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  1. 36 in Birmingham— seems like summer weather compared to the temps y’all are posting
  2. They are making sausage in Switzerland or carrying wine and chestnuts up 400 steps on the Race. I switched over to Larry at the break and he still can’t lose much. Or rather won’t lose. He is boring.
  3. I think it was Brookwood. I hesitate to mention that I have watched most all of the fatty shows
  4. This is the first show Mr Twopper has seen. He would occasionally see bits of an episode. I am opting out at the halfway point to watch the Amazing Race. How many drive thrus will they hit on the way to Houston? 15? 22? 7 per day?!
  5. Hi pounders!! What was that shirt/ robe he was wearing with the black stripes? Made me almost dizzy when he waddled to the fridge. eating habit was fajitas. Just ate 4 sugar cookies for dessert. oh, the death of Little Larry😿That is so horrible
  6. I recall how excited Savannah was about Breanna joining the family as they were close in age, but it seems like it never worked out that they were close. And when Kody takes the girls to the beach, he forgets to mention her when he talks about who went on the trip. At least for a while it seems Truly had Sol to play with. They did really cute talking heads on the sofa when they were little. I guess they are both the"lost girls" in this"family" as far as Kody is concerned.
  7. I missed this conversation because I was taking cookies out of the oven. I can drive from my house near Birmingham to my cousin’s house in Norcross in less time than it takes me to drive to the Birmingham airport, park, go thru TSA, fly to Atlanta, get luggage and get a rental or Uber and drive across Atlanta to Norcross. In their case Dixon is 41 minutes from 2 regional airports, the flight is 51 minutes so they probably spent 4-5 hours from their front door to Dr Proctor’s office. Dixon to Atlanta is 6 hours driving time plus with Gage they would probably take 7-8 hours especially with a fe
  8. Those of us who post on the 600PL forum know eating grapes can sabotage weight loss. Once Amy has both an infant and a toddler she may start losing without changing her eating habit. chasing a toddler was the best weight loss program I ever did. their new house is depressing. I realize Amy is legally blind and may not see stains and dirt, but the others aren't.
  9. I am confused. Amy’s husband is Michael Halterman. This gives Ananda’s last name as Halterman. Is this a mistake or is she married to Michael’s brother?
  10. I am glad they showed a before picture of Amy because I needed to remember how much bigger she was. That being said, she needs to get back to losing weight. I did like that the Dr Chris is seeing talked about working with the nutritionist. I had no idea that after the surgery people might get cravings for food they didn’t crave before.
  11. So he has been unhappy with Christine for 12 years which I guess is about the length of this show and Robyn’s presence.
  12. Every time I think Kody can’t be more self-centered he never fails to show me how wrong I am. He is so awful.
  13. Poor Christine. I figured they weren’t intimate, but WOW!
  14. I still think nanny is a luxury that they cannot really afford —especially with adult children in the house.
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