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  1. That sounds like something I'd really like. I've really enjoyed some of the shows that have older crimes that get solved through DNA.
  2. It looked like a Percheron colt. Dr. Pol goes to the Amish farms so he treats a lot of draft breeds.
  3. Do I have to choose amongst three awful things? The nachos are sounding better.
  4. That always helps. The Malia microphone was so producer driven. I would have liked to be a guest at the tasting menu. At breakfast though, you can't let people think you're a fry cook. Give then fruit, eggs, bacon, toast. and probably more alcohol.
  5. I wouldn't expect a chef from Brazil to know what nachos are. I'm not sure how you could elevate them. I've had mall courtyard nachos that looked better than that though. I made the mistake of googling nacho recipes.
  6. I remember going to the casinos to get an inexpensive big breakfast. There was lots of cheap drunk people food, like the shrimp cocktail. It's why I was curious about having a Vegas night. There are also the high rollers who get pampered, though.
  7. I did embarrassing well at that category too.
  8. I didn't mean to offend, which I realized I might have after writing that. I just don't like the commercial.
  9. I need to get off the covid pounds too. It's more difficult to get healthy food delivered, and you are scared and just want comfort food.
  10. 600 lb doctor says let's get the spindly chairs that say only 200 lbs. I'm also embarrassed to say I've been gaining weight. The "I can't be over this weight" has gone up. For some reason the doctors don't find it funny when you say things like we meet again. Not everyone likes snark.
  11. Things in my fridge: lettuce, red onion, radishes, tomato, low calorie dressing. Cantaloupe, blueberries, and how the hell did hot dogs get in there?
  12. I usually lose a few pounds when I drink that liquid that empties you out. My last colonoscopy I wanted to be knocked out, but I laughingly said I don't remember anything and the doctor said "good." Good for you or good for me? What happened? Neither one of us wants to look the other in the face.
  13. An excellent submission for a stupid ad.
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