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  1. Yea I grew up in a family like that , luckily not fundy, just....odd. It is still weird.
  2. The baby looks fake, like she's carrying around her daughter's doll. And their kids look more like her family than Duggars which could be good or bad depending.
  3. Some fundies see suffering as a badge of honor or martyrdom as in my idiot aunt who suffered for decades married to a womanizing drunk who spent all their money at the track, as a bonus. But she LOVED him and divorce wasn't for her. God set her up with a trial. Ok if that works for you, sounds crazy to me.
  4. Maybe rolling cars is just the family tradition. Just guessing here.
  5. Oh I need help, PK made me laugh really hard over that brain surgery issue. Maybe Erika has Munchausens by proxy and Tom is in danger.
  6. Ok this shit week has been saved. This is the second Toonces reference I have read.
  7. Are you....calling Erika a liar? (gasping). Hold on, I have to find some pearls.
  8. "So Tom got attacked by a herd of buffalo but he's fine, after we put a bandaid over it. And my son was shot into space but then the parachute didn't deploy but I think he's ok too." She's got stories.
  9. They wait patiently, constantly training, diligently awaiting the signal from someone in the government to parachute in and save the populace. Yea they are idiots.
  10. Yea he is scum but nobody is forcing these women to debase themselves in the first place. Who in their right mind would do a Real Housewives show?
  11. Compared to Lisa , everyone looks fat, just have to say. Which is not to say she's making herself look great here. This is really something her lawyers are probably screaming about and alienates people who might be supporters, IF she has any left.
  12. I find it hard to dredge up any sympathy for her in general. Nobody has a perfect parent and most of us find a way to be normal human beings and not angry assholes. Lack of praise growing up doesn't even rate a 1 on the scale of a lousy childhood.
  13. So they have to *gasp* read! Say it isn't so. So I will-reading isn't their strong suit. And Amy isn't apart of that whole deal. Sorry lol.
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