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  1. Condolences, Yeah No. I hope you’ll have the opportunity to memorialize him as you’d like before too long.
  2. caitmcg

    S17.E13: Parma

    Unfortunately, I think there are probably plenty of them. It’s easy for those of us in the Northeast and West Coast to live in a bit of a bubble that’s not so reflective of the rest of the country. When you consider that things like plantation weddings are still a big business, and that plantation tours typically haven’t even mentioned the enslaved people who made plantations possible, at least until recently, it kind of brings things into focus. I wasn’t excusing Kevin for being culturally insensitive and thoughtless, or trafficking in harmful stereotypes. I was saying there is context, however offensive many of us may find it. I’m not suggesting that Kevin, or any of the plethora of people and businesses thinking the same way, shouldn’t be held to account, just noting that until the present moment, most have not been moved to think beyond it or even make self-serving public statements. (There was certainly nothing else like Sambo’s that I saw in California in the ‘70s or ‘80s or since, and it stood out for that reason.)
  3. The only place the show is available on demand now is DirecTV, but at the moment Amazon’s selling S1-2 for $4.99 and S3-7 for $6.99, if anyone who doesn’t own them wants to.
  4. caitmcg

    S17.E13: Parma

    Sure, but it’s not as if he’s alone in his tone-deafness. I mean, when I came of age in the ‘80s in Northern California (have you heard, we’re the land of fruits and nuts), there were outposts of the the chain Sambo's around, and the last existing one (in Santa Barbara, CA) has only now just agreed to change its name and branding. So Kevin, apparently not consciously realizing it, was acting as a good 'ol boy from the south. I certainly don’t admire it, but he’s one of plenty of not-exactly-woke folks who are just now waking up to their positions in our ignoble system, long overdue. So perhaps it’s PR on his his part, but if these people start thinking about it more…
  5. caitmcg

    S17.E13: Parma

    When she answered, she cited Kevin's intelligence; she found him intellectually engaging. Plenty of people find intelligence an attractive/important trait, after all.
  6. caitmcg

    S17.E13: Parma

    I know thanks to a British cookbook that in the UK it goes by sweetheart cabbage, pointed cabbage, and hispi, but I’d never quite ID'd it in the US, so thanks.
  7. Doesn’t he say in that Bravo article that post-elimination, he basically spent three days in bed unable to move and then flew home, so the show may have given him a break in that regard.
  8. I’m sure it’s all spelled out for them by producers at the time they’re filming, but it’s not something that’s been shared with the audience, AFAIK.
  9. caitmcg

    S17.E12: Lucca

    Interesting that so many are complaining that Melissa’s made congee more than once in the competition, but no one is put out that Stephanie just made stuffed pasta shapes twice in back-to-back elimination challenges.
  10. I’ve rewatched the episode, and while Malarkey’s talking about the plate mixup in the kitchen, you can see Kevin and Stephanie plating their dishes on rows of plates they’ve got lined up with sauces already on them. The groups of plates we saw each of them doing when their timers went off were enough for the 10 or so needed for the judges' table but not for the whole dining room.
  11. I believe the only time we actually meet Jennifer is at Roger and Jane’s party of the infamous blackface. Usually when Harry mentions her, he sounds a bit put upon in the early seasons, but then he usually sounded a bit put upon in general.
  12. The judges’ dishes were all plated at the same time, but not the dishes for the whole room. Melissa and Malsrkey were the last two to present their dishes to the judges, and when they return to the kitchen and he talks about how mad he is about the plate mixup, he’s right next to Kevin, who’s slicing and plating duck, then we see Stephanie finishing plates that are lined up on the pass.
  13. I assume the plates went to the wrong table at the specific time the judges were meant to be served. Everyone might be getting the same food, but all the plates are not going out at the same moment; the courses are being timed, and especially so for the judges and their guests. So at the time the judges are meant to be tasting and evaluating on camera, another table is digging into a few of their plates rather than when they were actually scheduled to be served their own.
  14. I don’t think it was just the one plate, but that there were several missing from the whole table. Tom was seated on one end, Gail was closer to the other Padma somewhere between, so I think there was sharing, but not one plate among all four. Plus, I’m sure the other chefs made sure the judges partook of what was on the table. The dishes I really wanted to eat were Stephanie's, Melissa's, and Kevin's, but then I love all their ingredients and their interpretations looked better to me than the original dishes, especially Stephanie's pasta.
  15. Stan's an interesting case, in that they brought him in seemingly with one story in mind (talented, but assholish and of course chauvinistic, with a lot of bluster), but that only worked for so long, especially given that he came in after the boys' club years of Sterling Cooper. So he lost the bluster and was morphed into someone who respected Peggy professionally and personally and had mature relationships with his colleagues. Harry, on the other hand, started out decent, both professionally and personally, but just curdled as a person during the SCDP years. It’s true that he brought plenty to the firm, but he grew ever more grasping and became an asshole to his colleagues and irredeemably piggish personally. And speaking of flawed characters, I think Pete was one of the most consistently drawn and complex, start to finish. He could be entitled, jealous, resentful, and manipulative, with a chip on his shoulder, and also competent, innovative, thoughtful, and kind, all of which hewed to the backstory established early on and was reflected in and built on his relationships throughout the show.
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