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  1. Photo op to look so happy during this lovely mess Josh has gotten himself into. Why if we don't have him in the picture it's almost like he doesn't exist.
  2. I wonder how much money Covenant Eyes is losing after Josh let everyone know how easy it is to outwit it. I bet their elves are busy in the workshop trying to come up with new coding and new ad copy. "Oops we fixed it!"
  3. If Josh were gay they would disown him faster than the speed of sound all while loving the sinner and hating the sin of course. From a very big distance.
  4. Well yes they do that. But Duggars subvert societal (non-religious) norms. Or attempt to. Maybe the Kardashians do that also considering the acceptance of sex tapes by young people. Ok they are both horrible people.
  5. Hey progress! Now they only have the long grass. :)
  6. The problem is the Kardashians don't think they need to control everything and those of the Duggar ilk do. Look up the Seven Mountains Mandate. Now the Kardashians have tried to wreck fashion (someone please explain them and Kanye to me) and have tried to convince their followers that if it didn't get documented on social media it didn't happen so yea they have influence.
  7. I think their religion requires installation of that river of denial early on when joining.
  8. If she had raised her children better and without the Pearl Method, gotten help for Josh when he was younger, not abdicated her role as mother and only not been a brood mare, she might rate a lot more sympathy. If she could only say "I didn't do a good job" or "I could have done something better", that might work. She and Boob were the ultimate designers of this nightmare. I feel sorry for the girls who are left to deal with the emotional fallout of Josh's crimes.
  9. It's like the religious version of "choose your own adventure" children's literature. Do what you want, no matter how illegal, immoral, or ill-advised and Jesus will love you anyway. And before someone mentions that Jesus forgives, I know. I just don't think the Duggars ever really follow the teachings, just what's convenient.
  10. I think Boob worships the almighty dollar and has the desire to control others (as in you aren't me or my people types) more than he worships Jesus- as evidenced in his love of money, all those LLC's, etc, and that inconvenient little bible passage in which Jesus encourages people to give away all their worldly goods and follow him. But hey that's ignored a lot by lots of people. I love run on sentences but it's way too early in the morning and I'm tired.
  11. A 20 some year old Bentonville guy just got 30 years for this crime. He claimed that "since the images were from the 70's, the children were now adults so it shouldn't count. Criminals, go figure. Is it too much to hope that Josh shared this lawyer?
  12. He wasn't front and center but he sure found a way to show up in the background often enough. Just not good enough TLC.
  13. I'm sure a fair number of leg humpers will excuse Josh due to Satan causing this behavior. Anna may not have known what was going on since it sounds like he used the computer at the car lot. But she should have realized something was hinky after all the property sold and was put in her name only. Sure would have made me suspicious but then I have an education. Someone who was already arrested might have ratted out Josh, who knows.
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