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  1. This Facebook post caused much consternation- poor judgement why pose in your bathing suits? https://www.facebook.com/100044468948037/posts/378304233661872/ Lol, he’s the first homeowner give real feedback, usually they stand there in silence just nodding
  2. Maybe Bryan was worried Sarah would turn it into a 60 room mansion
  3. Wow, very powerful confession by Dean…this is why I love the Brit police dramas
  4. Something to consider, do not have Tara & Johnny as commentators on anything
  5. Loved how all the athletes in the Heptathlon waited to congratulate Damian & his fellow Decathlon participants
  6. He tripped over himself…
  7. Or the victims of the unsolved murders
  8. And his widow said Diana was a huge help & comfort to her but the show doesn’t show that https://www.elle.com/culture/movies-tv/a34744703/the-crown-major-hugh-lindsay-prince-charles/
  9. All the hype & pressure must be huge on her. We still forget, she’s 24 years old. I’m wondering if TPTB should have kept out of the limelight a bit more.
  10. If I was Cassie’s supervisor, I’m not sure I’d let her back to her old job knowing she’d be upset at having to work another 3 months. Put her on a special project. Yes, very odd that the 2 police officers did not ensure the body was well disposed especially the vice guy.
  11. It was on HGTV Canada at 9 July 4
  12. So they order these expensive art pieces, and the artist doesn’t send a layout…and Bryan promises the spoilt brats baby goats…
  13. I’m actually getting tired of the flirty behaviour. Other mixed but not married to each other hosts don’t behave like this (i.e. Love it or list it Vancouver).
  14. Kym was robbed! Instead of having the other contestants as sous chef, use some from the hotel. Much more neutral. Erika had a bad attitude which turned me off & my sense of fair play is offended as Erika also worked for McEwan. Boooooo
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