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  1. Can the teacher fail the kids because their mother has no business home-schooling them because she's a dumbass?
  2. Holy crap Janessa could have done a better job of that. I'm sure that post will disappear soon because no one agrees with her.
  3. I'm all for calling assholes assholes. I can't tolerate Jeremy and his ilk at all. I might be cranky today.
  4. Why yes I can see Jill shake down Jesus and making him buy Plexus from her.
  5. And you know that the "correct" Jesus is responsible for freedom, don't you? That would be the blue-eyed blonde haired one.
  6. What a fun life these kids have, shopping with a Duggar brother. Do those boys ever stay home or do they get some maternal affection from Hillaria and that's why they show up in Texas all the time? I'm sure she tells Claire to share everything they do on social media so she has something to respond to.
  7. LOL did anyone read the article? It states the "mansion" that LaCount (really people?) and Maria live in "boasts a fireplace and a porch". Well well my house boasts a fireplace and 3 porches so I am very fancy.
  8. Those girls probably didn't give ThE BEst MOMMA EvER any presents so they got the pool they deserved. Probably.
  9. I think in this heat Hillary wins because she's such a freaking try-hard. Jilly is just plain insane so she gets a pass this time.
  10. Next will be "we have seen the Duggars but we don't really know them and they aren't our type of Christian."
  11. I wouldn't trust a Duggar or Bates with any amount of money and I would demand transparency which is not going to happen as Grift is their blood type.
  12. Well you know if you sleep in your makeup, it's easy. Voila already a head start. She really is demented.
  13. Photo op to look so happy during this lovely mess Josh has gotten himself into. Why if we don't have him in the picture it's almost like he doesn't exist.
  14. I wonder how much money Covenant Eyes is losing after Josh let everyone know how easy it is to outwit it. I bet their elves are busy in the workshop trying to come up with new coding and new ad copy. "Oops we fixed it!"
  15. If Josh were gay they would disown him faster than the speed of sound all while loving the sinner and hating the sin of course. From a very big distance.
  16. Well yes they do that. But Duggars subvert societal (non-religious) norms. Or attempt to. Maybe the Kardashians do that also considering the acceptance of sex tapes by young people. Ok they are both horrible people.
  17. Hey progress! Now they only have the long grass. :)
  18. The problem is the Kardashians don't think they need to control everything and those of the Duggar ilk do. Look up the Seven Mountains Mandate. Now the Kardashians have tried to wreck fashion (someone please explain them and Kanye to me) and have tried to convince their followers that if it didn't get documented on social media it didn't happen so yea they have influence.
  19. I think their religion requires installation of that river of denial early on when joining.
  20. If she had raised her children better and without the Pearl Method, gotten help for Josh when he was younger, not abdicated her role as mother and only not been a brood mare, she might rate a lot more sympathy. If she could only say "I didn't do a good job" or "I could have done something better", that might work. She and Boob were the ultimate designers of this nightmare. I feel sorry for the girls who are left to deal with the emotional fallout of Josh's crimes.
  21. It's like the religious version of "choose your own adventure" children's literature. Do what you want, no matter how illegal, immoral, or ill-advised and Jesus will love you anyway. And before someone mentions that Jesus forgives, I know. I just don't think the Duggars ever really follow the teachings, just what's convenient.
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