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  1. On WWHL something was said about Erika’s son. Nothing specific was said, but I got the impression that he may be trouble. Does anyone have a condensed version of this story?
  2. Next time I go to Kath’s, I’ll be sure not to be early.
  3. Of course we can’t end the season without having one last Leah cry. My eyes are in the back of my head.
  4. This is it. I can’t believe I spent my time watching this shit show. I agree about E. and L. Dead. LMAO!
  5. Didn’t mean to copy all of that, but those peas! It looked like someone opened a few cans of LeSuer peas and dumped them in that fancy serving bowl. Good grief!!
  6. I cannot imagine being invited to dinner at someone’s home and acting the way Ramona did. She has absolutely no filter.
  7. I thought at Sabbat they light the candles and pray before eating. They might have done some research before going. Who am I kidding?
  8. I guess Eboni’s mother never taught her that unless you can invite everyone, you don’t invite anyone at all. Leah is her usual delusional self. Shut up!!! Ramona, is their any end to your ditziness? That being said, I LOVE Lu’s apartment!
  9. That’s right, Sonja. It was all the fault of the cheap red wine. Give me a frigging break.
  10. Will someone please tell me why Dorinda was let go from the show, but Sonja is still there?
  11. I wasn’t able to see last week’s episode, but I can tell I didn’t miss anything. After tonight’s horrible shit show, I think the entire cast except Breshan need to go. If they’re back next season, I’m out. These women are vile!
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