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  1. Did anyone watch last night? This guy had a huge lump on his forehead. It was an extremely odd one because it was like memory foam -- when touched, an indentation would appear briefly and then it would spring back into its usual shape. When Dr. Lee popped that thing -- OMG! It was like an never ending ribbon of Laffy Taffy! It was absolutely mesmerizing.
  2. The woman in the Restasis commercial who makes sourdough bread, screen prints her own T-shirts, tricks out an old jeep with new headlights and still has time to paint her bathroom makes me feel like a lazy bum. Also, I always think it's going to be one of those commercials for people with bipolar disorder and I'm like, "Why is she going to an eye doctor for treatment of her bipolar disorder?"
  3. @auntjess, thank you for sharing that link. I feel heartbroken for Kelly Mason all over again.
  4. Angela's like a school building during the pandemic -- no class!
  5. Did they rent this RV? If so, they are probably not going to get their deposit back.
  6. Andrei: I'm not just going to destroy kitchens all my life. Ronald: Why not? There's good money is gently used refrigerators.
  7. That RV probably smells like rotgut wine, baby wipes and body odor.
  8. "Two tourists were killed today when a married couple threw rocks off a mountain overlook."
  9. It looks more like a bank vault. Well, I guess you paint what you know.
  10. Tiff looks like the night hostess at a pirate-themed bar.
  11. Angela wears a cross because she's such a good Christian woman. Also, it was a today's special value on QVC that was on easy pay.
  12. Whatever that IT guy is getting paid, it's not enough to put up with this shit.
  13. Me too! That's why I'm going to keep wearing them.
  14. @tvrox, it doesn't start until July. Thanks for asking!
  15. UGH! Why can't the producers come up with something for these people to do instead of rehash the same conversations over and over again? Maybe open a pizza and knish stand? Sell bacon, lettuce and potato sandwiches on a street corner?
  16. Greetings from Virginia, where we're having 100 percent humidity!
  17. Hello! I keep looking for this forum in the comedy section because y'all so funny!
  18. Does the blond lady on the Tepezza commercial remind anyone of Laura aka "The Skipper?"
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