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  1. I really liked Austin! But the current champ’s idiosyncrasies are annoying me so badly I can’t watch any more. I wish I could see a LeVar game without Matt but know there’s a very good chance that won’t happen (unless LeVar turns out to be the new host).
  2. Caoimhe


    I also get 13.5. When I did a cross stitch tree skirt many years ago I worked with an embroidery hoop moving it around the cloth as needed. Someone took pity on me and loaned me a floor frame by the time I made it to the outline stitches. I love it but that is a Never Again project.
  3. I didn't care for Aaron Rodgers and really hope he isn't the new host. Robin was the best of the women in my view, though I did like Savannah she was nowhere near as good. I seriously disliked Buzzy as a contestant but thought he did a fantastic job hosting so I'd be happy with him. I think Mike Richards was the best of them all so (having not seen LeVar Burton yet) my top choices would be Mike, Buzzy, and Robin.
  4. Caoimhe


    Swings and roundabouts. Nowhere is perfect, everywhere I’ve lived had good points and bad. When people ask where I grew up I just laugh and ask how much of the list do they want! I don’t have a home place and don’t believe I ever will, I grew up seeing everything as temporary so the concept of a “forever home” is totally foreign to me.
  5. I don’t judge the unmasked these days, all the advice says they aren’t needed for those who are vaccinated. I do however continue to wear mine when indoors because a good sized portion of the local maskless are undoubtedly unvaccinated and I’m highly risk-averse. My husband rarely wears his so people likely look funny at us, no comments thus far though.
  6. That was my first thought too!
  7. I never read Charlotte’s Web so hadn’t a clue for FJ. But I got Covent Garden straight away!
  8. I can’t stand George but he was okay. I’ll be glad to see Robin next week. YES! I also heard “glazer” and was sure he’d be ruled incorrect. But lately it seems like nearly everything is let slide.
  9. I’ve done that for years! It makes me feel better to express what I want to say without the ensuing drama if I actually posted it.
  10. Decidedly NOT!! LOL “Bono is a pox” was a very common bit of graffiti back home. At any rate it made this FJ an instaget for me.
  11. Bono Is A Pox. There’s FJ. I too managed to answer all of the working out category despite my severe exercise allergy.
  12. One day a month maybe? It would be hard for me to remember my peeves for a whole year but a months I can manage.
  13. I’m surprised the entire neighbourhood didn’t hear me screaming! “Night oil” was so totally wrong as it was missing part of the answer that I kept waiting for her score to be corrected. Do they not have judges any more?!
  14. I felt like I could see Xiao trying to find the words in English for some of the answers, that can’t have been easy between the pressure of the game and the language challenge.
  15. I had Broadway but obviously it’s not three words and Great White Way eluded me. Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme plus Saturn V probably just show how old I am, got oak leaf and Ivan too. Nikkee’s eyelashes were distracting to me but I liked her jacket. I will really miss checking out Savannah’s wardrobe next week!
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