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  1. Me too. Nice and soothing, not screaming and yelling at each other like N.Y.
  2. I guess someone got the word we don’t like her enlightening us. Ebony is always pursing her lips. I just read it means anger, disappointment, frustration, tension and disapproval.
  3. Yep. In the end of the episode, what was with Ebony and Bershan sitting together holding hands and having a private conversation while the rest were going wild?
  4. Nice reflection of New Yorkers, and I am one. Thanks Andy. Maybe a gang will go and wreck your town and see how you like it.
  5. The water pill excuse cracked me up. When she got up in the morning she looked BAD. Speaking of, LuAnn is looking haggard these days. Her cheeks are sinking in. Bet she is drinking on the sly again when not filming. What I hate most of all is how Leah took over the show, and not for the better. She’s got everyone against each other. Sneaky bitch. Who is she to schewer Sonja? She was the worst last season tearing up Ramona’s property running around Ramona’s pool acting like a lunatic. Talking about her Grandma is getting old too. I can see why she doesn’t get along with her parents.
  6. All of a sudden, I suddenly realized Ramona is a phony kiss ass. The way she was hugging Leah all night, made me want to throw up. Voice of reason Leah is talking behind everyone’s back as she is now the leader of the pact. Sonja is a clown and is really putting it on too much. LuAnn doesn’t know what the hell to do as she wants to stay on the show. Bershan was over the top after awhile. After this season, the show Is dead, and I don’t care anymore. It sucked. Btw, I thought there was a no politics talk. Why was Ebony talking about Donald Trump for fifteen minutes? I wound up not lik
  7. Running out of steam. Need a charge.
  8. I can’t stop laughing. You summed it up perfectly. Saint Natalia .. good one, hahaha.
  9. I have two married daughters, and never, never talked about these things. Maybe Lisa thinks it’s a good thing to be open about stuff like this. I don’t know how Harry married that slob. Does he have no say how these girls are growing up and what they are up to? Lisa is beyond thrilled about this Disick romance.
  10. Apparently, she’s a stupid woman. She should know you just can’t talk politics just because you are on a tv show. Her clothes on QVC were not impressive either.
  11. I always feel sorry for the high school and college kids in the drive thru places like McDonalds, etc. people yell at themfor no reason. I could never work there. I would screw everything up.
  12. In answer to @EMMAWOODHOUSE, maybe Lisa Rinna asked the customers if they had any BJ’s lately. I thought maybe her daughters would be different, but they are on their way to be like the Mother. My whole life I’ve never heard any woman talk like that until this show.
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