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  1. And what’s annoying about this group of homes is that they haven’t even tried to make the homes looked lived in.
  2. I think for the most part the Beverly Hills, New Jersey some of the New York homes have been real. This is the first time I have seen homes with zero on the walls and counters.
  3. The only real homes we see, I think, are Heather’s and Mary’s. The “homes” of Lisa, Meredith and Whitney have nothing on the walls or counters, etc. In fact I have seen a number of empty picture hooks. In most shows like this the camera just blurs the pictures on the wall for some reason. Maybe the artist has not signed a waiver. The less said about Jen’s alleged chalet the better.
  4. God I hate Leva. If this show comes back I would like the cast to be Shep, Taylor, Pringle, Danni, Craig and, yes, Kathryn. The others can go pound sand.
  5. It seems to me that the Meredith/Seth separation was concocted for a story line. Why else would they subject their marriage to the camera like they did (especially since they are now back together)? I like Jen much more when Mary is not around. This episode was enjoyable because the cast actually did something and there was no Mary. Heather is my favorite and I kind of like Whitney too. Unlike some of the other posters I do see chemistry between Whitney and her husband. They seem to have the strongest marriage on the show. Meredith should stand up straight and stop talking out of the side of her mouth. Of course if she did that it would be hard to tell her apart from Lisa.
  6. He may just have decided to limit his appearances on the show. I can imagine that being on a Real Housewives show could lead to a lot of teasing in the locker room as well as a loss of authority with his players. So far I think he has done very well. I’m surprised that Meredith’s husband has been up for all the marital strife scenes. This couldn’t possibly sit well with his corporate employers.
  7. Jen picks fights and is irritating to the max. But I really detest Mary. The riches and consumerism that she and her husband show is awful. She views the church as belonging to her rather than to God. Ministers get very favorable tax treatment for their “housing allowances” but it would be easy enough to abuse this provision. The IRS could have a field day auditing this situation. Remember, if this pair are not paying their taxes correctly it’s not just the parishioners who are being taken for a ride. The rest of us are subsidizing them too.
  8. You are not the only one who sees it that way. Given that we saw Shane writing down the different lines in his journal, I’m not sure that anyone ever sat down with him before to discuss the lines and the importance of each. Mostly we see Eddie saying a few things over his shoulder as he walks away. And I like Eddie!
  9. From the congregation tithes. That family is in real Jim and Tammy Fay territory.
  10. Actually, I think Mary may be smarter than we think. She was making sense and trying to make peace at that table. Once again, I am happy for closed captioning otherwise I would not have known what she was saying. But she was trying to be a peacemaker.
  11. It’s a good thing that the show has closed captioning because Mary is unintelligible.
  12. Why has Pringle moved thousands of miles away from his children?
  13. It’s hard to watch Pringle. He’s so twitchy.
  14. Leo reminds me of Leonard on The Big Bang Theory.
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