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  1. I read the book when it first came out and, although it didn't occur to me at the time, now I think Liane Moriarty must have written the character Frances with Melissa McCarthy in mind because she's perfect in the role.
  2. Congratulations to Katie Nageotte! She would have been happy with any color medal (unlike the Russian) but gold is always nice.
  3. Shane has spent this entire honeymoon obsessing over getting the wrong room and paying little attention to his wife but he doesn't want her working because it would take time away from him? He is a typical controlling asshole.
  4. I was wondering that myself - I think if they're filming this now, during the pandemic, they can't use child actors but I was surprised that they didn't even talk about her.
  5. You don't do that to your kids - you tell them funny stories but you don't tell them stories like this - it makes you look bitter and jealous.
  6. Did anyone but me think that Zachary Quinto and his co-worker/assistant really didn't like each other?
  7. Was there any explanation as to how he transported all 3 of them from the back of his truck to that bunker beneath a trap door in what looks like a barn? (I admit, I wasn't paying 100% attention so perhaps they did explain it.)
  8. The only two movies I liked this year were One Royal Holiday and New Year's Resolution, both because of the casts.
  9. I bought this one also - not only does it have mature adults as leads (and it's implied that they have sex Christmas morning) but it also stars an insanely talented 7 year-old Hayden Panettiere. I watch it every year, sometimes more than once.
  10. This could have been one of my favorite seasons if it weren't for that damn alliance nonsense. And like many of you, I hope the blondes get invited back - they were one of the most likeable teams that's ever been on TAR and they got screwed. TAR really needs to find a way to ban alliances. They only make sense on shows where you can get voted off - they make no sense when your goal is to beat EVERY other team to the pit stop.
  11. You and I like and dislike all the same people - you need to publish your speadsheet when it's done.
  12. Alliances make sense on competitive reality shows where you're trying not to get voted off. They don't make sense on a show where you're trying to beat every other team to a certain location.
  13. Because my only experience with Japanese baking was making milk bread rolls using the tangzhong method I was sure that would be one of the challenges. Sadly, I was wrong.
  14. I'm an old White woman and I've always considered myself to be super liberal but I'm telling you the whole George Floyd thing was a wake up call for me. I had more honest conversations with my African-American friends than I'd ever had before. If it affected me this way, I can only imagine how it would affect a Black adult male who had been raised in a White family. I thought the show did a pretty good job addressing it from Randall's viewpoint.
  15. No kidding - it was 2 minutes of show and 5 minutes of commercials.
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