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  1. caitmcg

    S10.E06: Back to School

    Seriously. There were some decent aspects to Carter’s room, but it was also half empty. He didn’t even spend most of that extra thousand dollars, which could have gotten him another table made, and chairs to go around it, I’m sure. (In contrast, Vern spend $2999 and change and filled his room with tables and chairs.) You know those bean bags and floor-height “coffee table” will be shoved in a corner tout de suite.
  2. caitmcg

    S08.E03: Episode 3

    I think it's simply the timeline of the show, as the first clinical trials of the measles vaccine in the UK were in 1964, just as they incorporated storylines about the polio epidemic and vaccine and thalidomide at the points in the series that coincided with those developments. It resonates because vaccination rates have gone down in the US and Europe, with measles outbreaks the result, but I don't think it's the show pandering.
  3. caitmcg

    S08.E03: Episode 3

    It didn't seem to me that Miss Higgins was objecting on privacy grounds, but rather that she didn't want to have anyone interfering with her strict filing standards. I am glad they showed her to have a softer, compassionate side, and she did a beautiful job of getting through to that mother and comforting both parents.
  4. caitmcg

    S08.E02: Episode 2

    I assume it was a toilet-paper wrapping. Hoarders had a woman like this -- too immobile and hemmed in to handle it properly. I think it was just random pieces of paper. They were pretty solidly wrapped, and TP would have disintegrated. Of course, the show didn't go into where she was stashing her urine or paper waste (and just as well).
  5. caitmcg

    S08.E01: Episode 1

    And yet, if it was possible to diagnose multiples, regardless of technology, it would have better served their patients' needs to learn in advance that they would be parenting two (or possibly more) newborns, so they could prepare. I did know a set of triplets my age who were not a surprise in the late '60s.
  6. caitmcg

    S08.E01: Episode 1

    Forceps were used when I was born (50 years ago Wednesday), only because they induced, the OB having decided things weren't progressing fast enough, and my mother was knocked out so she couldn't push. Fast forward a few years, and they likely wouldn't have induced as early as they did, with no urgency to the fetus. I had no lasting marks or trauma, and one would hope there's no great danger to the baby as they are deployed. As for surprise multiple births, I have a younger friend (born in 1982) who is a fraternal twin, whose parents didn't know they were having twins until it happened. I assume they didn't have regular prenatal care, and that is why. (They went on to have a singleton and another set of twins in short order...five babies in three years.)
  7. caitmcg

    Call The Midwife In The Media

    Call the Midwife has been renewed again, for another couple of series/seasons. I think S9 was already announced, and now there will be a S10 and S11 (plus Christmas specials), taking airdates through 2022.
  8. caitmcg

    Food & Cookbooks

    In the Hazan case, Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking does combine Classic Italian Cooking and More Classic Italian. but she edited a number of the recipes, changing ingredient ratios and such so they're not exactly the same as in the earlier books. I have a bunch of cookbooks, both in paper and ebook (I don't love using them in ebook form, but it's hard to resist snapping up a book I'm interested in when it's selling for only a few bucks), and I use Eat Your Books to catalog them. It's a pay service, but it is super useful for keeping track of and making the most of cookbooks because you can search your bookshelf for recipes using a variety of criteria, and organize them in various ways. Even without a membership, you can use it to browse through or search the recipe titles and main ingredients of indexed books and blogs, access recipes online, and read people's recipe notes. They have a ton of giveaways, too. Here is my personal bookshelf.
  9. caitmcg

    Valerie: The former army one

    I think the story was that Patsy and Delia met while they were both working at the hospital, or in nursing school. Delia was a nurse, but not a nurse-midwife, and got interested in midwifery after she started boarding at Nonnatus House. As for Valerie, I recall there being a bunch of discussion when she was introduced about why she would have midwifery training given her experience was as an Army nurse, but the show never really explained the whys, just told us she did. To be honest, we've never really had more than the barest details about her back story.
  10. caitmcg

    S08.E00: Christmas Special 2018

    My recollection is that I read that they shot part of the season organically (in order), but at the same time they were shooting later Trixie scenes ahead of doing the remainder of those episodes to get them done before Helen George left for her maternity leave.
  11. caitmcg

    New Year, New Batch Of FMK Matchups

    Eh, Nina had it coming.
  12. caitmcg

    New Year, New Batch Of FMK Matchups

    Gotta note that if you're married to Jack Bauer, you might end up dead, as Teri did at the end of Season 1.
  13. caitmcg

    S08.E00: Christmas Special 2018

    The difference is between a medicalized birth in a very clinical setting, presumably, and a more personal midwife-attended birth with someone who's been seeing them through the prenatal process. The Nonnatan midwives still attend the births in the maternity home, with Dr. Turner available as needed, as with the Poplar home births so it's still community based. There have definitely been past episodes where the midwives encouraged a patient with multiple kids at home to stay in the maternity home for a birth just to have a break from the chaos of home life for a for a bit.
  14. caitmcg

    S08.E00: Christmas Special 2018

    We really didn't learn anything about her current status (where she's living, how she's supporting herself, etc.), other than she'd been widowed. I can fanwank it that she's got some money from her late, older husband's estate, that's financed her return to England and her life there, potentially including the car.
  15. caitmcg

    S08.E00: Christmas Special 2018

    That brother and sister were fairly young children when they were sent off. The first season took place in 1957, and this Christmas special is (I presume) taking place at the end of 1963, since the final episode of S7 included the Kennedy assassination. The brother and sister here were at least in their mid 20s, it seemed.