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  1. She had to put a crystal egg up there, down there? 🙄
  2. Dorinda is not funny anymore and when she’s being nice it just seems fake. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. If somebody is going to get punched in the face, my vote is for twat poser Dorit. I've hated her since her first season.
  4. Or maybe she can extract her repulsive self from Michael's life and let him marry a nice Nigerian girl or two or three.
  5. I'm still ungalvanized and can't wait to see her go.
  6. This season sucks! But whatever it takes to get the miserable fucking twunt off the boat and my TV, I'm fine with it!
  7. The Angela and Michael story is played, I wish they would pull the plug. Angela is so repulsive!
  8. It's all part of her plan. She's going to need a support dog for her PTSD and permanent disability checks from the US govt.
  9. I bet it’s just awful “down there”, a little bit.
  10. Luann is wearing the hell out of that bikini! 😳 FFS! Shut up Dorinda!🖕🏻
  11. She did look kind of chubby like her 🐈.
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