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  1. I would have thought they would have gotten a list of what would be needed with the green card application when they got the 90 day visa. If Brandon didn't want to add her name to his checking account, they could have opened a small savings account in her name. Or they could gotten her a separate cell phone account, although that would be more expensive than putting her on a family plan. I got the idea that their appointment was as soon as the office reopened after the initial COVID lock down and that the additional paperwork was either a new or revised form to complete. I see they
  2. well, at least in this case it does. I miss the comments by @Kyanight and her insight. The Browns have always held themselves out as one family, which I understand is not always the case. I don't know if Meri's dad and his five wives comprised one family or not, but since Kody got guidance from Meri's dad he probably patterned his plural marriage on that. I think one reason Christine won't be leaving anytime soon is because she rilly believes in plural marriage despite saying she no longer wants to be married to Kody which I think means she no longer wants to be "married " to Robyn's l
  3. At one point Maddie and Caleb were okay with Ysabel wanting to stay with them and go to college in NC. It is also possible that they want her just as much for a babysitter as she was super-bonded with Axel. I think Mariah will make an effort to stay close to some of them
  4. I am not a fan of any of these people, but I say "Congrats, Derick" because law school is tough and the Bar Exam is a challenge. I know, because I survived both and lived to tell about it. With his accounting degree, he is probably well prepared to work in a firm that deals with tax law. It will be interesting to see where he turns up in a few years. I hope the younger Duggars hear about this. I would like to think that at least a few of them get inspired to look beyond the School of the Dining Table and look for educational opportunities for themselves or at least their childre
  5. I guess this doesn't technically count as eating at a gas station, but when we drove out to Texas we stopped several times for breakfast at a little restaurant that was connected to an old gas station that had probably been around since the 50's. There was a door between the restaurant and the gas station. I found out about it on Tripadvisor or a similar site, but I haven't seen it listed since COVID. It had really great pancakes. I have an acquaintance who had a career cooking for public and private schools. When she retired she took over the hot deli section at a fairly large conve
  6. I thought that was the case after seeing enough crosses to keep Dracula at bay. She has a new job, he has a new job and body so it seems a good time to marry. I think they had talked about it a lot before they moved. I would like to think that was a re-enactment and that maybe they had gotten married when the TLC cameras weren't around. That was probably the most casual marriage ceremony I have ever seen. Hoodies? cap? seated at a table? You would think the girls might have been involved with it. I could picture a small wedding and reception in the yard, but this was pretty sad. I
  7. I will miss you my peeps so farewell until next time, if there is a next time. It has been a boring season, but the snark has been great.
  8. at that age I had 2. They came with a set of revereware. I probably have acquired seven or eight more/
  9. Has TLC *ever* canceled a show? Other than 19Kids and Counting, but I think they had moved on to Counting ON. They sorta cancelled Ma and Pa Duggar but recently they started sneaking them in. Maybe they will go away this time. the Derricos are more than I can take.
  10. I thought he mentioned it as being past feelings, and that now he understands
  11. My tv mysteriously just switched to the OWN channel. is this really the end of the season. I will have withdrawal
  12. Wasn't there someone who'd already had WLS and "blew out her stitches"? And came to Dr. Now for some more WLS? yep, but not sure who. Maybe more than one?
  13. from ads and shows about the Rolloffs, good Lord deliver us!
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