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  1. Weird that Heather is thinking about some sexy retreat when she and Terry are about as sexless to me as two people can get. They really should just find a big old abandoned bank and buy that to move into.
  2. Here’s a little pet peeve of mine- when Dennis was in the restaurant and ordered breakfast, he thanked the waitress, her response was “no problem”, later, he compliments the food, the waitress says, “no problem.” No thank you, no you’re welcome, just “no problem.” If it’s a problem Ms. Waitress, it shouldn’t be your job.
  3. The bad news is Simon is a pig, the good news is that he’s been around for awhile now so it’s almost time for Porsha to move on.
  4. I don’t think you can ever go wrong calling Ted Cruz a jackass.
  5. I was so impressed by Porsha’s growth and maturity last season. I guess that was a bit premature. That fight was on her, not Dennis.
  6. HEY!!! DON’T any of you go tagging me on an Instagram post! That would just be unforgivable.
  7. Heather must have majored in Thesaurus in college. She talks like one. Why is Noewaila whispering? Why do I already hate her so much? So many questions.
  8. I’ve begun to leave the room more and more while Sunny is speaking which is a shame because I like her but she’s become so combative and one note.
  9. That makes sense. Thanks!
  10. I’m not understanding why Whoopie can do this long interview but she can’t do the show.
  11. I’m sorry you had to navigate your way through that alone.
  12. I wonder which soap opera Heather was auditioning for in her scene with Shannon.
  13. I have absolutely no investment in Noella. She’s been on the show half of a minute. I do not care what she is going through. I do not want to hear about her problems non stop. If she’s never had to navigate her way through anything alone before, she has been incredibly blessed. Shut up, Noella. And, who thought it was a good idea for the new people to have similar names? I don’t even know if I just wrote about the right annoying new person.
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