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  1. Sara has really been a team player and come through for The View. Maybe she’s hold a little more power this time around.
  2. Another day of press conferences, except for VYD. Sigh....
  3. This show hasn’t been on here for a week so at least I’m not missing much.
  4. On behalf of all Washingtonians, no it won’t.
  5. At this point, they should just do repeats. They have no problem with running them any other time. The kids really should not be part of the show. Plenty of shows are doing remotes by people with kids and none of their kids are climbing all over them. It’s too annoying to watch.
  6. Dear Mike, I’m not even part of this geriatric clusterfuck, but, I knew from the beginning that Reza should be upset with Adam, not MJ. But, good on you for finally figuring it out.
  7. I think Joy just doesn’t want to be bothered.
  8. Aren’t MJ and Reza both pushing 50? It’s kind of strange that Reza is having a high school like assembly with his besties in the school cafeteria to discuss his next move regarding MJ. When you’re that close to carrying an AARP card, you need to move on with your life.
  9. Why, in all of the franchises, is there someone, who usually has grown children, talking about having another baby? At least on RHNJ Melissa is only 40. Ridiculous stupid storyline in both cases. And, remember Ramona taking a pregnancy test? Make it stop! Also, Porsha? You may have never eaten at a construction site before, but, is it that much different from eating at a wiener wagon?
  10. Since the show was practically all Elizabeth today, I’m assuming she’s coming back. I don’t remember anyone, current hosts included, that were given that much air time.
  11. Seriously Joy, shut up! Stop interrupting the doctor.
  12. Here’s the thing, I thought today was the day Whoopie would finally pass out from seeing how obnoxiously long she could say, “Welcome to The View.”
  13. I’m surprised Jenna can still breathe with her head so far up Hoda’s ass. Is it super important to try not to get the corona virus, Jenna? Really? I’m glad I tuned in this morning because I didn’t know that.
  14. Given the beastiality rumors regarding Dennis, Porsha probably shouldn’t have mentioned that she was glad Dennis didn’t go on the trip because of the number of cats that were there.
  15. I really wouldn’t appreciate someone bringing their baby on a girls trip. The baby’s not going to remember her mother’s dream vacation.
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