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  1. That was my first book too. I remember my uncle got it as Christmas present along with 2 specials BSC Summer Holiday and Winter Holiday. My last regular series book was also a Dawn book, Farewell Dawn when she left for California for good. Also I loved the mystery books, though oddly enough the publication in Ireland was all off (or maybe it was my local bookshop stock) so the mysteries came out ahead of the regular series, so even though Dawn leaving was the last book I read, I already had books in the mystery series where Abby had already replaced her.
  2. While they didn't go into details, they did set up why it would still be done this way in modern times. Such as 12 year old girls not being able to set up all social media things (unlike the babysitters agency) and also the idea coming from Elizabeth, it could appeal to older generation that grew up in the 90s and were fine with just ringing for something, you see her not going for the internet first thing. Also yes it is a small neighborhood so I think it works. They are super young to be loking aftr small children but some suspension of belief is allowed! I've now finished the last 4 episodes so some other thoughts Janine was a bit much I thought, but accurate to her book counterpart, liked her and Claudia's talk about internment camps and Mimi. The whole Mimi's stroke handled so well. Claudia not being able to go into intensive care and knowing any other situation the person who would have stayed with her would be Mimi, and when she couldn't understand her afterwards was all very sad. Boy Crazy Stacy was fine, probably not the strongest. But I like Mary Anne realising Stacy was also a dork Kristy's Big Day may have been my favourite episode (though it's very close to call!). I was expecting Elizabeth to have it out with Watson more about his undermining her parental guidelines, but her and and Kristy's fight was well done. Also Kristy getting her period and her being a bit "behind" the others seemed very keeping with the books, even if periods were never mentioned there "feminine products, do the expect us to being makeup" Everything with Richard was gold! "Do you want a drink...of course not" . He's been brilliant all series. Welcome to Camp Moosehead felt very much like a summer special with everyone getting their own subplots. Mrs Meanie's reactions were hilarious as an non-enthused adult dealing with these kids. Assume they didn't want to keep it as Camp Mohawk and have the awkward Native American appropriation. Interesting bringing Laine into it this way, and even with a lot of plot changed poor Stacey couldn't escape the poison ivy! I liked natural way Mallory and Jessi were brought int the club too.
  3. Loving this, 6 episodes in. It's great that they've got the essence of each book without including everything. All the main characters are absolutely perfect, and like others say they've mixed the modern and classic smoothly. Like Stacey's embarrassment of a diabetic episode now has more layers with it being put on internet, or Elizabeth Brewer having to get over paywall to get on babysitting website, before Kristy's great idea. Some favourite parts: Each girl getting to narrate there own episode and the writing/credits changing to match them. Kristy saying a boy would never have been made to right an essay about decorum Stacey's blue sparkly monitor that she shows off after her diabetes has been revealed Richard looking at photo of Mary Anne's mother decorating her room Dawn's mother sticking up for her daughter with Mrs Barrett (also they made Mr Barrett more reasonable in his taking of Buddy!) Mary Anne correcting the doctors about Bailey. Claudia's outfits, loved her halloween costume and her Ruth Bader Ginsberg look for her maths test. Have restrained from binging in 1 day but won't last the whole weekend!
  4. While my first thought was that possibly Bronson is ancestor of Maria, I then thought of the new potential alien Kyle met last episode, maybe she's the distant relative.
  5. I think it should also be considered that what happened is speculation and also told by unreliable narrators. Even if we were to take what Trey said at face value, and going by the other events I see Eric being too high to comprehend whats going on, then maybe being convinced of his version of events and blocking out his involvement. The reason why he's so convinced of Chris doing it, is his father put the suggestion to him while he was suffering from withdrawal, it probably stuck in his head. What order did people watch things in? I mostly stuck with episode order except with 2005 (Melanie) episode I left until 2nd last.
  6. The last 4 episodes have been very solid. I wondered if Randall and Kevin's falling out is going to be over Kevin wanting to build the house and part of Randall's issues to control everything! That small bit of soft egg seemed unlikely to cause a choking incident, but maybe I'm just lucky that my daughter never had such issues with her food! (I still cut up grapes for her, she's 3 and always remember nurse saying that's the most common and dangerous choking food)
  7. Agreed, this was best episode of the season. It's been a while since the nuns were focus of an episode, so it was nice to see all 4 having something to do, particularly nice that Sr Hilda and Sr Frances got more to do they still feel quite new so nice to have them developed more. Sister Monica and her quest to see Sound of Music was fun, but also nice to see at the start to see her in her more sisterly duties at the last rites of the old woman. It's always great to have a story line with Sister Julianne as Jenny Agutter does a superb job as always. Her at cinema reminded me of the episode where she met her old love interest and they watched movie at his house.
  8. Anyone else thinking there will be a problem with Mei's adoption? It seemed to linger on the papers being put aside on the shelf, I wondered if they'll not file it in time or something, or I could be reading far too much into it! I do think we'll see at least one of the doctor's back at some stage. I'd be happy to see both McNulty and Walther return.
  9. I agree with other that characters this season seem to be inconsistent but I did enjoy this episode, probably one of my favorites this season and I think the reason for that is it was much more of an ensemble episode. We got time with the Queen and PM and the coal miner strike, Prince Edwards funeral briefly, Camilla and Charles with Mountbatton and Queen Mother's scheming and of course Ann being brilliant and witty. I've found too many episodes focused on just one character this season and honestly those "poor rich me, no one understands me" episodes get rather annoying (Phillip, Lord Mountbatton, Prince Edward and Margaret in particular, the Charles episode was okay) I don't expect historical accuracy from this show, so I expect liberties, but I would like to see the cast interact with each other and the world more, I felt this episode had a better balance of that.
  10. I enjoyed this, liking the new cast, though like others I was expecting more of a time jump. I think last season was a bit heavy on seriousness at times, and liked to see a bit of a lighter side to the Queen. Elizabeth and Philip breakfast and jokes about the painting "one good eye between them" and the show of affection, reminded me of season 1 CF & MS, rather than last season strained marriage. I also thought they did a good job of establishing everyone in the new roles, so recognize who they were.
  11. peace355

    S03.E07: Athena Begins

    I had exactly same thought I was waiting for ghost Emmet to be watching in the sidelines! The episode was fine, agree that Athena doing everything herself can be a bit tiring. I did like the flashbacks though. Yes this! I had those thoughts too. I was thinking what he's done in his life should count towards something, I would hope he wouldn't get too harsh a sentence.
  12. It was good when Rebecca told Jack not to make Randall choose, but I also wonder if part of it was guilt about denying Randall a black role model with his father William. Malik does look a bit young, but I think part of that is being so used to shows/films using buff 20+ year olds playing teenagers! I'm fine with him and Deja, I thought it was sweet that their day made her remember her day out with mom and grandma. I do agree though that has to be some serious discussions about how the dating works with his kid, Deja needs to know Janelle is his priority and he can't be expecting her to step into any mothering role. Also as Janelle gets older need to be clear on what Deja's relationship will be to her, will she be "aunt" Deja, or will she just see her occasionally
  13. Even putting the whole murder thing aside, Pat still isn't entitled to date Nicole because he helped her out. Nicole did care about him, but doesn't mean she wanted to date him and for Pat to go off on her because she said no is huge red flags. Also totally agree that it wasn't necessarily that Pat was such a nice guy that it was surprise that he was the villain, but so many tropes in tv/film that would make him the good guy really.
  14. peace355

    S03.E06: Monsters

    I feel if they were to go ahead with siding with Buck, then he should have noticed the cut and then told the paramedic. That way he could show that he was being careful and responsible even when accidents happened. Instead he didn't notice and thought blood belonged to victim and was dismissing paramedic's concern at first. Which just proves Bobby's point.
  15. peace355

    S03.E06: Monsters

    One thing that has been annoying me with Maddie is how she answers the 911 calls sometimes. I've noticed it a few times where someone calls with a shocking incident, like the windshield man and her first response is "i'm sorry what!", its like I get they are trying to show her surprise but it's not very professional or helpful! I'm glad they aren't dragging out the Maddie secretly stalking the woman. I was surprised at Chim's reaction and the comparison to what Maddie's husband to him. It's not something I would have thought about but I was glad he called her on it. Yay for Buck and Eddie back to being friends! I think after the strong start to the season and intensity of tsunami, some of the episodes that have followed have been a bit of a let down, particularly with some of the Buck stuff. Still fun episodes but those first few episodes are hard to top.
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