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  1. I didn't like seeing her on there. She bugs the h--- out of me. I have warmed to Molly though.
  2. Or the red plastic cups you write your name on with a sharpie.
  3. I didn't even think about that, but you are right.
  4. I was wondering about the hospital too. What system of insurance do they have? I thought maybe this hospital was one for people of little means. I doubt they have money.
  5. I have gone to Goodwill before. When my son needed black polos for a warehouse job, I bought almost all of them there. You can't beat $2.99 a piece. I bought a couple of pieces of clothing for myself in the last 10 years. And when I was looking for just the decoration for my sea themed bathroom, it was the only place I found what I was looking for without special ordering it.
  6. from comments on yelp its a step above a goodwill.
  7. She will after her divorce from Michael. I think she won't put up with his creepiness. Or she will put on some weight, add years, add wrinkles and he will be done with her.
  8. It probably is to come to the states, I'm sure. Its been ages since I have been to Santiago where she is from but its not a big city like Santo Domingo. Looking it up, times have changed and its a big city only second to SD. So she might not have been living in abject poverty, though you can have extreme wealth and extreme poverty within blocks of each other. My family that still lives there has remarked that there has been a rise in street crime. Two of my cousins were mugged on the street, and my cousin's daughter was robbed at gunpoint in her house (with her daughters there). So maybe that is another reason she wants to leave. Though Miami isn't exactly crime free. Thinking about clothes..... I remember seeing some people live in poor (but not the worst) conditions and they always dressed nice.
  9. It didn't look like a high end thrift store. We used to have a place out by us called Elite Repeat. They had super expensive used clothing. All the designer brands that were maybe worn once. I bought several dresses from them.
  10. You can get some very expensive clothing in DR. I went to a mall in Santo Domingo and they carry all the top designer brands. Now if she got it there, I don't know?
  11. Kobe had two strikes against him, a smushed cake and a bad design.
  12. Yes, there is so much more to tell. There have been a number of movies/series with Elizabeth. I would like to see one that concentrates on Edward/Jane and finally Mary. The three always seem to get glossed over in the story of Henry or Elizabeth.
  13. I have only watched a little bit of this. I have read/studied Tudor history for the last 30+ years and the inconsistencies just are too much for me as were the not quite so period clothing. And while I like JRM, he should have worn a fat suit. Henry was not a sexy guy with a bad leg when he died. He was gross and obese and smelly. Now I am team Katherine of Aragon. My heart always breaks for her. Henry was her "knight in shining armor". In the early part of their marriage they were a real love match. She was also a princess of Spain and took her role VERY seriously. There was no way she would get out. She was an anointed queen and as a Catholic, you didn't get divorced. Henry could have his side pieces but the title of queen rightfully belonged to her. And Katherine still adored Henry. In her final letter to him she wrote "Lastly, I make this vow, that mine eyes desire you above all things."
  14. If Anna can't watch her kids then she needs to stop popping them out. Help every so often is fine, underage live in help with a pedophile husband is wrong, wrong and evil
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