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  1. Kate annoying two (or more) of her children simultaneously is one of my favorite things. I hope she gets that family dinner sometime soon. Also, I love Lucas/Philip together and think they don’t comment on each other’s lives enough.
  2. Congratulations, you win the internet today.
  3. I thought the enormous master bedroom looked like a hotel lobby. And that’s fine if that’s what they wanted. But then the husband described it as “cozy,” which made me wonder if this couple somehow didn’t grasp how incredibly huge their home is.
  4. And the tea, when the other side tells the story, is that KA took the paycut as asked and PR did not. All of the actors were asked to take lower guarantees and no one was guaranteed a story at all times. PR didn't like those terms, as is his right. Then PR came back... for just long enough to decimate the Hope/Aiden storyline KA had worked so hard to build after sitting around in limbo because the show didn't want to give her a story without him (even though he'd gotten stories without her). They could have told that story, but they didn't. They showed Aiden disliking Hope for many mon
  5. Well, yes, when you get meta both Bo's and Hope's actions come down to bad writing. I have a bit of sympathy for the writers in this situation, though, because there are no good solutions when one half of a cornerstone couple wants to stay and the other wants to leave. In retrospect they should have killed Bo right away, but I can understand them wanting to wait a while in case Peter Reckell decided to come back or Kristian Alfonso decided to leave. If either actor changed his/her mind in those few years, the story would have ended in the universally preferred outcome of a Bope reunion. But th
  6. In theory I agree with this. But in practice I feel like Hope was the proverbial frog in the pot of water slowly coming to a boil. It wasn't as if, out of the blue, Bo vanished or said he no longer wanted to be with Hope. It started with Bo being away from Hope and Ciara for long periods of time for various agreed-upon reasons: taking care of Caroline, taking care of Kimberly, working on a case. Then it was gradual extensions of the time spent away, but with phone calls and other communications assuring her that he loved her and missed her. For months/years was a trend of slower and slower com
  7. Not at all sure, but I think that might have been one of Greta’s challenges in the virtual Garden of Eden? It has that look to me.
  8. Haiden pictures! I know it’s sacrilege, but I really enjoyed them and wished the show would have kept Aiden around if Peter Reckell wasn’t willing to return long term. ETA: I would rather Hope stayed away for now. If she came back to Salem, she’d have to genuflect to her serial killer son-in-law and perhaps pine after Rafe. I want better for her. Offscreen I can imagine that she’s visiting Melissa and Jennifer and Kimberly/Shane and Claire and her grown-up “son” JT. Maybe she’s kicking ass and solving crimes like the badass she was meant to be. Yeah, it’s a shame she can’t be there for Do
  9. …. And if they had gotten married, this hypothetical would not be the first time Brady got together with one of his stepgrandmothers! Of course Nicole was his stepbrother’s fiancé before she was his grandfather’s wife, so maybe that was the part he found appealing?
  10. LOL, Roman wants there to be a film memorializing how John and Marlena had an affair while she was married to him?
  11. It did! Even more so since they used one of their classic 80s cornerstone couples. Bonus points because the characters involved would definitely have those viewpoints.
  12. There was an angel in the form of Isabella but I don’t remember an appearance by God.
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