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  1. I read those scenes as him wanting to come off as nice likable guy, with him knowing if he was openly rude to her he would cut off his nighttime booty call. He’s playing her, if he was really interested he would have asked her out for dinner, lunch, wanting to spend day with her. He was giving her just enough friendly vibes so when he wanted to get her in bed again he could. I think he’s a creep. YMMV
  2. This was great. Great cast, loved Alec Baldwin and Christian Slater! Can we just get a medical show with those two. I though Josh Jackson did a great job. The court room scene where it finally dawns on him that he wasn’t a great surgeon was outstanding. You could feel his hubris deflate. This whole story gave me chills and I would imagine the surgical teams that worked with him must have PTSD, to watch him botch what he was doing over and over gave me nightmares. Great show, well done Peacock.
  3. Meh. Not the worst, but not that good either. I’m in a bit of a show slump so at least it’s new content. I liked the concept but the build up of “what’s gonna happen” was better than the actual thing once it started. I think Murphy and Falchuk are just out of great ideas at this point.
  4. I’m hoping this is the end of the Hope character. The most unlikable awful sour human ever. No disrespect to O’Toole, I get she was just playing what they wrote but ugh Hope is awful and Doc deserves better. The rest of the stories: meh, kind of stupid the whole “I don’t know if it’s your baby because I impulsively on a day trip to LA decided to impregnate myself”, I mean, c’mon? The Preacher story was just bad, this guy was a Marine? I knew it was a set up from the word go. Charmaine marrying an obviously controlling abusive asshole fits, I guess. Will I watch next season? Of course! Hahahaha
  5. Dear Netflix, I want a refund for watching this. Maybe it’s because I have run out of things to watch that I slogged thru this. I mean, it’s summer, pretty people in pretty clothes having some sexy time seemed like a good time. But man do I hate Billie. Why did they have to tack on the last two minutes? Was it supposed to be clever? Racy? Shocking? FAIL I was actually thinking they brought this shit show to a good conclusion that made me feel good. But nope! Billie remained a case study in arrested development. Shitting on a husband 99.9% of the population could only dream about beca
  6. I meant no disrespect, I was a teen in the late 80’s/90’s and was pretty stupid and I think like a lot of kids I didn’t watch the news and really never occurred to me if we were guilty of these things. I was a self absorbed idiot. I guess I just wanted Randall to ask Kevin to reflect now looking back while still acknowledging Kevin didn’t know any better at the time.
  7. I think part of my issue with this story is, in the 80’s/early 90’s we really didn’t have the same understanding of race relations like we do now. I think it’s a tall order for Randall to judge a young Kevin for his blindness to the issue. Kevin was a dumb kid who often felt overlooked for his super special adopted brother. Randall seems blind to what Kevin went thru but he expects Kevin to do a decades back reflection on what he did wrong to Randall. It would have been interesting for them both to tell each other their recollection of the Mr Rogers event so they could both see the other side
  8. Just watched both eps. First was better than the second, I hope it picks up the pace as we move forward. The fact that people truly believe Tom Hanks is raping and eating babies, well, where does one go from there? I feel silly even typing it. Sorry but these people are nuts. Secret dungeons in pizza parlors? And to think I only frequent pizza joints for, you know, the pizza makes me feel like an under achiever at this point. And Jim Watkins is absolute proof that wealth is wasted on the rich. Ugh.
  9. Did anyone appreciate the irony that it was Matt Lauer who did that horrible interview w Dianne Keaton who then Ronan took down in flames in his book about the Weinstein scandal? There was some kind of poetic justice there.
  10. I really enjoyed this. I had no idea how hard all these kids lived with the drugs and such. I wish she had shared a little about her current life to show how she came out the other side of this. I wept at the end showing all the ones that had dies way way too young, tragic. And not to be shallow but I had no idea what a beautiful woman she has grown into. If you grew up in the 90’s like me, you will very much enjoy this.
  11. Is it just me or is Pompeo’s acting getting worse with every ep. Maybe she’s just phoning it in and doesn’t care anymore but it’s so distracting to me. I was sad they killed Deluca but the scene of him seeing his Mom and them walking away together was beautiful and I hope what really does happen when we die.
  12. They just dig their hole deeper don’t they. Why would it have been so hard for him to say “we are not racists. The treatment of Meghan by the British press has been appalling and needs to change. Our country is made up of a diverse mix of people and their inability to accept Meghan has been disheartening. We did not realize the depth of pain this caused my brother and his wife but we will work now towards healing. For the monarchy to move forward the representation of ALL our citizens must be held to a higher standard.” Yes, I know I’m dreaming. And once again, the fact that this same pre
  13. I in no way think she was a saint, but I do think every parent wishes well for their children. I do think Harry’s view of her is somewhat frozen in time at the age he was when she died, so some “rose tinted glasses” thinking is to be expected by him. I think any time someone dies young they tend to be canonized ignoring their flaws. Even if she was a bad parent, these two brothers being estranged is terribly sad to me.
  14. I think Princess Diana would be so sad that her two children have become this estranged. I think the Queen, Charles the turd and the rest of them are just vipers, but Harry and William not speaking is so unbelievably sad to me. Diana is somewhere weeping. That said, I believe Harry and Meghan’s story, I believe she has been the victim of racism and that they are doing what’s best for their family, I also believe they should now stop talking about it. They’ve moved out and moved on, they’ve set the record straight and they can now lead whatever life they want for their family. They a
  15. Did anyone else notice when Mia was on the phone with Woody that his voice was different? It was almost an octave or two lower than that kind of whiny high pitched sound I’m used to hearing out of his mouth. It made me wonder how much of his “persona” is a put on, that deep threatening tone he had in those talks struck me as the real Woody, the man behind the mask. Chilling.
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