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  1. Not a great werewolf head and a sandwich cookie.... yes not a good combination.
  2. I have eaten in the bathroom a few times when running late. Now that I have a master bath, I don't need to. We like it.
  3. And that is what I think was the trick to this. Don't overdo it but don't make it be too plain. It seemed they were looking more for the actually taste of a good brownie. That is who she looks like! Thanks for bringing that up. And yes Sura is also quite lovely.
  4. She kind of did, at least in the pictures with Jill. In the ones with Nathan and her siblings at Applebee's she looked more natural. They all did. I wonder if Nathan or Tim paid for the latest dinner out?
  5. Maybe they are sick of the Lauren they have and don't want to risk another? what hard work??? Grifting???
  6. Got to hand it to her... she got the ring! lol!
  7. It does seem like he is very enamored of her. And in Nurie's world, I guess she did win the lottery.
  8. Because they are having a good time without Jill hovering and micromanaging everything.
  9. More outings that I'm sure Nathan paid for. On the bright side, I'm glad Jill didn't go to Applebee's. How normal that a group of siblings go to hang out and enjoy each other's company without mama Jill and Shrek tagging along like they are teenagers again.
  10. Hopefully never. I hope they are both happy and drama free from now on..... so I do not have to see them on TLC!
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