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  1. I used to love Monday Night Movie of the Week!
  2. Yea, the make is not great either. Nurie is a pretty girl, you could see it in the pics of her without make up. I can just see Jill being there and saying "Nurie, let's get you looking all nice for pictures" and proceeding to pluck and splat dollar store make up on her.
  3. Oy, those eyebrows on Nurie! The seem to look worse every time I see them.
  4. I think they will do that too. Cheering for Guillermo, but I like all of them.
  5. Woman should have said hell no. I really have no sympathy for her!
  6. I still enjoy it. It isn't quite GBBO level, but I don't mind. Plus I like Guillermo!
  7. I just really want to see him in the orange jumpsuit.... wonder if he would still smirk? Would Anna be there at sentencing holding the newest blessing?
  8. Colin having a birthday sounds fun! Maybe we can find out just how old he really is.
  9. I heard in some countries "they" are telling parents not to let their kids watch it.... which means even more kids will watch it.... forbidden fruit!
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