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  1. Well, if this is the last show, I'll see y'all next season. I'll miss you guys. I'm not on too many of the other forums these days, but I check in different places now and then, so maybe I'll see some of you around. I take care of that new baby tomorrow - who is almost 6 months now. I have to pull out all my baby gear. My home office looks like a nursery school when I'm done. He likes to sit on nana's lap and watch explosions on YT. I tell him about the Constitution. We get along fine. So, it's been real, folks. Y'all take care. Go Blue!
  2. That was such weird music for a wedding. I have my back to the TV and when I turned around because of the music, I couldn't read the small print. I thought someone had died or they had broken up. And yeah, how do you get married sitting down?
  3. What did I miss? Why are they moving? Why doesn't Aaron have a job so they don't lose the apartment?
  4. Now that she's lost weight, why not buy a home scale? None of this weight gain/inadequate weight loss would be a surprise. Plus, post-surgery, shouldn't they be mindful of staying on track anyway? Wouldn't a home scale be helpful?
  5. I don't understand why you can't say "TV program" instead of "TV show" since they're the same thing. Am I no longer hip if I say "program"? I do think it's funny when they say you don't have to introduce yourself to the server. Obviously, they aren't in the Midwest. 😄 The server is lucky if people don't pull out pictures of the grand kids or take pictures with them. "Hey Mabel, we went into town today for lunch. This nice gal was our server. Great meal."
  6. Really. I would have taken the WIC and food stamps and been by myself before I exposed my children to that. It's not that Cillas is a bad person (he might, be, I don't know), but to bring in a man who cannot help support, or at least pull his own weight, is a burden on the family, and may expose young girls to things they shouldn't see at that age (not talking about abuse here), is not the way I would go.
  7. I was looking at that. I'm sure there have been obesees that weighed less but were less mobile.
  8. Hi folks! My eating habit was a big green salad w/some turkey breast, peppers, & kalamata olives, followed by a Yasso bar. Unfortunately, all I can think of is having a pizza. I still have calories left, so I may have to go down and make some fake pizza on a tortilla. I think people really liked Cilla last time, but I recall feeling blah about it. I don't remember the other person.
  9. You know, I was going to say something, then I thought maybe I'm being too old fashioned... Perhaps it was a bit of a joke to ask if he could stay with the doctor, I'll leave that alone. It would have been more appropriate for him to tell Dr Now he was engaged. Later, he can send Dr Now an announcement, not an invitation.
  10. How can you quit after the surgery? Isn't there post-surgery care? Considering her past, isn't she worried about an infection? Is she just going to eat what she wants, now that she's had the surgery? I'm not getting the thinking here. I think some obesees have decided they'd lost enough when Dr Now said they could lose more, but she hasn't lost anything yet. What a waste of DNA.
  11. Jeez. Offer the pain up for the souls in purgatory and shut up. You just had surgery; what did you think would happen afterward?
  12. I just turned the sound down when I heard he asked her family to come in for the proposal. Not even interested.
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