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  1. *sigh* I'm really at a loss with the level of stupidity here. why am I watching this. How Whitney thought that LeBlur was going to be able to travel to join her in Maine while there was nearly zero EU citizens permitted to travel to the US at the time this was filmed is bad enough. But how she was bellyaching the whole time that he wasn't there... you'd think she was being stood up at the alter. I've had real long distance relationships and they are never easy, but to get that emotionally invested with someone that she's only been speaking to over the internet? And if seeing him was so im
  2. I've been skipping a lot of this season but I tried watching this episode when I caught it on rerun. After about five minutes of Whitney talking to Le Blur, I had to turn it off. I refuse to sacrifice any brain cells on this stupidity.
  3. There are companies that specialize in shipping horses for competitions around the world. She might find it more comfortable to avail herself with their services.
  4. Business class seats are roomier, at least compared to economy class, but they're not that roomy. I picked Delta airlines as an example, but international business class seats are 21 inches wide (compared with 18 inches in economy). Domestic business class seats average around 20 inches and economy are again 18 inches. For someone of Whitney's size, the differences between the two seats just isn't going to make that much of a difference. She's still going to be shoehorned in and she certainly is too large to take advantage of the lay flat features of an international business class flight.
  5. Time and place! Even disregarding her weight, there is a time and place to wear leggings and a sports bra without a shirt and walking around city streets unless you are training for a marathon is not it! In Europe, you almost never see Europeans in athletic wear except going to and from the gym or jogging in the streets. Not for walking around or running errands. Sure, I wear leggings when out doing quick errands like shopping, but always with a shirt and never just in a sports bra (even if I might give up a shirt if I'm on a jog and it's hot out). Gods, she is such an embarrassment!
  6. Hana Chan

    S01.E18: Drive

    I thought that was very clever. People who lost a love one sometimes find comfort in the idea that the one they lost is watching over them. Well, Cordell is being watched over, but not necessarily by the loving spirit of his wife. Pretty creepy. There are so many directions this can go in - it could be someone from Cordell's military past or part of the deep rooted corruption in the law enforcement community or a hired gun brought in by the Northside Nation. Either way, Cordell is going to be up to his pretty ears in it next season. I'm looking forward to seeing how this plays out.
  7. Hana Chan

    S01.E18: Drive

    This was a more than decent finale for a season that had some unusual challenges to weather (with COVID putting a damper on some of the filming). And it fulfilled everything that we expect of a good season finale. It tied up most of the storylines that we followed and provided some intriguing set up for next season. I've got no real complaints. We finally got resolution on the real story behind Emily's murder and, as many of us expected, there was a conspiracy by someone close to Cordell. Fortunately I wasn't attached to Stan as a character (I would have been absolutely heartbroken if it
  8. Wow... I stay away for a few weeks and find that this shitshow is like a cockroach. No matter how much we spray, it keeps coming back. I'm so over Whiney and her fake romances that she keeps trying to portray as being "real luv 4evah!!!!". The bigger question is why I'm paying any attention to this garbage except the dark pleasure of watching Whiney fall flat on her face again.
  9. My only quibble with this is that Steve's friendship with Bucky was at least as strong as his new love for Peggy and is a much longer standing relationship. If Peggy loved Steve as much as she was stated to, then his relationship with Bucky would have been a consideration for her since Bucky wasn't going to disappear from Steve's life just because he got a girl. Plus Bucky was under her command, so his importance to Steve would have been something she would have to consider. But I agree that this was Peggy's story and that was why I felt she was so badly shortchanged. Instead of letting h
  10. I watched it again on the way home on the train just to get my criticisms more clearly thought out and make sure that I wasn't being unduly harsh. Admittedly, one of the biggest things working against this episode is that it's only a half hour and they're trying to squeeze in a story that needed at least three times the run time to touch on. So everything was condensed and rushed and the story just wasn't told in a satisfying manner. Now for my issues with the story itself... 1) There was a lot of focus on a Steggy romance and one thing that I really appreciated about CATFA is that the ro
  11. This was the part that had me rolling my eyes. That Peggy couldn't be just as strong and capable as Steve turned out - she had to be better! With cooler weapons. The things that made Steven most interesting were absent and I just came away feeling like I was watching a Peggy Sue storyline. I know, that's a dangerous accusation to make with a female character (and I'm a woman so I'm particularly sensitive to the positive portrayal of exceptionally strong women in media) but I think that it was a mistake to just make her into a better, more capable version of Captain America who can overcome eve
  12. Ditto. Given that this series basically gives them a license to go totally batshit with the canon, and they basically followed the CATFA storyline with Peggy standing in for Steve. It wasn't particularly engaging and I'm still at a loss at why I'm supposed to love Peggy so much. Rah rah feminism, I guess? What I loved about Steve was his flawed humanity - that he could be rigid and selfish while also being the most self-sacrificing person in the universe. It feels like they were afraid to give Peggy any flaws because she's a woman but some of my favorite female characters in the MCU are the mo
  13. The John and Mary story, IMO, has been done very completely on the show and I can't see much value about turning it into a soap opera story with the monsters and demons in the background. The best stories about John and Mary I've found still tie primarily into their roles as parents to Sam and Dean so trying to tell something original about them without that angle just don't feel all that interesting. We might get some filling in of the blanks, but as a writer, it feels like we'd be retracing old ground that we already know. They can try to turn things around, but that could conflict with the
  14. To me, the tweets are the least of things. If that is what Jensen's defenders are hanging their hats on, it's not a very strong argument in Jensen's favor. Jensen is not automatically the "good guy" just because he's not using social media as much as Jared does. Except for the tweet to Rob (which was totally out of line and Jared rightfully deleted it), what did Jared tweet in this case that was so terrible? That he didn't know that they were announcing the series and that he was hurt about that? That he was sad that his character would not be included? And Jensen doesn't need to weaponi
  15. We don't know 99.9% of what was going on. For all we know, Jared and Jensen had a clear agreement between them that if they were to work on an SPN project, it would be as a team and Jensen went back on his word. But we don't know. All we know is Jared's tweet that he was supportive but hurt and feels a certain amount of betrayal that he 1) is not involved in the new project (at least at this point) and 2) was not aware that the project was moving forward (to the point where an official announcement was made). We can paint Jared as problematic because he brought this into social media, but
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