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  1. I am so jaded about this couple. Last time they were on, I looked up information about divorce in India because I HAVE NO LIFE. I don't trust TLC with this story, either. So they are out with "friends" of Summit, and Jenny is told that it is taking one "friend" at least 4 years. I half expect to find out that Sumit gets a divorce, but he hides the papers from Jenny so he doesn't have to marry her and that he has picked this sketchy neighborhood and the Cow Ceremony to discourage her. He is as annoying to me as Jihoon, but at least Sumit worked. He quit his job last time so I missed it if they said whether he was working again. He is not appealing to me at all. I still think he expects Bollywood to come calling. I am sure she knows, but she can't possibly understand exactly how it will feel. I do think they are close enough for her to visit the grandparents without too much hassle. I think it was fairly late, and the mom probably wanted to check into her hotel and have a nice long lie down after the flight. And she probably wanted to give Ari and Baby (everytime I hear it sound like Baby, I get distracted with thoughts of Baby in "Dirty Dancing.") some time together. I am sure she plans to visit in the morning. I thought, considering where he was living before, that Baby did a fairly decent job at selecting a place, although it isn't up to my standards. I thought the place Deavan chose seemed ok, until her in-laws also seemed upset. Deavan's mom should have gotten a hotel room for the duration of her stay.
  2. I recall your mentioning that. I love that she did that.
  3. This is very weird. I had found her years ago on find-a-grave, and it gave a short obit which basically said her parents had preceded her in death as had a brother (which I knew) and that she had recently retired and moved back home at the beginning of Aug 2003. She died on Aug 15 of that year so I had guessed maybe she had a terminal disease and went home to die. I wrote a belated sympathy note to her SIL and inquired as to the cause of death, but I got no reply. One of our priests was from her hometown, and he had known her parents, but he couldn't find out either when he asked around. So today I did another search for her obit and I found part of one from the Times-Pic in New Orleans which said she died of a heart attack. I can't read the whole thing without paying to restore it. I had searched years ago for obits, and the only thing I found online was the obit shown on the Find-a Grave page which I think was from her hometown paper. Thanks for the suggestion as it made me search again.
  4. I have had this happen to me. In one case, I was able to locate and contact one of the survivors listed and thus was able to connect with a childhood friend. I had lost contact with her as her dad was in the AF, and they moved all over the world. In the other situation, I sent a letter to the sister of a friend who had died, and I got no reply. Her dad had died with early onset dementia, and I am afraid maybe the same had happened to her, but she had smoked so it is possible lung cancer got her; I will never know. The official one was cancelled here to avoid crowds, but at least 4 bedroom communities still had theirs Usually I can see the ones from a nearby club or from the baseball field, but those were cancelled as well. I was absolutely shocked to see on FB that my husband's nephew's step- daughter in Katy, Texas, had stacks of fireworks in her garage that they were going to set off at 8:30 cdt and it was going to be live on FB. I did not watch, but I may check out the video later. I wasn't sure that was a great idea as she has 3 little kids, but it sounds like they have done this for the past few years, and it seems a lot of their neighbors do the same in this affluent neighborhood. Instead of having a party for their personal fireworks, they invited their friends to park a few blocks over in the parking lot of a local park. The idea of someone setting off a fairly large fireworks display from their own backyard in a suburb just blew my mind. We used to light sparklers when I was a kid, and the teenagers used to set off small fireworks, but this was more like they had bought out the store at one of the large fireworks warehouses like this place. http://www.sheltonfireworks.com/ We had a rather boring 4th. I did a picnic inside with hot dogs and watermelon, potato salad and cole slaw. The neighborhood parade went ahead as usual, but was a lot smaller than usual. The neighbor hood concert was cancelled, and there were no floats, although a few people still were in costume and riding in convertibles and waving. They were also throwing beads made of stars this year so it was like Mardi Gras and the 4th of July all rolled into one little parade. I am sure the drummers in their 18th C costumes with masks were probably miserable in the heat. I caught a necklace. I did enjoy watching the fireworks last night from DC--I love it when they set them off while the 1812 overture is playing. One of the signers is in my family tree. I have a spoon from his estate that my grandmother got from her grandmother. My grandmother's other grandmother was the daughter of a Revolutionary soldier. She was the youngest of his children by his 3rd wife. I think she was born in 1815. I personally can feel really connected to Independence Day, but I realize many others do not. (On the other side of the family, my gr-grandfather came here from Portugal in the 1870's so not the connected feeling on that side).
  5. I spend at least 10 minutes just checking expiry dates. I am INTP, I am an introvert, but I am not in the least bit shy and I am a Mr Spock when it comes to logic. I am an atty. I guess the one way I am like Christine is that I will chat with anyone. I was behind someone once who was buying at least 20 dozen eggs along with her regular groceries. I asked, and she replied she baked cakes for her church which donated them to Meals on Wheels and other charities. Also I answered a question about produce and ended up having a nice chat; it turned out she and I were both of part Portuguese descent. I am also content to not chat--especially on airplanes. Are they filming themselves during the Rona?
  6. I am back to once a week, plus an occasional foray into the nearby gourmet grocery for the casseroles they make. For the first two months of this mess, 3 sets of neighbors did all our shopping. If I don't see something when I shop, I can still ask them to look. They go to more places in search of things they need than we feel comfortable going. Not sure if Amazon has GrapeNuts again; if so, they are probably more costly than the local stores. Over the years, we have played dozens of games of Pandemic in its varieties. I may never want to play again.
  7. I will try to remember that combo for the fall. Right now we are in summer mode, and fresh peaches are available, My fav breakfast in summer is Grapenuts mixed in with fresh peaches and vanilla yogurt. I may have posted that in this forum; I know I have discussed it elsewhere so feel free to ignore if I am repeating myself. I have had a terrible time just locating a package of Grapenuts. I finally got 3 large boxes of GrapeNut Flakes from Amazon. Then last week I finally found them the chain supermarket; I grabbed up 3 boxes and left maybe 6. They still have no paper towels when I go. Plenty of tp, now. I went yesterday, and it was so crowded. They were nearly out of a lot of stuff, but it may be because of the upcoming 4th of July weekend. Our neighborhood parade for the 4th is still on schedule, but the concert and fireworks are not. I may go to the corner and watch from a safe distance. Years ago, I had to do this for my daughter when the school had no cafeteria. I used to send shrimp with cocktail sauce which she loved but it appalled all the other kids. Honey baked ham sandwiches are good, if you aren't vegetarian. Cold chicken? I love cold fried chicken as well, but it is messy. If you have a really good thermos, you could take soups, too. If possible, also use multiple ice packs. I have a large insulated carrier that looks like a carry-on suitcase with plenty of room for drinks and food. I can't wait to get back to a dine-in steak place. I was considering a Boston butt for the holiday, but it is only the two of us so I got a package of the bun length Hebrew National hotdogs, buns from the bakery, potato salad, and watermelon. Also we had a Boston butt recently, and it lasted forever and ever. Pieces also will be chewed on. She knocked several pieces on the floor which managed to bounce into one of Mr Twopper's shoes. He was not happy the next time he put them on; the way he carried on, you would think she had put Legos in it. I miss that cat. Ugh, no thanks to watching an encore performance of Rena and Lee. She is meh, and he is several degrees past horrid. I like logic puzzles. For the longest time I could get England's Best Logic Puzzles (I think that was the title) thru Penny Press. I still have a few left. I don't like the Puzzle Baron series as much.
  8. Try jigzone. com. You can select the number of pieces and also the shapes. I started doing online puzzles because of The Cat. I was doing sudoku like crazy for a few weeks; I now have books of the Monday and Wed NY Times crosswords. We were doing a little cleaning earlier in the Rona, and I found a hardbound spiral crossword book that had belonged to my mother. It was published the same year she died, and she had only done two puzzles. I finished it a few weeks ago. Mr. Twopper is doing cryptograms; the book has a section of quotes by presidents so he is figuring out the authors before trying to solve the quote. I need to eat less and exercise more. I am so sick of preparing meals 3 times a day; I had no idea how often we ate out. I do know how to cook from scratch but it is much easier to get a casserole from the nearby gourmet grocery and just add a salad, Unfortunately, I have also been adding wine and dessert. And I am binge watching too much tv. I bought the cotton candy grapes today. I think I won't buy them again. Because it is Wed, I feel compelled to report my eating habit for tonight. Mexican chicken casserole, green beans. Lime sherbet and some type of cookie for dessert. I was going to make brownies but it is already 5;30. I bought peaches at the farmer's market to make a peach cobbler tomorrow. Not sure how that goes with lasagna, but I guess we will find out.
  9. NO!!!! in her defense, however, it may be that she is going from one business to another. I wore a mask yesterday to pick up an RX at Walgreens, then drove across the street to pick up food for lunch. I had to go inside to get the food so I didn't bother to take off the mask from the time I went into Walgreens until I came out of the restaurant and got into the car. Anyone, seeing me driving between the two places would have thought I was crazy. I just couldn't see taking it on and off and, therefore, repeatedly touching it. Well, as to the veggies, no one claims she is consistent about her "healthy eating advice." As to the mask, it may be filthy--hard to tell because it is black. Nothing like wearing a black mask in a car in summer. What puzzled me was that it looks like she is sucking in air as there seems to be an indentation about where her mouth should be. Then I noticed it was because there is a seam down the center of the mask. Never seen one constructed like that. The seam at the top and bottom doesn't appear to be tightly sewn. I have lung disease, and the first time I wore one at the grocery I was very relieved to check out and get to the car. If I have on a mask and am walking , I revert to mouth-breathing which fortunately no one can see. I keep thinking I will take my pulse-ox with me and check my oxygen sat level as soon as I load the groceries. My theory is that masks are effective because they serve as a reminder to the wearer and the observer that there is a virus, and that we shouldn't get so close that the other person has the opportunity to sing or talk at you for an extended period (over 5 -10 minutes) or sneeze and/or cough in your direction. This is a good reminder for me as I frequently end up talking to strangers. I usually see at least one person I know at the store (not sure that I recognize some due to the masking) and end up chatting with them. Now I just race in and race out.
  10. I don't think so. I googled it and found lots of other Christine Browns who had them. There were two articles that I saw about this which indicated she was raising the money thru sales of Luluroe and was halfway to her goal. It sounds like she was using her FB account to encourage her followers to buy from her to pay for Ysabel's surgery.
  11. Yes, despite never being a fan of Amanda Peet in anything. Meredith Baxter Birney played Broderick in the early 90's, and she will always be Betty to me. I am enjoying watching for the clothes, because I wore some of those same styles in the 70's and 80's, and I also had similar hairstyles. I feel sorry for the 4 kids; batshit crazy and egotistical jerks make for scary parents. I am thrilled to report that we now have 3 boxes of Grapenuts. I also have vanilla yogurt, I was unsuccessful today on my hunt for decent peaches. Will try again Sat morning when more vendors are at the market.
  12. We grew up playing Scrabble, and I loved it. The only help we could use was the official Scrabble dictionary. (I still have 2, both of which are about to fall apart). We were supposed to write down any word we used from the book that we didn't know the meaning of and look it up later, but that seldom happened. There is an interesting mention of Scrabble on an episode of Mama's Family, but I forgot what word Naomi played that Mama claimed was not a word. Maybe I can find it on youtube. Okay, it is Season 3, ep 3 https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0640544/?ref_=ttep_ep3 Until March of this year, our favorite game has been Pandemic and its variations. 😷😱
  13. I will take a stab at this as a friend of mine had this surgery about 7 years ago. Total cost was over $150k; a significant portion of the cost is the "hardware" that is inserted. Surgery doesn't cure, it only corrects to a certain percentage of normal. While it isn't a case of now or never, it is better to have it done as a teen than later in adulthood. I don't recall what was said by the dr, but surgery is suggested when the curvature reaches around 40%. I can understand preferring a child not need major surgery. There is a bit of recovery period, and I think young people probably fear not being able to do things afterward because of the hardware inside them. They should have started putting aside $$ for this surgery as soon as she was diagnosed. This makes me stabby. They knew this was a possibility before they left LV. They should have socked away money for this before buying in Prairie Dog flats. I am sure Kody is making her feel guilty for needing the surgery. They always seem to be able to borrow when they want, so I am not sure why they don't just get another loan for this. I guess this means there is definitely another season in the works.
  14. I learned from watching House Hunters International that it is called key money. It is a percentage of the value of the house (varies from 30 to 70% in most instances). The tenant does not pay monthly rent, however. Since Jenny supposedly came last time to be married to Sumit, I wonder why he didn't have the cow and flower pot ceremony that time. So far I only like Armando and Kenny, and the mother traveling to Ethiopia with the daughter whose stupidity reminds me of Jenny.
  15. is he really writing a book? I don't keep up with them unless they are showing new shows and sometimes not even then. I just pop in here every few months to see what's up, and if he is actually writing a tell-all, I will anxiously await it. I hope it isn't all hat and no cattle.
  16. Well, filming for movies and "real" --as opposed to 'reality"--television shows brings in a host of other people to house and feed which benefits local business plus there are filming permits that have to be paid to the local government. There are only a few camera people needed to film the Browns, and I doubt TLC wants to pay much, if anything, for the right to film in certain locations. It would be interesting if TLC quits filming them for a few years, and then goes back and films a where- are- they -now update. I would love to see that especially if Robin is in a ranch house somewhere with her younger ones, Janelle and Savannah are living in the basement of one of her son's houses, Meri is running the B&B on her own, and Christine has found a really nice former Mormon who has whisked her off to New Zealand. Meanwhile Kody is working at some hotel as a valet for the parking garage. Since this thread is about Mariah, I guess I should make a prediction for her. She is living in a sketchy part of a gay community somewhere on the west coast with several other women. She is the lesbian version of Kody--one of her "wives" goes out to work every day and finances the group (Janelle), since they have no children yet, one is in charge of all the dogs they have (Christine), and one is depressed (Meri). Meanwhile she is sick of"Meri" and is going to bring in a young, cute chick (Robyn). I would watch this show.
  17. is she watching that franchise? I got sucked into it last summer when I saw the ads with Jenny and I envisioned the Exotic Marigold hotel in India. Ha!!! I love the live chats, but it really cuts into my real life.
  18. drat, i just meant to quote you and not copy the video. Oh, well.... My niece wanted me to watch this so we can talk about it. I can barely stand Amanda Peet in it. I will say that that I enjoy seeing the fashions from the 60's thru the 80's. I think they did a good job with that--especially the poofy shoulders from the 80's. There are several things that the women in the show wear that I had something very similar. In fact, Betty is wearing a jumper that is, I think, the exact pattern that I had a skirt and vest made of.
  19. That's hilarious. I laughed so hard I nearly choked on my lemonade. I think I like her mother, but she is an idiot.
  20. I guess so; when I first heard that she was killed in a car crash after they separated, I wondered if it was suicide by car accident. Whatever it is, it is sad.
  21. more like "awfully" married if you ask me
  22. It looks like something that was made to be put on a wall in the yard, not for inside. Looks more like a garden plaque of some sort than indoor "art." I have a houseful of old oil paintings of ancestors and landscapes, and I feel like a museum curator wondering who will get stuck with them when I die since so far we have no grandchildren. I guess they will go to cousins. Sigh.....
  23. I can't stand that, either. Jazz Jennings has the same issue with her ears showing, although I think her problem is that her ears tend to stick out abnormally far. My hair is really thick so I don't have that problem; I just can't find barrettes that I can close or hairbands that stay on. I liked Jenny's daughter and her wife last season, but they are starting to get on my nerves now. Maybe it is because I get the feeling they like being on the show too much.
  24. Unicorns missed the boat so I guess they drowned. Sigh.... We COLs probably all remember this song.
  25. Mr Twopper is appalled by grown women wearing jeans with holes; we both agreed that they should only be worn by women in their very early 20's and under who are also thin. I didn't mention to him that some men have been known to wear similar jeans. I did say that if I were to buy and wear a pair in public that the fashion would go away immediately. He did not encourage my offer so I guess we will continue to see them.
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