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  1. If the sitcom parts are a more idealised verson of events, I can imagine in reality Kevin is abusive to her, probably emotionally and controlling more than physically. We've already got hints of this from Alison's conversation with other people, that he's been breaking down her confidence, isolating her and controlling aspects of her life. Such as convincing her she is bad at money so he handles the finances, telling her she is a bad driver so he drives their car the most, which also limits her ability the travel. Only his friend group being around. Her comment to librarian that if she left "h
  2. Nia was so adorable and her asking to play with Denny and her "see you later" was heartbreaking, glad she has happy ending with her mom. Hen did annoy me when she nixed the idea of fostering straight after goodbye, while Karen who was also upset about saying bye,was acknowledging it was tough but open to discussion. Chim/Maddie baby situation just reminds me how crap maternity leave is in the US! They were cute doing their swap overs though
  3. Thanks very much tomorrowgirl, I was sure that I associated with some other dramatic show.
  4. Agree this was strong episode with the 2 best characters. I do find it funny that returning episodes for this and regular 9-1-1 had a drunk driver nearly killing a beloved family member (Grace/Albert), a character dealing with death of someone they were partially responsible for (Judd/Bobby) and pregnancy (Tommy & Grace/ Maddie) in both stories!
  5. On the pregnancy, I'm glad their was no drama other than them having to wait so long. Would have thought they would tried medical induction rather than the home remedies. I was overdue with my child and they induced me, which then failed and I ended up having c-section, which was fine I opted to do that over their suggestion of trying to induce again! I'd no strong feelings for Albert prior to this episode, but the tears started coming when I thought he was going to die! I'm glad he didn't especially for Chim, because I only want happy things to happen for him, i also felt for Buck when h
  6. peace355

    S04.E06: Jinx

    It was fun hijinks episode. Though the one thing in the montage that made me squemish was the guy getting his phone under the cinema recliner. I remember when that happened here in UK, the guy did not survive it and after they added a warning before start of films, that if you drop your phone down seat to fetch a staff member. These actors have gelled so well together, really do feel the family vibes. I liked callback to fire marshal Buck and his clipboard, I'm all for Buck 3.0.
  7. That was my first book too. I remember my uncle got it as Christmas present along with 2 specials BSC Summer Holiday and Winter Holiday. My last regular series book was also a Dawn book, Farewell Dawn when she left for California for good. Also I loved the mystery books, though oddly enough the publication in Ireland was all off (or maybe it was my local bookshop stock) so the mysteries came out ahead of the regular series, so even though Dawn leaving was the last book I read, I already had books in the mystery series where Abby had already replaced her.
  8. While they didn't go into details, they did set up why it would still be done this way in modern times. Such as 12 year old girls not being able to set up all social media things (unlike the babysitters agency) and also the idea coming from Elizabeth, it could appeal to older generation that grew up in the 90s and were fine with just ringing for something, you see her not going for the internet first thing. Also yes it is a small neighborhood so I think it works. They are super young to be loking aftr small children but some suspension of belief is allowed! I've now finished the last 4 ep
  9. Loving this, 6 episodes in. It's great that they've got the essence of each book without including everything. All the main characters are absolutely perfect, and like others say they've mixed the modern and classic smoothly. Like Stacey's embarrassment of a diabetic episode now has more layers with it being put on internet, or Elizabeth Brewer having to get over paywall to get on babysitting website, before Kristy's great idea. Some favourite parts: Each girl getting to narrate there own episode and the writing/credits changing to match them. Kristy saying a boy would never h
  10. While my first thought was that possibly Bronson is ancestor of Maria, I then thought of the new potential alien Kyle met last episode, maybe she's the distant relative.
  11. I think it should also be considered that what happened is speculation and also told by unreliable narrators. Even if we were to take what Trey said at face value, and going by the other events I see Eric being too high to comprehend whats going on, then maybe being convinced of his version of events and blocking out his involvement. The reason why he's so convinced of Chris doing it, is his father put the suggestion to him while he was suffering from withdrawal, it probably stuck in his head. What order did people watch things in? I mostly stuck with episode order except with 2005
  12. The last 4 episodes have been very solid. I wondered if Randall and Kevin's falling out is going to be over Kevin wanting to build the house and part of Randall's issues to control everything! That small bit of soft egg seemed unlikely to cause a choking incident, but maybe I'm just lucky that my daughter never had such issues with her food! (I still cut up grapes for her, she's 3 and always remember nurse saying that's the most common and dangerous choking food)
  13. Agreed, this was best episode of the season. It's been a while since the nuns were focus of an episode, so it was nice to see all 4 having something to do, particularly nice that Sr Hilda and Sr Frances got more to do they still feel quite new so nice to have them developed more. Sister Monica and her quest to see Sound of Music was fun, but also nice to see at the start to see her in her more sisterly duties at the last rites of the old woman. It's always great to have a story line with Sister Julianne as Jenny Agutter does a superb job as always. Her at cinema reminded me of the episod
  14. Anyone else thinking there will be a problem with Mei's adoption? It seemed to linger on the papers being put aside on the shelf, I wondered if they'll not file it in time or something, or I could be reading far too much into it! I do think we'll see at least one of the doctor's back at some stage. I'd be happy to see both McNulty and Walther return.
  15. I agree with other that characters this season seem to be inconsistent but I did enjoy this episode, probably one of my favorites this season and I think the reason for that is it was much more of an ensemble episode. We got time with the Queen and PM and the coal miner strike, Prince Edwards funeral briefly, Camilla and Charles with Mountbatton and Queen Mother's scheming and of course Ann being brilliant and witty. I've found too many episodes focused on just one character this season and honestly those "poor rich me, no one understands me" episodes get rather annoying (Phillip, Lord Mo
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