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  1. I worked in restaurants, and I tip well because people aren't paid enough, and I'm polite and not demanding.
  2. I know, Colin was frequently telling Gary to not be a douche. I'm not sure why Daisy is the bad person here. I love Captain Glen. I'd watch more of what he does.
  3. As long as it doesn't involve Mali and Sandy, I'd watch.
  4. I saw it again. It is Farmer's Dog, and I watched a review where the ingredients were read out. I'm actually getting hungry.
  5. Again, I'm sorry. There are so many commercials aimed at women. I got carried away.
  6. I'll stop when the commercials stop. Sorry if I made anyone uncomfortable.
  7. There is a pet food commercial where it looks so delicious I'd be fighting the dog.
  8. Yes because then we become whores. /s They can also push out a ten pound baby. They are very flexible.
  9. I know that feeling. One is closer than the other.
  10. Yes, I've heard this too, they are so attentive and loving until they've hooked you. I've found that anyone who is just too nice can be rotten at the core. I don't mean nice people, but there's one who try too hard.
  11. I still don't fully understand, but I saw it in action with a friend. She had a loving family, but this guy started isolating her and hated all of her friends, so she stopped hanging out with us. It can be a slow process and you don't realize it I guess.
  12. It's still there though. You need the large tampons? They'll show an overweight model, or a thin one with a smirk.
  13. Don't you know that our vaginas get bigger if we get larger? Sigh. Yes, I don't know either.
  14. Yeah I got excited about the Aurora Teagarden movie. I usually like those.
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