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  1. Are the taxes due on the house in LV or Flagstaff? Does anyone know how long it was between Mona's prediction of a hot market for the Brown's houses and when they moved? Maybe they should have talked to the Little Couple. They built a huge house in Houston with modifications for their size and before they could sell it, they had to renovate it to make everything standard size again. They reduced the prize a number of times before it sold. I think they thought it would go for a much higher price because of their "celebrity status."
  2. I am inspired. NOT. She's talking about working again. What does she do other than write those Strive messages?
  3. Twopper

    S07.E16 Lashanta's Story

    Are you me? We also gave up going out to eat (we go to nice restaurants a lot, no fast food stops for us --well, we will do it a few times a year). I actually started on March 1st to get a head start on Lent so it wouldn't seem so drastic when Ash Wednesday came around a few days later. I have lost 19 pounds which I thought would please the Dr. who just told me to "lose 10 pound in the next six munt." I am looking forward to Easter dinner with lamb, roasted new potatoes, and who knows what for dessert. Those huge weight loss numbers blow my mind. But it makes mathematical sense. If you need 6000+ calories just to meet your metabolic needs, but only eat 1200 that gives you a deficit of 4800 which would mean you are losing approximately 1 and a third pound per day. So that's a loss of about 40 pounds already. Add in a little exercise and maybe you lose 2 pounds a day for a loss of 60. I can't believe these people can't go online and figure this out. They look so perplexed when Dr Now tells them how many calories they must be eating when they gain or fail to lose. I really hope I never get so big that I can easily lose 50 pound in one munt. I feel miserable at 25-30 pounds overweight--like my body will explode. I cannot imagine trying to move with an additional 500 pounds to lug around. I do understand that they would feel miserable, but I would have felt worse than miserable by the time I hit 200. I must look this up. I have heard of pizza pie, but pizza cake? He mentioned having a job early in the show; that is when she had to send her neighbor on a food run. I was pretty sure he was a feeder at best or a squasher/feeder at worst, and I was sure he would bolt, but I thought he would at least hang around and go for the second visit before dumping her.
  4. Twopper

    S31E01: You're In Our Race Now

    Pablo is the cat. Since I have a cat, I will like this team. (this probably reflects how shallow I am when it comes to picking a team to cheer for) I think I have only seen 30 minutes of BB so none of those racers mean a thing to me. I have seen some seasons of Survivor, but it seems so totally different from TAR that I think it will take them several legs to get up to speed. They might have transitioned better to The Mole but it's run is over plus it was on the wrong network. I like Becca and Floyd, especially Floyd so I hope they do well. Becca can get on my nerves, but I think she is mostly ok. I think the other TAR pair left is Tyler and Corey (at least I think I have the names correct). I have trouble with names on this show. and I usually do good to remember one name for each team. I am glad the show is back on.
  5. Twopper

    Small Talk: Only 2 Ounces Of Commenting Allowed

    I do that, too. I am about to start skipping the back stories on this show because I figure I'll pick up enough of it when they go to therapy. I went with Mr. Twopper this morning to get his lab work done for his dr. appt this afternoon. He couldn't eat before the lab, so we were going to breakfast afterward. He was busy updating his info when I noticed one of those electric scooters nosing thru the door. I expected to see a very overweight person on it, but it was a youngish (early 30's) woman who was maybe 30-40 pounds overweight. Unfortunately, she must have chosen to wear low rider jeans to the office because she was mooning everyone with a very bad case of plumber's butt. I cannot believe she couldn't feel the cool air on her ass. Every woman in the room raised their eyebrows and the men started staring at the floor after taking a quick peak. Not sure why I wanted to share this.
  6. Twopper

    S02.E12: Tell All

    And she wants someone to commiserate with her about what Bernie does. She really hasn't been paying attention to what most of the religious poly wives say about keeping things private. My theory of the McGee interest in polygamy--they were channel surfing one night and saw a snippet of a show about polygamy, and Paige said "that's interesting." Bernie heard that and ran with it. Sure there were polygamous families in the Bible, but that doesn't make it the right thing to do. I am sad for those boys. The daughter was only there for the first visit which is when the backyard make-out while viewing Christmas lights occurred. I still think Bernie had a burner phone at work and kept in much more contact with Brandi than either will admit, and for some reason he was sure Brandi would never see or talk with Paige again, but he knew when he saw Brandi his goose was cooked so to speak. What Brandi saw in Bernie escapes me except that she wanted to be on tv. I had no idea the daughter was on set for the "tell." You are more observant than I am.
  7. Twopper

    S07.E16: Lashanta's Story LIVE CHAT

    Was that Maya? I really can't blame him; I know he wants to help her if she will cooperate. The trick will be if she will at least try to stand up. I guess there will be a follow-up next season. Good night to all! I think I will go back and read thru the chat since I can't keep up in live time. Maybe I will eat a few grapes. It was sorta funny that earlier they played the music of doom, and at the end it was less doleful so I figured Dr Now would welcome her back. Good night!!!!!
  8. Twopper

    S07.E16: Lashanta's Story LIVE CHAT

    Drat, I tried to post something but it disappeared. Forgot what I said. If she loses any weight and comes back to show him, I will eat all my grapes and oranges. I think having so many patients die is taking a toll on him. I don't think this woman is very bright.
  9. Twopper

    S07.E16: Lashanta's Story LIVE CHAT

    Why does she wear gloves to eat? I guess because she can't get up to wash her hands. I like pizza, and I know it's greasy, but I will never ever say when talking about pizza "I want some grease." And so much for eating 2-3 slices of it. I think there were only 2 slices left in the box. It is 9:30 and they went to break playing music of doom.
  10. Twopper

    S07.E16: Lashanta's Story LIVE CHAT

    Why does she wear gloves to eat? I guess because she can't get up to wash her hands. I like pizza, and I know it's greasy, but I will never ever say when talking about pizza "I want some grease." And so much for eating 2-3 slices of it. I think there were only 2 slices left in the box. It is 9:30 and they went to break playing music of doom.
  11. Twopper

    S07.E16: Lashanta's Story LIVE CHAT

    I did, too, but I guess if mama didn't go on the first initial visit there was no way she would move to Houston with her. Mama seems to have given up on her. This woman continues to act like a 10 year old trying to talk her way out of trouble. (Apologies to many 10 year olds who are more mature acting than Lashanta or however the hell she spells it.) Her excuses are stressing me so I must emotionally eat a few grapes. I hate the Haribo gold bear ad. Hate, hate, hate. I can't see her sticking to any diet on her own. Hope I am wrong, but I really doubt it.
  12. Twopper

    S07.E16: Lashanta's Story LIVE CHAT

    Nine o'clock and still no second appointment. I think it is only Munt 4. I think she has the biggest upper arms I have seen on this show. I love how Dr. Now is so much tougher this season.
  13. Twopper

    S07.E16: Lashanta's Story LIVE CHAT

    Wow! I thought obese-loving bf would be around a little longer, although I did expect him to bail. If it weren't for the fact that TLC has crummy closed caps, I would turn off the sound. Her voice sounds like Prissy in GWTW, and it is making me stabby because she is always talking.
  14. Twopper

    S07.E16: Lashanta's Story LIVE CHAT

    Boy, if this is a train wreck, it is a slow moving one. 45 minutes in and she is just going home after her initial consult. I guess he now has everyone who travels by car come straight to the hospital. For a minute, when the EMTs moved her out of her house I thought they were going to use one of those handled tarps like Milla's children used to sling her around. I did have to laugh at the fast food place when she said her friend at the window was surprised to see her "out and active." Well, I guess she's active if you count eating in the car as an activity.
  15. Twopper

    S07.E16: Lashanta's Story LIVE CHAT

    Gee! a twenty minute intro. She met a man, had a child, he got abusive. Rinse and repeat 4 times. She met her boyfriend while she was on a stretcher in the ER? I am adding "strange spelled name" to my bingo card. "Jeremy" spelled "Geramy" according to the captions. Oh, and bf likes 'em big.
  16. Twopper

    S07.E16: Lashanta's Story LIVE CHAT

    Hi, Pounders!! no rehearsal tonight. I am home, and Mr. Twopper is cleaning up the kitchen from dinner. Eating habit tonight was a Mexican casserole, lightly buttered asparagus, raw carrots, and Jello Temptation's lemon meringue pie. Total calories 490. And the plate looked lovely and colorful. We also ate at the breakfast table. No meals in bed for us.
  17. Thank you so much for that. It isn't as bad as I thought $2145 and $2070 on two of the properties in Prairie Dog Estates; they paid the taxes on the other two properties there. I am sure the ones they paid the taxes on are the ones for which they paid cash. Also they haven't paid the taxes on Christine's house, but they have until May 1.
  18. Someone earlier posted a link to an article about their being delinquent on some taxes, but I cannot find it now. I didn't have time to read it at the time, and I thought I would remember where to look for it, but I can't remember now. sigh..........
  19. I hope I will make good progress on this journey😂 Is Karina the one who was always crying Cried in the shower? All these people run together in my mind unless there is something very distinctive in their episodes like breaking a toilet or dying. So glad I saw this post. I forgot it was Wednesday, and I am excited because we don't have rehearsal tonight so I can try the live chat again. I never can keep up. I will have to rush Mr Twopper in his eating habit tonight to be through in time.
  20. We almost never go thru a drive-thru. If we are out running errands, we will sometimes go to a favorite restaurant or deli for lunch and eat there. About the only time we take food home to eat is when we stop at one of the local "hamburger joints." Most local places lack the space for a drive-thru. I thought it was funny that she equated a trip through the drive-thru to eating out. I can't believe people are inspired by her. A medley of lettuce, left over hamburger meat, and cauliflower does not sound delish to me. I am not sure I would care for the texture of reheated steamed cauliflower. If I were not already fond of veggies, this would not not encourage me to eat them. At least this sounds like she could make it in about 5 minutes so in that sense it is "fast" food. I am sure she nuked it.
  21. Good questions. Maybe from striving? or rather, strifing. I think they could get another season with a cross-over to M600PL for wls and skin removal.
  22. Twopper

    S10:12 Tell All: Part 1

    I have been wondering about that. I wondered if we were seeing her from a slightly different camera angle. I do think she has read the snark about her man-spreading because the last few times I have seen her, she has been sitting with her ankles crossed. I think a cross-over to M600PL would guarantee a season, and Janelle could get free WLS surgery next season and skin removal the following season. I guess that when they all agreed to do the show that probably some of the wives were happier and more enthusiastic than the others. I have always felt that Janelle would never have done this show without the money; I think Kody, Robyn and Christine were probably the most gung-ho despite Christine's fear of the polygamy police.
  23. Twopper

    Small Talk: Only 2 Ounces Of Commenting Allowed

    I am lucky that we have a number of farmers' markets; several are open year round, although in winter they mostly sell items that were canned over the summer. The main one I go to is open 3 days a week, with the most vendors on Saturday. Several booths are organic farming only and are very local; there is a bread lady and several cake ladies. And there are always people selling eggs. There are about 4 vendors that I buy from as I have had good experience with them over the years. Several also sell homemade ice cream in summer--usually peach. The family of the dental hygienist we see at our dentist's office has a family farm where we can also get produce in season. We eat very well.
  24. Twopper

    The McGees

    Well, that was interesting, but it lacked any details of Bernie and the backyard rendezvous. It was interesting to read that she had a hotel room for both visits, although she didn't say that she stayed at the hotel. I hope she did, because the idea of having Bre spending the night there made me nervous. I never thought she was homeless. Her desire for a sister wife to take care of her children if she dies is as bit strange as Paige's desire to have a sister wive to be a friend to her. There was no mention of doing this for religious reasons which is what the McGees are claiming is their reason. Also her two children are grown or almost grown so that explanation for wanting plural marriage makes no sense at this point in her life. I don't have a sister wife, but I did make arrangements for my cousin to take our children if anything happened to Mr Twopper and me. I think she is a bit of a loon, but not nearly as bad as Paige who is mental. Bernie is horny, and he is a bit thick (both physically and mentally). I still cannot believe neither of them expected to hear from Brandi on the "tell." but it seems they really were surprised. Also Bernie needs to spend more time reading the full story of David and others in the Bible. Just because David, Solomon, and others in the Bible had plural wives and/or concubines does not mean that their behaviour was the right thing to do. In fact, it was wrong, and problems came from it.
  25. Twopper

    The Alldredges

    It wasn't that long, but I skipped the suggestion of having a snack as I was recently told by my doc in his best imitation of Dr. Now to "lose 10 pounds in sick munt." Actually, it is lunch time anyway. This Jennifer person is one screwy and sketchy character who looked high in her skype appearance on the "tell." I guess she just wanted to get some tv time, but I would think she would have tried to fake it a little better rather than string them along. Or it was just a game for her, but one that left her looking like a real loser.