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  1. Bunnyette


    I love watching a show where the main character is a woman well past 50!
  2. However the lovely lady who was a vet may not mind that. She can pursue her career knowing her husband is happy to stay home with the kids.
  3. Hopefully there’ll be a season 2!
  4. Mother Pradhyuman seems very eager to marry him off ASAP, hence hiring Auntie.
  5. When does Auntie get paid? Upon a successful marriage or after 3 successful dates?
  6. Poor Nadia with that flaky Vinnie, Pradhyuman is gay...
  7. I’ve just started watching this show. When I watch this type of food competition I’d much rather watch innovation & different techniques than same old stuff like slapping mayo on a turkey.
  8. The reason truffles are the cost as a diamond ring is because they only grow in the wild & are very difficult to find. You can spend hours hunting for one.
  9. Exactly! Gregory looked to be in a lot of pain and didn’t look too upset at being eliminated. I think Melissa won because her dish was different. I was in Verona last October one night we ate in a little hole in the wall. I had the best dish of polenta with mushrooms. So simple but delicious. If you can showcase an ingredient perfectly, you are a true chef. I feel that the truffle was the star of her dish. However, I think she needs to stop with the congee now.
  10. I wish food network Canada would pony up the $$ for a 2 hour finale...sigh
  11. Imrun is very lucky that Jo made a salad again...once they forgave her, a second time - PYKG. Imrun should have gone last week.
  12. More cut scenes! Yes it was a bit to neat. And unrealistic view of miscarriage as well. You don’t just carry on. what annoys me about the cuts is that PBS adds about 10 minutes worth of behind the scenes footage! I’d rather see the cut scenes.
  13. So Imrun who has consistently been in the bottom week after week stays. Xin who has been pretty good is eliminated along with Dominique. Very strange choice, I’d have sent the person (Imrun!) who was in the bottom for the 3rd week in a row home. To bad 2 had to be eliminated.
  14. I thought the same thing. Either the producers insisted the prom party go ahead or else...or Amy is a famewhore. I keep reading her relationship with her parents was difficult - that may have a factor in going ahead with prom. Zach’s shrug of his shoulders at the news of grandmas death tells me she wasn’t all that close to Amy’s kids.
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