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  1. Probably just me but it looks like they’re already running out of steam with their guests.
  2. Joy is overbearing today. She’s talking over everyone, interrupting… Just stop….
  3. All the over talking is already getting on my nerves.
  4. Wait. Tom had to go to the hospital because he has glaucoma? I hate when that happens.
  5. Guess she wasn’t exactly captivating.
  6. It’s a nice change that when the hosts get into it like they started to this morning over the potential nuclear attack, they come back from an ad and everything’s copacetic. No one’s pouting.
  7. I didn’t realize that. That’s how interesting I found her.
  8. I hope neither MKH or last week’s try out (already forgot who she was) don’t become permanent.
  9. I’m beginning to miss the Whoopie who didn’t talk much.
  10. Mary K. Ham didn’t have enough to say today to make much of an impression on me, but, she too has kind of an annoying voice.
  11. Ana just posted on Instagram that she’s be live on The View tomorrow.
  12. The ghost of Meghan McCain. She can check out anytime she likes but she can never leave.
  13. Why was Dorito dressed as Judy Jetson on date night?
  14. Hoda, it’s TOM Brokaw, not AL Brokaw. Why, oh why, is this woman so successful?
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