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  1. Chantal had two zippers in her pants, I think..a fly front in the front, and an invisible in the back. I think the invisible was only there to make the rip into a seam. She probably placed the back on a thin place in the leather hence the rip. Precious telling Kristina that she needed to tighten the strap on the bra top to hoist up the model’s breasts was dumb. If you tightened that thin strap it would probably have broken right when she walked the runway. And what kind of model (with ANY size breasts) doesn’t bring a bra to a fitting? She had some sort of crop exercise top on.
  2. I’m always amazed that in a $1.5 million dollar house the closets are the mirrored door, minimum size I grew up with in a raised ranch in Foxboro, MA. Don’t people who can spend that much money on a house want a walk in closet?
  3. Puerto Vallarta: between the greasy hair and the ridiculous comments about the glass walls on the balcony, I was ready to shove her over them. I love the realtor, he joins Kevin, Adrian and Richard in the pantheon of favorites. Loved the dog.
  4. And I’ve never seen a Tudor house that was gray and white…it looked nice, but not Tudor. I thought the bedroom was beautiful. One thing that confounded me was the stovetop in the middle of the butcher block island…you lose the ability to put pots down without a trivet, and where was the hood? It didn’t look like they had one of those pop-up ones they do sometimes.
  5. I happened to take the 15:17 to Paris a couple of weeks after the attack…we had brought cheese with us from Amsterdam, and when the conductors figured out we were Americans, they gave us free wine to go with it!
  6. No, they don’t. But the pronunciation of Par-ee is softer than English speakers make it sound. It’s the R.
  7. Wired jaw lady is a total PITA. I’m sorry, when your jaw is wired shut you just suck it up (pun intended) and survive on protein shakes. The idea that Rachel has to purée her beautiful food is horrifying.
  8. I was in the airport in Prague, waiting for a flight, and the guy in the seat next to me was facetiming his girlfriend (I assume), with no headphones, and with his hand down his pants. It was the grossest thing ever.
  9. *Was* there a deeper level to Carrie? I never really thought so.
  10. This is the worst! I’m sorry, when they remove the body you know which funeral home it’s going to. And the theatrical funeral home people were just gross. Why is Charlotte, Miss Etiquette, wearing a sheer top dress at a funeral. I think I’m done. And poor Willie Garson looks so sick. I wonder if he was thinking about his own funeral.
  11. Haha...I feel the same way about shrimp scampi.
  12. Funny, I was watching those episodes and was kind of annoyed by how many times Mel and Sue actually touched what the bakers were making, and a couple of times ruined something (patting bread, I think). They were fine, but I like Noel and Matt too (blasphemy, I know). I did like the little bits that they used to do to explain some of the history behind some of the bakes (like eel pie, ugh).
  13. I think that’s what all walls are built out of? They put Tyvek over it on the outside, and drywall and insulation on the inside. I actually loved the house, and I’m not a fan of gold. I thought the kitchen was gorgeous, the living room was a nice size, and the back deck and the fire pit really nice. Still horrified by the prices in Southern California, even though I live in Boston, one of the most expensive cities in the country.
  14. She had a Canadian accent, she probably just went to school in Boston. It's almost impossible for Americans to get a job on their own in Australia, but I think it's easier for Canadians. She's on Linked In as a freelance graphic artist based in Boston...which is also weird if she's Canadian, because you need a visa sponsor. So any which way, the story has holes.
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