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  1. He's not bad looking. I think he looks a lot like Anna. A cherry is a slang term for a woman's virginity and that is as detailed as I will get.
  2. I won't mock too much, I do not like camping!
  3. I guess they forget that Jesus spoke out against hypocrisy. I always remember the story of the poor widow and the rich man and church donations. It was not only about a rich man but it was also about showing off how "godly" you were.
  4. This would never have gone down in my house. I would have told my husband, you want this, I'm staying with someone. Let him take care of the perv. While I don't feel sorry because she could have done something, I guess I feel sorry that this is the way women are treated and behave in this cult. No say in anything.
  5. Those look good--- the veggies not the Hunk. Seriously, this would be one of the few opportunities the kids get to have fresh vegetables.
  6. that is one bright spot. I would think so. Lucky them. Morons!
  7. Yes, it is true. God, I want this thing to move forward.
  8. Anna would be thrilled, they can get in one more baby https://www.yahoo.com/news/josh-duggar-asks-court-move-180533888.html
  9. probably Jill. She is a moron and she likes to be the center of focus.
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