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  1. "Sleep to be depraved"?? Dear god she's teaching her children? She should be locked up. Though crimes against the english language are her lesser offenses.
  2. Well vaccinations are bad, polio and smallpox are GOOD. Or so it would seem.
  3. Really John and Abbie- Time "Flys" ? Their children will be the dumbest humans on earth. Well all of the Duggars and their spawn, not just poor Gracie. No fair, they fixed it.
  4. People I know with Hunters will die in them or at least pass them on to the next woman in the family (read as steal them from the house before the corpse is cold). They would never get to a thrift store.
  5. At least they have pants. I kid. Jana probably picked out their clothes and then the last one in...oops out of luck kid so no suit for you. Jana is probably the defacto photography organizer. Maybe wrinkled is in for fundies?
  6. Sinner twin looks like a news anchor. Not in a bad way, mind you. Jed! reminds me of Alfred E. Neuman. The rest...ugh and they left one out, the one that nobody evidently likes. How much Jesus would co-sign this.
  7. A grown woman telling people that her 18 yr old is her "best friend". Meaning she doesn't have any real friends. I admit I only want to watch Jill's former best friend what'sername marry that Duggar-adjacent guy to snark. I hope Kaylee noticed that her sister lost her position as her crazy mother's "best friend".
  8. Ivy's musical ability- not to diminish her musicality but...she hears that song about every single week considering the size of that family. But yea she's remarkably on target, note-wise. Not that I don't wish she becomes a musical prodigy singing opera and obtains a full ride scholarship to Julliard and never looks back and then writes a book about the crazy little people in Arkansas. Dream big little Ivy.
  9. I worked with someone who ate kiwis whole, fuzz and all. I hate kiwi too and cannot imagine eating it whole, the skin seems like fuzzy burlap to me.
  10. Thank you! People always look at me sideways when I say that. I hate all melons except cantaloupe because of the texture. I also cannot cut the stuff to save my life.
  11. I read that as "socially disturbed family night" ha.
  12. I feel so sad for that baby. It's a shame you can't pick your parents (who have a brain). But you know Jesus will save her. If they love Jesus so much why do they continually give him so much extra work to do?
  13. It's a rash guard to prevent sunburn, I wear one too. So she's not stupid about this but sure let little kids drink salty pickle juice.
  14. Oh god that's gross and way too salty for a little kid Jessa, you dumbass.
  15. Even if one has insurance the hospital frequently wants a down payment that basically is your deductable. I had to do this 2 years ago when they asked me for $3000 for an overnight (possible) hospital stay. Ysabel's surgery is massive and usually requires a few nights in an ICU and that's hugely expensive. I had an adult friend have the same surgery and she had to stay in the recovery room for 24 hours before she could be moved to the ICU, I can't even imagine that cost. But they probably don't have reasonable insurance for people with a million kids.
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