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  1. ya that was so weird when she was going on and on about she didn't know what to do or how to act, like she never knew anyone who died before.
  2. It's the same girl. She must be 6 years old by now, I think. Thats what I thought, but I read upthread that she was sorased and I was amazed at the job they did. yes I thought the same thing.
  3. Is that sorased Avery the little Avery's big sister. She looks just like her, I thought it was the same girl. ooooh osteoporosis, now there's an interesting storyline
  4. Robert and Olivia... I can get behind that. When Nina was talking about Kiki and Silas I was getting all confused because now we have Cyrus.
  5. and Carly's extra thin lips??? or something seemed different about LW's face. I didnt watch the last couple of days but are the scratches on Carly's face from Nelle? Wont Sonny wonder what she did to her face? I didn't finish watching after the stupid scene of Willow talking to Wiley/baby monitor about kissing Michael and yes the only exciting thing in today's show was wondering if Olivia was going to have a full on wardrobe malfuntion!
  6. well that is how this show works, but that is unreasonable to me lol.
  7. Well at least GH has figured out confidentiality rules, now they just have to learn about PPE disposal , blue gloves in the lab coat pocket NO! Nina going to visit Willow? I agree with Willow, wtf? stupid plot point writing. Just like Olivia's first call would be to Sonny.
  8. If not for the frostbite, Callie might still be out there. She was enjoying it so much. I don't know about that, she was pretty darn skinny, I wonder if they were about to pull her for her weight but pulling for frostbite was just something new. I wish when they were in the helicopter we could at least see them eating a cookie!
  9. I didn't watch today but I was expecting some kind of "Grease" number judging by Michael and Julien's hair. Did I miss it?
  10. I like this season, yes the last few days can be boring , by then it is just a waiting game. I wonder how Roland kept his feet warm? Did he have seal skin socks or something? The scene of Roland wandering on the ice was cinematic but totally ridiculous. So he set up his camera in totally unsafe conditions to show him self wandering around talking about how dangerous it is to wander around in unsafe conditions? I wonder if the production crew hinted to him to set it up and talk about his mother so he would have some kind of story arc, because at the beginning he didn't give a rats ass about anything like that, he just wanted to win.
  11. My first chance to watch since the restart. Those white t-shirts weren't doing anyone any favors but I guess we got to to see its not just the regular folks that have put on the COVID 19.
  12. But how did she fit that giant reindeer coat in her pack?? They all seem to have a couple giant parkas that don't seem "packable". Except Amos. Kielyn 🙂 haha especially when it kinda almost sounded like he murdered his parents??? I was wondering if they would have seen the smoke of Amos's shelter burning and then hear the helicopter. That would have been disturbing.
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