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  1. I liked it, not perfect, but better than some finales. They ended on hopeful notes for everyone, Jill married and pregnant, Tammy with her own business and boyfriend, Marjorie reconciled with her son and now babysitting her granddaughter, and Bonnie strong enough to help Adam through this cancer scare or treatment. Wendy remained somewhat a mystery, but that's okay. I liked the new mother/daughter, particularly as the actresses were veterans from other Lorre shows, Melanie Lynskey from Two and a Half Men (Rose) and Rondi Reed from Mike & Molly (Peggy). I think it was a good time to en
  2. Yes, but I'm so glad they didn't kill off the character. I liked this episode, and how much it meant to Bonnie that Trevor chose to keep being her therapist over dating Jill. Wonder how they will end the show, hope its a good one.
  3. I was shocked by the reveal that Ainsley faked it, makes me wonder when she remembered. Bellamy Young is my favorite character, glad she is getting more facets of her character revealed. I think CZJ looks as she does for character reasons, Jessica as a character has expensive clothes, hair and makeup while CZJ is playing a doctor in the psychiatric hospital. I think its great she joined the cast, gives Martin someone to interact with outside his family unit. Malcolm is falling apart, I can see him having a breakdown soon.
  4. I have a feeling Ainsley didn't kill anyone this time, maybe not the 1st one either. I think she's being set up, maybe even by Martin. Martin would love to bring his kids to the dark side.
  5. willowk

    S01.E04: Fall

    Surprised I'm the only semi-obsessive GG fan that watched the CW 4 night run of A Year in the Life. But I'm okay being the one and only! My thoughts-- 1. Loved everything Emily, realized I relate more to her now and loved her letting go of her old married self to emerge as Emily in Nantucket, still with Richard's portrait but no DAR, no big house. And that she finangled another deal out of Lorelei's need for money. Can well picture L/L spending two torturous weeks with her every summer plus Christmas. Huzzah Emily! 2. Loved seeing all the Star's Hollowites, I've missed them all.
  6. It was very common for gay men to marry until recently for a variety of reasons. It was thought that being gay was something to "get over", a failing or a passing fad. Some men wanted family, only way back then was to marry. Some hid their orientation from themselves, at least for many years. Leonard is mad at his dad for cheating on his mom, understandable, but I would guess the father wrestled with his desires for years. This may come back again, maybe something will make Leonard realize its not all black and white. However the dad is a tool, and still puts Leonard down, so I'm fine if he di
  7. I thought they were in 1955, at least that is when the movie was made that was showing in the theatre during the episode where the projectionist was killed.
  8. The storyline with Cathy's mom was one i wasn't expecting and thought they did a great job with it. I do fear for her being sent into treatment given what Leonard said and Will's experience with the academic psychologists. What a mess. I like Ellie, but the whole romance between her and Will seems forced and very not mid - 1950s, especially for a member of the clergy. They almost have sex in an alley on the 1st date? Then she accuses him of humiliating her by not continuing when they start going at it in the vicarage? In that time, the humiliation would have been to think a woman was avai
  9. That's a good take, I was thinking it was more to hurry things along as he knew he was high and so not so able to deal with a long labor or complications. He was planning to slip away when Sr. Frances told him Yvonne was about to deliver the baby. He seemed unhappy about the timing.
  10. I think Sister Jullianne ate a chocolate bar in the movies. The whole point though was to step outside of her bubble to get a better idea of what regular women have to deal with, the slights as people bumped into her and didn't apologize etc. Her indulging at the movies gave her (I think) the epiphany that seeing a movie and a little chocolate isn't such a frivolous thing to do on occasion. I agree with you on Beryl, I thought it was more short-term aid as Marion got used to raising the baby. I didn't think it will be full time or last forever. But it was a way for the sisters to reconnec
  11. I agree. I don't want her to slip with the alcoholism again, but its been a long time since she's had a romance of any kind. For a few seasons I thought they concentrated on her search for love too much, but now they've gone the other way and she's not been dating at all. I enjoyed all the storylines last night, I felt the horror when Yvonne was in pain and yelling "why did you cut me" and Sister Frances looking on in horror. McNulty looked inept to say the least. I thought the midwives had cured McNulty and the others of their tendency to reach for the scalpal but I guess not. Worse is t
  12. I've heard that too, or that they cut different things than PBS but still edit. I wonder why, and is there anyway to see the full episodes?
  13. you know, I think they backtracked on her having dementia to keep her on the show. Maybe when they were developing the storyline the plan was either to have the actress leave the show (as so many others have) or maybe they thought the show wasn't going to get as many seasons as it has. Its odd for someone like me, my mom has Alz, but I just roll with it as I so like Sister Monica Joan.
  14. my guess is that this wasn't meant to be the season finale prior to covid? Seemed unfinished, but maybe it was meant that way, Becky running after Emilio, Jackie making random comments at the border. I was flabergasted to learn that Darlene has evidently been living with her dad for years and not helping out with the mortgage, and as the boyfriend notes -she's 43! I could understand it at the beginning but once she started working she should have been putting into the pot. Dan might not have liked it, maybe that's the angle. But for Ben to try and convince Darlene that she shouldn't help her d
  15. Thanks - I must have missed that bit of dialogue.
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