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  1. Sonja should have married Rocco when she had the chance
  2. Problem was, we did notice the edits
  3. I apologize if its already been mentioned but apparently Dorinda posted a youtube video to respond, I haven't watched and honestly dont want to give her any views, but I am curious if she is sticking by her behavior.
  4. I don't care how hurt Dorinda is, there is no excuse for her behavior
  5. Jax is just a broken human being and I don't think he can be fixed
  6. I don't mind the new group. They are what the show is supposed to be about, young people working at the restaurant. They should do a spin off with the original crew and keep Vanderpump Rules about the crew at SUR.
  7. She's a cute kid, she seems to be a mix of the two of them. I hope she does well in spite of her crazy parents.
  8. So Scheana may be just a little pathetic, but it is not cool just how pathetic Bravo wants to make her look. Make it look like she's flirting with Stassis's little brother, really??
  9. Wonder how Yolanda feels about being a grandmother: https://www.eonline.com/news/1145856/gigi-hadid-is-pregnant-expecting-first-child-with-zayn-malik
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