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  1. I'm happy for her, she's always wanted to be a mother, I think she will be a good one
  2. Not sure where to put this question, but does anyone know why Hulu is missing episodes from season 4? I was going to rewatch to catch up
  3. I think now she has close to 0% body fat and she was actually slighty chubby (at least by California standards) in high school. I think that is the main difference
  4. Emily dealing with her husband being seriously sick with covid and having it herself while taking care of 3 young kids and then Shannon dealing with herself having mild symptoms... I just can't with Shannon and apparently her kids can't either
  5. I've been watching The Crown on Netflix and it occurs to me that Dorinda gives off a very Princess Diana vibe (look-wise). I feel like if Princess Diana were still alive she would look very much like Dorinda
  6. Shannon is a hot mess. It's really telling that she would let herself get that sloppy in front of her kids, she needs some help
  7. Elizabeth's family has some serious hill billy genes. Want to put Jacob in a bubble and protect him (her/them?) from the world.
  8. congrats to her, hope she has a healthy pregnancy!
  9. Kyle is posting on her instagram that Kathy will be a friend of next season
  10. I appreciate that this cast is plus size. I'm struggling with my weight right now so it is nice to see "bigger" people comfortable in their own skin
  11. Well, I was disappointed. I loved it through episode 5 then it all fell apart for me.
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