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  1. yes this is exactly what I was thinking when I said I hope Carly punches Sonny in the nose when She finds out he hasn't told her the truth about Nina. Also when Sonny said Jason was like his brother. I wish Carly would have said , Yes he is like my brother too, and we could have all yelled "yes that is why you 2 kissing was squicking us out!!"
  2. You know I actually thought everyone was Ok today* except MB, he really is a terrible actor!! I thought LW really brought some nuance today as she talked about marrying Jason, and MB just stood there stuttering ugh! LW actually made me feel a little bit for Carly today in that I hope she punches Sonny in the nose when she finds out that Smike and Nina were in wuv. Sonny oh ya , he's a keeper, barf *note I was half asleep through the Peter stuff but what I saw was not even as bad as MB?Sonny
  3. Well now that Sonny has found out the Jason "started" to fall in love with Carly again, and he will soon find out that Carly has loved Jason all along, he can start to revisit all those feelings of Nixon Falls in the wonderful nuanced way of MB's acting LOL! I actually think this could be an interesting story but MB is such a terrible actor, I really don't think he will be able to pull it off. It will involve a lot of lines to remember to keep the story straight.
  4. Ya I'm not really interested in their boring conversations, in fact I left the room after Dante saying he and Lulu were definitely done so not sure what Sam said. Dante always looks like a good kisser though, not like "Mike" trying to suck Nina's face off. Anna and Robert were good together, I did laugh at 80 lb Anna holding the guy down, even if she sat on top of him I'm sure he still could have got up. hmm that was interesting. Anyways another Carly, Sonny, Jason free day so YAAA!
  5. I have come up with 2 new careers for budding entrapreneurs of Port Charles (or for Sonny when he wants to leave the mob and go back to the quiet life at Mike) 1- Local genealogist - to remind you who you are related to before you get excited about hooking up 2-Storage lockers- to store all your stuff for when you eventually come back from the dead (Carly shouldn't have to use her used her attic)
  6. So you have to share your pain by making us watch Dante and Sam 😉 Thanks💮💮💮
  7. Thank you for sacrificing and watching this crap, I just FF 😁
  8. I was surprised at my reaction to today's show. It made me enraged alright. This wonderful man ,who everyone is so happy is back, basically does a home invasion and attempted kidnapping???? Is this going to be the incident that sends Sonny wistful for the peaceful Mike? MB is a terrible actor, please stop subjecting us to this story line. I hope Sonny just decides to go back to Nixon Falls.
  9. God Sonny is such an ass, Nicholas should have said apologize or I'm calling the police for harassment and assault. Although what good would have that done, Dante would have shown up blubbering how much he loves his Dad blech! He looks terrible, all this non-Forrest Gump dialogue must be so hard for him. I hope Cam breaks up with Joss over the way Sunny was (won't happen)
  10. The worse example of that was when Jax told Carly Joss made him dinner the other night. I was like, what the hell are you talking about? That dinner was like three weeks to a month ago at least. Ya weirdly the last 3 weeks have been like 2 days but somehow Nina was hiding Mike for 9 months. It was probably Laura telling stories to Spencer about his wonderful Uncle Sonny🙄
  11. I found where Moss went to https://www.blogto.com/real-estate-toronto/2021/09/227-burgundy-drive-oakville/?fbclid=IwAR3Wd8KWmmk2_JzJL-lYOsXPfnr173GZFiU-9eiXDf2DMTwLZCwtAAFIwMs Oakville Canada! scroll down the pics,haha, maybe hid out in Jason's pocket when he was on the run with Britt.
  12. Yeah, I was hoping he might be able to take over for MC who still isn't ringing true as Nik for me, but he was ungood. The was such a shock to my system, I wasn't expecting it! Too bad a one day recast on a day when we needed to see the connection between Ava and Nik and we get someone bugging their eyes out. Sorry but I agree ungood. Good job on MW doing her best.
  13. Well that is a crap Dr if he didn't even question about Mike's amnesia and who he really is. Maybe that Dr should get a job at General Hospital. This why I don't consider that was him was getting mental health care, he had or didn't have appointments with a prescription writer.
  14. Oh ya, LW went full mamma beaver today, but she was great, it is great to hate a character because of good acting. Has Sonny not told his famliy where he was exactly yet? He stayed up all night talking to his kids and he never said he was in Nixon Falls? Then Joss would have said, hey my Dad was there. I know Sonny knows Jax was there so was probably avoiding saying where he was, but wouldn't that seem weird to not tell his family the name of the town he had been living in for 9 months. I admit I totally forget the part where Phylis took Mike to a Dr and got m
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