone so I’m out.
  5. sadie

    S03.E11: Liars

    Has it ever been explained why Commanders and wives can’t have sex? It would seem unlikely they are ALL infertile and sterile. Wouldn’t they let them keep having sex just in case. And if wives commonly have affairs with the guards wouldn’t one of them eventually end up preggars? All I kept thinking was Serena will now be pregnant from her one night stand with Fred? P.S. As much as I’ve hated this season watching them arrest Fred made it all worthwhile. I rewatched it 3 times.
  6. sadie

    S03.E09: Heroic

    I was so bored by this. It wasn’t even a good “bottle” episode in that normally with those the show deviates from its norm to give us insight into a particular character. We got nothing new from this other than we learned of some weird new ritual where a Handmaid has to kneel for months while her legs atrophy to pray for their walking partner. Huh? The only few minutes of any interest was the talk with the doctor but it was so minimal I can’t forgive the rest of the ep. It just dragged. We already know they don’t care about the Handmaids, only the babies, I didn’t need to watch this woman die for an hour to be discarded once the baby was done being baked. And June’s “revelation” to get all the children out of Gilead would have felt more earned if she had done anything productive this season. If at this point we knew she was hatching a plan, passing notes to Martha’s, adding up her numbers of handmaids and the like that want to fight, setting up secret meeting places, plotting the movements of guards, shift changes, where they keep the weapons THEN her lightbulb moment would have had some meaning. But she’s done ZERO of anything. Once again the show runners are more focused on visuals. Stark white room, red cloaked Handmaid. Row of blue clad wives with blue umbrellas walking in step with row of pink clad girls with pink umbrellas. Pretty visual, yes, add anything to the story, no. I would have more enjoyed an episode about the factories they must have that does nothing but make blue dresses, dye blue shoes, make blue umbrellas, etc. Where do they get all this fabric in nothing but blue, red, pink and grey? That would have been a better bottle ep than this mess. And on a shallow note, someone needs to market the boots the handmaids wear because they are fabulous and I want a pair.
  7. sadie

    S02.E06: The Bad Mother

    The core problem with this season is it is all hinges on this “murder”. It just takes me out of every scene that detective is seen sitting there looking smug and over interested. The whole season would have been a lot more credible was it just based on how their lives were affected after Perry died. They didn’t need the “murder mystery”, it just makes no sense that this cop believes these 5 women plotted to lure this guy to the edge of a staircase under construction, during a party, somehow goade him into beating the crap out of Celeste and then having the tiniest one of all of them push him to exactly the point he needed to be to get impaled. I mean, c’mon! They could have just: Had Bonnie struggle with the guilt of pushing him while watching her abusive mother die. Have Ed and Maddie deal with the aftermath of her affair. Renata still gets the bankruptcy story. Celeste and Jane still have to fight crazy grandma for custody because Celeste is off the rails. Jane can still have intimacy issues with the boyfriend. The problem is they only planned one season so how it ended worked last year, but wanting more accolades and $$$ drove them to season 2 where they can’t erase that buggy little detail of them lying to the police. Boo on you David E Kelly.
  8. Very interesting start to finish. I think they were both mentally ill. Just in different ways. He was an obviously seriously depressed young man, the previous attempts and all the suicidal ideation makes that clear. His father gave me serious unsettling vibes and I think his home life was much darker than his family would like to admit. Her? I’m thinking her mental illness is something closer to sociopath. SSRI’s make you suicidal but they don’t make you suicidal for someone else. Her interactions with all the girls she was seeking friendship from, the direct quoting of Glee lines as her own, the want for attention and pity after he died all point to something more sinister in her. I’m sorry but whether she actually told him to “get the f back in” or just made that up for dramatic reasons when retelling it to the friend shows something deeply disturbing in her. I feel zero sympathy she is spending 15 months in jail, I fear she is not curable. While I don’t think she killed him I do think she could have stopped THIS attempt. The older man saying he wouldn’t want to be the one she dates next is spot on.
  9. sadie

    S03.E07: Under His Eye

    And this here folks is the only reason I’m still watching this dumpster fire of a show. Your comments give me life! 🤣
  10. sadie

    S03.E07: Under His Eye

    Knowing what we know from flashbacks in season1, any Giliad refuge seeing that Canada is even leaning towards talks with Giliad about said refugees, these people should be high tailing it out of there. They did such a good job in season 1 showing the slow changes in America and how it crept up on these people little by little (women couldn’t work, they could no longer have money, people met you at the hospital to question your child’s care) until BAM they were being chased thru the woods and taken prisoner. But now I’m Supposed to believe these same people are doing the same thing AGAIN this time it’s just the Canada version. I would be scared out of my mind and would be catching the next plane to Safe America stat. Not these folks, just hang out Emily and see how it goes. To say it’s bad writing is a understatement.
  11. sadie

    S03.E06: Household

    Part of my issue with this whole Nicole being sent back to Giliad story line is they want us to forget this is 100% created by JUNE. If she had gone with Nicole there would be no question about sending the baby back as she is her biological mother. June created this mess but I’m supposed to view her as the hero trying to stop this. Now she hasn’t saved Hannah and her stupidity has again placed Nicole in jeopardy. I feel less sorry for her with every dumb thing these writers do to keep June front and center and keep her and the Waterfords as the central players in the story.
  12. sadie

    S01.E02: Stuntin' Like My Daddy

    Agreed. I tried. Part of my issue is they haven’t given me much reason to even care about these people. It’s just all dark and ugly, there’s no relief, gosh show me a scene of one of them feeding their dog or visiting a nice grandma. One scene of the girl singing a song after she just got out of REHAB isn’t what I’m talking about because even that seemed depressing since the next scene is her just getting high again. It’s just all dark rooms, rape, porn, drugs and the seediest group of humans I think I’ve ever seen in one collective. How this whole town hasn’t killed themselves out of sheer desperation about their lives is the only real mystery.
  13. sadie

    S03 E05: Unknown Caller

    So Giliad is a country that is knowingly raping and imprisoning women, sending them to work in nuclear fields and yet everyone acts like a video of those rapists with their “prisoner” June standing behind them, eyes down, all red costumed up and we’re supposed to believe this would have any impact beyond the walls of Giliad. Are we the viewers supposed to watch this and think “oh no, Canada is going to send this baby back because her non biological rapist parents are asking”? Huh? This is where I’m most lost, can we please get some insight into the workings in Canada, a discussion, a meeting of the forces in power, to explain WTF? Isn’t this akin to us sending a prisoner from N Korea back to them along with a plane full of groceries? Maybe I’m too stupid to watch this show but it makes zero sense to me at this point.
  14. sadie

    S01.E01: Pilot

    Maybe I’m not their target audience being a 51 year old but I just found it bleak. If this is really what’s happening with our youth I think I’m scared crapless. I don’t mind edgy but it just seemed like it was trying too hard to throw so much edge at us in the first hour that I just didn’t enjoy it. For me, for this type of thing to work they have to give me some moments where things lighten up (just a bit).
  15. Lu is the worst. She wasn’t just attacked at dinner for no reason. She has been utterly ridiculous all season and I think her whole “I was the last massage” bullshit was just the final straw. When Barb was trying to tell her she was hurt Lu’s whole let me hug you Bam Bam thing just really showed her true colors. I don’t want to listen to your feelings, I just want to shut you up quickly because I don’t care enough to listen and I’m taking zero responsibility. Say what you want about B but it sounds like she did way more for Lu than we know which makes Lu look even worse with her whole “why does princess Bethanny get the good room” bit. Bethanny lost her cool in that moment but I get it. Lu needs to go.