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  1. I thought the wax figure was pretty good. I’m happy they made her boobs look normal. The suit looked pretty good also ... better than a dress.
  2. Monday .. Waiting for Wendy’s wax figure. In the meantime, I have a peeve. WHY do they keep showing Suzanne every damn minute when Wendy says something? She’s such a kiss ass. Get her off the screen.I don’t mind Norman, but Suzanne irks me to no end.
  3. This was a fashion show. They went all out with the outfits, makeup, hair styling, jewelry, etc. They all looked spiffy.
  4. I think we are going to see a lot of Sag Harbor, East Hampton and Montauk. The shops and restaurants and traffic. I would love to see Tom on his balcony, Rocco, Red Scarf Guy, Frenchy and all the other guys they used to hang with. I will miss Blue Stone Manor tho, but you can’t have everything. I think Leah is full of shit with her conversion. Maybe Cabaret will open up hopefully.
  5. What’s the deal then living together? Do they both own the house? Is it that she has a big heart? I don’t get that they all are lovey dovey friends. I’m sure David feels like a fool with this situation. Then again, it’s nobodies business what they do, but it is kind of strange. I’ll have to look up and see what and why. Thanks.
  6. This is all news to me. Frank cheated on Dolores while she was pregnant? Gross. David can afford the ring, so what’s the deal with him? Maybe she thinks it would be bad luck being she was engaged to Frank and look what happened there. You never know what she is thinking.
  7. I agree with everything. Both my parents worked, and from 16 yrs old, I worked full time in summers. I also cleaned the house every week after school. My husband, the same thing. My husband had two jobs while I stayed home with 3 kids until I got a part time job at the school when the youngest was 13. If it weren’t for their Bravo checks, where would they be? What are their jobs? Their clothes are ridiculous for their ages, the plastic surgery unnecessary, the jewelry, shoes, designer clothes ... it goes on and on. My husband wants to know what Joe does for a living. I don’t believe t
  8. In past pictures, she was a beautiful woman. I just started watching again. What is wrong with her jaw? Did she have surgery? Her teeth look too big for her mouth. What went wrong? Anyone know?
  9. My adult Son was just in my kitchen and heard Andy on WWHL ask the husbands about Bj’s and if they were getting them from the wives. He couldn’t believe they talked about THAT on t.v. Btw, what’s with this pineapple stuff? What does it mean? Also, I got a glimpse of Theresa’s boyfriend’s back as he was walking to her house with flowers. She was wearing the pink top with shiny black leather pants. I don’t get why he is such a secret. P.S. I think old school means they like to clean the house, cook and have family over the house all the time. My husband is Italian and that’s how his fa
  10. The ring, the ring, the ring. It’s nobody’s business. I truly didn’t want an engagement ring and opted for a Diamond wedding band instead, and have worn it everyday for years and years. A lot of my friends have put their engagement rings in the jewelry box and wear simple bands.
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