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  1. I love Kyle's old house, I think she should move back in too
  2. As much as I am disappointed in Heather, Leah is still the worst
  3. She has a few photos up on her instagram https://www.instagram.com/brandiredmond/
  4. Melissa, stooooooppppp. So unfair to do this on camera, are you kidding me???
  5. Kary continues to be the absolute worst
  6. Watched the trailer and thought, Oh hey, we'll see Teddi, then realized it was Dorit
  7. I can't deal with this neanderthal bullshit
  8. On one hand, I am glad that Teresa and Joe are in a good place for the sake of their daughters, on the other hand Teresa is the worst and needs to be put in her place
  9. I like seeing this nonawful side of Kary
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