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S07.E16: Lashanta's Story LIVE CHAT

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A mother of four, bed bound for two years, Lashanta relies on her kids to keep her clothed and fed.  Her last chance to break the cycle of food addiction that is killing her is to join Dr. Now's program, but it will take a village just to get her out the door. 

Please let the "village" include flexing firemen.  Alternatively or in addition, we will accept repeated cries of "Ow, my leg!"  

This is the LIVE CHAT thread.  It will be open during the US East Coast and West Coast showings.

Original air date 2019.04.17 

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Hi Pounders!!  As they say, addicts don’t have families they have hostages and that looks like what we’ve got here. She also sounds like Lola!

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Yes, kitty, we do.

Hi everyone! I was off today (and the rest of the week); got up three hours later than usual, had some mocha hot chocolate while I checked my daily internet sites, listened to a few podcasts (at 1.4 speed), then took a shower before the dryer vent cleaner guy showed up. Now I need to figure out how to scan the receipt to send to the condo office (haven't used the scanner function on my newish printer yet)...but first I need to move the laundry sorter and baskets and other crap I threw in the room where the printer lives (and then closed the door and pretended my place always looks like this...). 

Since I'm on "vacation" the rest of the week I decided to splurge on the good pizza place I mentioned a week or two ago. So last night I had two slices (one plain, one pepper and onion), then for lunch I had two more pepper/onion (there are four slices left, if my math is right that should be one pepper/onion and three plain). But tonight's eating habit was gooey, cheesy lasagna (while I watched the current Jeopardy champion set his third one-day record score). 

Stars is waiting for her share (my father titled this picture "The Mooch").

The Mooch 2.jpg

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Hi All!  I am having ham steak with parmesan-roasted asparagus.  In lieu of a salad I ate half a bowl of watermelon and I will have a Boston Crème donut for dessert later during the show.  

One would think this show would make me want to not eat dessert.   As if!

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Hey there, peeps!

My eating habit today is a smorgasbord of leftovers (for the record, I HATE leftovers): a mostly eaten pulled pork slider, 1/4 of a turkey patty, 1/4 cup of loaded mashed potatoes and ONE broccoli spear (yes, ONE)!  I think I have covered all food groups...😂

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Hello pounders.  This could be a good one. Think it's been awhile since we've had a bed bound person.

My eating habit was homemade chicken pot pie my MIL made. I'm out of grapes & oranges. 

Did she say she peed in a bowl? 

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Her legs look horrible!   And still she has a boyfriend.   I don't know how tall she is, but if she's under 700 lbs., I'll faint with shock.  

She must have the "Penny's Cookbook for the Bed Bound"

That plate of food is big enough for a football team.  

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Hi, Pounders!! no rehearsal tonight.  I am home, and Mr. Twopper is cleaning up the kitchen from dinner.  Eating habit tonight was a Mexican casserole, lightly buttered asparagus, raw carrots, and Jello Temptation's lemon meringue pie.  Total calories 490.   And the plate looked lovely and colorful.  We also ate at the breakfast table.     No meals in bed for us.

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Just got back from visiting my daughter in California. Thank goodness my plane landed on time so I could be here for live chat. Bought a Subway sandwich at the airport to eat tonight. Knew I wouldn't feel like cooking.

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Just now, ThereButFor said:

Ugh.  And that high pitched voice is going to drive me crazy.

And I actually was thinking that her voice is the only pleasant thing about her so far.

I remember reading that all soprano divas are rather... corpulent because the weight does affect the pitch of one's voice - so maybe her voice is higher pitched that it otherwise would be because of her weight?

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