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  1. Pretty sure that every time we see a label it's a paid sponsorship (Whispering Angel, anyone?). So if Carib wouldn't cough up the bucks, no free promos for them.
  2. I knew it when she showed off the expensive sunglasses. Of course a creep trying to seduce a 16 year old would buy her stuff. That plot line just turned my stomach.
  3. Umm...you lose your license for that.
  4. All the IOUs were missing, so did the bookies sneak in and steal them? Or had Lord F taken them with him to collect on them when he was waylaid and killed? At the end, I enjoyed the show well enough, but I think they could have done a better job. It was a weird mix of modern and old fashioned...i.e., the sex scenes which were “ooh, sex in a romance”, but not done with much finesse. Think of the sex scenes in Outlander, which are amazing, and push the story forward. These seemed sort of perfunctory. At the end of it, they could have given me 8 hours of watching Simon and Anthony walk around in their gorgeousness, maybe riding a horse now and then, and I would have been happy. 🙂.
  5. Just thinking about the title of the episode, and the "swish"...was Lady Featherington checking to see if Marina "showed" when she moved around? I have to think so, she must be almost four months along by now.
  6. Thank you, Cotypubby. I work in a large hospital, and non-patient facing employees are not expected to be able to be vaccinated until late April at the earliest. And we're organized about it. It's more likely July when low-risk members of the public get their vaccine, after a couple more are approved.
  7. I have colleagues in Italy, we knew in late January that it was going to be bad.
  8. Haha...I went to Trim Castle in Ireland years ago (it's partially reconstructed, so you get an idea of what it looked like), and they made a point of showing us the "garderobe"...which was a hole in the corner of the floor. Once a year the collection point was tented, and everyone's clothes were stuffed inside to let the ammonia "refresh" everything. I haven't been able to read a medieval romance since! Since bathing was a *little* more common during the Regency, and they had a little privacy and some receptacles for waste, I can suspend disbelief a little easier.
  9. I would love Anne Gracie’s “Perfect” series...I just reread a couple of those, and they’re so good. And Elizabeth Hoyt’s Four Soldiers series. Anything by Loretta Chase. I do think that 8 episodes was too much for the Duke and I...there just isn’t enough story there.
  10. Not even hangover tea...raw eggs and garlic! That would have sent me straight to the vomitorium.
  11. But the crazy thing is: it’s *Regency* England. Her son was acting King, because of the madness of King George. Charlotte had no power at all.
  12. "I know Shonda Rhimes picked it but I can’t help but think of a half dozen others that would translate better. Simon and Daphne were kind of dull in the book and they are kind of dull here. If I’m looking to kick off a new tv trend they would not be the couple that would jump to mind. " Elizabeth Hoyt's Four Soldiers series would make a terrific series. I still read those books every few years. I've been disappointed with Bridgerton (have to finish it tonight), because I think some of the efforts to make it appeal to non-romance fans actually hurt the look (the cheap jewels, too many tiaras, and upholstery fabric for 1813 costumes and the story. And there are not a proper pair of unmentionables or buckskins anywhere! Even the boots are all wrong. Men wore shoes to balls, not boots. I would have been fine with them doing color-blind casting, but the throwaway line from Lady D to Simon about the king marrying a black woman and how it changed their lives made no sense. At all. If this is a one-generation change, where did these rich POCs come from? Instead of creating a backstory, just cast gorgeous people.
  13. It doesn’t seem to have a fixed place on the schedule, it was on HGTV.
  14. We plebeians call it pink champagne. 🙂
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