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  1. I watched the preview and couldn't remember it until I saw a summary upthread. Perhaps too many football games intervened or it could have been the margaritas. I was puzzled that there wasn't a direct flight to Bogota from SEATAC, because it looked like she changed planes in Dallas. So I looked and found there are lots of direct flights, but nothing non-stop. Many lay over in Dallas or Miami for a few hours. Unfortunately, the main result of my search has been emails from priceline.com for airline fares to San Andres. Not so sure about drama llama Kenneth. He says he hasn't bee
  2. yes, Olivia seems to be searching for a geographical cure to what ails her and what she thinks ails her marriage. Last season she seemed content to move to Thomasville. Thomasville, Tallahassee, and Cairo make a triangle, and from Tallahassee to either it is about 45 minutes. Tallahassee is pretty much state government employees and FSU students and employees. I am not sure she would really be that much happier there except it makes her farther away from Ma Plath. This seems to be stirring the pot as there are plenty of semi-rural places that are close to Tallahassee. She could drive int
  3. I think he is uncomfortable being filmed plus he has very thin lips. I doubt he would be on tv if it were not for Kim. Last season Olivia seemed perfectly happy looking at a house in nearby Thomasville. Ethan, of course, hated its location as it was in a neighborhood with houses close together. Now she wants to move to Tallahassee. Depending on the time of year that she is looking for apartments, I wish her good luck. This is a town that, despite being the state capital, is an overgrown cow town with a huge university of 30,000 plus students. As it is they are only about
  4. Based on the book it appears that as Janelle and her mother were sailing from the LDS church toward polygamy, Adam was sailing from the shores of polygamy where his mother had planted her family to the land of the LDS. Several members of her family cut ties with Janelle and her mother which probably caused them to double down on their commitment to polygamy. Because she came from the LDS, she had fewer choices of people to marry. She already knew Meri and she thought Kody was cute so in a way it was a practical choice and a marriage of convenience for her. It probably wasn't too eas
  5. well, it certainly is a lie. There are several articles about the need to change this Iskcon visa because so many of the people who use it are elderly--even older than Jenny--and not in good health so having to leave the country every 180 days is a hardship on them, especially when they want to live their remaining years in India. These are people who probably went to India in their 20's, 30's and 40's and have been there 40 or 50 years. just because she wants to be with him. As long as they can live together and she can stay in India she is happy. She would prefer marriage, but
  6. I think Olivia might have been willing to hang around Cairo a little longer had the the parents not moved into town. A house with an acre or two right outside of Thomasville or slightly north of Tallahassee might be a great compromise. I think much of Ethan's problems are a result of his being the oldest boy at a time when the parents--especially Kim --were checked out over the death of their toddler. Pa Plath would be at work during the day and Ethan was stuck at home as the "man in the family" during the day. I enjoyed the skating. I recall not skating after about age 12 and th
  7. Am I the only person laughing my head off over Jenny's religious conversion? I have commented on the couples thread about the little I know about the ISkcon visa.
  8. So Jenny gets religion? or not... Does anyone know much about this ISKCON visa or missionary visa? All I can find is from 2013-16 where people are complaining that the elderly are having to leave and come back so it sounds pretty much like the tourist visa except that it probably doesn't expire after 10 years. So has there been a change in the visa since then? I can only see its advantage if it has been changed to have no go-away/come again provision like she currently has to deal with and it has no expiry date. Since she is on tv I wonder if her adherence to the faith wo
  9. I thought the same. She could be a cousin, I guess. I could see Bini objecting to bringing in a total stranger. I hope she teaches Ari the language, but since her English is so good I doubt Ari will be motivated to learn. I cannot wait until the arrival of Ari's ex. This seems stupid on her part, but without this kind of "struggle" between Ari/ex and Bini they would have no plot for this season unless they are still fighting over getting him baptized. I wonder how soon Mama Ari got her that nice apartment. I bet they were living in it almost immediately after Ari and mom arrived
  10. Maybe she was inspired by the Panera ad which has a focaccio sandwich
  11. I am sure it was the "astrologer." Well, they need some kind of plot to keep us interested. Planning the fancy wedding Armando wants isn't all that exciting. I do think Kenneth misses his children and grandchild(ren?) and seeing Hannah around probably makes it worse. They need to figure some way to divide their time so they can spend time with both families.
  12. Yeah he tipped him alright, when he made the appointment and told him what to say. I also call shenanigans on that astrologer who supposedly predicted Sumit's relationship with an older person when he was little. I do not think the astrologer person is that much older than Sumit. I thought when he said he knew Sumit from about age 5 that he was going to say they played together although he was a little older. TLC seems always to need someone relying on an astrologer or psychic in every season. Is this supposed to be a reprise of Andrew and the French woman who were su
  13. Agree. They should do a one time "Where are they now" special and leave it at that. yes, please!!!! on to my comments about the show-- What a bunch of idiots, losers, and misfits. Ari and Bini would have no plot at all except for the arrival of Leonardo. And I would love to be in the room when Bini sees this episode and hears that the reason for the divorce was Ari wanted to travel and Leonardo wanted to finish his education. It looks like they have both achieved those goals, so what is to deter them from getting back together. Also I would be really annoyed if Mr. Two
  14. Totally unrelated, but "enraged parents" made me think of a little restaurant in NOLA years ago run by students in the culinary arts; it was called the "enraged chicken." I shall always think of Ma Summit as an "enraged chicken." they must be desperate for a plot with Ari and Bunyan to bring her ex over; I thought she never wanted to see Ethiopia again. Booooringggg
  15. why were Cory and Evelyn labelled CO and LIN in their picture? or is that some other couple that resembles them? I am not sure I can take Pizza lady. I hope she really didn't sell her shop and everything. Please let that just be a fake story line.
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