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  1. I call shenanigans on that perfectly browned turkey. Somebody went out and got a pre-cooked turkey to replace the one that wasn't thawed.
  2. TLC's lawyers will fire back that the litigants went to Dr. Now hoping he could help them lose weight and were disappointed when he did not possess the wizardry to magically make hundreds of pounds disappear with one wave of his magic wand.
  3. Why didn't they invest in some bunk beds for the older boys so their beds wouldn't be shoved together like the Seven Dwarfs' beds? Are they just renting the mobile home until their house is renovated?
  4. Her limited brain activity would preclude her from any kind of lucrative job also. As Eleven would say, "Mouth breather!" I completely tune out whenever Cheesewiz is on the screen. Who the hell looked at him and said, "Here's our new star!" If Armando and Kenneth turn out as insufferable as Stephanie and Erika, we riot. Jenny may be 60-something on the outside, but on the inside she's still in middle school. Can someone nominate her for a "Queer Eye" makeover? Please? For a moment there I thought I was watching "House Hunters International" when grown-up Cindy Lou Who was looking at the apartment. "I'm sorry. I'm a snob. If my bathroom is not updated every five years, I see no reason to go on."
  5. It wouldn't have taken any time for her to do a Google search on living conditions in Ethiopia. Some of these people are criminally stupid.
  6. Well, she did say she gave up everything to move to India to be with Sumit. Maybe that included her toiletries.
  7. Jenny looks like she wore a lot of tube tops and slathered baby oil on her skin when sun bathing at one time.
  8. Tim looks like the doughy faced kid brother of Cary Elwes. #asyouwish
  9. What do you bet Cheesestick's mother has had the same hairdo since 1985?
  10. Hello everyone! Glad to see Jihoon taking some responsibilities for his actions!
  11. All right, lovelies. See you tomorrow night for more drama.
  12. The doctor gave me something called twilight sleep when I had my wisdom teeth taken out. Which scared me because there's an episode of "The X-Files" where a guy is giving women twilight sleep and killing them.
  13. I'll have what she's having ... minus the needle.
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