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  1. What the holy hell was Sam wearing? Also Willow's dress so inappropriate for even a fake wedding. If you want blue it should be more the colour of Britt's dress the other day
  2. Britt's dress won today. 2nd place to Maxie "Don't you have kids to go home to?" hahaha
  3. It seemed like the storm only came to Jordan's part of the lake. And then when he was talking about getting away from the beach and the lake, I thought they were fore shadowing the flooding of the pit house. I hope not , Theresa is really interesting (and was wearing mascara the first day??) I'm surprised the show allows it!! If you want to build a boat you should have to bring a PFD as one of your items, Do they show the lists on the website? or did she say that.
  4. only good part of today's show! The writer's probably think they are smart using words like "mRNA" and variant 😝
  5. Also the joke is if you are hiking and see a cougar.... its too late!! That is why I can't believe he saw one the first day (or first few days I wasn't keeping track). Also it was so camoflauged I couldn't see it at all. (prob harder to see on the camera)
  6. I camp in Ontario where there may be black bears, that is bad enough. Just once I camped in Jasper National Park, backpacking, on a trail with a grizzly warning. Didn't sleep a wink, didn't help that it went down to 2 degrees C and snowed overnight. We hiked out the next day. A few weeks later a women was killed by a grizzly a little farther up that trail. Yikes! I have seen a grizzly from my car north of Banff, beautiful animal when you are in a car :). ETA: To get on topic of the show: Once I was hiking and camping in northern Ontario and literally ate my weight in blueberries and I di
  7. I honestly didn't think you could eat a cougar but google says it is white meat and tasted like pork or turkey but could be very tough. Also apparently Southern BC is a premier destination for big cat hunting. I was Ok before with hunting on the show for animals more typical for eating, (rabbits, moose, musk ox) but I don't think I am going to want to watch someone shoot an arrow at a cat that they chased up a tree.
  8. with the Grizzlies I wouldn't be able to sleep at night, with the cougars I wouldn't be able to walk around during the day!
  9. They are in cougar country so I guess they are allowed to defend themselves if a cougar attacks, but "treeing" it so you can kill it (?) I'm not for that especially because you can't eat it. I would like to know what the rules are about killing cougars. So it seems no Canadian contestants this year?
  10. not everyone did though, Liz did but not Finn, this makes me think he has some connection to a past PC person that Finn wouldn't know. BL paused because she knows Austin delivered the baby, not because he looks like Franco.
  11. I know, I looked up and thought why was she in Maxie's hospital room. Also Jax went to the Q residence to check on Michael?? Even that seemed a stretch. And did they explain where Ned is that late at night, or does he still living at the MetroCourt. Someone PLEASE feed that baby! Leisl asking Britt for her details of sex with Jason was hilarious.
  12. Willow was too busy ogling the baby to pay any real mind to Brooklyn (who is fast becoming a favorite of mine; her scenes talking to little BaileyLu today were adorable and I loved when she held the baby up for Maxie to see). Also it seems like this baby doesn't need to be fed, by breast feeding or formula. I think Valentin will put it together and get BL out of the hospital so she doesn't need to be examined by the doctor. What was Maxie's and BL's plan to get a birth certificate? Valentin will be able to handle that.
  13. Oh I thought she would say Chloe took the baby so Peter will be on the hunt for Chloe
  14. It was good to see the Chase we loved, coming out of the shower today, holding his towel but kind of pulling it down at the same time 😊 Agreed. I was turned off at Sam in her baseball uniform. ETA: Seeing Sonny today, reminded me that even though I hate Mike , I do not miss Sony at all.
  15. Dante looked down right scary when he first walked in, I thought maybe he was flashing back to "must complete the mission". But yes the rest was GOLD. Speaking of scary and hilarious, Nurse Chloe actress went all in trying to get the baby until she fell down the well. Maxie's face waiting for the 20 lb newborn to breathe was ..... nothing. (again I direct you back to the video of a real mom waiting for the baby to breathe).
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