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  1. I want a model who looks like me! Well, here's Mrs. Potato Head on stilts. Wait, no, not that me!
  2. So are you just giving me the key to your house or gifting me? Asking for a friend. :D
  3. I decided to change my avatar, because Bill the Cat was a bit off-putting. Who can't love that face? Nokat doesn't mean no cats. I've loved plenty of them and spent lots on vet bills for spay/neuter and food.
  4. If we're going there, the use of "healthy" instead of "healthful." It's good to know that your morning avocado toast is healthy and probably going out for a morning jog. Nouns get turned into verbs. We all know about gerunds.
  5. I don't need the boulder holders, so I have some pretty ones. I would definitely not wear something that showed my entire bra.
  6. The sloth will die from either an intestinal blockage from all the bags it ate, or heart disease from eating all the junk food. Are the current sloths really related to that thing? I'm pretty sure they rarely come down from their trees, and then only to poo. (I watch a lot of zoo shows).
  7. The issue definitely wasn't she was only allowed white models, but that Prajjé only wanted a black model and then Kenneth jumped on that bandwagon. Christian did not help by putting pressure on a designer to swap. The situation was ugly in so many ways.
  8. Or enjoying seeing stars, which are quite the sight without light pollution.
  9. So far I'm liking what Aaron is designing. I think Nina hasn't called his designs "fresh" yet but if they sell to women of a certain age who cares. I've heard people call Aaron a silver fox, and then I saw his age of 39 and I feel like a cougar now.
  10. Kenneth about the models: I want someone who looks like me. Sweetie, only in your dreams would you look that tall and hot.
  11. He was told only to "bring back my family," so the rest of them I guess are meat. I have to admit though that Levi is hot.
  12. I've been thinking on the model swapping. Can you imagine if a white designer said no to a Black or Asian model, like, they don't fit my aesthetic? There would be an uproar. I understood about Haiti and wanting to show his feelings, but saying it can't be on a white model seems political and not designing for people.
  13. You make a good point. If we have curvy women, why not men with moobs and beer guts. Men with frog butts. There are people who photograph well, especially with a photographer who knows how to make them look good, but they are fugly up close or on video. That said, when the models come in to the workroom, it's funny to see the designers next to the giants.
  14. Was that the car wash outfit? Not that I don't want straps dangling from my crotch. I'll stand on my car and dance to YMCA wearing that.
  15. That look he got during the reveal, he enjoyed it. It was nice and dramatic but if that was street wear, I'm walking down the wrong streets.
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