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  1. That made my night. It was my birthday and I was picking who I wanted to win. Yay, Sawblaze!
  2. I was thinking that the firstborns in this family at least has some special time with their parents. To be the only one and have that bit of special to them...... This little girl already already has a built in older brother!
  3. I didn't think about the attention she is getting. Poor Lauren bravely having another baby after such a loss. And there is poor Joy, who actually held her stillborn infant in her arms
  4. They actually don't look so bad in the picture, wrinkled yes, but they look like they fit better. If this were the case, if they had a shower for Josie (did they?), there would have been 19 little case (counting Caleb of course). Maybe Lauren will lose this fixation when the baby is born. Heck, by the time she is in double digits she might not remember the ones that are alive.
  5. I guess that is one way to look at it, but we never saw this from Anna or Michelle and we all know they have drunk lots of Kool-aid.
  6. It probably worked for you because you handled it better, not saying you didn't mourn but it would never have crossed your mind to have a cake at the baby shower. We all react to things differently. In Lauren's case, she should have taken time to mourn and get back on her feet. This cake was as you say morbid and weird.
  7. Sadly, she isn't allowed time to mourn but has to get right back on that baby train, because God forbid she tries to prevent a pregnancy. And I'm sure she wouldn't have it any other way. I think she is suffering from depression but of course that doesn't exist when you have Jesus. Imagine she grows up with that knowledge. Will she feel they wanted Asa more?
  8. That poor baby.... I can't even begin to imagine how she is going to hear about her great big brother all her life. He (if he even was he) was not a big brother. Nothing wrong with addressing a loss but for the love of God...... and then poor Joy. I just couldn't.
  9. I don't think they do for sure from what I recently read. It was a tiny cake with blue frosting (it was one of those half unfinished cakes or whatever they call them). It had a sparkly lettering sign saying "big brother Asa"
  10. Lauren had her baby shower. There were two cakes, one for the new baby and one for "big brother Asa". Its on their instagram. I read about it and had to check it out. I have been rendered speechless.
  11. Of course not, it has to do with magic! I know what you mean about vacation. We have done small trips through out the year. I'd love to go to Universal Studios and Disney.
  12. Those poor little girls almost always looks so shabby. Fine be modest but that doesn't mean you have to look dowdy and mismatched.
  13. I'm sure they hate it but they know Jeremy has the final say so they can't say anything.
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