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  1. Why why why am I still watching this? Do they want us to believe this hospital doesn’t have a hospice floor, “the graveyard”, seriously? It’s worse than even Chicago Med and that’s saying a lot. Kapur is just straight up creepy, the medical transgressions are horrifying, Iggy is unwatchable and every ep Max does something so ridiculous that I can’t believe these writers are serious. Is this some kind of psychological experiment to see how long we will all keep watching?
  2. OMG I was thinking that the whole time I was watching her, I’m glad it wasn’t just me!
  3. I’m finding this all fascinating. I can’t wait to hear how he actually managed to steal these game pieces because the security they explained in this ep was unbelievable. I had no idea. The cast of characters in this one were right out of central casting, Mob Jerry’s wife with the red hair in the red room with red drapes, red lamp and an ill fitting red dress was right out of a Tarantino film. Brilliant!
  4. Loved it. I’m in! Agent Doug alone made it worth the watch. I’m sure he’s an oddity in the FBI with his out there personality. I love true crime and I remember when this story broke, can’t wait to see how they took them down.
  5. And from the shallow end of the pool (please don’t throw things at me): every time I see Ella I completely don’t get why the son would have a relationship with her, she looks about 45 (a frumpy 45) and now we know has a ton of mental issues, and we are supposed to believe Vijays 25ish son was attracted to her, in a relationship and got her pregnant. Sorry but even in this show which is mostly ridiculous (and I say that as a watcher of Chicago Med) this is just too much.
  6. This show has unintentionally become a parody of itself. Maybe I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be 23 but these girls are just messes. Peter just seems like an okay average guy that got plopped in the middle of Hot Girl Island and just can’t believe his good fortune, “you mean I can make out with ALL of them, and they will fight over me like I’m the last man on earth, cool!”. I hope he got some coaching on how to deal with all the mental issues here.
  7. And this, ladies and gents, is why I no longer watch this show and only read your comments. I “literally” had to keep myself from laughing out loud so my coworkers can’t tell I’m not really working.
  8. Agree with all, I love this show but these evil one dimensional Red Rock guys is not good storytelling. Even when Bell was the “bad guy” they gave him some nuance of good. It made for good tv. I just want this to end and see them get punched in the face, maybe they will make Cain turn after the speech AJ gave him but I’m not confident.
  9. While I think the show had some trouble with pacing, very slow, overall I really enjoyed it. Not sure I love where they ended as I really want to see the fall out. I loved all the strong female characters, especially Marcia Gay Harden’s reporter. Alex was a bit uneven for me, I guess we were supposed to see this was her cracking. I liked that Mitch got left out in the cold. The scene where Crudup tells him to not blow it by going on camera and trying to play the victim was really well done and you could see the realization on Carrels face as it dawned on him he really was the bad guy. I thought Carrel did really solid work here as I totally understood why people would be charmed by him but that tinge of selfish malice you could feel just under the surface. Chilling really. On a shallow note, loved the clothes, the NY scenery and the apartment porn. Everything Anniston wore screamed money, loved it!
  10. Apple TV sure has gotten a ton of talent to star in all these new shows but they just fall flat for the most part. This was an okay opener but not so great that I can’t wait to watch the next. Just meh.
  11. I really enjoyed this but it did seem an odd ending? I liked that a lot of this felt real, real looking people (who weren’t all perfectly beautiful in the Hollywood sense), real situations (the kind of lame party and most of Brendans stuff) but boy the ending just seemed wrong. I hope there is a second season to explore the fall out of these situations, I really liked the actors and the two main stories.
  12. This ep really exemplified what a god they all made Mitch out to be. The over the top party where he was clearly “the king”, the looking the other way at his off color comments, the way everyone fawned over him constantly. THIS is how these predators are born and thrive. Mitch could do no wrong. The only one that seemed to see him as he was was his wife. You could tell when he told he he wanted to be good you knew she knew it was all bullshit and then inVegas, there it is, Mitch does what he wants when he wants. Great ep.
  13. Dear Carly, he’s just not that into you. That is all. 😊
  14. I’m ready for them to move it along. So many unlikable people all crammed into one show and we never get anywhere. More meltdowns, we get it everyone is on edge, it’s not enough to sustain the story seven eps in.
  15. Well that was disturbing, and not in the good way. Not sure about this one.
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