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  1. Yea, I thought that was really weird to say. I can see the term being used in worship, but your family? Maybe they all prayed?
  2. Oh, you will like it. There was also some great sportsmanship on display!
  3. I have to agree with you. If we had fonts when I was a tween, I would have used that one!
  4. Those were some great fights last night! And no controversies!
  5. Its like I told someone if you walk into a store or a restaurant and start loudly start saying inappropriate remarks and cause a disruption, they can ask you to leave. Heck, I work at a public library and we can ask you to leave.
  6. Interesting. I heard this on the business report on WGN Chicago radio. You would think they would buy the kids some new clothes and good food, but probably it will be spent mainly on Jill and Shrek.
  7. JD looks good there. He has lost weight. But I agree, she probably is.
  8. I saw elsewhere that they might have gone for lunch after church so that might be why they are dressed up.
  9. Yes, they could at least split the bill but knowing them, they didn't. At least it doesn't look like a terribly expensive place but still it had to have run nearly $200! And what is up with the suits? And is that a tuxedo? Again, it probably wasn't high end, I have been to places like that, great food not very fancy surroundings.
  10. I never liked him much so this doesn't surprise me. I feel the same. I'm happy for them.
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