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  1. Exactly. She's not just sitting there, she's complicit.
  2. Try muskmelon. (there's actually cats going crazy for muskmelon/cantaloupe videos on Youtube. So I guess it's a thing.)
  3. "I'm not a vet, but I play one on the internet." According to the internet: cats shouldn't eat the seed or skin of an avocado, but avocado (in moderation) will only give a healthy cat a possible upset stomach.
  4. I can see the ad, "Is your cat getting enough avocado?"
  5. Late tonight (or early tomorrow, depending) TCM is running "The Bedford Incident" as part of their Sidney Poitier night. If you haven't seen it, it's a tense Cold War drama. Without giving anything away, I doubt they would make this story this way today.
  6. New LiMu commercial with an actor who can remember his lines, with a typically weak, stupid payoff. They're not even trying anymore.
  7. What little I saw they were tut-tutting over the changes the editors made to the article in the NYT after it's initial publication, implying that excused everything Kavanaugh did because the accuser either didn't remember or (more likely) didn't want to be the object of scorn from certain circles. That was about all I could take of the show and turned it off.
  8. My general rule: Any remake starring Denzel Washington is probably going to be bad.
  9. A good movie shouldn't be remade. Would there be any point to remake "Casablanca"? Nobody's going to make a better version. There are some "bad" (or poorly made) movies which could be remade into better movies. This doesn't include (necessarily) movies based on books, esp. classics. Often you can get multiple movies based on the same book that are equally good.
  10. Got mixed reviews at the Toronto Film Festival. Was described as "divisive." One review, which I though was weirdly funny, claimed it need "more Hitler."
  11. Stupid ad writers. Another nonsensical ad, like the one, "I meant that Buick." It's rather sickening that someone actually gets paid for this stupidity.
  12. I always thought Lazenby was adequate as Bond (not taking account of his off-screen personality). Not great, but not the joke many people considered him. He had a tough job following Connery (even Connery, in "Diamonds are Forever" had a tough job following Connery). If Connery had only made "Dr. No" I think we'd look at him differently..
  13. They should only be in NY or Washington. Them sitting at the little table in their basement is really embarrassing. I can't understand why MSNBC puts up with it.
  14. I always like when they bring up if we have MFA you'll lose the doctor you have under private insurance. If you have private insurance through work, your company can change providers any time and you can lose your doctor. If we actually had universal health insurance, then probably all doctors will have to accept it.
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