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  1. I don't think that Eboni has any particular agenda towards Ramona. She seemed to be willing to take at face value that Ramona posted her picture - she wasn't making any claims that Ramona has an agenda, that was all Sonja and Leah (with a bit of an assist from Lu). Sonja makes me laugh about her rant about performing for a cause. From where I sit, that is ALL that Sonja does - she treats her LGBTQIA friends as if they are objects to make her look better. Ramona does that, too, I am sure, but Sonja is no better IMO.
  2. Unlike many here, I like Kyle and am at best lukewarm about Dorit. I don't have a problem with Kyle setting boundaries about the what she'll accept from a "friend" speaking to her. I like that Kyle likes to confront these things before they become big deals. That being said, the confrontation at a party is all about the cameras, so I will ding Kyle for that.
  3. And neither am I, so on that, we agree. Where we seem to disagree is whether or not, in this particular situation, Crystal was more to blame than Sutton. From where I sit, Crystal made some minor missteps but Sutton has been the aggressor. Of course Crystal is not beyond reproach. But Sutton is the one who has turned this into a point of conflict, in my view. (FWIW, there have been times when I have been on Sutton's side - I think Dorit and Rinna blew the whole "I am freaking out" thing way out of proportion last season. Sutton didn't say "I am going to freak the fuck out," and she didn'
  4. And how am I seeing Crystal, do you think? IMO, the issue isn't that I am seeing Crystal differently than you. It is that I see Sutton differently. BTW, the answer to the above question is "I don't know how I perceive Crystal yet because she hasn't been on the show long enough for me to get a read on her."
  5. The narrative that Sutton is the "weak link," despite her being the aggressor in every single one of her interactions with Crystal, is basically built out of whole cloth in order to turn Crystal into a villain. Sutton weaponizes fragility and some tend to buy into that personality type as someone who needs to be protected. It's not my thing.
  6. Seriously, Erika's tag line is the worst. Anyway, don't love how the word "bitch" is being thrown around, in general. And I don't see Crystal as anything other than a calm person who knows how to defend herself. It's unfortunate that some see those qualities as making someone a "bitch."
  7. Re Crystal's delayed reaction - first of all, it's not unusual for a person to take a little while to process something that is upsetting to them. So I absolutely believe that the incident became more upsetting as she thought about it more. But secondly, I also believe her that given Sutton's repeated use of her fragility as a form of aggression against Crystal, I can understand why Crystal wanted to avoid that drama for a third night in a row. I agree that it would have been better for Crystal to address it at the time but I don't think she handled it all that badly - at least she d
  8. I am not sure how Crystal has become the bad guy in the interactions between Sutton and Crystal because from where I sit, Sutton has consistently employed passive aggressive tactics to go after Crystal, then keeps falling back on tears and fragility when she's called to account for her behavior. I was with Crystal on the boat - Sutton was acting irrationally the evening before (which Kyle also affirmed) and yet the conversation on the boat started with Sutton implying that Crystal was in the wrong. And then when Crystal wouldn't concede that, Sutton devolved into her usual fragile tears
  9. I don't really have a read on Crystal, but Sutton is starting to remind me of RHOC's Shannon, where the fragility becomes its own form of aggression - everyone has to cater to her and fragility and that kind of person can be exhausting to be around. Given the fact that Crystal is a new "friend" to her, I can understand why she might think that the most appropriate reaction to that kind of person is to just not engage.
  10. With all due respect, as a fellow Italian American (on my mother's side, and a Sicilian Italian American on my grandmother's side), the bias and discrimination that Italian Americans faced stopped a LONG time ago. And while Italian Americans did face violence against them in the early 20th century, it's been about a hundred years since they faced the kind of danger that many Black Americans still face today. The stereotypes about Italian Americans aren't great, but they don't have the same social impacts that Black Americans continue to face in American society. (And not for nothing but t
  11. I don't think that Eboni (or Carol before her) is missing that at all. She just doesn't care that half the country vehemently disagrees with her take or that she may alienate those viewers who do disagree with her take. Can't say where I blame her. Anyway, inviting people to an election party is not "injecting politics," it's holding a party on a date whereby democracy happens. If Eboni had invited them to a campaign rally, then yes, sure. That's politics. But celebrating American democracy? There's nothing political about it, IMO.
  12. Wait, what? Just because someone has a friend who has a jerk, they themselves must be a jerk? Good Lord, none of us would ever escape the label if that were actually the case. I dare say that EVERYONE has had a friend who is a huge asshole at some point in their lives. I think that Eboni will eventually regret becoming close with Leah because Leah is unstable. But the law of transitive properties doesn't really apply to people, IMO. Eboni isn't talking about politics. She's talking about her lived experience. That viewers may interpret that as "talking politics" probably says mo
  13. Yes, upon seeing the inner workings at Fox, Eboni concluded that the network is racist and bigoted. While it is true that many of us made that conclusion without actually working for them, I can't imagine why anyone would challenge the idea that Fox News is bigoted. Good for Eboni for trying to make a difference there, but I have no problem with her speaking the truth about that place after experiencing it for herself.
  14. I agree with you on the other two things but I am giving Heather a pass on the voting conversation. Obviously, Leah was looking for a reaction from SOMEONE within the group when she dropped her oh-so-edgy, "I'm not sure if I am going to vote" statement. All Heather was going to do was to ask her a question but before she could even get words out of her mouth, Leah was already into her oh-so-edgy, teenageresque, "don't tell me what to do, MOM!" rant. So yes, perhaps, Heather played a small role in THE LEAH SHOW, STARRING OH-SO-EDGY LEAH MCSWEENEY! But realistically, Heather could have been a
  15. In a way, I think both Heather and Leah were trying to do similar things tonight. Namely, they are both white women trying to prove that they AREN'T like all of those other bad, white Karens out there. I really dislike that behavior. Give me a Luann or Ramona being authentic in their recognition that they have a lot to learn a million times over Heather and Leah desperately trying to show they aren't Karens by throwing other women under the bus. That being said, at least Heather probably knows what a Karen actually is. It's ironic that Leah wants to claim the mantle of victimhood wh
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