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  1. Apple TV sure has gotten a ton of talent to star in all these new shows but they just fall flat for the most part. This was an okay opener but not so great that I can’t wait to watch the next. Just meh.
  2. I really enjoyed this but it did seem an odd ending? I liked that a lot of this felt real, real looking people (who weren’t all perfectly beautiful in the Hollywood sense), real situations (the kind of lame party and most of Brendans stuff) but boy the ending just seemed wrong. I hope there is a second season to explore the fall out of these situations, I really liked the actors and the two main stories.
  3. This ep really exemplified what a god they all made Mitch out to be. The over the top party where he was clearly “the king”, the looking the other way at his off color comments, the way everyone fawned over him constantly. THIS is how these predators are born and thrive. Mitch could do no wrong. The only one that seemed to see him as he was was his wife. You could tell when he told he he wanted to be good you knew she knew it was all bullshit and then inVegas, there it is, Mitch does what he wants when he wants. Great ep.
  4. Dear Carly, he’s just not that into you. That is all. 😊
  5. I’m ready for them to move it along. So many unlikable people all crammed into one show and we never get anywhere. More meltdowns, we get it everyone is on edge, it’s not enough to sustain the story seven eps in.
  6. Well that was disturbing, and not in the good way. Not sure about this one.
  7. Count me as one also not enjoying the Carly/Sean relationship. It just seems “off” on her side and by that I mean: Anyone that has dated has encountered some mitigating factor (interfering ex wives, children issues, financial issues, inability to commit, etc) that just make the relationship not work and you can only try so hard before you just acknowledge it ain’t gonna work. I’m not laying this at the feet of “autism”, it just happens to be Sean’s quirk, and Carly seems awful disappointed and unfulfilled but she just keeps trying. Why? Almost like she doesn’t want to admit it’s not working and is just trying to prove a point to herself. Their scenes make me cringe because she just doesn’t seem to be getting the message. The guy can’t hold YOUR HAND, you expect him to put his P in your V (sorry not trying to be crude). What is wrong with this woman?
  8. I think it was a mistake to not release all the eps at once. The show has moved kind of slow and I get into it then I have to wait another week and I lose interest . It’s good, but not THAT good that I don’t mind hanging out a week for the next ep. If something as quality as The Crown can release all at once certainly this one could. I’ll keep watching, I like it, mostly because I can’t figure whose good or bad and I like that subtlety. It ring more true to me than shows where there’s an angelic protagonist and a mustache twirling villion.
  9. Well I guess not many people are watching it. I’m still not sure I understand the Billy Crup character, is he bad, is he good, do I care? I love the story I think they’re trying to tell but wish they would move it along. Were the girls at the bar happy to see Reese? And dear god can we please retire the “woman has meaningless sex to deal with her internal pain” trope. It’s jut old and lazy storytelling at this point.
  10. Just when I thought I couldn’t hate Delilah more. Surprise! She’s even more of a self centered entitled bitch than I thought in Episode 1. Quite an accomplishment. No, bitch,it isn’t Katherine hurting your kids, you did that all by yourself when you were sneaking around, cheating on their dad and basically doing exactly what you want when you want it. To the poster that said she was gonna have no issue running off with Eddie hit the nail on the head, I guess that wasn’t going to hurt her kids at all. I guess because her husband killed him self everyone else is supposed to just do what she says at all times, hmmmmm, I’m starting to see why Jon jumped off that balcony. And yes, as a dog owner, I appalled at what they did to Wesley/Colin and that poor old lady. Dogs aren’t t’shirts, they aren’t interchangeable blobs. Ugh. Except for Katherine and Rome I hate all these people. Can we just have a spin-off starring Wesley.
  11. Without Lipton this is almost unwatchable. He had a way of asking questions and keeping the actor on track so we understood their craft. With this new format I notice the actors just ramble on and on, and maybe it’s because they have other actors interviewing them that maybe they don’t want to be too forceful or interrupt but the interviews just aren’t focused. I really wanted to hear from Pacino but he just kept veering so far off track that he lost my interest and Godfather is one of my top 5 favorite films. It may be time to retire this series if they can’t find a permanent host that knows what they are doing.
  12. I read the restaurant scene as her looking around at all the middle aged/old people on dates freaking her out because she doesn’t feel like one of them. She’s intrigued by the young guy in her writing class and maybe the new found porn interest has her wanting more excitement. Shes not ready to settle into something quiet. That’s my take on it. I could do without the college portion of the show but I assume it’s going somewhere.
  13. This! I’ve had a few arguments in a car in my lifetime and have never made so someone stop to let me out, let alone in the middle of nowhere. Just stew in silence like normal people and when you get to where you’re going you can be done with that person. You would have to be a full on serial killer for me to get out. This is one of my most hated tv tropes. Although if I had Joanie in my car I might kick her out first. Lol
  14. I hated it. I hate that Noah basically got what he wanted when he wanted his entire life and ends up dancing on the cliffs as a *cough* celebration of life and love and how wonderful it all turned out for him. Blech. Joanie was a completely unnecessary plot device. All we confirmed was that Ben killed Allison and we already knew that. They didn’t even use her in that final scene with Noah to give us epilogue on what happened to everyone else. Nope. It’s all about Noah all the time. Again, blech. I hate that Helen had to eat that shit sandwich for her whole life (from Noah, her ungrateful spawn Whitney, her witch of a mother) and didn’t even get to enjoy a solid year without her awful mother around because they just HAD to have them die the same year. WTF Treem? I mean why do that to not even explain how the hell that happened. I stuck this out until the end because I loved the show at one time but this ending made me want to scream. Bye Affair, sad to see you go but not sad you’re gone.
  15. Got the heavy Matt Lauer vibes, who I can’t stand, but Carrol gave him some nice nuance. First ep might have been a bit predictable but I enjoyed it. Full disclosure I’m a huge Aniston and Witherspoon fan so it would have had to have been pretty horrible for me not to like.
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