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  1. On point. I too was thinking what more can they cram into an hour? I’m having trouble connecting with the story because they are too busy with all this other stuff that they don’t seem to be telling any story at all. What a mess.
  2. THIS WAS THE GUY THAT CHARMED ALL THESE WOMEN? Someone is playing a huge joke on us, right? You would think this guy had George Clooney level charm oozing out of every pore? I could barely get thru the 10 minute interview without feeling I needed a shower. The weird affectations he had, his puffy odd crooked lips, did anyone else feel a total gay vibe coming off of him (nothing wrong with being gay btw), I’m just saying for all these women to fall for him in DAYS enough to hand over money, leave their husbands, WHAT? This guy? I’m literally stumbling around my office mumbling “this is the guy?” and my coworkers are wondering what’s wrong with me. But I’m like so baffled I don’t know what to do, like Bermuda Triangle levels of baffled. If this guy conned me I’m not sure I would even admit it, he was the most charmless, unattractive, whiny weirdo I've seen in a long time. These women should invest in some hard core therapy because I can’t imagine on my lowest day thinking this guy was the answer to my prayers for a man (and I’ve been single a long time). And because it can’t be said enough, THIS WAS THE GUY?
  3. Of all the crimes being committed here the worst may be how “Knights In White Satin” got butchered by Karla of Krab King fame. Moody Blues should take legal action. 🤣
  4. sadie


    Once I accepted this was a soap opera it was a fun ride. That rocket must have been built in shop class because I’ve owned more dependable used cars. And I grew up here on the Space Coast. My Dad worked for NASA for 30 years and I watched the Challenger blow up live and in person as a teenager (I was about 15 miles away) and the scene where Mission Control was just silent waiting to hear if they made it, then got the “we landed” and the room exploded in cheers really broke me up. Very accurate as to how we all are to this day any time a manned rocket launches. Been watching them in person my whole life and I still hold my breath.
  5. sadie


    On Ep 5, there are some obvious suspension of disbelief issues with the science but I’m enjoying it. Hilary Swank is very watchable and frankly, there’s not a lot else right now to watch. I hope by the end of this season we see them get home since who knows if this will get a second season.
  6. Maybe part of her dismissal was when it went from being nasty on camera, to treating the production staff badly. When you see what is happening over at the Ellen Degeneres show, it may be TPTB did not want bad press leaking out about how horribly they allow their employees to be treated by these two bit reality players. Ellen is a huge star and is getting raked, it may just have been the sea change that made Bravo put a halt to Queen Dorindas rampages off camera (there’s no way you can convince me she can control her vile behavior to only when “filming”. And by the way, my husband died at 40 years old, I’m 53, and never once have I used his death as an excuse to treat people like garbage. Just sayin’.
  7. Leah is one of those “I’m just being me” or “I’m just speaking my truth” people. Generally what people say when they behave horribly and try to make you feel bad for reacting negatively because they are just being “authentic”. Blech. What these people don't get it this: sure, you can act anyway you want and I can REACT any way I want because my reaction is “just me being me”. They only want it to work in their favor and we’re all just supposed to put up with them. It’s an incredibly childish point of view and shows her lack of maturity.
  8. Instead of yelling Bravo Bravo Bravo, all Denise had to do was calmly say “it didn’t happen and I’m disappointed in all of you to listen to gossip, if that was the case Kyle we would all have to believe Mauricio has been cheating on you for years, and Lisa that would mean we all believe Harry is gay, I mean you guys know that stuff isn’t true, right? So why are we listening to a garbage person like Brandi?”. Then she should have just taken a sip of her drink and sat back and watched them implode. If you’re gonna break the fourth wall BREAK IT. Instead she let herself get flustered. None of these women are very quick on their feet, at my job it’s a survival skill to outwit the vipers I work with.
  9. Me too, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep watching but the last 15 minutes really brought me in. Damn you Peacock network, another app I have to keep track of.
  10. I’ve read two books on this, and watched the Meredith Baxter movies so I’d say I’m very well versed on this story, but damn they actually managed to choke me up with that “what if” montage at the end. Seeing all 3 of them just make ONE better decision thru this mess and it might have ended up different. Seeing Dan and Linda at the end sitting together and smiling at each other really got me, and I really didn’t like either of them as people. I wonder if Betty ever considered by murdering them this way they would be FOREVER entwined together, had she just let it play out they would probably be divorced by now.
  11. I think we all agree given enough time Dan would have treated his young bride as badly as he did his wife, he just didn’t have time before they were killed. All Linda had to do was see how he was willing to discard the mother of his 4 children for a glimpse into her own future (and by that I mean a man willing to sneak around for 2 years behind his wife’s back - that was the character of this wonderful man she married).
  12. I’ve always wondered if anyone involved on Dans side felt any remorse when all was said and done. His lawyer friends egging him on, all thinking how clever they were making sure Betty got screwed in the settlement; the judge that basically took things like Dans valuation of his worth at face value; Linda’s friends for not telling her to not screw a married man. I’m not saying the murders were their fault but you do wonder why no one was telling Dan to just give her a fair shake, he would’ve made 100 times what he paid her over the coming years, Linda had the China (Stumbos book went into this) why did no one say “give this poor broken woman her freaking wedding china, you’ve “won” the prize”. But everyone’s ego got in the way. Dan was the all powerful that held the money. Linda had WON her married man over and was not going to give in to the bitter sad fat ex wife (sarcasm here). Betty was not going to acknowledge reality. Pepper in some mental illness that should have been OBVIOUS to everyone and blam, murder. I thought Betty made some pretty good points at that hearing, but none of the men in the room wanted to listen because they were all “superior” to her. She should have kept her first lawyer but I still felt her reasoning was valid. She did support Dan while he went to school, she did contribute to his ability to become the success he was, but Dans ego was NOT going to acknowledge her contributions at all and saying the marriage was over on their wedding day really displayed the mans utter cruelty.
  13. I think people get distracted by the $16,000. The point isn’t whether it was a lot of money, it was/is. The point is community property doesn’t work this way. Dan, due to his legal connections, was able to withhold COMMUNITY funds from Betty because he is the one that held the checkbook. HE was deciding how much to give her, HE was deciding he would fine her and how much HE decided each infraction was worth. THATS NOT HOW COMMUNITY PROPERTY WORKS. That was the point I think this ep was trying to show us. Dan was earning $100,000 a month at this point, he was GIVING Betty $16k (only after being forced to), legally she should have had access to ALL THEIR money, she didn’t because he cut off her access to it. He was giving her a 16% cut when she should have been getting 50%. For everyone saying she should just have been happy with that, think of it this way: you are OWED $50, you only get $16 and everyone is telling you to be happy with that. It isn’t about keeping separate bank accounts. It’s that Dan and only Dan had CONTROL of their money. Dan and Bettys agreement had been she would stay home and he was the one that worked. Just because he changed his mind doesn’t make what he did legal. Part of the outrage here was he was skirting the law and because of his connections he was able to get away with it. If you dont accept that premise it makes it hard to understand how Betty felt screwed over, she WAS getting screwed over. I’m not defending her murdering them but it was partly what added fuel to her madness.
  14. I think this ep did a good job showing Dan enjoyed power tripping on Betty and ultimately couldn’t see the forest for the trees anymore than Betty could. Instead of just letting her have the kids for Easter, he was going to punish her for leaving more phone messages. Why would you have your girlfriends voice on the answering machine other than to rub it in Bettys face? Or Instead of just unplugging the answering machine or using a service he ENJOYED setting Betty up to trap herself. Every time he made a point of telling her it was HIS money you really got insight into his mind. He didn’t credit her at all for helping him get where he got, and thus the circle just kept going round and round and HE was angry SHE wouldn’t roll over and give up. They were both caught up on the fact that neither would do what they wanted. Betty just happened to be mentally ill and more dangerous than him but his ego wouldn’t allow him to see it. HE had power over her in his mind so he wouldn’t believe she would hurt him because HE wouldn’t allow it. When a psychiatrist calls you and says your ex is dangerous, BELIEVE THEM. But big man ego blinded him to that reality. Stumbos book outlines that the shrink called him TWICE TO WARN HIM. For as smart as he was as a lawyer you would think he would respect other experts in their field like the shrink that warned him but his ego dismissed HER too. Ultimately his ego was his demise.
  15. Your whole post times 1,000%!! People saying “wow $16k a month! Why was she complaining?” Because Dan was bringing in $100,000+ a month! He was giving Betty a pittance, so unless you look at the total amounts involved you can’t say Betty should have just been happy with what he was offering. Stumbos book does a good job explaining the finances and how Dan really was dealing her dirty (maybe that’s the “Dirty” in this seasons Dirty John). And all the while he and Linda we’re taking expensive vacations, buying cars, expensive clothes, etc - he was living it up and expecting Betty to take pennies on the dollar and just go away. Again, not a reason to murder him but could certainly help explain Bettys outrage.
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