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  1. Yikes, my eyes! in what universe, is that a good look? nevermind, I have an idea, but I won't think about that universe.. I bet Ma and Pa Yazan are just loving this (said in the voice of Mother Harper on Mama's Family)
  2. Most of the time I am convinced this is a story line cooked up by Jenny and Sumit, although I have problems thinking either of them was smart enough to come up with it alone or together. I haven't erased the last episode, but there was such emoting by Mother Sumit that I think maybe it was just well rehearsed down to Sumit thumping his chest. At times both Mother Sumit and Sumit seemed to smirk. I really don't expect Bollywood to come calling for any of that crew, but I had to laugh at Sumit referring to Bollywood at the "ring ceremony" in the cow pasture. At one point, I think a cow was walking behind them in the trees. I wanted it to come close enough to photo bomb them. I do wonder if one of Sumit's friends or relatives is a wannabee script or novel writer and is feeding them a plot and lines. at any rate, it seems by not marrying, they have bought themselves another season so we can see how this Romeo and Juliet story plays out. Too bad Juliet's family is supportive of the marriage. I did want to slap Jenny when she was talking about how kind Mother Sumit had been to her 8 years ago. If Mother Sumit had known half of what Jenny says happened back then, she would have tossed Jenny out and I doubt her language would have been any nicer than we heard last night. I would love to be a fly on the wall when Pa and Ma Summit watch this season. I would also have loved to have heard their comments at the Tell Nothing.
  3. Ack!!! is the child's middle name Jo? just Jo? or short for Josephine? I don't always check this forum so I am usually pretty behind the news. that basically would be "EVAN-ge-LINE-jo? Sorry, LIne-jo isn't working for me. This name discussion has reminded me that I had a gr-gr aunt whose middle name was Evangeline. There were 9 girls in that family. I wonder if I can figure out which one it was to see how the names sounded together. edited to add__ Her name was Amelia Evangeline. It is a mouthful. One of my gr-gr grandmothers was Virginia Carolina which is another mouthful.
  4. That would make me love him. Actually, this season I only like Armando, Hannah, Adam, and the cat that belongs to Cheesestick and/or Meyleaza. yes, please, no more Brittany.
  5. This is a long article about a patient who spent 233 days hospitalized with COVID. https://www.gadsdentimes.com/story/news/local/2020/11/24/attalla-woman-hospitalized-since-mid-april-home-thanksgiving/6390304002/ After the family agreeing not to have Thanksgiving with either son or daughter and their spouses, our son calls Saturday morning saying they are in Atlanta for the weekend and want to swing by here on their way home. We are not on their way home being slightly sw of Atlanta and they are now 3-4 hours south of it. They want to take us to lunch tomorrow. I said "thanks, but no thanks." I feel like the grinch who stole T'giving, but it certainly defeats the purpose of not getting together. I know they are concerned we are getting older and won't be around forever, but our son just got over COVID and has recently mingled with people in NE Georgia and is now mingling in Atlanta. So far the DIL seems well.
  6. What's the story behind the corn cans? Happy Thanksgiving to all!!! Despite Covid isolation, I find myself spending less time on the forums. I think this is only the 2nd time in 35 years of marriage that it has just been the two of us at home alone. I did get out the Lenox Solitaire plates and used my mother's Chantilly silver, but I just used glasses from the kitchen. Cooked a 6 pound organic turkey breast that assured me on the package that it was gluten-free!! Just had wild rice and peas to go with it and some cranberry sauce. Dessert was leftover caramel cake. I am eating apple cinnamon cheerios for dinner as I type. I guess I have been spoiled over the past few years as we would leave on Thanksgiving morning and drive over to the son and DIL's place. We would spend 2 nights and leave early Sat morning to avoid the traffic. I made the mistake one year of waiting until Sunday to leave which was a traffic nightmare made even worse because of the traffic to one of the nation's busiest airports. Anyway, my DiL did the honors of preparing the feast. Now this year they have moved to southern Georgia and are farther away plus they are living in a much smaller place. Son had a business trip in DC a few weeks ago where he got COVID. It seems to have been a mild case unlike the "long haul" version that my cousin had which kept her out of work for 7 weeks. Our daughter and SIL are closer, but I am too old to do a day trip. They have a tiny luxury apartment in the sky so we would have to stay at a nearby hotel which I am not willing to do with COVID so that trip was out. And I didn't want everyone here bringing us possible germs from who knows where. The best part of today was hearing from my daughter that she is 10 weeks pregnant, but she isn't telling anyone yet except for us and her husband's parents. So I told her mum's the word (Haha!) and I promised not to tell anyone. But since you don't know me or her in real life, I am telling you my forum friends since I absolutely need to tell someone or I'll bust. We are going to be grandparents!!!
  7. I think these parents--and I am guessing especially the mom--are flying under the radar, and they aren't following the Ga home school rules at all. They seem to have abdicated and quit schooling the kids who didn't want to do their work. I would almost think they were more like unschoolers, but unschoolers who had a gifted daughter like Hosanna would be much more likely to let her study music at the college level. I would like to hear from these parents why they celebrated no holidays at all. This just seems rather odd and rather like the practices of Jehovah's witnesses, but there is no indication that they belong to that church. So are they going to let the children at home make friends with the family from Australia? or will the chocolate biscuits be a bridge too far for Kim who really doesn't look like she avoids any foods including sugar. I wonder if she has a secret stash of cookies or candy. The accident was in 2008. If I had accidentally killed a child, I think I would never recover enough to be of much use to anyone else. That was 12 years ago so Ethan would have been maybe 10 years old at the time. I wonder if the parents wanted the children to repress their feelings about it so Kim could get on with life or if they were repressing feeling before the accident. Looks like the four escapees had a nice celebration. You have to do fireworks at night, but in the south the picnic is best in the early afternoon before those afternoon thunderboomers roll in. I worry about those kids still under Kim's control.
  8. Never heard that as a hymn, Does anyone know where Hosanna got her training in violin? I understand her mother didn't let her go to college to study which I think is awful. Maybe she can go now she is married unless she has married a man who is averse to it as well.
  9. I was wondering the same thing last night. The show is on past my bedtime, and I usually record it to watch later. I think it was just more apparent this time that they were so supportive of everyone while this was one of those episodes where almost everyone seemed much more deserving of lots of snark. I guess I thought at least one person on PT would join in, but they didn't. It really annoyed me how much they seemed to want Jenny and Sumit to have a happy ending. I finally figured anything negative was edited out or they were told not to criticize. I was going to put a similar comment to yours in the PT thread, but I didn't get around to it. I was wondering if Sumit set Jenny up about the ring ceremony so that he could be appalled when she let it "slip out" to Amit and his wife. To me, Jenny seemed pretty annoyed at Sumit about it. Sumit seems like a rebellious teen but one who is also a mama's boy; he will never marry Jenny as long as his parents object. They really should use some reverse psychology on him and pretend to be supportive because I think Sumit would get scared of the idea of actually marrying and being stuck with Jenny; he would be a run-away bride groom. I would watch that.
  10. Sending hugs and purrs. I know how much it hurts to lose a cat. Ours died in April of 2019, and we are not getting another one. I would suggest you consider fostering kittens as there always seems to be a need for that. I would do it, but my husband is having issues with his leg, and the last thing we need is for him to trip over a cat and break a bone or two. My neighbors foster and almost always have a litter of kitties that I can go visit. When my cat died last year, my BFF for the past 60 years, sent me a little statue of an angel holding a cat. I still sometimes cry when I look at it. I sent one in Dec to my cousin when her cat died and another to a friend whose cat died last month. You might want to get one for yourself. https://smile.amazon.com/Willow-Tree-hand-painted-sculpted-affection/dp/B00403LS2M/ref=sr_1_10?crid=6CMMTKM5MNP9&dchild=1&keywords=cat+angel+memorial+statue&qid=1605988639&sprefix=cat+angel%2Caps%2C266&sr=8-10 What you said about not being able to spend $900 on cat care really hit home. My husband grew up in the country, and he really isn't into spending lots of money on vet bills to give an animal a few more weeks or months once a major health issue arises. Unfortunately my cousin who lost one of her 3 cats in December spent a minor fortune keeping her 15 year old cat alive. This is a cousin who already had credit card issues. I think the cat stayed several times overnight and got ivs.
  11. I agree. That scene with Isaac was so very awkward. I wanted to slap the dad for even attempting it while on camera. Find another subject to discuss --or attempt to discuss---with Isaac if you have to have a daddy-son talk. I like Mariah, and I hope she makes her way through life without two many stumbles. I would love to be a fly on the wall when the parents watch this episode. I think I dislike them more than Ma and Pa Dugger. I have no idea why they thought going on tv was a good idea.
  12. I thought they were just going to have some personal time if you get my drift, followed by pillow talk.
  13. I h;ave no idea about Lacy and Pao. I just figured they were making a modeling tape for her youtube channel or something similar, and they hope to be "discovered" by a real modeling agency or "talent scout" and then get catapulted into stardom. I don't look online about people on these shows so I have no idea if there are other examples of his modeling. I think if he wants a career in modeling or being a trainer, he needs to get out of Cairo
  14. I think if he had known, he wouldn't have taken her to an attorney who specialized in marriage law. Summit has never seemed that bright---sneaky and underhanded perhaps, but not bright. I was going to say they remind me of middle-schoolers, but I think that would be an insult to the majority of middle-schoolers. It was easy enough for Sumit to want Jenny when he couldn't have her, but now that she is his for the taking he has cold feet--especially since it will cut him off from his parents. And probably from some of his married friends as their wives won't want anything to do with Jenny. No wonder she feels friendless. Not sure where they live, but she needs to find some ex-pats to hang around. It just seems like she is about to realize she has wasted 6-8 years pursuing Sumit who lied to her about his name, nationality, and body shape at the beginning of the "relationship." I almost feel sorry for her. Almost. The only thing that would interest me with the Cheeseman storyline is a custody battle over the cat. This couple has no understanding of boundaries; their parents are told too much. If they marry, they will have in-law problems forever and ever. The only people I can stand in this season are Armando and Hannah. There was a shot of Kenny from the side where his age really shows He clearly said he needs to work in Mexico, which makes me think his Spanish must be better than they are letting on. I can see that they would have enjoyed the visits Kenny made to Mexico, but I think as time goes by, Kenny will be much too bossy for Armando especially when it comes to raising Hannah.
  15. the only thing I could figure out is that he is some weird mama's boy type, and Jenny is, well, older than his mom. I wonder if being quarantined with Jenny is giving him second, third, and even 92nd thoughts about marriage. I am wondering why Jenny didn't spend time online to research marriage laws in India. I couldn't find the one mentioned last night, but if Jenny is/was Christian there seems to be a Christian wedding that might work. It looks like it requires a little notice be given (similar to Banns), but that an objection from his parents wouldn't stop it. Sumit must not have had a clue about the alternative the atty mentioned; he looked absolutely horrified. I am having trouble believing Jenny would give up and go back to America.
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