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  1. We don't know how time travel works...to Chloe, it might have seemed that Rory was only gone for a minute. And we didn't see any part of Chloe's house except the bedroom (which may have even been some kind of hospice) ..I did think it was weird that the bed had golden pillows. They didn't seem very comfortable. :)
  2. I’ve made the Robuchon potatoes…they’re not that hard, you just have to follow the steps. And they are delicious!! I make sure my potatoes are dry when I make regular mashed potatoes now, they do seem to be fluffier. I just drain them, and throw them back in the pot for a few minutes until I can see that the water is gone.
  3. I just binged all the episodes today…loved seeing them stroll through Navigli in Milan (where they had the aperitivo), and the Roman slaughterhouse. There’s a Michelin starred restaurant in that area where I had one of the best meals of my life. I think they did a great job with the show.
  4. Did anyone see Martha Stewart? Her face is stretched so tightly she could barely move it. And I’m not sure if it’s substance abuse or dementia, but she couldn’t read the cards?
  5. I'm going to guess that the bolts on that toilet seat were as rusty and disgusting as everything in that bathrooom. If the owner really misses it, he can buy a new one. https://danielsbath.com/products/island-of-dolphin-decorative-toilet-seat
  6. This week’s house was nice, but it looked like every other house she’s done. And I could care less about her friend and the house in Nashville, fast forwarded right through those stories.
  7. Nope, that was a one bedroom suite, hence the girls sleeping on the pullout.
  8. When they opened the front door right into the kitchen counter…ugh. *And* they spent all that money and didn’t get rid of that ugly front door?
  9. They made specific mention of Claire being short of money due to med school loans...just a little odd, NBD. Some (most) of the time the backstories make no sense.
  10. RE Claire's house...interesting that Mom would buy her a house, but not help her with med school loans? It struck me as odd. Mom must own the house as an investment, and is renting/loaning it to Claire while she finishes her residency?
  11. So the suite they had at the FourSeasons Hawaii would be about $2500 a night in February. Expensive, but not really rich people.
  12. Was it ever established that Paula came from a poor background? That backpack full of pills had to cost something. And I don't think the Mossbachers were as rich as they would have liked to appear...otherwise they would have had a two bedroom suite, instead of the kids sleeping on the pullout sofa. And a cot.
  13. Re: Armond’s body…I assumed the island was too small to have a medical examiner/coroner, and they were shipping the body over to Honolulu to be autopsied.
  14. If someone asked me for a two tiered cake I would assume they meant two cakes (one smaller) stacked on top of each other. A two layer cake would be two cakes, same size, with filling in the middle.
  15. Just saw them show an emerald ring, and they were talking about how spectacular the emerald was…it was horrific. The stone was so included it was opaque. What a joke.
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