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  1. She doesn't have to be perfect to be good at her job. Anyway, I am glad that Sandy did put Pete on notice and while I think Alex and Rob didn't need to be in that meeting, it can't hurt for them also to know that sexist asshole behavior will not be tolerated.
  2. Claiming that Malia is "in over her head," based on one meeting (none of which was uncalled for), when the evidence on screen is that she's capable, competent, and a good communicator is IMO pretty sexist. Saying that there is more room for her growth in the bosun role isn't sexist. Suggesting she's not good at her job when all evidence is to the contrary is sexist. And that's essentially what Pete is also trying to do with all of his little comments.
  3. You of course realize that there is a material difference between a United States Senator bringing the full weight of the United States government against individuals doing something that they constitutionally had a right to do - organize politically (much as I don't agree with communism, the communist party has a right to exist) - vs. employers deciding that someone's public statements are either repugnant to them or too much of a headache to handle? I mean, the "government holding hearings and threatening people" is kind of a huge part of McCarthyism that you are just glossing right over.
  4. Fundamentally, I just believe that most of the criticisms of either Sandy or Malia are just ways to excuse and distract from Pete's behavior. I am not sure either Sandy or Malia handled it perfectly, though I will point out that Malia already had to take Pete aside once to tell him to not undermine her, and I think she handled that well. And I'm never going to object to one woman standing up for the authority of another woman. But the more time spent talking about Sandy or Malia, the less time is spent on acknowledging that Pete is a sexist asshole. And that's what often happens when women stand up for themselves against sexist assholes - their actions and words are picked apart while the offending man is excused with "boys will be boys." One nice thing, though, as I said above is that at least Alex and Rob seem like decent guys, which is a relief given how deeply misogynistic the crew of guys were on the last season of Below Deck.
  5. Way to employ hyperbole. I don't think my standards - expecting a guy who has been given ample signals that he's acting like a sexist asshole - are way too high.
  6. She should not have to have been in the military or use a "command voice." First of all, Pete should have known better to ever use "sweetheart" with his boss. Notice that neither Adam nor Rob use that term, so it's entirely possible for a man to refrain from using a sexist term that undermines and belittles his boss. Secondly, she told him once to stop. That should have been the end of it. And it certainly should have been the end of it when she told him to not go against her in front of the other guys. Pete knew what he was doing, which was to undermine the authority of his boss, because he's a sexist asshole. It's not incumbent on Malia to use a "command voice" to get him to stop. It's incumbent on him to stop being a sexist asshole.
  7. The only person that deserves criticism for Pete's behavior is Pete. Not Malia for complaining about it. Not Sandy for putting an end to it. Not Rob and Adam for not putting Pete in his place. I'm glad that Adam was aware that it was directed at Pete and for Rob for talking to Malia about it directly. But I roll my eyes at criticizing Sandy for nipping such sexist behavior in the bud.
  8. I have no comment on whether or not Scott is a "prize," but I do want to say that there is way more to a person than whether or not they are good-looking. Scott seems to me to be an average-looking guy - he's neither handsome nor ugly. But he doesn't have to "good-looking" for Tinsley to either be attracted to him or to love him. I don't feel like I've seen enough of him to know what his personality is like and I do take the point that the on-again, off-again nature of their relationship indicates some challenges there going forward. I just don't really understand the argument that his looks should factor in as to what Tins wants from him. If he were the best looking guy on the planet, the on-again/off-again thing would still be a cause for concern. And again, Scott is who Tinsley seems to want, regardless of whether or not the rest of us find him physically appealing.
  9. To me, the subtext of that conversation was Lu and the others saying, "I can't believe you are essentially quitting the show mid-season." It seems pretty clear to me that the conflict between Tins and Scott was over her being on the show. And if he wasn't going to commit, then she wasn't going to leave the show. But given all of the abuse she has taken from Dorinda this season, it sounds to me like she flew out to Chicago to say, "if you commit, I will leave the show immediately and move to Chicago." Basically, IMO, Dorinda's behavior gave Tinsley the impetus to get the hell out of dodge, and I don't think that she was there before. I give Tinsley for leaving basically on her own terms. Usually these housewives are hanging on for dear life, whether it is because they need the money or because they become addicted to the limelight. And unlike, say, Lisa Vanderpump and/or Denise, Tinsley didn't just "stop filming," she just jumped and therefore got to dictate the way her leaving is being portrayed. Dorinda can claim that Tins is "stupid," but the fact is that she found a way to have far more control over the situation than Dorinda will ever.
  10. She's not well. This is getting into Single White Female territory. I don't know if the other women see it or not but truly, this is not the behavior of a person with a healthy mind.
  11. Leah actually being a good friend to Tinsley makes me like her, even though I think she has her own very profound issues.
  12. I mean, why would Tinsley stick around New York? To take more abuse from abuser Dorinda? To be ignored by the other women who are just too afraid to stand up to Dorinda? Go live your best life in Chicago, Tins.
  13. I mean, I guess good for Ramona and Lu for reaching out to Tins re Scott. But quite honestly, they should stop following Dorinda's lead and recognize what a heinous, narcissistic bully she is.
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