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S12.E11: Love Him and Leave Them

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The ladies celebrate Halloween with a scream-inducing tour of Blood Manor; Tinsley returns from Chicago with a life-changing decision and major relationship update; Ramona brings Dorinda and Sonja to Long Island to help plan her birthday party.

Airs June 11, 2020.

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Tinsley fights back like a whiny fifth grader though. I can’t. All she announced was that she and Scott were back together and she was probably moving. Dorinda was out of line but it’s not like Tinsley announced her engagement. All she said was they were “on again.” As opposed to off again. Which has happened how many times. Ugh.

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Did Dorinda just tell Ramona to be kind?  Really Dorinda?  You wouldn't know kind if it peed on your leg.



Of course they're jealous. Luann married a loser and was married 6 months before filing for divorce. Dorinda most likely was dumped by John. Sonja and Ramona old hags chasing after men in bars. Then they see Tinsley engaged to a wealthy man. She is happy and planning the life that she wants They are all green. 

I don't know how I feel about this comment.  Is "old hags" ageist?

I usually don't like comments that women just HAVE to be jealous because another woman has a man.  I've seen Scott, he's no prize.  BTW, is Tinsley married yet?

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Ramona's annual birthday party is getting annoying. They could save time and money and just re run that last few years where they argue over who is her BESTSEST girfriend and jealous and all that crap.

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I’m completely nonplussed about Tinsely’s engagement that didn’t happen yet and her announcement of moving to Chicago.  She kept it off the show, so I don’t care.  I can only imagine her co-stars feeling that way x20.  It’s like, if you didn’t care to tell anyone about it, then...they have every right not to care about it.  

I think they had the wrong motivations.  I think they were jealous, which is ugly.  I think Ramona not congratulating Tinsley because Ramona was finally back in Dorinda’s good graces and she was afraid to piss off Dorinda was not just ugly, but insanely childish.  But if I had been in the same situation as them, I would have the same reaction—“oh, you’re getting married and moving away?  Ok, good.  Have fun with that.”  I would wish that person the best.  But if we’re not friendly enough for you to tell me things ahead of social media, I’m not going to celebrate you in the way you deem fit.  

It was like Teresa with the tabloids in season four of RHNJ.  All of Teresa’s friends/co-stars were wondering over and over why Teresa was giving interviews to the tabloids that she and her husband might be going to jail, but Teresa refused to discuss it with anyone on the cast.  Ok, then, good luck with your legal case and I’ll see you around.  How can anyone be there for you if you don’t bring them in, right, wrong, or indifferent?

To the extent that Ramona, Luann and Dorinda kept their arrangements with Mario, Alex/Tom and John, respectively, off the show, I also don’t give a damn what went on.  Luann kept her divorce private for all of season two.  But she didn’t ask for attention for it once it came to air, so that was pretty fair.  Other than hiding the fact that she and Tom were divorcing, Luann got dragged about Tom for all of season eight and half of season nine because she put it out there for TV.  If Tinsley is going to withhold info because of some wish for privacy or something, then she doesn’t get the big hearty congratulations on air that she thinks she deserves.  I think she gets an “attaboy” and then we move onto something more interesting.  Next!

I thought Dorinda’s cracks about moving out of the hotel and hoping that Tinsley liked Chicago to be kind of funny in a twisted way.  She wasn’t being brutal or especially cruel, she was just being a bitch, kind of the way Luann laughed that Carole had no kids when Luann and Carole were fighting about Adam in season seven.  Part of what made it funny was that Luann spent no time with her own kids.  In the same vein, that type of immature dig about someone having to leave New York and move out of a hotel because they’re moving in with a Chicago millionaire businessman is not punching down, so I thought it was fun snark coming from Dorinda for a change.  

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Hell yea hit the road Tins and leave these "bad bitches" behind, they aren't happy for you.

And Ramona cares this much -><- yep as she gives her 2 minutes of her time before her date.

She's quite the piece of work.

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