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  1. yeah, I wonder about that, too. I think he must also have something on his father that his father in Rhode Island would order pizza for him when he is in Iowa and Houston. There seems to be a theme this season about patients who quit and came back. They all seem to quit again except surprisingly Pauline seems to have done much better on the WATN than on her other episodes.
  2. Probably just a nervous habit. I do the same thing. He will have this recorded so no need to take notes. Til next time, if there is a next time. This is the first time I have signed off on the live chat for this show when I thought it was probably the last time. I love all my pounder pals, and I hope to see everyone in one of the other forums. Please remember to stay 6 feet away from me in all forums, and please wear your mask and gloves when typing.
  3. Well, well, well. We should have known Steven would revert to his eating habit of pizza. So much for his wife cooking only from healthy ingredients or whatev he said earlier unless she is making home made ones for him.
  4. Well, at least the chat is more active and focused on the show than the last ones have been. I went to put on my jammies and remove my contacts, and there were 70 new posts. I am going to miss all you pounders; this is my fav live chat. I only do a few others
  5. Is it 10:00 already. please ? too much of the Assantis for me. Asking for a friend.
  6. Well, good for Justin to get an apartment. I hope his business survives the pandemic shutdown. Steven's marriage ceremony seemed sad.
  7. I meant which specific feral children? I sorta like the Alabama sextuplets. I will show myself out.
  8. Why would he think a porn star would want to be with him? What is wrong with his eyebrow; it looks like he has one that was cut in half. I can tell this relationship is only about how it helps him. I feel sorry for the teenage girl that he thinks he will be parenting. This man child is mental.
  9. Whose children are eating furniture? What a flat affect Justin has when Dr Now asks if he has more energy
  10. Then there is hope for me as I am old. 😂😂
  11. I used to drink those all the time in NOLA in the 70's; I don't think that they are that popular now.
  12. red wine. I used to buy chocolate wine, and it was made with red.
  13. Was Princess the cat? or the puppy? Oh, nevermind. Was she his health aid? the one he called the cops on? See, I have done a good job of repressing the prior episodes. Did anyone decide if this one has new material? Didn't Papa Assanti get this for the younger son to motivate him. Or bribe him?
  14. Hi pounders!!! I will follow the live chat. Not sure I can watch this awful group again. I have found this entire season to be disappointing. Was already disappointed once this afternoon when the spaceX launch got scrubbed. I have seen launches in person, and it is just awesome. Eating habit== a King's Ranch chicken casserole from Dirt Road Gourmet, side salad, green beans, and handfuls of mini milano dark chocolate cookies from PF
  15. Drat, now I will never be able to unsee Kato when I see Meri. Thanks a lot. 😜
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