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  1. I noticed there's a book on the show coming out The Outer Limits - TV Milestones Author Joanne Morreale Paperback (05 Apr 2022) Wayne State University Press In this TV Milestone, author Joanne Morreale highlights the differences of The Outer Limits (ABC 1963-65) from typical programs on the air in the 1960s. Morreale argues that the show provides insight into changes in the television industry as writers turned to genre fiction-in this case, a hybrid of science fiction and horror-to provide veiled social commentary. The show illustrates the tension between networks who wanted m
  2. Liberty Mutual dance party ad? Like every ad now has annoying dancing.
  3. I'm reading Mark Twain's "Life on the Mississippi" and there's a chapter about how predatory the undertaking business is. So we can assume it pretty much always was a scam.
  4. Or more than one serving in a bag of potato chips. 😋
  5. You might try, if you haven't read them, Dorothy Dunnett's Lymond Chronicles series. People either really hate it, or they think they are the best historical novels ever. I happen to really like the series. I originally read it in the 1970's reread it in the 1990s and again in the 2010s. If you are a perfectionist you might want to have a copy of the "Dorothy Dunnett Companion" near to hand.
  6. I always thought a movie version actually following the book would be interesting.
  7. I always say I'd want to be thrown out in the woods.
  8. So, what are your favorite TV theme songs from the retro era? I would go with "The Addams Family" theme song as my favorite, which isn't too controversial, but my second favorite would be "Car 54, Where Are You?" I like the historical references - Khrushchev and Idlewild (which of course weren't historical at the time). Too bad theme songs have largely disappeared today.
  9. If it's gold or silver (which you'd assume a wedding ring would be), there's no carbon I'd think.
  10. I wonder if they'll run into the cast from the movie "10,000 B.C." at some point?
  11. Can you carbon date a diamond that's already tens of thousands (or more) of years old?
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