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  1. While I think that both accidents are works of fiction on Erika's part (or, I should say, I think that what happened with Tom's accident is what she said when it first happened - he hurt his knee or whatever but that was about it), I don't think she's ever claimed both accidents were the same night. One was Tom's cliff dive several years ago. The second, with her son, was allegedly this past winter when the Blizzard of Pasadena occurred. But even she didn't claim that they both happened the same night.
  2. I am okay with the Rinna segment because I like hearing about Harry Hamlin. And also because they showed that hilarious bit from the Days of Our Lives spin off.
  3. For me, it comes down she keeps trying to maintain that all of the stories she has told are true. From the idea that he loved her to the claims that was unfaithful and abusive; from the idea that he was a lawyer that everyone feared to the accident to the dementia. And truly, they can't all be true but she's going to insist that they are.
  4. I love how Erika wants us to believe that she was both so at the mercy of her husband that she didn't have control of her own paycheck but also that she's the toughest one on the block. Pick a lane, Erika. You don't get to be both.
  5. I actually understand where Sandoval was coming from when it comes to Katie. IMO, he was right at the time that Katie should not have been yelling at him in front of other patrons. And I think he worries that Katie will try to undermine him in this new venture. Now, I also think he should get over the book party thing because it was a while ago (and because he was wrong to send rage texts to Stassi). But I don't think he's totally wrong that Katie would try to undermine him - for all of his considerable flaws, I think that Sandoval out of all of them has the drive to actually build a small emp
  6. So here's my thing - I think Erika is a horrible person. But "super predator"? No. These men aren't innocent babes in the woods. And it's not like Erika's troubles haven't been splashed all over news media, including very mainstream news sources like the LA Times and the New York Times. Any man who gets involved with her should know what he is getting and is making a choice. And that's on them, not on Erika. So no, I don't think that she's a super predator because I don't think that these men are prey.
  7. I wouldn't mock her for her money and I am 100% sure that she got great financial advice - I think that her behavior during this whole Erika thing has shown that she's very serious when it comes to legal and financial advice (and no shade on my part on that. That was the smart thing for her to do). That doesn't mean that I agree with her on everything and can't shade her for some other, more ridiculous tendencies. But I feel like she got a better handle on a lot of them as the season wore on.
  8. I mean, there are episode threads to discuss the episodes, Erika's individual thread has exploded over the last several months (for obvious reasons), and this is the most obvious place to talk about an old story line, especially when it does generate a headline. The show has moved on from LVP, much as she probably hates that, but that doesn't mean that occasionally the fallout from that particularly storyline doesn't still make a headline or two. Yep, that's my feeling, too. And ultimately, I do think that the show has benefited from LVP off doing her own thing because it had become
  9. That's what I don't get. I think it would have been perfectly fine for Lisa to express frustration with Dorit about the dog situation. So why all of the stealth drama? And why deny going to the tabloids? I do think Lisa relished a little too much the idea that she was the puppet master and didn't want that image destroyed, so she ended up playing herself. Because otherwise, she did have the moral high ground.
  10. Yeah, though I cut Portia a lot of slack because of the pandemic. But yes, I could see her going the showbiz route.
  11. I think that the way to nurture an interest in acting for young kids is to have them do theater in school or in the community. I would not want them involved in Hollywood, either, because I think that there is a lot of abuse that takes place there (as, unfortunately, is true in a lot of professions where kids are present - abusers tend to gravitate towards professions where there are a lot of kids). But yes, I agree, I wouldn't want them in that environment until they are older. It's interesting to me that Kyle's daughters seem more interested in following in Mo's footsteps than in Kyle's
  12. I have pretty ambivalent feelings about Lisa, myself. I think that she can be pretty self-aware and is able to laugh at herself, and I like that about her. But I found her anger at Denise (who I don't even like all that much) and Garcelle really perplexing and her willingness to attach herself to Erika also makes me question her. So I don't hate Rinna entirely but I also don't find myself rooting for her, especially when it comes to her relationship with Erika. All of that being said, I find most of the "rumors" around Harry to be pretty silly, and based on nothing but wishful thinking,
  13. IMO, Kyle is very comfortable in the Hollywood environment in ways that most people who are famous are not. Probably because her entire life has been spent around show business, she doesn't seem all that intimidated by any of it - cameras, famous people, etc. So it makes her easy to watch because you get a sense that she is fairly authentic in front of the cameras. (That doesn't mean that everything she does is nice - I like Kyle but she definitely has her pot-stirring moments).
  14. They were actually invited, though. But I agree that there was probably some arm twisting to get them to go.
  15. I could do without either Michael or G, to be honest. I see no reason to juxtapose one against the other, because I find both to be pretty appalling. My theory about Chris saying to Candiace that Ashley is not "that bad" is that he's said that not for Ashley's sake, but for Candiace's. Candiace would benefit from not always taking the bait, and I suspect he was saying that so that Candiace could reframe her understanding of Ashley in her own head. (I actually like both women but I also understand that they are like oil and water - they just aren't going to mix). I really have zero
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