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  1. I know, she does not look well. Getting a good night's sleep is important too. Maybe with all their "traveling" the kids don't get enough good sleep in addition to the poor eating.
  2. Her smile seems genuine as if she is in a good place right now.
  3. the angles in her picture with Kaylee seem odd. Did she photoshop her in the picture?
  4. True, but maybe an entitled brat could also escape this kind of life.
  5. I prefer to think the girl has a bit more sass than the others. I only find it sad if she does, they will squash it. Or maybe not?
  6. I can't imagine going from nothing but holding hands to your first kiss and sex in the same day. I would have to have good chemistry to make it work.
  7. I don't know a lot about the Kellers but Priscilla seems like a warm person, maybe he his too.
  8. Elliot was my late cat's name. I have some odd pictures going through my head. I don't get the face thing. Is that supposed to be him caressing her face? If so, its not working. He is rather unfortunate looking, I only hope he is a kind man for Nurie's sake. She looks happy.
  9. WTF kind of sins could a 5 year old have that she needs to confess to God and be saved? Does she even comprehend the meaning of being a sinner? Of being saved? I'm Catholic and we have infant baptism to "wash away" original sin. The only trauma for the infant is maybe being scared of the water, but in all honesty, I don't think most parents or attendees even give serious thought that the baby is a sinner. Heck, the baby is not a sinner! A Christening has always meant to me made an official member of the church. The person who should be confessing is her awful mother (and father) for letting her starve. Sorry she looks exactly as you say and I don't blame genes, I blame not giving her enough or healthy enough food. If anyone is a sinner its David and Jill.
  10. I agree. They really look happy with each other.
  11. the only thing that would make it exciting if it was one who WASN'T married. I'd be up to see that.
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