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  1. No wait, she can't possibly catch anyone to suck their blood so she'd be the skinniest vampire ever. Unless she entices victims closer with her alluring personality and sparkling wit. Nah.
  2. AAAAH THE SUN. I think she's really a vampire.
  3. Her inappropriate smile or smirk is really not good. And I thought her friend said they had a bed for her?
  4. Her saturation dropped so low he should probably send her to the hospital, yikes.
  5. She's wider than that chair which is quite amazing. Can't wait til the all food all day isn't forthcoming and we hear the screaming.
  6. (gesturing over the hospital bed) THIS WHOLE LIFE. Eh who wouldn't want a "life" like that.
  7. I've done that after frying my hair in Hawaii. And I wasn't lying naked in my bed in front of an ambulance crew so I would like some props for that.
  8. Need more men. Now they all need back surgery.
  9. She is committing passive suicide, that's all.
  10. "I need to do my hair" now that's something nobody ever said here. My god that hair.
  11. Who prescribes her medications? How does she get to the doctor's office? How does she have blood work done? I don't get it.
  12. Isn't that called Intermittant Fasting? 🙂
  13. Priorities, gosh. I can see her in a nice tablecloth with a hole cut out for her head. Festive for Christmas, Easter, etc.
  14. Does the provider live with her? So many questions.
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