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  1. I have no issue with a plunging neckline - I've got several tops that show off my cleavage very nicely and I've got no issue with showing off my goodies (which despite my age and fluctuating weight over the years still look pretty damn good), but always with the right bra. Saggy boobs are not a good look for anyone, no matter what their size. I even have outfits where my bra is exposed and I use the color of my bra to tie into my outfit. Whitney is not an unattractive woman, despite her size. She can look well put together when she she puts some real care into her clothing and speaking from experience, I know that dressing for the summer when you're a big woman is a serious challenge. Smaller sized women can walk around in tiny dresses with little spaghetti straps and I felt self-conscious about showing off my arms (which are disproportionately large compared to the rest of me). All women are free to dress however they want and I have envied other plus sized women who were confident enough to wear revealing clothing. I've been working on my own confidence that I don't need to hide every single roll or bulge because I am a human person and will never look like a photoshopped model. If Whitney wants to wear revealing clothing and is comfortable wearing such things, then more power to her. Where I have issues is that she wears things that are inappropriate to her environment (like when she wears workout clothing or jeans to an office job). I also can judge her if she wears things that are unflattering or ill-fitting. or overly juvenile. She's a woman in her 30s who still tries to dress like a college student and after awhile, it just looks stupid. So yes, she can go without a bra if she wants. but she doesn't have a 20 year old's breasts anymore and gravity has taken it's toll on her body. I can't stop her from wearing things like this, but I can certainly judge her.
  2. Let's not discuss that sidewalks seem to lie in wait just to trip us up. I still haven't forgiven the corner of Houston and Broadway for making me break my ankle, and it's been years... I have another hazzard in my area... this morning when I left for my early morning walk, I nearly got tripped up by a rabbit! We've got them all over the place and they are the cutest obstacles that I've ever run across (literally, in this case). Got a thrill this week when Nordstrom Rack and TJ Maxx opened up in my area. And for the first time, I could actually buy clothes in the normal section where all the good designer stuff is! Got myself a Marc Jacobs dress, a top by Calvin Klein and one by Tahari. I feel so damn fancy now.
  3. That dress has got to be one of the least flattering things we've ever seen Whitney wear, and this is after several years of seeing her squeezed into spandex. My first thoughts at seeing her was mentally singing "Do your boobs hang low? Do they wobble to and fro..." Girl, take some of that TLC money and buy yourself a decent wardrobe. I've said it a million times - when you are a big girl, you are much better off in well made, well tailored clothing with some structure. Cheap clothes like that dress will do absolutely nothing to help. And for all the Gods' sakes, buy some decent bras! Gravity is no woman's friend and it's not a good look when your tits are hanging around your waist. There should be definition between your boobs and your belly (however big both might be). It's not like she can't look well put together. When she wears things from Eloquii, she looks great. There is decent, good quality plus sized clothing out there that's age appropriate. Yeah, it looks like she fell off the wagon. I don't think her eating habits changed at all and with everything shut down and her not being able to get to the gym, it's obvious that she's lost a lot of the physical conditioning that she's enjoyed. I know that it's hard right now since in my area, there's no sign of gyms being able to open anytime in the near future and I've had to be more creative with my exercise program. On the days when I work from home, I wake up early to go for a run/walk (I usually get in between 5-6 miles). My surgeon wanted me to start strength training, so I bought a set of resistance bands. Now that summer is in full swing, I'm ordering some equipment that I can use for resistance training in the pool. There was nothing to stop Whitney from ordering a set of free weights or dumbells and working out at home. Since she's supposed to be such an "expert" at exercise (enough that she entertained the delusion of being a coach), it should have been a no-brainer for her to figure out ways to keep up on her training during the shutdown.
  4. *sigh* Nobody really wants Whitney in RL. Wonder why? *rolls eyes* It would be interesting for the show to look at Whitney's lack of a real, non-scripted love life honestly, with an acknowledgement that the kind of men she wants (good looking, fit and emotionally healthy) are just not the kind that are going to go for a morbidly obese, socially abrasive woman. And that she decides to either be true to herself (however obnoxious that might be) and be happily single or decide to make some changes to her life. But that will never happen...
  5. Hola everyone! Time for another update... The past few weeks have been a bit of a challenge because working from home left me far too much time to nibble and I had a few weeks of my weight plateauing. Fortunately I had some great advice and didn't let it frustrate me. I kept a closer eye on what I was eating and upped my exercise (on my work from home days, I go out on a long fast walk and usually get in 5-6 miles). After what felt like forever, my weight is starting to come down again and I broke the 50lb mark! I'm at just a little bit away from the halfway mark to my weight goal. Best of all, I had to spend the past week cleaning out my closet because a lot of clothes that I had from last summer were absolutely swimming on me. Before surgery, an X-large/1X was getting very snug (and I was very resistant to buying anything in a 2X. Today I was able to put on a regular Large and while it was a little snugger than I would normally wear, it looked great. So obviously I've been making progress. I also decided that I needed a bit of a change and chopped my hair off into a rather adorable bob (looks something like a cross between Audrey Hepburn and Joan Jett) and tomorrow I get to go shopping in a real store to replace a bunch of the clothes that I got rid of. I can't wait! In the meantime, I'm going to throw on my new tankini and hop into the pool for a nice post-dinner swim. @ShoePrincess - so sorry to hear that you've been fighting with the dreaded Covid-beast. I know how hard it's been and just count myself lucky that my family have been able to avoid it up until now. Take care of yourself!
  6. So doing the math, the baby would have been conceived as early as late October - right after the fake proposal in Paris. If accurate, this would pretty much confirm that this wasn't a cast of Chase connecting with an old girlfriend while he and Whitney weren't able to see one another for a few weeks. It's pretty clear that Chase had been with his baby momma long before he was called upon to present Whitney with that ugly ring. Of course, we'll know the truth once a birth announcement comes out and we'll see how big the lie Whitney and TLC were trying to sell us.
  7. I have a feeling that Whitney knew quite awhile ago that Chase's real girlfriend was expecting. There has to be a reason why she would choose to spend quarantine with her mother and not with her fiance if they were so in love with one another. Nothing about how Whitney conducted herself since announcing this fake engagement felt anything close to genuine, and Chase certainly didn't act like he actually wanted to be around her when the cameras weren't rolling. My guess is that Whitney was trying to keep things quiet until TLC figured out how to spin their inevitable breakup without making her look like an idiot but then the news about the baby leaked and the whole thing was out of her hands. Even if the expected due date for Chases's baby was in October as Whitney originally reported, that would mean that the baby was conceived well before North Carolina went on lock down. Her story about being apart so much just doesn't wash because it's not as if they lived on opposite sides of the country. He was in the next state over, just a relatively short drive away. And if she really wanted to, there was nothing holding her to Charlotte - she could have easily moved closer to him if she really wanted to. There was no reason for them to have been apart so much if they really wanted to be together. I'm admittedly curious to see how TLC plans to explain all this because the show does have a way of letting Whitney monologue about how amazing she is while showing on screen her looking like an absolute fool. There's no way that they can just ignore what happened after making this "grand romance" the centerpiece of last season's story line.
  8. There's a reason why these "reality" shows seem to last well past their expiration date - they are really cheap to produce. Besides the expense of sending the group on a trip once a season, there really aren't any major expenses. Since so much of the show is filmed in Whitney's home or in public spaces, the expenses outside of salary for everyone is pretty minimal. And because the show airs on a cable network that most viewers get through their subscriptions, it can survive on low ratings. I hope that this scares the production team straight when it comes to setting up their storylines. It was one thing to set up face contests and challenges, but a romance? Having it exposed so clearly that everything they showed with Chase was clearly faked (after every other "romance" storyline fell flatter than an overcooked crepe), I hope that they recognize that trying to engineer some kind of grand romance for Whitney just isn't going to work. Not because of her size but because the kind of man that she wants just isn't going to be interested in a rude, hygienically challenged obese woman. Whitney is just not going to be attractive to a good looking, normally sized and stable man. It's also going to be interesting how they're going to spin this on the show because there's no way that they can give Whitney some kind of hero edit and not have it look stupid.
  9. Not everyone is that confident. For the most part, even at my heaviest, I didn't let my weight stop me from doing much of what I was physically capable of doing. I traveled, held down a job and worked out. But I'm not going to lie that having people judging me in public did have an impact on how I did things. It's not exactly pleasant to be eating out without someone judging what's on my plate. If I was eating something indulgent, I felt like they were thinking that of course, that was why I am fat. If I was eating something healthy, it felt like they were thinking "Who the hell does she think that she's fooling?". Going to a beach and putting on a swim suit when you felt surrounded by thin, fit girls in bikinis will shake most women's confidence. Or going to a gym and finding that it's not welcoming to someone who's not in good shape already but who wants to be so. So I can understand why being encouraged to live your best life regardless of what society might think can be encouraging. I agree that Whitney is an awful role model and that it's really dishonest of the show to try to present her as such. The problem is that with her it was all staged show and no real substance. Her "job" is being on this show so we don't get to see how an obese woman can navigate the pitfalls of the workplace (where it's been proven with studies that obese people, women in particular, are less likely to be promoted and more likely to be paid less than their equally qualified peers). We saw a few Whitney's health scares quickly brushed away as unimportant, whereas most obese people are well aware that being overweight can be detrimental to their health. There's just no honesty with this show or with Whitney. And that what's most grating. I can deal with someone who is slovenly and obnoxious and silly, but it's the lack of honesty that really grates on my last nerve. Even the moments where Whitney does face real situations where she's (aledgedy) ridiculed for her weight feel staged. I just think that there is a place for a show that provides some inspiration for a community that does need it without pandering, fake stunts and a personality that is, to say the least, is laking.
  10. Somewhere along the line, the original premise of the show (about an engaging young woman who happened to be very obese but was still happy and lived a fulfilling life) got lost and it became about stunts to try and make Whitney look like a lot more than she was. And each time one of these stunts went pear-shaped (no pun intended), the show had to escalate the stunts in order to keep up the pretense that Whitney is indeed amazing so don't pay attention to all the times she fell flat on her face. Whitney can't manage a basic fun-run? Well, let's send her to Alaska where she can do an endurance trail. Her dance classes are something of a flop? Well, she's the biggest fitness coach (again, no pun intended) with an international reach and a weight lifting champion. Whatever charm Whitney might have had in the beginning has been covered up by this constant effort to make her seem larger than life. And now it's all collapsing around her. Sure, a lot of her fans thought that the relationship was real and are expressing sympathy for her but there are an increasing number that do see what was really going on. And they're not happy. People who struggle with their weight and want to have a full life regardless of their size deserve to have an idol that actually does succeed in life on her own merits. Whitney and this show isn't it.
  11. Whitney loves attention and when she gets bad attention (like someone mocking her for her size), she wants to make sure that she can turn it around so that she looks like a victim, bravely soldiering on in the face or prejudice while she fights for the acceptance to just live her life, goddamn it! So long as she looks like the wronged woman, played for a fool by an unfaithful partner, it's all well and good. But having it openly discussed that the relationship wasn't real and was just staged for the cameras is humiliating because, yet again, Whitney has shown that she cannot land a man on her own. She's fulfilled the stereotype of the lonesome fat woman, starved for love. That her Big Fat Fabulous Life is indeed nothing but a sham. That is what will bother her. She doesn't have the wealth of a Kardashian to insulate her. And I do believe very strongly that she was behind this fake relationship, at least so far that she agreed to enthusiastically go along with it.
  12. Plenty of people are also noting that while, on the show, Chase seemed completely ambivalent about having children with Whitney but seems really excited (according to his instagram post) about his impending fatherhood. I don't think we need any more evidence that this "relationship" existed nowhere except in the writers room or Whitney's imagination.
  13. Has there been any evidency (such as photos posted on their social media or a candid taken by someone who saw them out in public) doing anything that wasn't related to the show or the NOBS workout with Ryan? I mean, if they've been dating for a least a few months, they would have been seen being out and socializing. Going out to dinner or a movie? Whitney is a minor celebrity in her neck of the woods and, let's be honest here, she's hard to miss. Someone would have posted something somewhere. Everything we've seen of the two of them has been completely staged for the show or the business. Chase went along on the cruise last fall because Whitney needed him to be seen with her for the brand. She moved to the same state that Chase lived in for... reasons... but picked a city that was far enough away from where Chase's business was that there were excuses for them not to see one another more often. Not exactly what you'd expect for two people so passionately in love. And with no way to manage what Chase did when he wasn't "on the clock", he was free to pursue the relationship that he really wanted. Someone who wasn't Whitney. If they really wanted to be together, they would have found a way to make things work. That they didn't speaks volumes, no matter what her sycophants claim.
  14. I'll be blunt... I don't think there was any "reconnecting" with an old girlfriend. I don't think that Chase ever broke up with his girlfriend during this whole fiasco, or that he at least started seeing her while he was supposed to be dating Whitney. Whitney and TLC are rushing to try to save face but it's obvious that this is just a case of Chase's real relationship getting in the way of his fake, made-for-tv one. End of story. And it's interesting that Whitney is still following Chase on Instragram. In a normal relationship, unfollowing is one of the first things you'd normally do when scrubbing your ex off your social media. But then, maybe she and TLC need one last appearance so they can set Whitney up for her grand heroic recovery. *rolls eyes*
  15. What she should have known was that there was no good way for this to end. There was no way in hell that the show would have gotten to the point where she'd be standing at the alter in her wedding dress waiting for Chase to say "I do." How the hell could they break up an engagement without her looking stupid after painting this as some kind of epic love story and the fulfillment of her dearest fantasy? And while Whitney and TLC might have had control over the show and social media, they had no control over what Chase did off camera when he wasn't on the clock. And that apparently included maintaining his relationship with his real GF and an accidental pregnancy. No matter how they ended this, Whitney was going to look like an idiot. And the TPB should have been aware of this being a monumentally bad idea. My guess is that the "plan" was for Whitney to recognize that they just weren't compatible (as he is a human male and she is... something else) and they'd part amicably just before the wedding so she could look wise and strong. Instead we get his real life relationships being the issue and she looks like an idiot because he had a real girlfriend not named Whitney. This exploding in her's and TLC's faces was positively inevitable. I am taking way too much pleasure in all of this. I'm such a bad person...
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