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  1. This one of the very few TV shows that portrays older women as people instead of as grannies or bitter hags. Nice to see the friendship developing between Phyllis & Millicent. Although Sister Julienne was bordering on being a busybody by pushing that young woman to keep her children even though she knew adoption was in their best interest. Still love the show and I suspect more cut scenes.
  2. I have a feeling going to stay at the “Mother House” allowed her to keep the baby...however Mother Mildred could have been less aggressive and perhaps negotiated a settlement for the child.
  3. Since when is is pineapple a spring fruit?
  4. Someone with at serious an illness would not be cavorting in a field and would have told her lover/friend with benefits beforehand. Erica needs to dump Stephanie fast.
  5. Apparently there is a cut scene showing them all leaving for Churchill’s funeral...a significant historical moment in history next time they have a pledge drive I’ll say no pledges unless you restore the cut scenes!
  6. It’s back on PBS with cut scenes I suspect...but great to see it back. With this lockdown I’ve been watching old episodes on Netflix.
  7. For a free wedding in NYC who cares about hair & makeup...look like the kids they hired from the beauty school aren’t working out. OMG Randy are you going to redo all the brides hair & makeup
  8. So first round winner misses an ingredient but wins?
  9. Season 3 issues - too much Margaret, not enough Anne who was nearly kidnapped and married a commoner - maybe a bit more Queen on her royal tours - should have slowed down the transition from Claire to Olivia. - liked the portrayal of Princess Alice...too bad there weren’t more of those stories. Maybe the Queen spoiling Andrew & Edward. Holding out hope for season 4
  10. That’s right Sasha you don’t need a fancy thing to get married, but you need it to secure that green card
  11. Yes, I’ve met lovely ladies from Georgia, and they don’t screech like a harpy.
  12. Me too...they’d better not “disappear” him without explanation
  13. You think Captain would have made sure the crew knew...
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