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  1. Kym was robbed! Instead of having the other contestants as sous chef, use some from the hotel. Much more neutral. Erika had a bad attitude which turned me off & my sense of fair play is offended as Erika also worked for McEwan. Boooooo
  2. Note that Deborah & Mrs. Scott didn’t appear on camera together.
  3. I guess that’s why Scott’s wife showed up with the kids in the latest episode.
  4. What was Alex thinking grinding octopus? Anyone who has worked for Mark McEwan should not be allowed to compete. Time for Erica and her snarkiness to leave. Kim for the win.
  5. Loved it when Fiona was doing the hula and Francis providing a voiceover. But they were so kind to the residents. So glad I found this show.
  6. Then Olav stumbling into car only to find King Haakon sitting there. I’ll be honest I felt teary eyed watching the return to Norway and Haakon trying not to cry.
  7. The oldest is pursuing his equestrian career in Canada. So he’s living with his grandparents
  8. Olav was a much loved King of Norway, to show him as jealous and petty is just bad. Same for FDR, “I’ll give the ship to Belgium unless Norway sends Martha!” . While some creative licence is expected, defaming historical figures characters (2 of Olav’s children are still alive) is small minded and mean.
  9. I’m finding host Eden very irritating this season. I’ve never liked the concept of bringing back eliminated contestants. And why only 3 & not 4? Hopefully there’s an explanation why.
  10. Aside from flirting with FDR, Martha was quite busy during the war: Wartime activities why would the fifth columnist encourage her Nazi pals to come ashore when the place was crawling with secret service due to FDRs visit?
  11. French toast from a whole wheat baguette!? Yep that’ll get you sent home. Why not a beautiful quiche instead? Oh Siobhan.
  12. Tartar for a picnic? A gourmet sandwich would have been much better. And a good chef would ignore suggestions to add cheese. Chicken liver pate would have been a much better choice. Darn I really liked Jae Anthony he had some personality.
  13. Princess Astrid is still alive and helps her brother Harald out with a number of duties. I’d love to see an interview with her about her time in the US...yes I think the adults knew poor Vismla was a victim of the Nazis so agreed to the new puppy. According to what I read online Martha actually visited Olav in the UK and went with Roosevelt to meet Churchill in 1941. I hope they show that!
  14. I agree, but this year would have very hard given the pandemic. Hopefully next year! I’d love to see Halifax or Montreal.
  15. PBS has a facts vs fiction on its website and it’s true the fishermen did sing the Nation Anthem as the family went to the ship, in return the Crown Princess held up little Olav to them.
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