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  1. Is that her porta toilet in the middle of the living room?
  2. You can lift weights for a 1000 years and it will not do much of anything about that excess arm skin.
  3. Do you remember a few seasons ago he had a young black doctor as a trainee. The trainee spoke in cliches and everything he said sounded like a Hallmark card. I wonder what happened to him.
  4. Aunt Margaret smiles too much. Probably won’t last long though.
  5. Month 2 and they are still in the one bed motel? Do the kids go to school?
  6. If I saw them coming down the hall in the motel I was staying in, I would check out.
  7. Kitchen counter looks like something from The Hoarders.
  8. Will mom wear shoes in Dr. Now’s office? Inquiring minds want to know.
  9. Why in the world would the neighbors be going on this trip? Are they all going to jam into Dr. Now’s exam room? don’t even want to think about the bathroom situation on this trip
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