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  1. My adult son was starting a new job and got in for a haircut just before everything closed. He would not have wanted me to cut it for him. My mom dyed my hair at the kitchen table.
  2. I agree that they could have managed one more season. Too many loose ends.
  3. I thought it said April 4th. Either way I don't care, it will be on!
  4. Phooey. I liked it and was looking forward to learning more.
  5. My favorite. I remember the red shirt and headphones from "Who Are You"
  6. I got it too. Mine wasn't cheating. I feel for you. Mine is my ex because he cheated years after the fact.
  7. They got married and by looking at their FB page they look happy. His family was very welcoming of her.
  8. I was surprised by that! I don't think I ever heard it either.
  9. My three Dominican cousins all have Maria in their names. One is a second name but the other two its their first name. Out of the three only one has a daughter and her first name is Maria! My three male cousins all have Manuel in their names, two middle and one first.
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