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  1. They were trying to make Kodi and Candace happen again. I'm glad Candace got so pissed off and can't say I blame her.
  2. If everyone could refrain from using Angela and pussy in the same paragraph, I would appreciate it! Thanks in advance!
  3. Jackie said it was just something she doesn't enjoy.
  4. I liked the episode when Christine was singink at Mykelti's wedding. It was a big dill! It was a really big dill!
  5. Angela gives me a bologna and stale Marlboro vibe.
  6. I had to FF when Arianna was going to kiss LVP's ring/ass. LVP is shady and she is an asshole. I thought the way LVP left RHWOBH was lame and her retooled VPR is pretty lame...so far.
  7. Asshat should have done some research on the area. You know, like he accused Rhylee of not doing for the fishing trip.
  8. Can I get a kiss? What a douche! 🙄
  9. So, Brian was wacking off in the shower and fell? Clumsy bru! 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. I thought Gus was a real bitch when he head butted Jeremiah and then won't go outside. Kirk and Codi got a killer house and are on TV and they can never get laid. They would rather act like fluffers for Gus.
  11. At that particular gig I would have been crouched down in the booth cringing with embarrassment. That's the reason Bleak wears a ski mask.
  12. Apparently it worked, Porsha immediately talked about how she was going to get the "peen" tonight.
  13. Christine and her voice are annoying AF!
  14. Please Mucus don’t go, I’ll put my kids in foster care.
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