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  1. Yes. I don’t think she can allow anything whether civil or criminal go to a jury. She would lose bigly. That would seem to be a lot of leverage for those suing her.
  2. Isn’t using the same collateral to secure multiple loans what the Guidices did too?
  3. But have they divorced? What is going on with their divorce? She filed 10 months ago and there hasn’t been much info about any legal process since then. For the lawyers in our group: if the Girardis are not divorced, can Erika be compelled to testify against Tom?
  4. Yes. Do we actually know that Tom had affairs or is that just part of her story? Also, is anything happening with their divorce? She filed 10 months ago.
  5. And, of course, there’s no record of this accident anywhere. If his ankle was treated by a hospital or doctor, did they miss any other damage? They probably cannot comment due to HIPAA but are they required to inform the police?
  6. I’m not sure why Erika thought Sutton could be surd for talking about Tom’s health. 1. Tom’s legal team publicized all the information and 2. HIPPA applies to healthcare workers, not private people like Sutton.
  7. Kyle has always been a crap friend. Just ask LVP.
  8. Maybe Rinna can move into the memory care facility with Tom Girardi.
  9. I think she will go into professional boxing like Tonya Harding.
  10. Ron Richards and the Trustee filed a lawsuit against Erika and her companies yesterday. The document has been uploaded to his twitter and makes for interesting reading. One of the exhibits is the schedule C from the Girardis’ 2018 income tax return. As an anal nerd, I want to know how they paid all those people without filing 1099s.
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