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  1. Were the flashback scenes ones that actually aired before? Some of them seemed so bad I thought maybe they were some B or C reel. Can't wait till we get the blooper reel. Nu Jordan in love scene with Curtis , blech, especially since I have been watching the beautiful Vanessa A. in season 2 of her CBC serious which she is so good in.
  2. I did notice a few split second scenes which seemed so out of place/bad editing
  3. a nurse that shreds a consent form? no show, just no!
  4. Why did they even start this storyline in this episode, that just seemed to be the straw that broke the camel's back. And especially when the 2nd part wasn't shown,it was like a big time hog.
  5. like anyone is ever going to go on a cruise again in the next few years..... c'mon give us our scenes!!
  6. Trixie was trying out a new electric shaver so they probably used razors before that, if at all?
  7. Did they cut out a scene showing the picture the ladies submitted for the prize and all we got to see was them receiving the 2nd prize? The show has so may plots at go at once and then the cutting of scenes makes it worse. I had read the synopsis about Fred finding the baby and the diptheria outbreak but the show started with Winston C. dying, Tim at school, Trixie shaving her legs, the lady in false labour, I thought I was watching the wrong episode. Don't get me wrong, I love what this show does right. But trying to put too much into a show is what it does wrong.
  8. I have no clue what is going on in the Gus-Nacho-Lalo-Mike story. Mr Blackie and I have tried to remember it, run through it but we can't . It has dragged on too long and too slow unfortunately
  9. so I guess that is not Rebecca on the deathbed???? maybe it is Kate? or Nikki's wife?
  10. Kevin's kid is about 10 and they have aged Kevin and Randall about 30 years, and Rebecca about 40. Ok I starting reading through and I see others had the exact same thought. Unless after the great pandemic of 2020 all anti aging procedures and products are banned.
  11. That is funny, I wasn't listening to the dialogue, I think I was on the phone, but just looking at the screen, I was thinking Willow doesn't look anything like Harmony.
  12. Sasha's dress looked like the kind of dress Lucy used to were, totally form fitting. It didn't really look that good on her
  13. Sasha's dress looked like the kind of dress Lucy used to were, totally form fitting. It didn't really look that good on her
  14. well she did say she had to find a reason to lure Curtis away from Jordan so she could talk to him
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