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  1. Being late is rude. Vanity is no excuse for rudeness. Having completed a lot of courses does not always equate to being educated.
  2. Luann’s Sag Harbor home also looks the most comfortable and homey. It looks lived in rather than a rental property. It’s my favorite too.
  3. Kyle is dressed like Smokey the Bear at dinner.
  4. I think they others should just start without latecomers no matter sho they are. Let the latecomers suffer. Take the power away from them.
  5. The career of the highly educated Eboni has consistently trended downward. After her good education she became a lawyer doing substantive work. However, she chose celebrity over substance to become a opinionated talking head. (I include all talking heads in this category). Now in a further slide down she has become a Real Housewife who will probably never be taken seriously again. No wonder she is angry.
  6. I thought it might be Reno or perhaps an executive airport in Nevada. It was definitely not the Lake Tahoe airport.
  7. She is really deluded to think that the crap on her website has anything to do with feminism.
  8. I am really enjoying Kathy Hilton. She is such a relief from the stridency and intensity of the others. I think she was probably messing with Kyle about the fan. In fact she was doing that all night - “doogie”.
  9. Eboni has just gone down in my opinion. Of course this article was written 6 months ago and Eboni said this on some Andy show so maybe she has seen the light since then.
  10. Old geezers with a lot of money are looking for trophy wives and Sonja is no longer a prize.
  11. I think all of those people on social media who like Leah so much are some combination of Leah’s PR team plus a number of juvenile delinquents. It seems like most of those people who love her on WWHL are under 15. Besides, Andy gets to pick the attendees. This is not a random group of people.
  12. I agree 100 percent. Let Leah and her younger posse have their own show. Eboni can stay on this show if she takes a vow to never say the words “bitches” and “help” ever again. Likewise, Sonja should not be allowed the utter the word “Morgan” even if asked for her name.
  13. This visit to the winery would be so much better without the self righteousness of Leah and Eboni.
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