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  1. peace355

    S08.E08: Episode 8

    The abortion storyline was well done, and Valerie has been around for a while now, so good to see her get focused on. Mei is cute, but yeah I thought it was going in direction of the Turners coping with her leaving, no problem with her staying around. Them trying to cover up Tim being missing, made it more blatant, it was very odd that "Tim" was at dance with his hand covering his face all the time! I was happy with how the Nurse Crane/ Sergeant Wolfe romance was resolved, that was unexpected and I'm glad that Phyllis didn't just get worn down and just settle for him.
  2. peace355

    S08.E07: Episode 7

    I was surprised about the gran, I didn't connect the two stories at all, though in hindsight with what else we learned about her in the episode it made sense. The confrontation between Val and Gran was well done and well acted. I also liked the Gran and Sr Julianne's talk. I agree that there was maybe a bit to much going on, I was glad to see Sr Francis get a win, but yeah lot of side plots, including more build up on Mai leaving. Next week seems like there'll be a lot heartbreak, hopefully they'll have something light to balance it out.