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  1. Wish Teresa wasn't on this trip, wish it was just the girls with their dad.
  2. Really not liking the way the split this episode, not fair to the other housewives at all.
  3. Dayna is a cross between Stassi and Kristin Cavallari
  4. I really like the house! Love all the windows and the view is really nice. Definitely not cookie cutter. Does anyone know how close her house is to the Toms' and Jax's house?
  5. Stassi and Beau bought a house. Hope we can see more pictures soon.
  6. Yikes, I hope no one was hurt!!
  7. I didn't see Rachel in the opening credits even though she is working at sur now, so thank god for that. Hopefully that means we will see less of her.
  8. Jennifer really does have good impersonation skills.
  9. Dolores is not letting go of Jackie not letting things go.
  10. I was disappointed in this season, it was all just too disconnected, like two separate stories being told at the same time.
  11. These shows used to be my guilty pleasure, but I am losing interest. I can't even get through an episode of the RHOC any more and I just don't care about this group either. I just want to see wonderful houses and vacations and clothes and food. I don't want to watch a bunch of fighting.
  12. I know this isn't the right place for this question but didn't want to open up the episode thread and get spoiled, but is anyone else having trouble watching the newest episode on hulu? Nevermind, it's working now!
  13. Bronwyn is married to a gay guy, which is totally fine. As long as she is fine with being married to a gay guy.
  14. My heart broke watching Steph struggle, it was her's to win and she lost it. I do think David deserved to win, but if Steph hadn't had a bad day, it would have been her.
  15. This was a disappointing episode, the first thee were much better
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