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  1. MartyQui

    S17.E14: Finale

    Thinking about Garo's corsets...sometimes they were a design element, but for at least two of the dresses he sent down the runway (Kate's and the model with the sequin V), they were structural (to hold up strapless dresses). I think he needed to pick a lane.
  2. MartyQui

    S17.E14: Finale

    I’m so happy Sebastian won, and I want that teal coat dress (and somewhere to wear it). The less said about Hester the better. I thought Garo’s collection wasn’t particularly well made, and quite a few of the looks were really derivative of Vivienne Westwood.
  3. MartyQui

    House Hunters International

    Is it wrong to google people who show up on IHH? This guy’s a VP at Hyatt...that’s a job with a lot of responsibilities, so I’m guessing that all the “I have to be near the nightlife” stuff was producer manipulation. Again, I don’t understand why people with real jobs and reputations do this show. He came off like an a**.
  4. MartyQui

    S17.E13: One Elle of a Day

    No one said that Garo's suit had to be a pantsuit and a jacket with lapels. He could have done a jacket with a zip front with a corset insert and a pencil skirt...he would have met Nina's challenge while keeping to his own esthetic, and it would have been way easier to draft and finish.
  5. MartyQui

    S08.E08: Episode 8

    I don't think the stepfather thought that the girl's life didn't have value, I think he was heartbroken knowing that she was dying, and wanted her to save her strength to live a little longer. It was nice that he accepted what was coming and did his best to make her last days happy. I sobbed.
  6. MartyQui

    S04.E09: American Champion

    I don't understand how those traders have all that time to sit around and scheme. I worked on a trading desk for a while, and we barely had time for lunch. They brought it into us so that we wouldn't miss a trade.
  7. MartyQui

    House Hunters International

    I don’t understand why someone with a job like his (not a travel blogger or a stay at home dad or a wanna be actor) would agree to be on a show like this? I mean, I have a job somewhat similar to his (but I’m not a CEO, haha) and I can’t imagine making my search for a vacation home public.
  8. MartyQui

    S17.E08: Blame It on Rio

    That jacket was really poorly made...look again at the lapels...they weren’t pressed correctly so the seams curved in a way they weren’t supposed to. Rookie error.
  9. MartyQui

    House Hunters International

    Yes, the daughter definitely had Down's and it looked like she has a cochlear implant too. Good for Dad for being the stay at home, he looked like he was into it. I would have picked the country house, but I can see not wanted to be so far away from everything. I liked this family!
  10. MartyQui

    House Hunters International

    What do you mean? I thought they were doing a B&B like you see in Ireland...a room, maybe a shared bathroom, and a host who makes you breakfast in the morning?
  11. MartyQui

    House Hunters International

    I wonder if they were ever going to do a real B&B...it sort of looked like they were just renting out the room with the kitchenette.
  12. MartyQui

    House Hunters International

    I always think that these travel bloggers do this to drive traffic to their blog/instagram, but as far as I can tell they don’t have a blog and her instagram is private. Thought they chose the best apartment, but the story (as usual) doesn’t make sense.
  13. MartyQui

    House Hunters Renovation

    Will Restored by the Fords have it’s own topic? I really like their designs.
  14. MartyQui

    S16.E15: Finale

    One of my great regrets is the loss of my great grandmother’s cast iron skillet. My aunt probably threw it away because it was old. I would have happily eaten any of those meals...including Eric’s. Worth a trip to DC to try his restaurant.
  15. MartyQui

    S07.E10: Climate Quick Change

    Chop off the bottom of Anthony Ryan's outfit and it's my high school drill team uniform, colors and all. No one mentioned that the lace in front of Dimitri's dress was completely see-through? And Michelle must have naked pictures of every judge, because there is NO WAY that that mess was the best on the runway. It was ghastly.