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  1. Amazon Prime has one season of Australian Changing Rooms, which is like Trading Spaces/UK Changing Rooms gone big, with budget to match. Instead of two days, one room and $1-2K, it’s five days, three rooms, and AU$20K (~US$15K), so they can really do quality makeovers with things like new kitchen counters, bathroom tiling (done by pros) and fixtures, appliances, buying furniture, and using less MDF for construction. It still has the homemade crafts/art, sewing projects, send the participants off to buy something at a second-hand store stuff, but the designers are more serious and less gimmicky
  2. Confirmed date for Season 10 première on PBS is September 26, per CTMW Facebook account.
  3. What tragic hair Maeve is sporting in that clip.
  4. I have his cookbook, Smoke & Pickles, and it’s very good.
  5. Tom and Padma are credited as executive producers, which is usually more of a business arrangement (meaning financial compensation) than hands-on production.
  6. It’s the root that’s eaten, and burdock root is a traditional ingredient in Japanese cooking.
  7. It’s just an Italian thing, so only makes sense/holds in that context. Even Marcella Hazan, who was quite traditional in her approach to Italian cooking, has a recipe that combines shrimp and mozzarella in one of her later books, though. Well-made shrimp and grits is fantastic eating!
  8. They may be told things by the producers, but I seriously doubt they’re seeing any same-day footage. The cameras get hours and hours of footage, and it’s not going to be edited on the fly. Besides, executive producer credit is usually more about financial arrangements than hands-on production.
  9. I may have missed something, but I don’t think we saw Gabe making these deliberations, rather than lamenting that he was now a tortilla short. I'm not sure he really had or took the time to think through those other options. In an ideal scenario, he’d have made a few extra tortillas, but he was running behind in his prep and made all the tortillas at the last minute.
  10. None of those shows make sense to me in GOAT context. I never watched the X Files, but I’ve seen and liked the others, but no. small voice/ I don’t rate WW among mine, either /small voice. But I get it.
  11. All I said was that she didn’t have to say what she said in response to the judges. We only know for sure what we’re shown. Anything else on the part of the producers, the judges, and the contestants, is just conjecture.
  12. She didn’t get something on the plate that she wanted to serve, but she met the challenge requirements, which were to serve a cold dish and a hot dish showcasing Dungeness crab. Fried potatoes were not a requirement, and she didn’t even have to tell the judges she intended to serve them. They had a few quibbles, but pretty universally praised the food she served, just as they had quibbles with but also praised both of Gabe’s dishes.
  13. Although I note that in the opening sentence, the authors phrases Padma's signature line in the way that makes sense (“Utensils down, hands up”) rather than how she actually says it (“Hands up, utensils down”).
  14. It doesn’t seem any different to me this year, it’s almost always pretty intrusive, more so in the QF than the EC, but since season 2-3, there’s always been a ton of it.
  15. No. LCK is over, and the last person there didn’t win the right to return. I won’t go into the mechanics here, since it has its own thread.
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