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  1. Thank God your doctor was able to get them to agree to it.
  2. It doesn't look like the other women have on nylons.
  3. The War Doctor- "The pointing again! They’re screwdrivers! What are you going to do, assemble a cabinet at them?"
  4. I work at a library. We have a Studio where patrons can record music or create videos as well. We lend video games, blu-rays, Rokus (for streaming services), barbies, American girl dolls..... some libraries in our area lend cake pans, musical instruments and fishing poles! The goal is to get people in the library, the goal is to make them happy, the goal is to have them support their library the next time a referendum comes around..... give them as much value for their tax dollars. We had a referendum pass for a new building 10 years ago. Our building is huge and our patrons love it. Many libraries around us were not able to get referendums approved, they too have had to offer more to make patrons realize how valuable a resource we can be. We still have books and people still check them out. I do agree that the library isn't as quiet as it used to be. Come early in the day or on the weekends.... avoid after school!
  5. The couple I know that do Plexus are a gay couple. Jill would have LOVED that!
  6. Exactly, nor would they extend a hand to help any of these women after the baby is born. Defend in the womb, neglect once born.
  7. OMG! That is who she reminds me of! I mean Emily is pretty but that look is this look!
  8. Rite Tek looks like its a Canadian company. The even have a web page!
  9. I had a doctor order an MRI due to debilitating pain I had in my leg. Insurance denied it. He got on the phone with them and they still denied it. Insurance has the final say regardless.
  10. That woman was obsessed with being a GILF! I'm not judging but considering you are going to be a grandmother at 37, slow down a bit. She is lucky he was able to save her breasts. The woman's nose looked great when it was all over, but she was a pretty woman to begin with. She did have a glow at the end because now she was happy with her nose. I liked the twins. They weren't as annoying as I expected them to be.
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