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  1. I recognize by the name you were around back in TWOP days. I didn't mean to offend.
  2. This is very true. I think that changes with age (as in children don't like the bitter taste). I can't change the genetic cilantro taste. I don't overdo it but I like cayenne and crushed red pepper. I have a lot of curry spices that aren't hot but very flavorful. I use lots of garlic. I guess I just don't like heat for the sake of it. I ate a roast beef sandwich and wondered why it was hot. A little bit of horseradish I can deal with.
  3. Congratulations on the 4.5 pounds. I try to limit my carbs but not eliminate them. Yes, the poundicipants could lose a lot of weight (more than we would) just sticking to the plan.
  4. I'm kind of doing the intermittent fasting. You have 16 hours of fasting and then an 8 hour window to eat. I'm pretty sure the pancake, bacon, and pasta I've eaten aren't supposed to be in those hours. I've actually dropped some of the covid-19 weight. Unlike poundicipants, I do know about colorful vegetables and how to make them tasty. I also practice portion control. Not having to fit in my work clothes hasn't helped.
  5. I've looked into doing internet only. I'm actually a heavy user of the internet, so the triple of landline, internet and cable is a better price. I watch for free weeks of streaming services, and make sure I cancel before the week ends. I like that I can get streaming for a month at a time if I want to binge something.
  6. I'm pretty basic with stew. Onion, garlic, celery, salt and pepper with carrots and potatoes and beef. Goulash I do with tomato. Speaking of tastes, I was kind of a super smeller/taster before covid. I didn't like spicy food. Basic food tasted good to me without a lot of spice, but I knew how to use spices to improve the food. I'm also one of the people who hates cilantro. It tastes foul to me.
  7. I've wondered that too. The show might be helping? Not really helping them, but just so we can watch them eat.
  8. I'm more of a fan of concorde pears. The stew sounds delicious.
  9. Refrigerator cold grapes are delicious. If you don't follow them with three pizzas and an entire brownie pan.
  10. I was doing so well, but I wanted pancakes. I kept myself to one piece of bacon, one pancake (with too much maple syrup), and the banana slices. I blame the grapes.
  11. Is it cheating if you don't say it in question form? I get lazy with that. The show is about answering with the question.
  12. Sometimes my brain answers and I don't say it out loud. I consider that an answer. I do like to say the answers out loud usually.
  13. I'm finally getting around to watching this episode. Amy and Tammy should not be in the therapy session together. They start blaming each other like they always do. I do like the therapist. Because I'm shallow, I like seeing Dr. Proctor. Fans self. I kind of like Chris. He seems supportive (sometimes literally) and I hope he takes care of himself too. I love eggplant parmesan, but with all of the cheese I wouldn't consider it a diet food.
  14. I was killing it in a lot of categories today. I don't think I've every seen a tie like that before.
  15. That's about the same price for KFC. I bought if for an actual family.
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