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  1. I hope Megaphone takes a really long maternity leave so Sara doesn’t have to deal with her much.
  2. I agree that someone on the phone at the table is irritating and rude as hell, but, Ramona has invited her “date” to show up when she has plans with these women so STFU Ramona.
  3. What made the “I peed the bed” scene even weirder was when Leah told Ramona, Ramona just kind of shrugged like it was perfectly normal. No wonder Peebag and Shitsticks get along so well. They have so much in common.
  4. Oh. Is that what happened to her lips? A big old case of karma lips?
  5. Ramona! What are you doing here without Dorinda???
  6. Dorito, 1962 called. They want their hairstyle back.
  7. Funny. I thought the same thing. I cringed every time she said it,
  8. Ashley is really beginning to look like her mother. Karen’s house looks like a real estate agency staged it to sell. There’s nothing personal in it. Every year I feel that they should rename this the Real Housewives of the DMV. They really never do anything in Potomac. They’re in Arlington, National Harbor or DC. They’re never even in Montgomery County much less Potomac.
  9. 2 seasons ago, Michael was possibly cheating, last year Michael may have been involved in a sexual assault, this year he may have been cheating. They need a new storyline. Who would want to cheat with Michael? Eww.
  10. I have to give it to Candyass. She’s up against Kim Z, Nene, Vicki, and so many more, and yet, I find her the most loathsome.
  11. That’s a shame. I just read somewhere that the deadline to buy, or give someone, a crib is August 31st. These are hard times we’re living in.
  12. Nor did we want her to be there.
  13. I haven’t liked the very arrogant Craig Melvin since he was on WRC4-DC. It’s also where he met his wife.
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