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  1. You staying on track too? I've been sitting and eating way too much so no judgment.
  2. Eating a cup of brown rice with some tomato and pepper, so thumbs up. The rice is probably not on Dr. Now's list, but it wasn't fraiiiid rice. As long as I stay with brown rice with some veggies.
  3. Dr. Now: I'm going to help you. Pounder, I expect you to wave a wand. I gained so much weight after eating a grape. I usually go for JFC on a pogo stick. :)
  4. I've never heard it other than top brass.
  5. My first instinct was Brahman too. I did not know about zebus. Horses and rodeos though, good memories.
  6. I did better than expected, and got the final. Not as a participant, but a watcher.
  7. As always, the Live Chat was so much more entertaining than the show. Ro definitely has what is called resting bitch face. @DC Gal, I think I can actually feel the brain cells die during these episodes, so I try to balance it with smarter stuff and that National Geographic sounds scary and something to watch.
  8. Spiders are very good at eating insects, and I don't bother them for the most part unless cleaning up old cobwebs or shooing them out of smoke detectors. But, I woke up to one of the wolf spiders on my pillow staring at me. I shudder still thinking about it. They like to hang out in piles of paper or in sheets. They will bite too.
  9. Hi all. If I add a horse to my family, can we be tonners?
  10. I'm off my fast food binge and back to eating healthfully. I'm also looking forward to tonight's live chat. Watching the poundicipants always helps me choose to eat better. I also don't know how they can eat the way they do, because my body was not happy with me, and I wasn't eating near the number of calories, just more sugar, grease and salt than I'm used to. I know how to cook healthy, tasty food and just didn't want to for a few days.
  11. Always use the legs and don't lift with the back. It is easy to forget though. And also you can sling around things with no problem, but you bend over to pick up a small item, and whoops.
  12. I love this, it is how episodes should be rated. Well, I went through this many hankies.
  13. It has to be producer driven, needing everyone at the table. I would find it rude, too, and whoever shows up gets to eat.
  14. I was watching in disbelief. Okay, in her mind dry humping a co-worker where everyone can see is okay, and if anyone mentions it, they deserve abuse? She's awful.
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