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  1. Because I am my own worst enemy, I just had to watch this mess again last night. I suspect that Jeanne is suffering from some sort of mental disorder. How else could she abide the filth in her home and her own putrid self. Her main purpose in life was to sit in a chair and have her family bring her food. I always have to chuckle when Dr. Now asks her mother what she has been feeding her and she tells him she makes meals with a lot of lean protein like skinless chicken and when she buys soft drinks, half of them are sugary and the other half are sugar free. And then dainty Jeanne will treat her
  2. I finished watching the series tonight. I had a friend who used to rave about LuLaRoe leggings, talking about how soft they were and how colorful they were. I think in the beginning they were made from quality materials and were properly stored. But the company literally got too big for its britches. They sacrificed quality for quantity in pursuit of profit. I know far too many people -- most of them women -- who fall prey to these schemes. It's a total cliche to say "If something seems to good to be true, it probably is," but it's a good maxim to keep in mind, especially when dealing wit
  3. Yep, right off the bat I realized we weren't dealing with someone remotely acquainted with the truth. I just watched the first couple episodes and I already know that she and her husband are complete phonies. I was never tempted to buy anything from LulaRoe. Some of the prints would be too loud and garish for Mrs. Roper from "Three's Company."
  4. That's second base for the ultra religious. Well, thanks for all the fun tonight! I go back to work tomorrow. If you ever find yourself at Virginia Beach, I highly recommend the aquarium!
  5. I think the back of her head is her most flattering angle.
  6. "Hi, I'm Binyan's ex-wife. He plays my butt like bongos."
  7. Now I know who he reminds me of! That person on "My Strange Addiction" who was addicted to acting like a baby!
  8. She only packed spices so she didn't need a lot of luggage.
  9. Ugh! Time to do laundry. Can't stand Evil Lyn.
  10. It's OK, Jenny. You be the one who has to make all the sacrifices. That's not going to get old or anything.
  11. "What kind of car do you drive? I had to give up mine. What a blow!"
  12. I'm not going to comment on someone's weight gain because I saw myself in the mirror at the beach and I looked like Alfred Hitchcock below the boobs.
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