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  1. Ahh! You have me dying over the Jenna story! Can't you give us a hint?
  2. Cassie is a mean nasty bitch who made the squad and got to travel with show group with an injury. Nepotism at its worst! Kashara is always sweet and humble. People hate Jenna for a good reason. She blatantly broke DCC rules and is still there. From what I understand getting point is more that being the best dancer, other factors are involved.
  3. I love these! The artist is really talented. It is really clear who each of these girls is.
  4. I know this is an unpopular opinion but I really liked Jackie from her appearance to the way she spoke.
  5. I know that- I consider marriage to be a relation. Did not expect people get so upset and defensive over my opinion. Hey, I am entitled to voice my opinion without getting attacked! It amazes me how upset people get over the opinion of strangers.
  6. I hope so- Carole is a disgusting piece of work. He needs someone his own age not some brittle hateful b**** who is proud to be related to the most crooked political family in history.
  7. I don't get the Kashara hate and saying she thinks she is all that. I have NEVER seen that in her! She seems really fun, bubbly and down to earth to me.
  8. I am really happy Kashara got pro bowl. I was not really expecting her to get it because of seniority but Kelli always emphasizes senority does not play into girls getting things and this proves it. I think she deserves it and I am so excited for her!
  9. I cant say I blame Janelle for smiling about Jenna (if that is what she is doing).. It must be a relief Jenna got caught for her bad behavior.
  10. There is something I really like about Tina Kalina and her daughter. I would love to see a story line about them. Not a fan of Dayton though and don't think I can take another storyline about her.
  11. Rookie Madeline was the one with the cowlick. I thought she was really cute.
  12. Yes, yes yes. Those without limbs drive me crazy. All I can think is "where are their prosthetics?!"
  13. I see Dorie Grogan (now Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders director) on the left. She really stands out!
  14. Wow, talk about slamming your boss! She just guaranteed herself not being on the show again (that is, if she cares).
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