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  1. The falling sands of our 2-hour glass are coming to an end (not a moment too soon for the episode, though). With 5 minutes left, I just want to say that I appreciate you Pounders. You have brought light into my Covid world and I look forward to next season...the snark, the bitching, hearing about your eating habit for munts at a time. It's been real...until next season!
  2. How could I forget to paint the full picture and include... On my knees at the dining room table? I stand corrected. (What kind of shit did we just witness?)
  3. Me and Jessica just got married and toasted our union with a Mountain Dew!
  4. I actually took a phone call and I felt nothing about missing some of this episode...and back in time for...Me and Jessica. Oh joy!
  5. When you find yourself scraping the bottom for GHF...
  6. Move over AngieJ. Let me grab a piece of that bench! Oh we cracked it? Hey kid, get up and let me sit on that teeter-totter.
  7. Time Check: 45min in Outcome: NOTHING..and I mean nothing...HAS HAPPENED
  8. Dr. Now: Umm...license Tiffany: I'm learning. Dr. Now: Umm...I said license! That exchange was hilarious.
  9. Oh, Danielson....he is not going to be happy. Wax on...wax off...
  10. It seems her only motivation is to keep Aaron. This is not going to end well.
  11. Wayment.... Did she forget that she has them write letters?!?!?!?! What is this talking to your mother bullshit?
  12. LOLA!!!!!!! My first sighting...And she pulled out the Whitney wig.🥰😍 Was she on last week?!?
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